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  1. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I wonder if they made that offer to the Giants. The Bills can leapfrog them and trade up to #2.
  2. Austin Seferian-Jenkins signs two year deal with Jags

    Sobered himself up and had a break out year last season.
  3. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    The Ryan Grant contract is so bad, it counts for both.
  4. Austin Seferian-Jenkins signs two year deal with Jags

    1. No chance for a mike linebacker? 2. RT or RG? 3. How could you possibly consider drafting a quarterback when you have the legend that is Blake Bortles? A quarterback so awesome, he was rejected by Dos Equis for their "most interesting man in the world" spokeman job because he was overqualified.
  5. Austin Seferian-Jenkins signs two year deal with Jags

    Great signing by the Jags. A much better option than Niles Paul. Their offense is stacked for their hall of fame bound future Nobel Prize winning president of the world Blake Bortles.
  6. Panthers sign Poe DT

    Well, Peppers has experience in that system. Not exactly Ron Rivera's forte though. I wonder what is going to happen to Butler in the meantime.
  7. Dolphins sign Josh Sitton 2 year deal

    Yep, that's the guy.
  8. Dolphins expected to cut Mike Pouncey

    Like I said, they've been ignoring character for talent for years.
  9. Jordy Nelson to sign with Raiders

    Well, it has been for most of his career. if it isn't anymore, his tenure with the Raiders will be rather short.
  10. Dolphins expected to cut Mike Pouncey

    Pretty much. If there's one team that needs to take that approach, it's Miami. They've been ignoring characters for talent for years and it's gotten them to two ten win seasons in the last dozen years.
  11. Jordy Nelson to sign with Raiders

    Gruden wants someone who can stretch the field and that's not crabs.
  12. Offseason Rumor Thread

    It's not just him. Has anything heard where Vaccaro is going to sign? Morgan Burnett? Tyrann Matthieu? Did the league forget safeties are a thing?
  13. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Big winner: Buffalo. They got a third round pick so they could get a better quarterback at a cheaper price. They upgraded their defensive line and unloaded their injury prone high priced left tackle so they could move up for a QB and Dion Dawkins can take over as their undisputed left tackle. I want to say the Rams, but I don't know if it qualifies. Their big wins took place before free agency started. At least they didn't let the sunk cost that was the Sammy Watkins trade force them to overpay for him and potentially lose a talented free safety in Joyner. Big loser: Baltimore. They wasted money downgrading their wide receiver corps. Generally when you're going to "reset" your receiver corps, you're looking to make them better, not worse. New England. Just take the L. It you've paid attention to the Patriots the last few years, you knew they weren't going to overpay to keep their guys. But as a result, they've been hemorrhaging talent this offseason. Regardless, they're still going to be in the title hunt because they're the Patriots. That doesn't mean everything they do is flawless. They can still make mistakes in the offseason and still lose tons of talent. Indianapolis & Atlanta - Like New England, if you've paid attention to their beat reporters (specifically Indianapolis in this case), you knew they weren't going to make a big splash in free agency. Still, both of these teams are living up to the meme of the stick figure poking the team logo, telling it to do something.
  14. Trent Murphy signing with Buffalo Bills

    Marcus Davenport?
  15. Browns sign TJ Carrie

    I don't think Buffalo can afford to trade up to #4. if they do, they open up the possibility that Denver or New York could leap frog them, trade up to #3 and snag which ever quarterback they have their eye on. The Colts are the most talent deficient team in the league right now and have so far been silent in free agency despite what I think is currently the most cap room in the NFL. They seem to be looking to build through the draft and one top end prospect isn't going to cut it.