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  1. DreamKid Favorite Team: Baltimore Ravens Week 3 Pick: Chicago Bears
  2. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    This game will show Wink's caliber. Either he changes and proves he's no Pees, or it's more of the same. We saw the Pass Rush stall and utilized no rotation. We saw the Bengals exploit mismatches and did nothing to adapt. Tavon Young is a great corner, but 10 yards off in the slot against AJ Green with no safety help is pushing things...as we all saw. I don't know when our coordinators are finally going to get that teams won't give us what we want. They aren't going to run at Pierce and Williams. They aren't going to just stand in the pocket and let our corners ride their wide outs for 7 seconds, letting a gassed front work their way to the QB. It's going to be quick passes, crossing routes, hurry up to prevent DI subs, and working mismatches. There is a blueprint out on how to best attack our defense. Either we adapt to it or squander the potential we have on that side of the ball. Judon is an issue. I knew his production last year was overwhelmingly off of cleanup, stunts, and coverage, but I thought he could take a step forward and he just hasn't. He's been a ghost out there, and isn't producing even when fresh. Judon tires the quickest out of all our OLBs to begin with too, so if he isn't producing.....why is he given all of the snaps? He isn't a better pass rusher then Tyus or Tim, and doesn't compare in coverage ability to Bowser either. It looks like Judon is what I thought. He's great at blowing up screen passes, a C+ pass rusher when used in a rotation and a high quality pass rush tool for stunts and exotic blitzes. Add in that he's a 5th round pick, and the priority he's been awarded is quite puzzling. Especially when Tim Williams is producing on such a low opportunity level. Bowser and Williams aren't Rookies anymore, they aren't liabilities against the run, and Judon is performing at an average level. There is no reasoning for them not to play, and it's gone from frustrating to an embarrassing blemish on the Franchise. lol We're going out of our way to not play our 2nd and 3rd round Pass Rushers....when generating a pass rush has become a huge issue crippling our defense. Insane. On offense I think we force the ball to Collins. With Screens, and Roman digging deep to overcome our line.
  3. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    I expect Mark Andrews to be a huge part of the game plan. He was constantly open against both Buffalo and Cini, and Harbaugh was raving about him at the recent presser. He can get open quickly and is effective after the catch. A weapon we'll need against the kind of pressure Miller can bring.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Legendary coach tomlin lol
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Just what we needed. McClellan was one of our worst players during preseason, but familiarity has won out. Canady going down hurts. It's clear he's injury prone.
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I don't know about bashing, but it opens up some questions about the investments the team has made. This team is built defensively. That's where the draft picks and $ has gone. Yet there is 0 emphasis on playing time for high round defensive draft picks, and the defense has been prone to severe/costly lapses. No one is held accountable and excuses are always at the ready.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yea, I didn't see that at all. Even in the highlights of the game, you see nothing but ATS for him and receivers comfortably open/making plays.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Go watch the game. Numbers aren't telling the whole story. He had ALL day to throw. The Chiefs don't have good DBs, and his receivers made great plays. Dude was off with so many balls. The Browns game is a good indicator of what happens when a competent defense plays him.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    rothlesberger is so bad now. He had all day to throw, against a horrible defense, with top tier weapons, and still couldn't get it done. Countless inaccurate throws. The steelers are finished. They've always been overrated and the Patriots' little hoe, but now they're completely shot. The Ravens, Browns, and Bengals all have more talent in the pipeline at key positions. There's a big big chance they're 0-2-1 when we play them 2 weeks from now. They have to go into Fitzmagic's lair and face that team which is scorching. Then they have to play us. They don't have the same talent as the Bengals, we'll crush them. The Bengals are significantly better at every position on defense, and nothing the steelers have on offense worries me.
  10. 2018 Rookie Talk

    Pretty spry for an injured old man.
  11. 2018 WEEK 2 Ravens @ Bengals TNF

    One of Tim's like 3 pass rush snaps....
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Season Roster Tracker

    @coordinator0 Christmas came early.