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  1. 2020 NFL Draft

    Yup. For all his size and explosion, he didn't break tackles in college, which is very strange. Almost all of Henry's value was breaking tackles
  2. 2020 NFL Draft

    Dillon is good, but doesn't impact the pass game and backs up one of their best players
  3. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    Yes Ryan was better, but Coleman is younger and is signed long term at 9 mil per. He's not being replaced by an older, minute upgrade. and ya I'm the author
  4. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    I am not sure what to make of that. I think they would probably be doing that to not be forced into a need, but I only like Ryan in the slot and Coleman is our slot so Ryan would be my least favorite Quinn move in a while.
  5. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    Thank You!
  6. Wrote a few thousand words on “Quinn’s plan”

    This is about how I have it. I think he would trade out still if he got a godfather offer, even if it meant missing Okudah, but its less ideal. It gets to a point of value over need though. Then you try to get a Diggs type corner later and run him, Amani and TRufant outside with Coleman inside. I have the same 2 positions you do for that area, but a DT with size and a little pass rush ability is on the list if it is to be found anywhere.
  7. Offseason Mock 1.5

    Can't say its for me
  8. Lions resigned amendola

    Hold on to Marv instead of that other move
  9. Lions resigned amendola

    Made too much sense. Draft one if not two WRs now.
  10. If healthy who’s the better prospect Burrow or Tua?

    Tua basically did for 3 years what Joe did for 1
  11. Lions resigned amendola

    Im glad. Quinn said yesterday they want veterans at spots where they will bring in rookies. Amendola is perfect for that.
  12. Is Isaiah Simmons the most versatile player to come out... ever?

    He'll be like a faster Urlacher in the pros
  13. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Gallimore might just be Geno Atkins. Or at least Jay Ratliff
  14. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Davidson is gonna be nice