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  1. 👀 Zion Johnson OG Boston College & Dawand Jones OT Ohio State ^^^^ These guys look like they could be solid fits.
  2. I don't think we see him until Week 10 vs MIA, but it's great to have him back.
  3. Stanley isn't going anywhere until 2024, at the earliest. Which if he's healthy, is fine. He's a Top 5 OT in the league. We still should pick at least two offensive tackles in the draft though. The majority of our 2022 picks should be spent on OL. OL, CB, DI - That will probably be our focus.
  4. He's been much better this year in that regard. Talked about how long it was taking him to fully get over the Lisfranc issue and felt like just this offseason he was finally getting back to his college speed. Some of the MPH figures we've seen on him in 2021 reflect that too. That paired with Keith Williams telling him specifically that he doesn't need to play with that reserved style and that any play could be his last so fight for everything on every opportunity, was big. Marquise mentioned both of those things and said that he felt like he was letting defenders off the hook by just going do
  5. FWIW While Queen didn't make PFF's Top 5 of the game thing I posted above because his 19 snaps didn't meet the 25 snap minimum, he did earn a 90.5 grade on those 19 snaps. Making him the 3rd highest graded LB of Week 6. Josh Bynes and Tyus Bowser also made the Top 15. Chris Board was Top 20. Big bounce back day for our LB core. Love to see it and I hope they build on it. Harbs acknowledged the improved performance, specifically mentioned Bynes calming everything down and allowing our young guys to think less.
  6. Ken making a bold prediction. One that I don't agree with. 'I think this means Patrick Queen is likely to be inactive vs the Bengals.' - https://www.filmstudybaltimore.com/defensive-notes-week6-2021-chargers/ It is becoming a numbers game at ILB on gameday now, and Queen isn't a STs player, but sitting him would be way too drastic. It's not like he struggled against the Chargers either, and making him a healthy scratch could have a lasting/layered impact. Just wouldn't be the smart move imo.
  7. The ultimate high will be us shutting both the Browns and Steelers out of the playoffs. Should be a really fun matchup Sunday though.
  8. Andrews still good. Elliot and Ricard's monster games acknowledged. Good day for Zeitler, was strong last week too. Lastly, Bynes. Josh Bynes and Pernell McPhee are two interesting cases of players becoming near club legends because of their return(multiple returns in Bynes' case) and subsequent savior/contributing play at spots of need. Not only do those guys bring their own impact, but their effect on the younger players at their position group is super noticeable.
  9. Drop sucked, but he looked great otherwise. Hopefully he gets more downfield targets against Cinci.
  10. The 2021 Ravens continue to bring the WTF. Lamar had a JAG QB day and we still somehow decimated a SB contender and the best team we've faced all year.
  11. You can literally picture the extra yardage our injured backs would've picked up on any given run. It's almost like that phantom limb thing people talk about. It's not there, but you still feel the itch. Our run blocking has been a lot worse than expected but in games like these where it is clicking, they would've absolutely feasted. Edwards looked like early AP with how he was running in the Preseason, just couldn't be tackled. Hope the injuries don't take too much off their ceilings going forward.
  12. - Quiet day for Oweh. He did keep his multiple pressures streak going though, that's 6 straight games for him. Rashawn Slater looked great, but Oweh did get some solid bull rushes off on him. Probably Odafe's stiffest competition of the year so far. Thought he fared pretty well. Was a bit confused by the amount of Rush Spy looks Wink was giving Oweh. Herbert isn't such a mobile threat, and they had to throw the ball. Robbed Odafe of more than a couple stat padding opportunities. - No hype debut for Bateman. Solid work for a player coming back for injury with a couple 1st Down catche
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