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  1. Hayden Hurst is from Jacksonville and will be a Jaguar next season. Can already picture the dopey hair commercials he'll be doing with Trevor Lawrence. Should be a really effective weapon for them too. Tebow is just filler.
  2. Makes sense. EDC said the analytics department was tasked with identifying the top WR prospects and Bateman/Moore both had unimpeachable profiles to go with their stellar tape which I'm sure the scouts loved. Rashod had the extensive outside pedigree with more height and length on Elijah, while Moore had the SEC dominance and stronger in house competition(Metcalf,Brown,Lodge). I thought Bateman was the better immediate fit for our offense and had him as the preferred option, but Moore would've been an amazing consolation prize. Happy to see the FO was thinking the same. Bateman reall
  3. Overall HxH was/is pretty meh for me, but Hisoka is definitely an example of a classic anime character. Motivations-Personality-Abilities-Story-Design all aspects near perfectly interwoven for Hisoka. I mean, him calling his Bungee Gum substance his 'love'..... that's some next level stuff right there 😂. Also, dude ended his text messages with a personal emoji representing him. How could anyone not appreciate that?
  4. https://campus2canton.com/rashod-bateman-keep-the-faith/- Read this if you want to be happy. Unless you're drafting Bateman in FF, the fantasy component isn't relevant. Take a look at the glory that is his projection to the next level though. ---From an analytics perspective, Bateman is a superstar. His age-adjusted production is unquestioned and among some of the best wide receivers in recent memory. Although these numbers help contextualize his early career production, it can’t be the only way to evaluate prospects. For example, Ja’Marr Chase was competing with Justin Jefferson and sat
  5. All things Ravens' Defense.
  6. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-most-improved-receiving-corps-following-free-agency-and-the-2021-nfl-draft- The Ravens’ WR2 in 2020 was some combination of Willie Snead IV and Miles Boykin. Lamar Jackson hasn’t been the most accurate quarterback in the world, and Baltimore’s passing offense has been unimaginative at times, but the receiving corps hasn't exactly been bursting with talent. The Ravens have set out to change that this offseason. Baltimore's 2021 NFL Draft yielded Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman and Oklahoma State’s Tylan Wallace. Both of those receivers were highly product
  7. All things Ravens' offense.
  8. He signed a 1 Year extension in March.
  9. The hyperbole some people just casually throw around about his 'rawness' is tiresome. They also frequently blur the the line between 'raw' and 'ineffective'. Despite his lack of technical proficiency, Oweh was still more effective than the majority of his peers as both a pass rusher and run defender. Which is why he was selected in the 1st Round, by us.
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