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  1. All of our QB looked okay to day but we need I am sure there will be some bumps down the road.
  2. Updated depth chart - 29 July 2021
  3. https://www.washingtonfootball.com/news/washington-football-training-camp-notebook-day-1 Training Camp Notebook: A Strong Connection Between Receivers, Quarterbacks
  4. Defense is playing lots of single high safety.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/washington-coach-cancer-survivor-ron-rivera-frustrated-unvaccinated-players-003755311.html Washington coach and cancer survivor Ron Rivera 'beyond frustrated' with unvaccinated players Washington placed starting right tackle Cornelius Lucas on the COVID-19/reserve list on Tuesday Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate to take such a such a negative assumption but sometimes things are so obvious. Just have feeling some how some way this this is going to hurt us some were down the line.
  6. https://www.newsbreak.com/@washington-football-report-1276873/2318236154792/nfl-takes-the-gloves-off-in-fight-to-get-players-vaccinated There's literally all kinds of consequences here. One that comes to mind is what if we are in the playoff hunt during the finally wk of the season and there is unfortunately no time to make up the game. WOW consequently we could forfeit a game and miss the playoffs. What if we need another team win in the final wk of the season and this team has to forfeit a game. This is a game changer. Maybe time to to pump the brakes on Fantasy football seasons mone
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    Hello @turtle28. It's been awhile. I have been away for over a month now but I hope all is well with everyone here. Now!!!!! back to KC. Kirk does some good things. He also breaks your heart because he has more mental lapses and more panic moments (the video of the Giants game) than any QB with his production should ever have. He gasses you up, but he also lets you down. That’s always been who he is, that’s who he is now. That’s who he will be forever. In the 5 years of seeing Kirk play in DC I didn't see that IT factor in him to make me comfortable signing him to a all of that money he was a
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    Okay I get it you are not all that fun of Fitz. But to back to my point and lets stay on point. KC!!!!!!! threw INT on first down on 2 two series with potential to put some points on the board. He missed a wide open Crowder on one series. KC has another chance. Then on another series late in the game KC had 3 choices on first down again!!!!!. One of them hell just throw the ball away that's all. We are talking about QB that is not a rookie, we are talking about a QB that has 7 yrs experience. He should know better. This is big game by the way. This is not the the only game KC has made bad d
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    Kirk Cousins’ starting record: 19-21-1 Cousins’ record against teams with 9+ wins: 2-11 Teams with 8+ wins: 5-13 Cousins’ performance noticeably dipped against top competition. Video below At the 0:45 mark. First down and 10. Third quarter. Ball on NY 24 yd line. Crowder wide open but no KC throws an INT. Yeap the WR fell down but Crowder is open. See stuff like this in big games alway comes back to haunt. However KC gets another chance at the end of the game. Here his next chance. This is what did it for me with KC. At the 1:02 mark. First down!!!!!!!! and 10.
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