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  1. Hello guys. We are what I thought we are. Young team, new coach, new system, no preseason games lack of talent on Off, no running game. Its call the growing pains of a young team. I see areas we need alot of work on. I said this before by the end of the season we should see some improvement but early on we will have a rough start. Yes we need better play on the OL. Ismael and Charles are coming some were in the new future, more growing pains. Lets roll up our selves and get ready for Chubb, Odell and company so don't expect this to be easy.
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/cardinals/news/mason-cole-maxx-williams-out-injury-washington C Mason Cole, TE Maxx Williams Out Against Washington
  3. Look at the erect stance of these OL. I'm sure Del Rio toke notice.
  4. Raheem Mostert 76 Yard Touchdown Pass! - Cardinals vs 49ers - 2020 NFL Season W1 Watch on Youtube It should be noted that the Cardinals allowed 7.13 yards per target to running backs last year, which was the eighth-most in the league.
  5. Matt Valdovinos @MVScouting · Sep 16 Nearly 65% of Washington’s coverages operated with a single high free safety. They desperately need better play from Apke, they’ll get abused if he plays like he did against Philadelphia. Otherwise, free safety is the top need on the defense.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/injury-report-kendall-fuller-thomas-davis-full-participants-in-practice/ar-BB196VR6 Injury Report: Kendall Fuller, Thomas Davis full-participants in practice
  7. I agree and this is how to slow down this type of Off that is to shorten the game. The problem is the Off is its early infancy stage therefore they really are unaware of what they are capable of. We have no RG and we have a young QB. The D will have to carry this team early and often b/c it might take longer for this Off to find its rhythm. So we may have to win this way for a while. This is just the wrong time and wrong team to be playing this early in the season. Certainly looks bad on paper.
  8. Gentleman as you all know dealing with Murray causes problems all over the place. If you ever watched Kingsbury and the Cardinals offense you will notice it has the smell of a college feel all over it. I follow OU football, watched Murray play in person he is from Dallas now and I keep up with the Big 12 football. Texas tech Kingsbury (Mahomes) offense is very similar to Lincoln Riley. At some point Kingsbury will unleash his pass happy quick release, up tempo offense in full force which cause exhaustion preventing the D get set. The quick release and quick route means less time for pass rushers to make sacks. It's important for defenses to keep the RB/WR in front of them and tackle. This is pretty much the same **** we run at Oklahoma. The NFL and its fans have not seen the full version. Kingsbury/Riley loves spread you out defensively in a bunch of different ways. This is one of the areas Murray excels and this is tough on a defense. Imagine your Def has good coverage and a good pass rush and Murray gets loose. Use his ability the best way they can and that’s to make plays with his feet or strong arm and he is faster than you think ok.
  9. WOW!!!!! Just saw the Cardinals went on the road and beat the 49ers . Murray 230 yds pass one TD, 91 yds rushing and 1 TD rush. Hopkins 14 rec and 151 yds receiving., 16 targets. Our tricycle Off better put some points up next wk lol. But I think our OFF can score on their D also. Buckle up for another rough ride guys.
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