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  1. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Happy for Thomas, he did good work here. It was a smart hire by Harbaugh to bring him in from Wisconsin after that garbage 13' season. Best of luck to him going forward at NIU.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    1. Cover 2. Run 3. Blitz 1. Cover 2. Run 3. Blitz 1. Cover 2. Run 3. Blitz Unless a LB is great at all 3, you shouldn't be paying them high end money. If they aren't good at the first 2, you shouldn't use them as your LB1 at all.
  3. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    We've met with Michael Jackson Miami CB, and Lamont Gaillard Georgia C x2. Doubling up so soon with Gaillard is interesting. He doesn't seem like a great fit for Roman's scheme.
  4. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Ryan underwhelming in TB, and Matt's own recent injury could make him relatively affordable. Then again recent FA OL contracts have been consistently crazy. Adding another FA named Matt at Center(Birk) and drafting a super talented swing G/T high(Cody Ford) would make our line one of the league's best.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    ^^^^Someone hacked AFS' account. For all of the hype Derwin is getting, he still isn't near as explosive as he was pre-injury at FSU. Dude was a legit monster. This seems like a discussion that will be revisited every year.
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Funny thing is. I'm not even confident we get Derwin James on the field in a meaningful way, had we of drafted him. I'd like to believe we would have. I have my doubts though. Who does he replace? Weddle, no. Jefferson, no. Levine, no. Mosley, no. Peanut? Kenny was a true LB and still only got involved through a rotation. The coaching staff has a severe veteran slant, right or wrong, and rarely deviates from their formula. There's a significant chance we would've drafted Derwin to do little more than warm the bench. While not picking a player like Derwin can suck, picking him only to not play him...is even worse. Plus in that scenario there's no trade down and we lose out on all those other players.
  7. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    It was the Bama game. Just went back and finished it, along with a few other cut ups of his. He didn't start off great but got better as that Bama game went on. He's 100% an early round player. Even with that video of him floating around. He's great with his hands, strong motor and excellent explosion, plus tackler. Kid sees a lot of double and sometimes even triple team looks. He's got it all. @diamondbull424 He reminded me a bit of Malik McDowell. Very similar college utilization. Simmons trumps Malik in pure penetration and disruption against the pass though. Pairing him with Zach Sieler would be something. We'll see if Eric surprises us, but I'm guessing Mr. Simmons is off our board.
  8. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    I've only watched a couple guys. Definitely just getting started. With Simmons, I just know we aren't going to pick him so it's hard to get excited. I have no issue with the video of him, but I think the FO will. Also the first cut up I put on of him wasn't great. He was on the ground and getting pushed around. You know how that goes. Sometimes you get put off and then revisit the prospect later. DJ Moore & Derwin James were both 2nd go around guys for me. You want these players to really pop within the first 4 minutes or so, and if they don't you can move on for a while- only to return in a big way later. I like Zach Allen. He popped last year when I watched Harold Landry. I'm waiting to see how he performs at the Senior Bowl when pushed inside though. The cuts ups I watched had him mostly outside and TDN's evaluation included some so so commentary on the reps he has taken inside. I haven't hit Gary's 2018 tape yet. I'm not really at the ranking stage yet. More so just the pop & post stage. When a player jumps out at me I like to bring him to the forum. Then if I really like them and they fit a need for the team I start the deep dive. Production Analytics, Athletic Profile, Age Score etc etc. Cody and Nasir are out in front for me at this point.
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Look at Cody Ford #74 on this play. 337 Pounds. Stanley-Ford- ? -Yanda-Brown Jr.
  10. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Yea, at this point I'm more comfortable with a streamlined approach. Hurst and Andrews are beasts. Let them stay on the field and let's farm big plays out of them consistently. If you are dependent on your TEs to run the ball, there's an issue. Even before the rules became what they are. Players like Hayden & Mark were incredibly valuable, large sure handed targets that can attack defenses vertically. Now though, with defenders being neutered to such a degree- their value has tripled. Feed them and your success % is going through the roof.
  11. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Everyone is thinking the same thing.
  12. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    I like what I've seen from Jerry Tillery so far. One of the first IPR prospects(we'd have a legitimate shot at) that interests me. PFF- Tillery utilized his hand speed and brute power to disrupt the passing attack of opponents like no other in 2018, leading the nation’s interior defensive linemen with his 92.5 pass-rush grade. He brought down 47 QB pressures on his 413 pass-rushes, winning 19.1% of his pass-rush snaps in a figure that is second only to Quinnen Williams.
  13. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    He would obviously be better for the passing game than Marty. It also changes the Flacco conversation a bit. Those who were previously blocked will now have free reign to pursue Gary. The Falcons hired Dirk, but the Jaguars are hanging out there. Them hiring Kubiak would be perfect, and would nearly cement a deal for Flacco imo.