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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    In terms of things out of his control, this has been a disaster offseason for a young player like Justice Hill. The Dobbins addition, Covid stealing all of his Camp reps and likely the Preseason as well. He can't be too happy right now. Hopefully the situation brings the dog out in him. He's still got a very high ceiling and a good shot to be our RB2 in a couple of years.
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Well another issue is people looking to athletes and celebrities for moral/ethical guidance in the first place. It's natural with the visibility they carry, but I mean D Jax putting out an ill informed/misguided opinion really shouldn't be the end of the world. As you said though, one toe over the line with today's social media creates a firestorm.
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Just saw the Desean Jackson/Hitler controversy(Something I never thought I'd type), and it really made me reflect on just how out of wack perceptions of the league and it's players are. If you asked your average NFL fan which team they most closely associated with criminality or a general cultural malignancy, it would likely be the Ravens. And I'm not sure why? Is it the bully mentality we established on the backs of legendary characters like Lewis, Siragusa, Suggs? Us playing foil to the old guard franchises so early on into the club's inception, which bred ill will among large fan bases? I mean we really haven't had many criminal controversies associated with the team, or even issues with players spewing controversial takes. Is it that the few instances(Lewis,Rice) had so much visibility? Since the Harbaugh era kicked off, we've barely brought in players with character flags anymore. Our organization/FO has always been one of the most respected and admired. We've been at the forefront of community, military, and general charitable outreach. We've housed quite a few Walter Payton MOTY types at this point. The two most recent faces of our franchise Flacco and Jackson are about as easy going as it gets, and in fact they were/are constantly attacked which should've made the team and them sympathetic figures. Yet teams with actual scum or red flag behavior at QB don't get maligned like us. I'm not seeing the bridge that's keeping this narrative about the team going. Yet when Marlon gets popped for a dumb drunken incident or Hollywood gets questioned because of some nefarious S*&t his cousin was up to it's..."Of course he's a Raven" "HAHHA What else?, you aren't a real raven until you get arrested", etc etc. IDK. In truth I've always liked the club being cast as the villain/bully/thug/goon on the block. That's just for the field though. At this point, the off field generalizations and characterizations are unfair, unearned, and just not warranted. Especially as we continue to see other franchises that should draw criticism, escape it.
  4. Seems like you're trying to hero post and virtue signal to a guy that doesn't actually care about the name issue in the way you want. And now you're trying to explain to him how he should feel about a team he's followed for years. He's saying the era has sucked and the coming name change is a pretty glaring sign that his connection to the team won't be what it once was. Sounds reasonable enough. I'm sure other fans of the team are in the same boat. It's not about the actual "Redskin" name (wrong or not wrong) debate. It's about a general lack of interest, trust, and now connection to the team. I mean there isn't a fan alive that currently has merchandise, collectibles, or memorabilia of the coming iteration of the club. They're looking at (likely), not being able to wear old stuff with the Native American logo into the park. It's a total reckoning. And while I agree that it's absolutely necessary, you can't be surprised that fans are questioning their level of commitment and or interest in carrying over with a club that's given them such a rough stretch and will continue to be led by maybe the dumbest owner in sports. If you're looking to crusade post on behalf of the name change I recommend twitter. I'm sure there are endless entrenched enemies over there for you. I'm not attacking you either. I understand some people have crazy frustration over the issue and want to work it out. This isn't the best place though. It's a name suggestion thread. IDK, at this point I think people will complain about anything that isn't a clean break. Any different names that still use "Red" or "Skin" will probably be shouted down as Dan Snyder trying to cling to the offensive past brand.
  5. He's just giving his own personal perspective as a fan of the club....kinda what the forum is about.
  6. I actually don't mind the "Washington Aliens/Extraterrestrials" route. It would make branding a cinch(I can picture all the cornball merchandise now) and until humanity actual encounters other life forms from outside of Earth- No controversy should arise. It also plays into the whole Government Alien conspiracy stuff too. It would be unique to the league and a clean break from the past association. Franchise has been lifeless for a while, so such a drastic overhaul could breathe some life into things. Yea this is likely a needed change that will facilitate some future unneeded ones. Hard to see things stopping here. I think the Chiefs are 100% going to be next on the chopping block, and as you point out the public's gripes with other Franchise names will have their day too. Glad I'm a fan of the Ravens. Only issue we could run into is some fat teenage girls with Pink/Purple/Green hair being upset about their "Spiritual Name" being used by an organization that participates in 'LiTEral viOlenCe'...meaning- Sports.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Preseason games tend to carry more weight for our club. This will make it harder for background players to stick and or flash. IIRC there was a Practice Squad expansion implemented for the 2020 season, that was a prudent and overdue move.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I think that's asking for a lot out of him. All weapons are pretty much unproven outside of Sanu and Edeleman, and there's a redundancy factor with the two of them. The COVID Offseason will do him and the organization no favors. Newton himself is older and the injuries are stacking. And that offensive line room isn't special enough to compensate (despite them shipping us a 4th for our backup LT(Eluemanor), especially after Dante Scarnecchia retired. Cam could be walking into a situation where there really isn't much around him but he'll still get blamed for failing to live up to the "Patriot Name" or something. IDK, I don't really see any big waves on the horizon for that team or their offense specifically. I am interested in seeing what the defense looks like though. Pulling Dugger and Uche from the draft gives them two hyper athletic chess pieces to play with, and their CB room is Top 5. Interested to see how Winovich looks in Year 2 as well.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Never heard of this site before, but saw it linked for another club in NFL Gen. Our section is pretty funny. I don't want to spoil anything, but the notorious Jeff Blake scandal does come up. We can't run from our past. http://yourteamcheats.com/BAL
  10. 2020 ROT

    Yup, same exact training being run at MMA gyms here in California. I know some of the really big boys(280-300+) shy away from it, afraid of too much impact for the knees, but man can it add an element to your athleticism.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yup, watch out guys..the Patriots "coulD LitTerRaLly CoPyy AeND PaSTe ThE RavINS OfFens". lol Look I have no doubt the Pat's brain trust will be able to drill production out of Cam in varying ways. I know @diamondbull424 has been pretty geeked on that pairing. This though, is seriously undermining Lamar's vastly superior running ability, reflexive decision making, pocket command, efficiency and everything else that went into making that 2019 offense tick. I do like the N'Keal Harry shade though. A slower Miles Boykin...ouch. It's early still, but man was I confident in Harry not being worth an Early Round Pick. Poor/Non existent Separation, overestimated RAC ability, and hands that couldn't compensate for deficiencies in other areas.
  12. 2020 ROT

    Interesting workout for sure.
  13. Luckily there's none of those in the league...
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Oh, I beg to differ. The cringe of '30SecondsToLamars' really outclasses 'AFlaccoSeagulls'. Though I have to admit you've built up quite the brand recognition with AFS. That could be hard to part with lol.
  15. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    *cough* What about that AVI? *cough* I know Pulisic is one of our only shots at a star US player...., but that Dortmund Black & Yellow 🤮- in a Ravens forum(attached to an Old Guard Member) has always stuck out to me. He's in Chelsea Blue now too, just saying.