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  1. No. They're in a division with a team that just went to the NFC Championship game and a Chicago Bears roster that made significant inroads from a talent perspective. It's the offseason, half the league looks stacked. Give it a few months for injuries to set in and talent to dwindle. Well, I half agree with you. But Muhammad Wilkerson looked like Albert Haynesworth 2.0 the last two years in New York. Even before then, while he was talented and productive, there were signs the effort wasn't always there. Just the same, maybe reuniting him with Mike Pettine is just what he needs to return to form. I do too, not because I think he is underrated, but because I like the addition of a quality blocking TE on a team that already has one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. That could help Rodgers dissect opposing defenses. I liked their draft too. Jaire Alexander was one of the few picks I actually predicted because he seemed like such a good fit for Mike Pettine's defense. They also got a pretty good value in Josh Jackson in the second round as well. Ehhh, I view Moore and St. Brown as an either/or kind of thing as far as making an impact. The Packers took a bunch of high upside receivers late. and I too liked the value with those picks To be fair, they've done that before with Jeff Janis and he didn't really developed in what they needed him to be. Although if you're taking it this far, I think you're overrating St. Brown and Moore. Linebacker is a pretty significant one imo. I'm surprised there was no mention in this post about Mike Pettine. In my opinion, if there is any reason I expect the Packers' secondary, entire defense and team as a whole to be much better than they were two years ago, it's because they finally replaced Dom Capers with someone better.
  2. Bill vs Jets vs Dolphins

    I'd rate the Dolphins the highest - They clearly still have holes, but they've had a culture problem in Miami for a number of years now and I think they've finally started to address it. They got rid of their best wide receiver, but I still they have a potentially good group with Parker, Stills, Lewis, Amendola and Gesicki. I'm not a fan of their defensive line, but supposedly their defensive tackles are better than I'm giving them credit for. At least that's what I've been told. Ryan Tannehill isn't setting the world on fire in Miami, but he's at least passable, meaning he's still better than what they have in Buffalo. Second on the list is the Jets, which came as a surprise to me, since I tend to hold the opinion that the Jets as an organization are incapable of competence. The only things I like on their roster are the quarterbacks (and I expect the Jets to find a way to screw that up as badly as they always do), wide receivers and defensive backs. Their run game is mediocre at best, their TE's are non existent for the second time in three years, their offensive line doesn't fit their blocking scheme, their defensive line could be described as Leonard Williams and friends and their linebackers would need to crack open an ancient history textbook to read about what a Jets edge rush was. In ye olden days, there wasith a man who went by the name of Jonathan Abraham... But with all of that being said, I still have to rate them ahead of the Bills. Last on the list is the Bills. Why? Because I think Danny Etling and David Fales are the only quarterbacks on the other three AFC East teams that wouldn't be day one starters on the Bills. They traded up to draft Josh Allen, who was my number five or six quarterback in this past year's draft, in the top ten. I understood the pick as the the Bills needed a strong armed quarterback who could handle the often excessively windy conditions in Buffalo and thought that was his best landing spot; but that doesn't mean I suddenly like Josh Allen as a prospect. He clearly was going to need time to develop, so the Bills supposedly signed A.J. McCarron to be a bridge quarterback, but that's going so well that Nathan "Five interceptions in a single half" Peterman is allegedly the frontrunner for the starting job. That in and of itself is catastrophic, but it gets worse. Because with the loss of Eric Wood and Richie Incognito, the Bills offensive line is looking at taking a huge step back on a team with arguably the worst wide receiver corps in the NFL. Even if you thought Peterman could possibly take a step forward from being the absolute worst in the league, the Bills aren't really giving him the surrounding talent to do it. And the same is true even of McCarron wins the starting job as he is supposed to. The Bills have a good group of running backs, but little else on that offense. If they were smart, they would tank the season 76ers style and focus on teaching Josh Allen how to play NFL quarterback.
  3. Le'Veon Bell or Rob Gronkowski?

    I'm assuming this is for a one year rental. Edit: I don't know why it formatted that way, I'll try to fix it. Buffalo Bills – Rob Gronkowski - Because LeSean McCoy Miami Dolphins – Rob Gronkowski - Allows Mike Gesicki time to develop as an NFL TE. They have Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake at RB. New England Patriots – Rob Gronkowski - Already have Gronk and invested plenty at RB. New York Jets – Rob Gronkowski - They have nothing at TE. Baltimore Ravens – Le’Veon Bell - Did not address RB, drafted two of the top four TE's in the draft. Cleveland Browns – Rob Gronkowski - They have David Njoku at TE, but that still pales in comparison to having Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson and Nick Chubb at RB. Cincinnati Bengals – Rob Gronkowski – I trust Giovani Bernard and Joe Mixon’s ability to stay healthy more than Tyler Eifert. Pittsburgh Steelers – Le’Veon Bell – Already there. Houston Texans – Rob Gronkowski - Familiarity with Bill O'Brien. Indianapolis Colts – Le’Veon Bell - Have Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle at TE vs. Marlon Mack and a pair of day three rookies at running back. While Frank Reich's offense is dependent on TE play, just imagine Bell behind that interior offensive line. Jacksonville Jaguars – Rob Gronkowski - Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon at RB vs. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and Niles Paul at TE. Tennessee Titans – Rob Gronkowski - Have two quality running backs in Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis vs. one quality TE in Delaine Walker. Denver Broncos – Rob Gronkowski - Devontae Booker, De'Angelo Henderson and Royce Freeman might not be the best group of running backs in the league, but it's still better than Jeff Heuermann and Jake Butt at TE. Kansas City Chiefs – Le’Veon Bell - In a vacuum, I'm taking Le'Veon Bell ahead of Rob Gronkowski. Bell is younger and in my opinion less injury prone. So for a team that has their RB in Kareem Hunt and their TE in Travis Kelce, I'm going with Bell. Los Angeles Chargers – Rob Gronkowski - Have Melvin Gordon and lost Hunter Henry for the year. Oakland Raiders – Rob Gronkowski - They could go either way, but I'd probably take Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin at RB instead of Jared Cook at TE. Dallas Cowboys – Rob Gronkowski - Temporary Jason Witten replacement. New York Giants – Rob Gronkowski - Just drafted a running back second overall. Philadelphia Eagles – Le’Veon Bell - Have two quality TE's already. I'd take Bell and Goedert over Gronk and I guess for this analogy, Corey Clement. Although that's not to say I think Clement is bad. He is poised for a possible breakout year. Washington – Rob Gronkowski - Drafted Derrius Guice and Jordan Reed can never stay healthy. Chicago Bears – Le’Veon Bell - Heavy investment at TE, gives Chicago a pass catching RB for Matt Nagy's offense. Detroit Lions – Rob Gronkowski - Have Legarratte Blount, Theo Riddick and Kerryon Johnson at RB vs. Luke Wilson and Michael Roberts at TE. Green Bay Packers – Le’Veon Bell - Just signed Jimmy Graham. Minnesota Vikings – Rob Gronkowski - Allows for 2 TE sets on a team with questionable #3 WR's on a team with a quality run game already in place. Atlanta Falcons – Rob Gronkowski - Great running back tandem, not nearly as much at TE. Carolina Panthers – Le’Veon Bell - I liked the C.J. Anderson signing, but Bell would give them a much better feature back. Still have Greg Olsen at TE. New Orleans Saints – Rob Gronkowski - We all know what Drew Brees can do when he has a top tier TE to throw to. Alliteration! Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Le’Veon Bell - Yes they just drafted a RB in the second round, but they also have two good TE's, one of whom was a first round draft pick and the other just got a big money contract. Arizona Cardinals – Rob Gronkowski - David Johnson at RB. Los Angeles Rams – Rob Gronkowski - Todd Gurley at RB San Francisco 49ers – Le’Veon Bell - Yeah, they just gave McKinnon a big money deal, but given how well I think Bell would fit that offense, I can't go with Gronk here. Seattle Seahawks – Rob Gronkowski - Just drafted a RB in the first round, don't have much at TE.
  4. Players on your teams trade block?

    If they were interested in Le'Veon Bell while having a running back the caliber Jordan Howard, I would think they would have offered Howard himself as part of the deal.
  5. Players on your teams trade block?

    Cole, Mickens and day three John Ross (Dede Westbrook) would be an upgrade for Buffalo imo.
  6. Players on your teams trade block?

    As much as I think Coleman is a flat out bust, I wouldn't do that if I were them. If they do, they're one bad decision on the part of Calloway and/or Gordon away from having to start Ricardo Lewis, Rashard Higgins or Jeff Janis.
  7. Browns Donald Stephenson suspended two games

    Today I learned Donald Stephenson was still in the NFL.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I would assume it's just breakfast.
  9. Fairly straightforward question: With the benefit of hindsight, if you were in charge of your team's NFL draft. who would you have selected and would you have declined the draft day trades your team did in reality? The one caveat I will mention is if you undo trades (particularly trading up), it's possible the player selected where your original pick is not there. The example I would give is: If you're a Bills fan and you stay at #12 instead of trading up to #7, Vita Vea is likely not going to be there at #12.
  10. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Not sure why Cleveland would be interested in Kendricks. I would have to assume it would be to replace Christian Kirksey, but I've been seeing Browns fans rave about him for the last two years. Edit: Also Kirksey is signed to a four year 38 million dollar deal so...... where is Kendricks playing again? SAM? I mean, Joe Schobert just made the pro bowl.
  11. Jim Brown or Jerry Rice

    Yes he is. Wut
  12. Buccaneers a top ten offense?

    No, I don't think the Buccaneers will have a top ten scoring offense. I don't think they will for three reasons: 1. Dirk Koetter 2. Todd Monken 3. Jameis Winston The Buccaneers look like the most improved team in the league on paper. They have talent from stem to stern. They've significantly improved the talent level of both their defensive line and secondary. This should give their offense, chock full of high upside skill position players more opportunities to show what they can do. But I don't think they have a good enough offensive coaching staff and I've also become disillusioned with Jameis Winston as a quarterback in general.
  13. Dolphins extend Bobby McCain 4 year 27 mil, 13 mil GRT

    Star-Lord. Legendary outlaw? Forget it. I guess this means Minkah Fitzpatrick is going to be exclusively a safety then?
  14. Who had the worst offseasons?

    How is that a different story at all?
  15. Given their cap room, probably franchise and trade him. I mean if he's good enough to excel as well as you think he will after the injury he suffered, on a team with almost no offensive line, mediocre running game and one quality starter in their front seven, I would think he's worth a first rounder.