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  1. Random Raider Stuff

  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    alot changes after the combine
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Chances are slim they all will be gone, someone will get in the top 3 for a QB and the Jets are most likely to take an OT.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Yeah we always say this, you know we have pretty much done this the last few years and have gotten stuck with an underwhelming pick, so I prefer we just stay where we are and take BPA. The last time we did that Mack fell into our lap!
  5. Around The League V.2

    Let me guess you posted this so you can continue your Cooper hate!
  6. Around The League V.2

    Notice most of his drops were when he wasn't involved all game!
  7. Around The League V.2

    Wr's are happy when you throw them the ball!
  8. Around The League V.2

    He sucks!
  9. Tom Cable???

    Carr looked pretty darn good under Musgrave just saying! i still think we would have been looking at a whole different team had JDR fired Norton and got a legit DC instead of firing Musgrave and his top 5 offense! That was totally backward Todd Downing destroyed the offense!
  10. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Use the proper thread for your post instead of starting hey look at me threads! E.A.
  11. Tom Cable???

    Stop making 100 silly threads then, you bullying the forum, i come here and see every thread started by you!
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    of course we don't want him doing flips at the end of runs!
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    Doesn't do this enough...He is not slow they should move the pocket more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKqQyZlYjK4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYUJ1QagCR8 Read option vs Baltimore... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3gR8-rpUiU
  14. Random Raider Stuff

    We are not talking about pure speed, it's knowing when to run, Carr can have a running lane for an easy first down and will still try and make a throw for an incompletion maybe it's awareness.
  15. Marshawn Lynch??

    His value won't be what he thinks it is!