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  1. It speaks to the quality of Ferrell as a run stuffer, hopefully he can still develop as a passrusher but that looks like a longshot.
  2. We missed him last night that's for sure.
  3. Just so it's clear did people say we missed Ferrell?
  4. Still would rather have Ruggs it's more our lack of use than anything.
  5. Ok defense save the day, still Gruden call was weak it could have directly lead us to be down 2 scores with kc getting the ball in the 2nd half.
  6. Man Gruden lost us the game with that gutless call.
  7. He's got the money to see the best dermatologist soon he'll look like....
  8. Now we going to get rocked for driving around Arrowhead after beating KC.
  9. But we do this against better teams and end up losing or sweating a lucky win.
  10. This that play it safe BS you run it on 3rd and long, that's the mentality we need to get rid of.
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