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  1. You right I was looking forward to Williams 2nd season with Carr until he got hurt.
  2. Most knew Williams wasn't coming back after injury and how much he would have been paid, so he was never really in the equation.
  3. Who had faith in Agholor when we signed him last year? Nobody that's exactly why we drafted two Wr's
  4. By draft time everybody knew we were going WR with the first pick, and plenty wanted to double dip with our third rounder which we did, and also add speed much of the forum was pounding the table for weapons for Carr you included. The first pick was going to be either Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs. If we had taken Lamb or Jeudy the only speed guy available in the 3rd is Duvernay and his speed is ok. My comment was in response to people saying they expect Edwards to take a leap this year which I said I still like the combo of Edwards, Ruggs over what I now know the other possibilities were of either Lam
  5. Drafting for need isn't the problem they always choose a player they claim was their best player when everybody else has them as 2nd or 3rd rounders.
  6. Lol you always trying to be the wise guy, we didn't double dip in the first and I'm talking about where we actually picked, so if you take Lamb instead of Ruggs what speed wr do we get in the 3rd. And going back and looking at the draft your only real option in the 3rd is Devin Duveny so I guess it's Lamb and Duveny vs Edwards and Ruggs.
  7. I still think getting Ruggs and Edward's is a better Combo than getting Lamb and anybody else.
  8. Two sides of the coin Carr will not hold the ball and take shots downfield if he feels pressured, at the same time he can make them look better when he dinks and dunks.
  9. Yup I had Brown as the #1 OT and top 10 pick people got stupid based on the way his body looked running a 40 when he was dominant on the football field.
  10. Derek better than David there isn't even an argument, so I didn't even bother to go back and read who started it.
  11. Nope it's not, but you keep claiming he didn't play well in his rookie year when the most you can say is he didn't play well down the stretch or the 2nd half of the season.
  12. Or because he's a rookie and rookies tend to wear down year 1 in the NFL seeing they play more games than they do in college. Pff had him number 1 at mid season.
  13. O'Dell hasn't done anything since the catch.
  14. Who needs Fitzgerald or Julio when you have....B.E
  15. This is what irks me the most Carr doesn't have to be a running QB but he can actually run but just too many times we need 3 to 5 yards for a first and Carr could have just ran it for the 1st nobody around him and we end up punting he has to keep those chains moving.
  16. disagree the redzone offense is just not very creative.
  17. Im going to be real here I think this staff really likes Zay Jones who is 6'2 everybody clamoring for a big WR for Carr are not being real, there are very few that are worth anything, they don't just grow on trees but Edwards has a chance he is 6'3, so Zay and Edwards are as good as it gets for us as far as big Wr's. Brown and Ruggs our our speed guys hopefully more Ruggs than Brown this year that would be a good sign of his development. Snead and Renfrow will work the slot very happy with them. Finally don't be surprised if we see Zay, Brown or Zay and Ruggs as starters unless Edwards re
  18. Well I mean the story just said he's been dialed in and taking notes.
  19. They handing it to him on a platter for sure, they had no reason to pay him all that money and they will swallow the sword to justify it.
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