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  1. Bowser had a cool pick. Yanny had a nice strip Sack. 🤷‍♂️ Other than that......
  2. Even a largely symbolic playoff win against a scrub team like the Dolphins/Colts would be worth something significant to this squad imo. We need to sell hope going forward. So that would be a good scenario for us. The Ravens have an undeniably dark cloud hanging over their heads right now.
  3. 2019 Lamar makes this throw. Don't know what to pin the regression on for Lamar, but let's hope he can return to form in 2021.
  4. I'm as low on this current Ravens team as anyone, but I think there's a solid chance we win out to close the season. The Steelers are nowhere near as good as their record would have some believe, the Browns are the Browns, and frankly- the Cowboys, Jaguars, Giants, and now Burrowless Bengals are all trash heap teams. I'm expecting a strong finish for the regular season, one that will allow failing components like Roman to keep their job. And then the traditional first round exit in the playoffs we've now grown accustomed to in the Harbaugh-Jackson era. Sounds about right to me.
  5. That's who Miles Boykin is supposed to be. Absurd catch radius and obviously bonkers athletic profile. Just hasn't worked out.
  6. Do we even know who's on the leadership council? I think we can correctly assume a couple names, but it's not public knowledge right?
  7. Still would like to know who on our 'leadership council' decided leaking anything was a good idea..... Great mystery I suppose. Though IIRC @baltimoreRebel was willing to bet 5K it was Judon 😆.
  8. lol Well I guess it makes sense why the system would bleep that, but damn.
  9. Yea. I'm not looking at Matt Skura like he's a **** Dasterdly level schemer here, I think he had a human reaction to a tough situation. I question aspects of what went down, but either way it certainly worked out for the charity he backs. So something good came out of it.
  10. I'm not out for the guy's scalp. In general, I just don't like it when these situations blow up. Every player on the roster could find messages that step over the line when they want, just as they could put the spotlight on them whenever they want. The whole thing just added another layer of grime to an already dirty week for the club. Like who is scrutinizing his family? "Hey you missed that block, probably cause you were up watching your needy kids"....lol That didn't happen. And if his family received 'threatening' message as he alludes to here. Then he should go through law enforcement, not instagram... Again though, I don't think that truly happened. The whole message just seems weirdly constructed to me and comes off as fraudulent. Part 1- I accept responsibility for playing bad. Part 2- Please don't threaten my wife and children. Part 3- I will grow from this, on to the Titans yall..... It's not a conspiracy theory to suggest a public figure would say/bring attention to something to garner sympathy and favor during a period of harsh scrutiny. It happens literally every day, across countless professions. And often an admission of failure/error etc is key to the play, as Skura did. "Look guys I know I screwed up, but X,Y,Z is uncalled for". I'm 100% sure someone did go too far in their critic of him. It's the internet. Was it something so outrageous he needed to bring special attention to it though? Or was it just the normal trash that our players and public figures have to sift through? That's what I question. If Lamar made an issue about the messages he no doubt receives(after every game), or generally the abuse he and his take on online. We wouldn't have a needed/pertinent story on the team sneak through... ever- With every fan and journalist following the team unable to get off their soapbox in support of him.
  11. Is there any actual proof of alleged harassment towards Matt Skura's wife/family? Screenshots, anything? If it happened, obviously such behavior should be condemned totally. That said, the situation reeks of a guy deflecting from his bad performance with a "Do I really deserve this?" puppy dog plea. Any level of celebrity will bring outlandish and yes bizarre/over the line commentary from the anonymous depths of the internet. From people with 1K subs on youtube, to literally any football player with a social media account. Frankly, it's part of the game. And the chip of "Look at the level of abuse I'm getting, instead of why I'm getting valid criticism" is commonly brought out when they need to deflect the most. We've had a ton of players more polarizing and known than Matt Skura have low low moments in primetime games. Yet these magic 'Spouse/Child threatening posters', either only decided to go after him or he's the only one who felt the need to call attention to online trolls. IDK.
  12. He'll probably get the talk from his parents now. "You know Zach, the whole RV thing was cute and really showed your dedication/humbleness but honey I think it's time you start showing a little more professional image". Mom talk for "Stop being eccentric and begin to live how I want-...again".
  13. It's probably more price tag than anything. The aren't going to pay Judon 17 Mill to sit on the bench. Yanny coming in was always going to be a death sentence for Tyus. Will be interesting FA with Bowser, he has legit reasons to not want to come back here.
  14. It's very important for us to close out this season strong. Even if a championship in 2020 is off the table. This current squad is getting a bad reputation and giving off a suss energy that's plain to see. Some combustible elements in house too. We could soon find ourselves losing the 'destination team' label that has aided us so much(especially with FA and FastTrack trades). There needs to be some injection of hope and energy from somewhere to keep that purple light shining. Gone is the anomaly Ray Lewis who could light this franchises fires single handedly. We need a hero to emerge from somewhere.
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