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  1. Take it from someone who "divorced" the team they used to root for. Just watch NFL Redzone, NFL prime time games and enjoy football. It's better than rooting for a team that either manages to win it one year before falling completely back into obscurity or doing a job for the Patriots year after year. Lookin' at you, American Football Conference. I'd give Dorsey a year or two before you give the Browns up, at least to see if he can make something out of all of that money and all of those picks.
  2. I really want to say Rod Woodson, I really do, but I can't pick him over someone who made the pro bowl at every secondary position.
  3. Mock Offseason: 2nd Draft

    Yeah. You're right. I am lost, I was looking for a football forum where I could discuss things. My mistake. My final words in this thread, in the same way I think this is the most Jets mock draft ever aside from the edge rushers, I think I just had the most Jets discussion ever. Ta-ta.
  4. Mock Offseason: 2nd Draft

    1. And the Jets have Kony Ealy, Muhammad Wilkerson, Leonard Williams, Jordan Jenkins and Demario Davis. So, why are we naming players again? The Cardinals had Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu too. What does that have to do with their lack of edge rushers? John Abraham might have been one, but he was a cheap free agent acquisition who worked out for the Cardinals. Not exactly the same as dropping a second and third rounder on the position. Oh, certainly the Cardinals made edge rushers a priority and invested picks like that trading for Chandler Jones and drafting Markus Golden..... the moment Todd Bowles left. 2. Please stop telling me I can't hold the Jets GM accountable as if they hired him fifteen minutes ago. They've had their shots at pass rushers with their current GM just as they did with prior ones. They could have drafted Vic Beasley. They didn't. They could have drafted a whole host of edge rushers this past year in the second or third rounds. Instead they chose to repeatedly trade down and draft backup wide receivers. From everything I've seen, the Jets draft outside linebackers, they draft edge setters, because that's what they utilize. Edit: Just to clarify point 1, I don't remember Abraham and Okafor being a dominant edge rushing force with Bowles, but they put up decent enough sack numbers, so maybe I'm wrong. IIRC, a lot of those sacks came from a dominating secondary consistently shutting down opposing receivers long enough for someone to get to the opposing quarterback, but again, could be misremembering that.
  5. Mock Offseason: 2nd Draft

    Aside from doubling up on edge rushers, which lets be honest here, the Jets haven't drafted an edge rusher in a decade, they're not going to all of a sudden draft two for a coach who has essentially never utilized them even going back to his Arizona days, this is the most Jets mock draft I've ever seen.
  6. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    Did they just say that was the first sack the Colts have given up all year?
  7. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    I think he went out of bounds. Edit: guess not
  8. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    Hey, I told you. Best QB the Broncos currently have.
  9. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    I stopped watching after the Colts second string TE got hurt. Did I miss anything?
  10. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    IIRC, he said Denver's offense has performed well this year earlier on. I have to assume he is reading from a script written by someone who has never watched football before.
  11. Can we construct the worst team in the NFL?

    Are injuries accounted for or ignored?
  12. Giants trade for Luck?

    Anyone who trades for Luck should trade for Ryan Shazier too. Maybe toss a few draft picks for Shariff Floyd and C.J. Fiedorowicz while they're at it.
  13. Sleeping on Seattle

    I have two questions. LT: Duane Brown LG: Luke Joeckel C: Justin Britt RG: Oday Aboushi/Ethan Pocic RT: Germain Ifedi Are they really still the worst in the NFL? Did drafting Pocic, signing Joeckel and trading for Duane Brown really do nothing to fix the problems along the Seahawks offensive line? At some point I have to look at this and think if they still have the worst offensive line in the NFL despite doing all of that, the problem goes beyond the five guys lining up in front of Russell Wilson.
  14. Kenny Britt cut by the Browns; Signed by the Patriots

    Not unless they secretly hired Jeff Fisher.
  15. Is Tom Brady done?

    I think the better question is, does this mark the return of Patriots fans trying reverse psychology on karma or fate or whatever you want to call it like they used to way back in the day? Yeah, it was a different forum, but once upon a time I used to see "We're doomed!" threads on a weekly basis from Patriots fans listing off as many (usually silly) reasons they could think of why they were going to lose badly against even the most pathetic of opponents. Is that what this is? Because if it is, can you take that the Patriots team forum please?