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  1. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    *Non-Football Injury List Lots of Raven player replies to this Wallace tweet-
  2. 2019 ROT

    To clarify, the work was done by Chase Stuart. Just in case you're under the impression it was me. Sometimes directly copying Raven relevant material from articles can make that a point of confusion. I always include a link when it's someone else's work. I work in a creative field so it's important to me that the distinction is made. I'm with you though, the guy did a good job. Bingo, and Chase referenced this specifically in the full article you can access through the link. -How about at least 10 yards? The Cowboys star gained 10 or more yards on 13% of his rushes; Barkley did it on 12% of his carries. How about 15+ yards? Elliott hit that mark on 8.2% of his carries, while the Giants start did it on 7.7% of his rushes. So how in the world did Barkley finish the season with a higher yards per carry average? Because Elliott rushed for 20+ yards on just 4% of his carries, while Barkley did it on 6% of his carries. More importantly, Elliott’s longest run was 41 yards, while Barkley had runs of 46, 50, 51, 52, 68, 68, and 78. That’s how, despite Elliott pretty much “winning” at each distance, he lost the YPC battle. Even if Elliott had big runs more often, Barkley’s big runs were really big runs.-
  3. 2019 ROT

    http://www.footballperspective.com/running-back-heat-maps-2018-season/ In the picture below, I’ve listed all running backs with at least 100 carries. I calculated how often each running back, on each carry, rushed for least 1 yard, at least 2 yards, at least 3 yards,… at least 10 yards, at least 15+ yards, and at least 20+ yards. I plotted that below, but to make the graph more user friendly, each cell shows often the RB gained at least X yards relative to league average for all RBs with 100+ carries. So for Barkley, he rushed for at least 1 yard on 77% of his carries; since the league average is 81%, I put a “-4%” in his cell rather than 77%. When you review, note that blue shading is good (meaning a player gained yards at a higher clip than average) while red shading is bad. Who stands out as being terrific on a consistent basis? Aaron Jones was at +7% when it comes to picking up at least 4 yards, and really stood out at gaining 6 or more yards: he did that on 38% of rushes, compared to an average of 26% for all running backs in this data set. Baltimore’s Gus Edwards was exceptional at gaining positive yards: he was 10% above average at gaining 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, and 5+ yards, in the Ravens remarkable running attack under Lamar Jackson.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    All these teams are wholly unprepared for what the Ravens are going to bring, and it's looks like the media is desperate to remain ignorant as well. TBH it's more likely that the Browns and Steelers will be WINLESS at the bye than both atop the division at the end of the regular season. Browns' first 7 opponents- 1. Titans ? 2. at Jets ? 3. Rams L 4. at Ravens L 5. at 49ers L 6. Seahawks L -Bye- 7. at Patriots L Steelers' first 7 opponents- 1. at Patriots L 2. Seahawks L 3. at 49ers L 4. Bengals ? 5. Ravens L 6. at Chargers L -Bye- 7. Dolphins ? That's how I'm looking at it. From there you have the Browns with a 1st year head coach, and a team full of dopes. And Tomlin, one of the most overrated coaches in football. Trying to stave off the rot and corrosion that comes with a losing club staring at an early postseason shutout. Watching how sharply and quickly the divisional narrative shifts will be hilarious. It always goes this way. We're largely written off early, and then when the field is narrowed later- we finally get some legit looks. Which I've grown to be fine with. It helps feed our us against them/the hype mentality that Harbaugh is gifted at weaponizing. The Ravens are young, hungry, and explosive. Teams in the AFCN are going to get burnt.
  5. Falcons extend LB Deion Jones (4 years, $57M, $34M Gt'd)

    "Nice price"? It's a...
  6. 2019 Rookie Talk

    Yup. Let's see what this class has got. I wish they'd let us access All-22 for preseason games this season. It's our best chance to look at some of these young guys.
  7. Random Raven Remembrances "RRR"

    I recommend not watching the final kick. And just remember we won the SB the following year, to keep spirits up. For such a crushing loss, there were some really great moments in the game. The Pollard tip/Rookie Jimmy Smith INT is one a lot of people forget about. Right on the heels of a Flacco INT, off a throw that would become one of his strongest later on in his career. Cameron and Joe really weren't a great match. For being such an everyman guy irl, Flacco imo was a high maintenance QB prospect. And Cameron just wasn't the right guy to extract peak play out of and force progression in Joe. I think the organization has learned some valuable lessons from the Flacco era about the realities of drafting, developing, and supporting a franchise QB. One of the many things that makes organizational consistency/continuity so valuable, you foster a nucleus that if equipped to do so- can learn from trial and error and fine tune multiple aspects of team building and player grooming.
  8. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    For the "I love Lamp" crowd from the 2017 Draft, this year "I love Lamb" could be your new motto. CeeDee Lamb WR. Another OU offense product, and a beast in his own right. Would love to reunite him and Marquise. And Mark. And Orlando. And Ben Powers..
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Funny response from a Chargers' fan. Seriously though, I've seen the direct quotes and it isn't as much of a dig as the general headlines suggest, it's more specific praise of the Ram's CB's certain traits. Like "The best I've ever played with in terms of X, Y, Z", not a sweeping judgement. Either way, who cares? Weddle saying something doesn't make it true. We can't expect him to get on his knees in praise for the team that booted him, or the players that are no longer his teammates. However, if he does start taking direct shots- he'll have to answer for them. Besides, why would our CBs care? I mean, you have to imagine they're too happy to ever feel slighted. I'm sure they all were jealous about Jimmy Smith getting to suit up alongside such a legendary player like Ed Reed, and now they too will get to play with a truly great Safety. Something that's been missing from our defense for years....
  10. 2019 Rookie Talk

    lol @diamondbull424, at least he didn't go to a rival like Nick Chubb did last year right? Wasn't Miles Sanders your favorite HB from the class too? Eagles are snatching up your favorites. JJAWS-Goedert-Sanders.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Routine commentary tbh, but this was a weird line - "Stalwart defensive tackles Brandon Williams and Michael Pierce have been less effective than they were a few years ago" Pierce had his best season in 2018, so I don't know what this guy is talking about. I'll guess he just googled base stats and saw Pierce had 2 Sacks in 2016, 1 in 2017, and 0 in 2018. Thus assuming Pierce had his worst year last year. Some process .... Brandon has fallen off some, but the Falcons game last year was a good example of how effective he can still be. Also, what doesn't show up in the stats is the deterrent effect caused by Pierce & Williams. The two behemoths have essentially eliminated inside runs as a realistic option against us, and many teams don't even try to test our run D. Inside or out.
  12. Relationship Advice Thread

    This. She clearly doesn't feel the same.