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  1. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Depth signing, if it goes through. They're able to move him around the front, he works well in tandem on blitzes, and he can survive against the run. Never going be more than a depth/deep rotational player, but at only 25yo(With limited opportunity) it's reasonable to assume he has better football in front of him. Hopefully McPhee is next up, I want that done before FA.
  2. TCMD Discussion (Free Agency Round 5 Begins)

    No complaints. We haven't had an organized one like this with an actual Ravens' fan involved in a while. So thanks for the effort.
  3. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Yup. I look at him like a longer, more explosive, Courtney Upshaw. It would be awesome to bring him in while we have Pernell McPhee in house, and maybe Clowney . Show him how to be a dog out there. When our forum draft games roll around, everyone should tab Davidson as one of their prospects. He's the Ravens' 'type' 100%.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I agree. It immediately got a new faction of very vocal people behind him and emboldened those already in his camp(Browns fans). It's a smart card to play for someone in his position. The morality of it is obviously questionable, but when the goal is self preservation it's easy to sweep silly things like that out of the way lol. All Myles has to worry about now is if definitive proof that he's lying comes out, because then he's tarnished forever. Even if he says "Well I thought he said it or something, or I thought I heard it", he's still going to buried. The Jussie Smollet or as Dave Chappelle says "Juicy" memes are already rolling as is. It's a weird situation where every honest observer probably has a feeling that he's lying, but what can you do? No major figure in Sport's media is going to come out and accuse a player of lying about receiving slurs. That's career suicide. Myles felt the heat on his back, then looked over at the raging fire that is America's obsession with everything Race and poured some more gasoline on that blazing flame to distract from his own. Won't catch me feeling bad for either of them regardless of how it shakes out. I just wish people cared as much about what Ben Rothlesberger actually is credibly accused of doing, as they did about flimsy accusations of hateful language. All the lame jokes we have to hear about Ray and such, while that pig Big Benny was out there being a demon? Miss me with that. Garrett better cut the $%*& out around Lamar too. We should all be on high alert for players attempting cheap shots. The Ravens won't put up that nonsense, and he can't try to preserve his image by accusing Lamar of hate language 🤣. Plus Lamar would run the fade all over that big clown. LJ8 would've made a great fighter, the twitch, reflexive decision making, vision.
  5. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Two "Deep Threats", that happen to do everything else at a high level too. Especially love how Reagor consistently high points for his size. Hands catcher that can separate and bring down contested opportunities. As you said, he'd be scary in our offense. I think we have a shot. Wink can do evil things with him. People forget that Clowney has some nasty ability vs the IOL too. I see us moving him all around the front on passing downs and letting him create havoc. Clowney wants a ring, and he wants money. We can help him out with both.
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    No, I don't think so. He was never really mocked all that high. I'm projecting him to Late 2-Early 3 territory as this DI class isn't deep and he's kind of the lone bottom Tier 2/Top Tier 3 guy. This is how I see it in terms of where guys are projected to go- Tier 1- (Top 20 Lock) Derrick Brown-Javon Kinlaw Tier 2- (Rounds 1-2) Ross Blacklock, Jordan Elliot, Justin Madubuike, Neville Gallimore Tier 3- (Rounds 2-3) Leki Fotu, James Lynch, - Marlon Davidson?, Raekwon Davis? ^^^^That's just where I generally see their stock at. Not even sure about Davidson or Davis as the combine could heavily change their stock. Whereas I think the combine will help Fotu cement himself. Would obviously love to get him in the 4th, but I think he'll go a little higher. Seems like a fun/strong fit for our team. Good job mocking him to us.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    This situation is perfectly awful for those two trash franchises. And what's so hilarious is that in the end Garrett literally swung a helmet at Rudolph's uncovered head with intent, and it did not nothing........ That's so F'n embarrassing. Both of them looked like two jersey housewives fighting over a knock off bag. For my money Garrett is lying. And he better hope it isn't proven that he is, because that would make it even harder for a potential sponsor to get behind him. This isn't school where you can tell the teacher you were called a "really bad word" to somewhat justify an altercation. There will be consequences.
  8. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    This shouldn't be directed at me, as I never made that 'blanket statement'. I'll assume you're just speaking generally. "Surely make the move" is strong wording. Yea, we had high grades and explored trade ups for all kinds of recent star players. Ramsey, Bosa, Mack, Lattimore. And, none of them materialized. We also passed on players I'm sure we had very high grades on for more picks in trade downs too. The existence or theoretical availability of top tier players didn't force us to make a move under Ozzie, and I'm not going to make a concrete assumptions about EDC deviating too far from that baseline strategy going forward. Common sense bump ups, like we saw for Lamar or Myles Boykin seem to be the moves we should expect. I don't think they'd put anyone else in that tier. The only key positions where we really need help is EDGE and DI. And the only blue chip option from those positions is Chase Young, while Derrick Brown and Javon Kinlaw are good in their own right but a couple notches below. All 3 will go Top 15. The Redskins wouldn't trade with us if we gave them 3 1st Round Picks, and neither Brown or Kinlaw will 'force our hand' if our draft strategy is as it has been. 'Deep' is kind of underselling the class. It's considered by many to be one of the best- ever. CeeDee Lamb and Jeudy are considered class toppers by a good amount, but really rankings are all over the place. Even if CeeDee Lamb and Jeudy go Top 20, that still leaves Henry Ruggs III, Laviska Shenault Jr., Tee Higgins, Jalen Reagor, Justin Jefferson, and Brandon Aiyuk as the other WRs consistently getting 1st Round grades. And as I said the gap between Jeudy and the others just ain't that big. Look at last year's class and knock every WR drafted down at least one Round, that's likely where they'd go if in with this class. I understand your thought process, and I'm in camp "Add a Playmaker" too. Even if Marquise is healthy, which will always be a big if, we still need other explosive options. Having taken an extensive look at the class already though, it's clear we don't need to swing a big trade up to accomplish that mission. Take a look at guys like Henry Ruggs, Jalen Reagor, Brandon Aiyuk, KJ Hamler, Denzel Mims etc. I think you'll like them. There's more Round 1 Tackle options this year than in recent drafts. Jets will more than likely have their shot at one of Willis, Wirfs, Becton, Thomas, and names like Josh Jones are rising fast. Sticking with your theory though, a bump up trade with the Jags for their 2nd 1st Round Pick- #20. Could make sense. Like if we wanted to secure a Tier 2 EDGE prospect or something. AJ Epenesa? YGM? Wouldn't take all that much either.
  9. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    The Jets need to grab one of the top OTs in the class. They won't give up that spot imo. Also the team hated not having a 2nd Round Pick last year. It's hard to see them then being on board for booting a future 1st Round pick. That's really the only kind of move you should pull when you're desperate for a potential franchise QB or some other defining player that can fundamentally change the trajectory of your team- or almost guarantee a deep playoff run. We're not desperate for either. Remember, we traded down.. with Derwin James and Tremaine Edmunds available. Getting us to trade up, and give up significant draft capital- is probably going to be a near impossible task. It's hard to argue against the FO's judgement on the issue with our past track record too. I think we can expect more aggressive maneuvering from EDC than Ozzie, but I don't see us deviating too far away from our typical BPA/Pick Accumulation strategy. Trading up for a WR would seem moronic in many ways too, given how deep the class is. The gap between Jeudy, and the options that will be available when we're on the clock at 28 is quite small compared to past drafts' offerings. And any major deal for a Front 7 player would seem similarly questionable if we gave up a future 1st imo. What's really funny is, the Ravens have been chasing a trade that yields us another team's future 1st for 20 years now. Who could forget the Falcons infamously trading us their 1st Round Pick for the 2000 draft? For the rights to select a player 42nd Overall in the 1999 Draft.................................................. We turned that Top 5 pick into Jamal Lewis, and won the Super Bowl the next season. The Tight End the Falcons gave up their future Top 5 pick for, was a bust. Ozzie wanted to feel that high again so bad .
  10. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    Year 3 and on, Joe's ability to elevate in the playoffs with a meh supporting cast and a (majority of the time)dysfunctional/lacking offensive coaching nucleus was special. He's the classic student that can't get it all the way together for the majority of the year, but is able to center themselves for the end run finals. A highly frustrating at times, yet in the end highly valuable quality for a starting QB. He was the perfect contrast to the larger than life personas on the Ravens' defense during that era, and still a classic Raven in his own right. Injuries and the regression that followed, along with a continued talent drought at the skill positions around him, facilitated a pretty unfortunate end to his run with the club. He'll deserve all the love he gets post retirement though. Flacco carved out a unique place in NFL history. Kind of like the league's Keanu Reeves imo. Reeves was always likable but frequently mocked for his overall ability. The John Wick series sparked a comeback and career renaissance for him, while the Matrix series made his name eternal. People will look back on him as a unique/singular Hollywood character that cemented himself in history with a more limited/specialized hit rate and unconventional path than his peers. That's kind of who Flacco is too. I also feel like the Flacco era really gave the Ravens, an organization not known in anyway for developing offensive talent, an invaluable and clear example of what you should and shouldn't do for a young franchise QB(and offense). The team failed him in many ways, and you wonder what kind of player he could've been with a better surrounding cast, offensive system, and coaching. Kudos to them for learning from their mistakes though, and putting Lamar in the best possible position for success. That's what the strong franchises do. Flacco to Lamar will probably end up as one of the more unique franchise QB successions for a club in NFL history- especially if Jackson is able to rip a championship just as Flacco was.
  11. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Still really like Leki Fotu for us in the 2nd Round. 21 years old, has only played DI for 2 seasons, should drop a strong SPARQ score. There's just major upside with this kid. And I'm sure we'll see him mocked plenty to us with the low hanging Ngata comp. Both Poly kids of Tongan descent, who grew up in the Bay of Cali, went on to play CFB in the Pac-12, and consistently create havoc from the defensive interior. Even has a rugby background like Ngata did. To be clear though, he isn't in the same stratosphere as Ngata in terms of pedigree/talent. That shouldn't be a knock against him though, because who really is? Haloti was literally a phenom recruit and a generational prospect. Fotu needs to fix some pad level issues and improve his recognition against the run. Honing pass rush counters will be key too(As it is for every DI prospect). Overall though, he presents a pretty enticing upside option that could be had in that Mid-Late 2nd Round Window. Love his natural strength, burst, and motor.
  12. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    lol If that happened, and we somehow signed Clowney and Campbell. I wonder if more fans would be on board for a Javon Kinlaw trade up. Just to try and build a crazy savage DL during a strong championship window.
  13. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Donovan Peoples-Jones? Isn't he projected much later than the first two Rounds?
  14. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Agree. Not as big of a deal as past guys like Mason, Boldin, etc.
  15. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Really warming up to Reagor or one the other top billed WRs in Round 1. Offense needs the firepower, even when Marquise is healthy. Also makes us a better team on Day 1, than any of the similarly ranked Defensive prospects will imo. There's options on that side of the ball I like, sure(YGM, Blacklock, etc). Don't see any of them becoming major contributors until years 2 or 3 though. So it's tempting to go offense(WR,IOL). I do take the point that we should maybe hold off on WR, as it's such a deep class, but if the board falls with a strong playmaking/pass catching option as BPA- I don't think we should be opposed. Once we get past FA, and Yanda makes his decision , a clear strategy should present itself.