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  1. Officially Two Weeks until the draft. Time to start cramming on all the prospects.
  2. I get your point bro. MMA Boxing and regular Boxing aren't a 1:1 thing though, and shouldn't be trained the same. If your belief/scenario is true and Ben Askren is a hyper refined boxer who will rely on years of training, career experience, and his athletic pedigree- then it should be a short night for Jake.
  3. They were loving him in SK last time I went over, despite him not being an actual citizen(His mom is Korean). Poor Doo Ho Choi is no longer inspiring folks over there 😔.
  4. I've done both and am aware of the differences. I'm saying, it isn't an MMA match. It's just striking in this one, and in terms of managing your gas tank in a pure standup fight- I think classic boxing experience and training fares better when up against striking training for MMA. Especially when you're legit boxing. It's part of the reason why the Diaz brothers have been so successful in that area imo. They don't have limitless cardio, but they do have solid gas tanks and even better command of how to apply them across a 15-25 minute match. I'm not pulling for Jake either. I don't
  5. Which has nothing to do with Aaron Donald. It's a rare occurrence not contingent upon the individuals' athleticism. Donald being the thrower of said punch doesn't increase the chance of it happening, which is what this was about. The original post literally said "He is a dude who could kill with a punch if you hit the ground poorly". Implying Donald's athletic skill set somehow increases the chance of such an event happening. Which is nonsense. Way to add nothing, buddy. Never said it wasn't possible, and never said mythical strength was needed for it to happen. It's so easy to
  6. No. This is what I said- "Yea it's amazing that some of the most talented strikers in the world essentially never deliver an even near fatal blow to their opponents. Yet it's such a viable possibility for an untrained football player?". Taking away that I don't think any injuries occur in fights from that, means you either have exceptionally low reading comprehension or that you're not trying to honestly engage in the discussion. Likely because you're nonsensically triggered over such an obvious point. Saying stuff like "Injuries happen in fights bro" or "Donald can beat people up" is jus
  7. In terms of managing your gas tank as a striker, boxing provides better training than MMA imo. And it's always easier to conserve/manage energy when you're in familiar situations. Askren isn't a boxer, and from what I've read the Paul kid has trained as one for multiple years in a legitimate way. He's also got youth on his side. So I'd think he'd be the one getting stronger, more comfortable, and remaining fresher as the fight wears on.
  8. Yea, club violence is worldwide. In America you definitely have a better chance of someone busting out a gun in the club though 😅.
  9. Yea getting punched frequently then makes you more immune to brain trauma. That's definitely how it works.... How many people in that same span died from falling off their bikes with no helmet? Cause that's why someone would die after getting punched once. Hitting the concrete/floor hard in a compromised state. Statistically it's an anomaly of situation where such an incident is fatal and Aaron Donald in no way increases the % chance of it happening. Which you originally suggested by saying "He is a dude who could kill you with a punch if you hit the ground poorly". Potentially getti
  10. Yea it's amazing that some of the most talented strikers in the world essentially never deliver an even near fatal blow to their opponents. Yet it's such a viable possibility for an untrained football player. Stop ascribing mythical capabilities to men who possess athletic skill sets that make you feel cucked out. They're just people with great attributes for their sport, that's it. Lebron James or any other untrained super athlete would get folded by an even decent HS wrestler or novice striker.
  11. I really think you guys should go with a non traditional concept. I love the idea of the Washington 'Extraterrestrials/Aliens' or something. Playing off of the Washington/Government Alien cover up silliness. I know DC has had some UFO incidents in the past too. There would obviously be cringe aspects like the inevitable "Unidentified Football Objects" and other low hanging fruit, but it would immediately be one of the most recognizable brands in sports. It would also be a super versatile concept. You could do the Toy Story like little alien merchandise for the kids-
  12. Almost perfect, 9.94. The Ravens have consistently pursued great athletes, so we have a lot of big boy RAS scores on the roster right now. Almost looks like a mental thing with him. It's disturbing how quickly he gears down and/or falls after making a catch. That putrid YAC trait is one the first big negatives you'll notice on tape for Miles. To this point, he certainly hasn't overcome it in the pros either.
  13. ^^IIRC that guy took a similar look at DI and concluded Baremore could be a sleeper option for us. Though I think that might've been before we retained Wolfe.
  14. Remember this is the "Ed Oliver should play ILB" guy, but it's an interesting bit of information. One that I hope is true. Giving the Ravens(and Calais Campbell) Greg Rousseau would be such a gift from the league. Right after they gave us Madubuike in the 3rd too.
  15. Appreciate the work you put in buddy. You've hard carried the thing for a while now, and next year I'll make sure that you don't have to. In general the forum can work to improve our performance in FFMD. More communication through PMs, better/more thorough scouting and subsequent sharing of opinions/rankings, etc. Let's try to punish the field next year. Again thanks to you, and all who assisted.
  16. Signing someone like AB doesn't just fall on one person either. Biscotti, Harbs, and the FO would have to be in agreement.
  17. 1. Jamarr Chase 2. DeVonta Smith 3. Rashod Bateman 4. Elijah Moore 5. Jaylen Waddle 6. Terrace Marshall Jr. 7. Dyami Brown- is how I rank these guys right now. Moore and Toney are both too big of a gamble for us imo, and I haven't watched Josh Palmer yet.
  18. I'm probably one of the few out there that thinks this way, and maybe it's just because I'm a fan of a team like the Ravens- but I really want some Preseason games this year. I always love getting extended looks at the Rookies and back of the roster type players who don't/won't see a gang of playing time come the regular season. So many name players have ascended for us through strong preseason performances, or at least forced themselves onto the roster. The value of those games in general for our young guys is high. Whatever it is, even if they're going up against future D level ce
  19. Yea I hope all of these loud mouths keep doing us favors and continue to motivate Lamar.
  20. Even if JuJu did choose us, it's clear he would've complained about his role eventually. The exact kind of player we don't need.
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