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  1. What movie are you watching v1

    I had Transformers: Age of Extinction on in the background. I wasn't really watching it, it was just sort of in the background. And then I hear "we carbon dated it to 65 million B.C.". Hearing that line made me angrier than it should have.
  2. So they're going to let Gabriel leave?
  3. I haven't been watching Raw, why were they pulled?
  4. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    Romo is without question my favorite commentator, possibly ever. The question I would pose is, if he is not the best, at least the best in the last decade or two, then who is? If you say John Madden, I can understand that. He was my favorite NFL commentator before Romo started, but if not Madden, then who? Who else is even in the running? There is a flipside to that question: So, prior to this season, we've been complaining about the quality (or there lackof) of announcing for a while. People used to joke about unplugging one of the audio cables from their television as a work around so they wouldn't have to listen to the likes of Joe Buck, Phil Simms or Chris Collinsworth. Is it that Tony Romo is that great himself or just that he's so much better than everyone else?
  5. 2017's parity. Why?

    One down, one to go.
  6. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    I need to record the replay of this. This game was too amazing not to watch again tomorrow. My only regret is that someone had to lose.
  7. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Someone needs to push a Buffalo Wild Wings Button so this game does into overtime. Please let this go into overtime.
  8. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

  9. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Ten second run-off incoming.
  10. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Welcome back 2017 Amari Cooper. You weren't away for long.
  11. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Matt Leinart was considered the frontrunner for #1 overall pick in 2005 before returning to college for his final season.
  12. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    So we're finding out this year what Alex Smith would have looked like if Aaron Rodgers or Matt Leinart had been selected #1 overall and he had been the #24th pick.
  13. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Call of Duty, now with 100% more algorithms to make you spend money on micro-transactions.
  14. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Is Amari Cooper the old Amari Cooper?
  15. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    I've seen more fireworks shows this year than I have movies in theaters. And by the end of next month, that will be double-y true. I don't know if I'm part of the problem or part of the solution.