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    I do think we'll go for it on 4th Down more often this year. After the Cardinals game I'm sure the offense really worked on both execution and play selection in simulated 4th Down scenarios too. We had the bad play call and then the delay of game penalty bungle both attempts last Sunday.
  4. Lamar Jackson QB1

  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Don't back pedal, you made generalized statements about the "kind" of people that enjoy combat sports and offered crude examples as to why they do. You don't like MMA? Fine, that's certainly within your rights as a consumer. Don't try to frame other's interest in it though.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    All of this is false. A concussion in football isn't a tragedy, it's a product of the sport. An unfortunate reality. At least in my view, tragedies take shape in other more horrific ways. And a concussion in combat sports isn't THE Goal, it's A goal. The main goal is to win, and a win doesn't have to include your opponent being concussed. For the watching bit....Yea, tons of grappling fans get a real violence fix by watching someone pass guard . Do you have this opinion of action movies too? Is the violence in them abhorrent as well? And are those entertained by them, devolved?
  7. 2019 ROT

    On HBs with at least 75 carries, Gus averaged 3.2 yards after contact and ranked 13th. Earlier when we were playing some really bad run Ds though, I think he got up into the high 4s. In contrast Allen & Collins were in low 2 territory. Collins did have a Top 5 juke rate though. Ingram has been doing this for a while, and you're right. Lamar should maximize what we get out of him.
  8. I wonder if Wink will chill with all the extra and just let Earl do Earl this Sunday. I mean I'm sure TJ in single high with Thomas around the LOS is "confusing" for Mahomes, but in another much more real sense- it seems like a waste of Earl Thomas' HOF talent. Let him roam the deep middle and stop Mahomes' game to the best of his abilities.
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Can't forget how physical Ramsey is either, another reason he's perfect for us. Him, Marlon, and Tavon would be the most imposing CB trio maybe to ever play, or at least in the last 30 years(Some DBs were legit killers in the old old days of the game). With his length too, you just know he's going to be popping balls up in the air consistently- and we have Earl Thomas back there to capitalize. Then you have guys like DeShon Elliot and Chuck Clark lurking, waiting for their shot. It's hard to not get excited at the prospect of this all coming together.
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Two 1sts? No. A 1st and a 2nd? Steep, but I'm cool. A 1st and a 3rd? Sounds fair. A 1st and a 4th? Robbery. A 1st and a player? Depends, but likely fine. Ramsey just fits the team so perfectly right now. I really hope we land him. Not only would we be adding an Elite talent, but I think you'd see an energy added to the defense that would be palpable. If this goes through the fans are going to lose their minds. His debut game at M&T against the Browns and their WRs will be massive lol.
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