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  1. Yea it's usually a couple days, but can last a bit longer if the player is farther away from peak condition/performance(for whatever reason). I don't see it having any meaningful impact either. As I said, I think it makes things slightly more interesting. Likely in the way you alluded to, which is in extra early reps being awarded to players who passed the test on first go and who the coaches could feel deserves the first shot to impress. Which might've been the situation anyway(failed test or not) with Cleveland coming in as a Rookie. LG definitely has the most intrigue behind it in
  2. It's become the HB of defense. Can't say unjustly either. With how the game has evolved, LB just isn't the impact position it once was. Unless you have a Kuechly, Lewis, etc type of HOF talent or an elite coverage specialist like Warner- you really shouldn't be investing big money at the position. Drafting one high who isn't a near flawless prospect is a dubious venture as well. A 1st Round Pick flaming out will always sting, but identifying a talent like Fred Warner just as Reuben Foster is red flagging himself out the door has to feel like appreciated recompense from their FO to 49er fa
  3. Conditioning test caught another body? F, thing is FredMichael Jason KreugerMeyers at this point.... Victim after victim. It's not like the Ravens are known for bringing in lesser caliber athletes either. Sure no one is shocked when a Terrance Cody or Orlando Brown fail, but as Sarah points out- the test has defeated some souped-up Ravens as well. Not too big of a deal at this point, and frankly pursuing personnel ideal for a mammoth style run game will likely increase the chances of failed tests. Which I'm sure the FO & Coaches understand. It's kind of hard for f
  4. With rare exception, 3rd Rounders are always the last to sign. IIRC The current CBA gives them more flexibility in contract negotiations than players drafted in the other rounds, for whatever reason.
  5. Even if they are, they'll gladly take whatever the punishment may be and the ring that comes with it.
  6. Payton Turner has inside/outside rush versatility. Bright side of this suspension could be it yielding Turner some additional and highly valuable development reps on the interior. Other than that though, losing a plus DI is always going to sting.
  7. Brandon Browner(8 Years in Prison), Earl Thomas(Went legit crazy and destroyed his family/career/legacy), now Sherman. Good % of the original LOB members are down kind of bad. Has to suck for Seahawks' fans to see such a dark cloud hanging over one of their club's greatest units.
  8. Ravens' 2018 7th Round Pick Zach Sieler. Ozzie Newsome's final ever draft selection. DII phenom with all the measurables and an elite athletic profile. Flashed in his first preseason and forced his way onto the roster. Looked like our future at 5T and a great pipeline talent. Ravens would go light at DI the next couple seasons though and showed preference to the Vets, thus playing the Practice Squad roulette game with young Sieler. Eventually Zach didn't clear waivers and the Dolphins who he had played well against during the preseason snatched him up. Fast forward and Zach Sieler has alr
  9. Shows how wacked out the system can be, compare their alleged crimes and then realize Sherman can't even post bail- but Barkevious Mingo was bonded out on 25K.
  10. The positions mentioned are CB, IOL, and WR. Strong preseason performances from any position might persuade a team to chuck us a late round pick(6th/7th) for a player we might've otherwise cut, but any CB that shows true promise or potential won't be traded under pretty much any circumstances. I don't see our background WRs garnering any attention, unless like I mentioned Proche or someone goes off during the preseason- which is unlikely. IOL though, does seem like a position group that could be primed for some unloading. We shipped out Elumanuor with less on the inside then we have now
  11. This is exactly what we want. High end weapons brought in, bonding, developing, and improving. We have the runners, we have the pass catchers, and we obviously have the QB. The core is there. Only question mark is the OL & Roman. BTW, Hopefully this trio becomes our-
  12. If they went with that, and adopted this guy as their mascot- I'd be forced to take them on as my second team...
  13. DreamKid

    EURO 2020

    Beyond those breaking into the event, it's clear the limited number of security officials also then enables the paying fans to act as gatekeepers or deputized(in their minds) enforcers of sorts against the trespassers. I get being upset about 'jibbing' or whatever it's called, especially when you personally might've shelled out an exorbitant amount of money for travel/lodging/tickets etc, but it's clear most of those engaging in physicality weren't doing so out of some noble motivation 😅. They just wanted to rough up others, and felt they had some level of impunity because it was trespas
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