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  1. Speaking of falling BPA DBs. How did Ed Reed ever make it to Pick#24 in the 2002 NFL Draft?.... 17 INTs and 41 Passes Defended in his final two years. Was obviously a team leader and showcased his insane return ability off defensive TOs during college play too. I guess the passing era hadn't fully kicked off yet, his testing numbers weren't next level, and the positional value of Safety wasn't the same as it is now. Still though, Roy Williams went 8th overall with pretty bad testing numbers himself(Kyle Boller beat his Vert by 5 inches...). Just really weird when you look back
  2. Rashod Bateman much like Justin Jefferson last year is ensuring he doesn't make it to our pick by notching superb testing numbers.
  3. Won't catch me on fire 🤣. I always favor defense and I have to stop myself from fixating on CBs & Safeties every draft. Hell, I'd legit be happy if we traded for Marshon Lattimore on top of what we already have at the CB position. It's not like we don't need help at Safety either. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Yea, it's why I didn't look into Moore all that much from the start. I don't think the FO is going into the draft looking to add another smaller option out there. Guys like Bateman, Marshall, Brown, Wallace, and St. Brown are all early round 6'+ options. Elijah Moore is just so F'n good though- at everything. And if the FO has a high grade on him, I don't see them not picking him after other options are exhausted simply because he's 5'9. Swapping out Willie Snead for Cole Beasley(Who's smaller than Moore) certainly wouldn't hurt our offense and swapping him out for an AB type would be eve
  5. First off and near the top of the list, there has to be a massive multifaceted combat overhaul. In Skyrim the wonder of fighting a giant or dragon quickly wore off when you come to the realization that you're just standing there spamming the same one note slash animation at a tail or foot over and over and over. I'm not expecting for you to be able to hack a limb off then kick it back in their face with the blood from it blocking their vision as you stab through their foot pinning them to the ground...- but I'd like to see some considerable changes that at least challenge or surpass your
  6. @diamondbull424 I don't think it has to be that drastic. No matter what, EDC isn't going to get anything less than the top package of picks/compensation available to us. No FO is ever going to fleece us. If EDC accepts a deal where we get a Late 1st and 3rd in exchange, then I have no reason to believe that wasn't the best offer out there. With trades like this there's always so many variables we just can't know about as fans. How is OBJ perceived around the league?- despite how he looks on paper. Has Orlando become adamant about not playing for us in 2021? There's a lot of movi
  7. Elder Scrolls 6 is going to be a very interesting release, whenever it actually it happens. I though Skyrim got away with being a pretty average game masked by it's flashier elements. So so many superior RPGs have been released since, and EDS6 has to not only surpass them but also re-establish the franchise as a defining option in gaming. I have real doubts about them being able to meet those expectations.
  8. Seems like just yesterday Jags and Ravens fans were debating the price tag for players like Yannick Ngakoue and Jalen Ramsey. Nothing brings fanbases together quite like trade compensation discussion.
  9. Earning headlines like "Judon threatens Journalist" right as you hit FA is real galaxy brain move. I mean, how else could the Judon saga really end though?... He's been an interesting case, for sure. Hope this seals up us in no way retaining him. Oh, if only he and ZDS' tenures with us could've been switched.
  10. Wow, Tee Martin seems like a great guy that's beyond appreciative of the opportunity. Can tell he's going to fit in well with our culture. I think he'll be the calmer kind of Ice to Keith Williams' more in your face Fire. Excited about both additions. Now let's get them some hungry dogs to work with.
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