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  1. Yeap I am happy we won period but we gave the worst offense and defense a lot of chances to come back and win this game. We beat the worst team in the league by 1 point with six seconds left in the game. Well atleast stuck with the RG and that Mclaurin kid are some good positives.
  2. Callahan Practices

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/bill-callahan-redskins-presser-we’re-getting-back-to-fundamental-football/ar-AAIxaEo Conditioning Drive Starters Referees at practices Penalties Fundamental football Running game Sounds good to me. Now Callahan may not be our next coach but at least his priorities are quite different than JG. Some feel the problem was not JG but Allen. To me JG had his faults also.
  3. We Have an Oline Problem

    Most of us here know that there's something inherently wrong with Gruden RG. It is hard for any RB to establish any rhythm when given so few chances. Gruden will throw the ball 2 times out of 3 downs and most NFL team know this. The RG is really an afterthought in Gruden offense scheme. Think about it, Gruden offense is a passing scheme built around pass catching TE (Reed). Gruden TE's are not great blockers but rather poor blockers. This goes for the OL also. He is unable to adjust his scheme to the personnel he has. Every team has some sort of power running plays but there’s a problem with Gruden RG foundationally b/c of lack of execution, practice, a better running scheme overall and some much needed physicality and attitude of the of the offensive line. Gibbs and Shanahan understood this. Now I'm not saying we should run Gibbs/ Shanahan power run schemes but really Gruden offense is more about the passing game.
  4. 2020 Draft thread

    @turtle28 Yes it would be but I would address the LOS first. Any way It really doesn't matter with Gruden and Manusky. This combination is toxic. It breeds to many penalties, Can't stop opposition on 3rd down, To many 3rd and long, no committment to the run, no pass rush the list goes on and on. All of this creates a looser. Give them the best players in the draft and they still will be a looser. Coaching is paramount
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    Chase Young you say!!!!!!!! An excellent pass rusher. He fills many needs an very important one at that. That's why the G man and every one else will beat us, no pass rush. A OL will do also. But who ever we draft really doesn't ' matter if we keep Gruden or Manusky.
  6. When does Haskins start?

    What is disturbing about this pic. Gruden culture.
  7. This a typical Gruden team always I mean always choke in crunch time. Remember KC
  8. Manusky Def unable to make a stand as usual
  9. We can't stop the Bears little guys Cohen Gabriel
  10. Keenum is constantly throwing in to double and triple coverage
  11. The first half is to let Mack run wild. How you don't prepare for guy like him is truly Grudeness
  12. This should have occurred 2 yrs ago