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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    They drafted Raekwon in the 2nd round last year, but it looks like they'll be cutting Timmons. Roquan and even more so Tremaine, because of his family connection, have to be in play.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Now Miami could go the Orlando Brown route.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Also means they're unlikely to pick Calvin Ridley now.
  4. 2018 draft talk

    Bears just released Josh Sitton. That should improve the chances of them going with Quenton Nelson at #8, which is great for us.
  5. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    Wow. So technically if all the talent we stockpiled during those years plays well, and injuries don't ravage us, we could go from an average to great franchise in one year? Just like that.
  6. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    We excel in multiple areas that translate to wins. Did acquiring Alex Collins not lead to more wins? How about our coaching of the backup OL pieces? Our improved run game scheme? IMO Jarvis Landry would want to play here because we are a great franchise and a team on the rise/hunt. Our identity gels with his, our QB is a proven playoff commodity, he'd be the centerpiece of our receiving core.
  7. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    Lets solve this quickly. I believe we're a strong franchise that excels in many areas, you don't, done.
  8. 2018 draft talk

    Ten receivers Steve Smith is excited to watch at the combine- http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000916606/article/2018-nfl-scouting-combine-ten-receivers-im-excited-to-watch
  9. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    I'm aware. As I've stated multiple times, the amount of money he can reasonably get is capped. It's a matter of having that amount and we could free it up. I don't know why you keep ignoring this fact and rehashing. You don't think Landry would view the team as a desirable destination? Fine. Who cares. Your comments about the organization were the issue. If a franchise made the playoffs every single year and won the Super Bowl too that would make them perfect. A great franchise is one that constantly outperforms their peers in multiple faucets of the sport, which we do. That it hasn't translated to the W/L ratio we want recently is unfortunate.
  10. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    Absolutely it could. It doesn't mean the Ravens aren't a top tier franchise though, and that concept is lost on them. There's a massive difference between saying our team just might not be the ideal situation for a player and saying we're a lesser organization. The two aren't tied together. If the Browns magically got Aaron Rodgers, it doesn't mean they then have a better organization than us or the Patriots etc.
  11. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    You guys fundamentally aren't understanding the concept of organizational/franchise strength.
  12. DJ Moore - Possible 1st round target?

    "Moore, who left Maryland after his junior season, was highly regarded by the Maryland coaching staff for a “contagious” attitude and work ethic. " http://draftscout.tsxfiles.com/2018/02/11/maryland-wr-moore-a-rising-prospect-in-nfl-draft/ I don't know where specifically DB saw that, but it comes up in some shape or form in nearly every article I've read on him.
  13. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    I think your assessments are way off base, so no need to debate them. It will come down to Landry's choice and you're taking us out of the running to an unrealistic degree.
  14. Are the Ravens still a superior organisation in the NFL?

    You don't believe we're a superior football organization to the Colts, Jets, Bear, 49ers, Titans, Browns and GD Redskins? Even their fans would think you're crazy. Why would Landry care about our ability to develop WRs? None of the other receivers we brought in did. We have multiple great coaches, Joe D'Alessandris, Jerry Rosburg, Greg Roman, Randy Brown. Ozzie isn't retiring, he's switching positions within the organization and handing over the reigns to one of the most sought after figures in the entire league Eric Decosta. As I said Landry's salary will largely be capped, he can only get so much. From there it will come down to who he wants to play for. We could absolutely get the space together to sign him, it's the ramifications of doing so, and if he'd be worth it that's being debated.