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  1. Good thing they got rid of such a malcontent like Corey Coleman. Really.... really cleaning up the locker room there.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if it's not with Nick Chubb, Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde at running back as well as a much better interior line than they do offensive tackle duo.
  3. Name one current team with a worse starting quarterback in the NFL than the Bills. Of course he did. He's a risk averse quarterback and you have (had prior to this trade) the worst receiver corps in the NFL too. If he didn't trust Zay Jones, I would assume it was because he somehow went from being someone who was the all time college leader in receptions to someone who couldn't catch a cold if you left him in Antarctica for two weeks and Kelvin Benjamin, well when is Kelvin Benjamin truly open? Make no mistake, I may think Tyrod Taylor is a terrible quarterback a
  4. In the case of Tyrod Taylor, I'd say bottom five, bottom seven at best; but there is a case to be made he is a bottom three starting quarterback in the NFL, especially if you're assuming that a not-terrible Teddy Bridgewater is the starting quarterback for the Jets and not counting unknowns. Just the same, if you polled FF, the worst QB situation in the league is without question Buffalo. Now, if the Browns have a surrounding cast of Josh Gordon, Antonio Callaway, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Duke Johnson, Nick Chubb, Carlos Hyde and possibly Dez Bryant, that's a group of talent
  5. This doesn't follow for a couple of reasons. Calling Tyrod Taylor terrible doesn't make him the worst in the league. Buffalo had a terrible quarterback in Tyrod Taylor. But they have managed to find a way to downgrade the position. It's like how Cleveland had terrible quarterbacks in Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel, but managed to find a way to downgrade to Robert Griffin III and Cody Kessler and then managed to find away to downgrade again to DeShone Kizer. Just because Kizer was the worst doesn't make RG3, Cody Kessler, Johnny Manziel or Josh McCown good, it just makes them be
  6. Not if Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Anthony Miller have anything to say about it.
  7. Given who their free safety is, I think it is unlikely they would sign Reid unless Vaccaro gets hurt or until possibly next year.
  8. I can't believe no one has called this post out yet. Landry has not been playing just the slot for Cleveland, he has been on the outside a lot as well, and he has looked unstoppable. Just because Miami used him as just a slot guy, does not mean that is all that he can do. He said he did what he was asked to do in Miami, but he can do it all. From what he has shown in camp so far, he wasn't exaggerating at all, he has looked like a beast. Maybe nobody else called it out because this at best shifts the problem. No matter how good you think Landry or Callaway are,
  9. Unless Callaway is so good in camp that he can play both outside receiver positions simultaneously, I have to assume at the very least either Josh Gordon will be playing for the Browns or Dez Bryant will be playing for the Browns.
  10. Assuming this is in relation to the possibility of Dez, why not?
  11. I have to assume either Josh Gordon will be playing for the Browns or Dez Bryant will be playing for the Browns. Or both.
  12. Wait, so Hargreaves and Grimes are going to be the Bucs starting outside corners even after drafting Carlton Davis in the second round?
  13. Chicago Bears - With a Minnesota team that go so close to the Superbowl and Aaron Rodgers returning to Green Bay, I don't see it. Cleveland Browns - Not with Tyrod Taylor at QB, potentially no Josh Gordon and Joel Bitonio (maybe?) and Chris Hubbard at offensive tackle. Denver Broncos - I think they have a shot if Patrick Mahomes doesn't figure it out at QB in Kansas City. The ChargIRs are supremely talented, but have already gotten started losing star after star. Houston Texans - Deshaun Watson proved me wrong. I didn't expect him to do well in Houston and he did. But he's
  14. It's almost as though there is a reason players of Khalil Mack's ability don't get commonly traded. So, here's a question for you, how much would you be willing to trade for a 26 y/o consensus top 3 defensive player not yet in his prime such as Aaron Donald (Donald is 27 but so is Mack) if you couldn't include Khalil Mack as part of the deal? Would you be willing to give up three or four first rounders and then pay him 30 million mostly guaranteed dollars a year? I'm betting that you wouldn't nine times out of ten, and the tenth time is you trying to prove a point about K
  15. No I don't. IIRC, I had Josh Allen as my #6 quarterback in this year's draft and he has gone to a team with little offensive talent aside from Shady McCoy. I think he will be a bust, full stop. That being said, I understand why Buffalo took him ahead of Josh Rosen. Buffalo is not an easy town to throw a football in thanks to the winds. Buffalo needed a quarterback who had that kind of howitzer arm and that just isn't Josh Rosen.
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