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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Congrats Tony, hope you got a prenup bro. That's goes for everyone on the forum as well. Prenup, Prenup, Prenup, Prenup, Prenup. I don't care if you're a plumber, get a prenup. I've heard too many horror stories.
  2. 2019 Draft, it's never too early. /CFB thread.

    I think Jaylen Smith will make it three drafts in a row where our 3rd round pick was rather easy to predict. 2017: Tim Williams 2018: Orlando Brown Jr. 2019: Jaylen Smith? I don't see Bryce Love being around when we pick, but I'd settle for his coach if Harbaugh gets the axe .
  3. Raven Review

  4. 2019 Non-QB Skill Players

    He broke PFF's record for Forced Missed Tackles last season. Passing guys like Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, and Kareem Hunt. He's got that rare feel.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Looks like the Jags could use an NT. Possible trade partner for Carl Davis maybe....
  6. I've kinda locked in on Hayden Hurst as a prospect. To start with, he's 24. We all know and hate it. Let's put it in perspective. Dennis Pitta was an older 24 when we drafted him at the same position. Brandon Williams was another 24 year old draftee, a 5th year senior from a DII school. Both grew technically and physically during their time with us and became valuable high end contributors. Our starting Tight End last year was a 36 year old coming off a torn Achilles. While it's unfortunate that his athletic potential may be more capped than a younger prospect, it's certainly no death sentence as a player. It's just an unfortunate reality for a 1st round pick. A fact which is becoming a bit lost among the disagreement with the pick itself. What Hayden Hurst will do for us- 1. Catch Everything: Hayden Hurst's hands are incredible. Natural, effortless, confident, reliable. From Day 1 he will have some of the best hands in the NFL. Everyone knows the whole 1 drop stat, but that line has been dropped so much it kind of understates the fact at this point. Concentration, hand strength, tracking. Any positive traits you can name, his hands have them. Hurst can be leaned on as a big catch specialist and conversion ace the same way Boldin was. Many of us were in favor of adding Jarvis Landry to the team as he would return an element to the offense that left with Q and prime Pitta. Hayden will also bring that element, in a 6'4 frame. That kind of presence has been so absent from our offense, many have forgotten the true impact it can carry. 2. Get Open: What makes Hayden so valuable is the pairing of his hands with his ability to actually get open and make use of them. In just two years at the position, Hurst has developed into a refined pass catcher in College Football's toughest conference. He's a smart, reliable, and active target in the short, intermediate, and deep passing game. Hurst makes himself available and viable on extended and broken plays. He displays adept skill when uncovering and sitting against man defenders and zone coverage. Hayden will own the middle of the field. One thing that's really jumped out at me with Hurst after some extended evaluation is how special he is attacking the seam and moving downfield. I still believe he has about the same operating speed as Benjamin Watson within a 5-8 yard area, which isn't a negative as Watson even at his advanced age is a great athlete. He just doesn't have that short area burst/twitch like a Jordan Reed, Evan Engram etc. When moving vertically though, is where we'll really see an upgrade over Watson. Hurst is similar to Gronkowski in how he creates easy downfield separation with smooth and explosive vertical movement. Linebackers in the SEC couldn't hang with him and in the NFL it will be no different. Hayden is a classic example of a college player whose stats don't reflect his true contributions. He had a ton of plays where his QB just didn't look his way or couldn't get it to him. One of the many times he was open for an easy TD and the QB didn't get it to him. That's the kind of stuff it's hard for us couch analysts to notice on our cuts ups lol, but easy for Ozzie and Decosta to spot on their All-22 film of college players. Hurst's loose hips are another trait he shares with Gronkowski, where even when moving his big frame at a high clip he can ease in and out of cuts smoothly. Maintaining his speed and setting himself up to explode once he catches the ball in stride. The Georgia game is great one to watch for Hayden. It shows everything. It's extremely rare to find such fluid route running in a player Hurst's size. 3. Make Plays: Hurst isn't a universal YAC guy, he isn't going to get much after outside initiated contact but he will chew up yards after the catch. Hayden transitions from receiver to runner as quick as you'll find because catching the ball is such an automatic and thoughtless endeavor for him. It's the speed of his moves after the catch that makes him dangerous, not necessarily the sheer athletic force behind them. Linebackers and DBs anticipate that half second to second catch and gather by Hayden and it just doesn't come. Leaving them vulnerable to Hurst's YAC skill set which primarily includes an active stiff arm and productive slip juke. This aspect of his game is slept on. His legs aren't going to Gronk through tackles from linebackers, and he isn't going to run people over like Fournette, but we will see plenty of forced missed tackles from him. Two slips and a truck. The defender thinks he has an easy backfield tackle but Hurst's quicker than expected transition off a bad throw is too much for him. Defender thinks he has an easy tackle after Hayden's adjustment to the bad ball, but again Hurst's lightning receiver to runner transition is unexpected and all the defender can do is try and brake down before receiving a nasty stiff arm. Desperation throw but an easy one handed catch. Defenders don't even think he'll catch it, let alone immediately turn up field for a couple more yards. ^^^Obviously his YAC game is built upon his ability to separate with speed after snagging throws in stride and there's plenty of examples of him doing that or making an insane catch with defenders all round him. I wanted to highlight those examples though, because it's those little sequences that show a true underrated strength of his which will lead to many big plays. Hurst can be relied on for the routine play and catch, turn nothing into something, break a big play, and churn out clutch plays. That's a four phase weapon and the skeleton of a worthy 1st round pick. What Hayden Hurst won't do for us- 1. Ever resemble a plus asset in the run game: There's an obvious lack of core and drive strength with Hurst and I don't see it going away. This could be an area where you can pinpoint a clear downside to his lack of his football experience, specifically football weight training. There's technical flaws as well, but it's usually his lack of strength and power that blow up his base and prevent him from sustaining and or getting movement(drive) with his blocks. Hayden can be of use with seal blocks where he just needs to get to a man quickly and wall him off for a second, South Carolina often made use of him in that way. The mentality is there with Hurst which is very important, and technically I think he'll continue to clean things up but the attributes aren't there to ever be a plus asset. Which is a very disappointing factor considering we spent the 25th overall pick on him. 2. Be a threat in the air: Hurst gets open with his legs, he isn't going to sky up over people and he isn't going to contort his body to ****** a ball with a defender draped. He can jump, there's plenty of catches on his tape where he jumps up high to snag a throw above him. It's really not a strength though, here's an embarrassing video where he attempts a weird hurdle and showcases why he isn't meant to hop. His flexibility isn't an issue but his 50/50 victories are fueled through his natural hands not plus contortion. It's disappointing as we saw the special connection Flacco built with Pitta often making use of his own plus contortion. 3. Grow athletically in any major way: Back to the obvious Hayden turns 25 next month, his athletic ceiling is likely 95% capped. Sure we will see him get a little faster and stronger, fill out, get some more of that old man strengfh. That's it though. We've seen the huge leaps prospects 20, 21, 22, and 23 years old can make with their athletic profiles, we won't see that with Hurst. What we see is what we'll get for the most part. Overview- Out in front, this pick can only be criticized when putting Hurst up against Derwin James or Tremaine Edmunds. Two athletic freaks that were entrenched in Top 10 grades, while also being 3 and 5 years younger than Hurst respectively. Selecting Hurst himself though, can't be criticized as TE was our biggest need position. We had zero respectable options and if we wanted to contend, things couldn't stay that way. We were bound to pick a TE in the first 3 rounds. I don't think anyone around here thought the 1st round was ideal for the the selection, but we also didn't know that our first selection in the draft would come at pick 25. A late round 1st on our biggest need really isn't the end of the world, especially considering what it is Hayden Hurst will bring to the team. We added a very very strong player to the roster. I was never down on Hayden Hurst. I liked what I saw from him, just not for the 1st round. My deep dive on him as a player has changed that thought. Hurst is an odd evaluation, he resembles the twitch fiends like Hernandez, Engram, and Reed with his physical dimensions but that isn't who he is. Hayden combines special downfield separation like a Gronkowski, not only elite but rare hands, and a very strong understanding of how to attack different coverage types. Not only does it show up on his film, but I listened to a ton of interviews Hayden did and he articulates in a rare way for a rookie his approach to overcoming different defenses. Coming up with game plans in close coordination with his coaches and analyzing how effective they were after games. He has a great mind for the game and really wasted his time with baseball. Besides his other weaknesses I listed, I'm also slightly concerned about his durability. Hurst doesn't miss games but he also isn't a super hard player, kind of like Mark Andrews he's a bit soft at times. Aggressive certainly, but soft, he'll stay on the ground for a while off decent hits or leave the field for a bit with an ache. All that aside I think he'll be a super productive player for us. As I said before he's a tricky evaluation which can bring out some dumb opinions, but really digging in I understand the pick even more and the FO's heightened expectations for Hayden Hurst. Here's another scouting report I found in my scouring that aligns pretty well with what I saw- https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/04/scouting-profile-tight-end-hayden-hurst/
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    lol 24. BALTIMORE RAVENS PROJECTED STARTING LINEUP: Left Tackle: Ronnie Stanley, 76.2 overall grade Left Guard: Alex Lewis, 45.6* (2016 grade) Center: Matt Skura, 37.3 Right Guard: Marshal Yanda, 84.4 Right Tackle: James Hurst, 42.4 2017 season-end rank: 18th (-6) The fate of the Ravens line falls in the hands – or more accurately the ankle – of Marshal Yanda. The future Hall of Famer has been unquestionably the best guard in football the past few years, but without him, Joe Flacco turned into a gun shy, checkdown artist last year. Turning 34 in September, there’s no certainty that Yanda ever returns to form. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-entering-2018
  8. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    In my heart of hearts I believe Igor may be a contract killer lol.
  9. WC Semi Final #2 - Croatia vs England

    Croatia deading some hoes.
  10. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I feel like Yanda is beyond elite, like if he's the the criteria everyone seems way worse in comparison lol. Jimmy Smith really only got bested by Nuk last year and I have him down as the best WR in the game. So maybe slide him and obviously Tuck and maybe Koch into that elite category. You're right though, we do have way more potential than we do consistently producing star players. The big thing I'm looking for this training camp is for the FO to nut up. Veteran players have been given too much favor in the club these past couple of seasons. I'm sick of it. It's going to be a trial by fire for a guy like Orlando Brown Jr in camp. He has to go up against Sizzle, Judon, Bowser, T-Will and ZDS. It'll be good for him in the end though, he'll be forced to grow quickly.
  11. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    Agreed. The club is in such an exciting place and the Flacco discussion is about #17856 on the list of topics I care about. Besides this a training camp thread....
  12. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I'm assuming you meant "isn't". Does pretending this is true make you feel more brave? As someone who stands up against the oh so scary Pro Flacco agenda lol The self importance either side attaches to their ignorance in the Flacco debate is so odd... Why can't it just be- Joe Flacco's level of consistency has dropped over the years. Injuries and a poor supporting cast are major contributing factors, but valid questions of regression remain. Due to this the Ravens drafted promising rookie Lamar Jackson. While also surrounding a now healthy Joe Flacco with a strong group of pass catchers to give him every chance at a return to form and success, and Lamar Jackson a stable RS opportunity for at least one season. Don't get me wrong the "gem" examples/evidence you guys think you're dropping are hilarious, but are we going to really recycle and ride the same nonsense all the way into the season?
  13. Raven Review

  14. Raven Review