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  1. I concur however in many of losing games this yr we are not getting enough production from some of our ancillary peices on the offensive side of the ball. Teams are just focusing on TM and not worrying about the others. Some of it has to do with injuries. Now I am not saying this is the reason we are losing games. But it is quite obvious just like our defensive woes. We need additional help in many areas.
  2. Question for you guys here. What IF Watson goes to Miami. That means Tua is out. Would you be ok with pursuing Tua? To me Tua is not the answer however he is much better than what we have. I think we should go in another direction. Personally I perfer a younger more experience QB like Watson. Anyways thoughts!!!!!
  3. Yes bad technique he (St Juste) is to high and McKinnon is low. You know the saying low man wins. Not saying this play lost us the game but this play really illustrate the ineptitude of our def. McKinnon is not a big back by any means but evades two would be tacklers, runs over another defender and finally runs through another two defender (55,20) and he his still falling forward for another yd. The first tackler makes contact 4 yds before the first down marker. In the end McKinnon falls one yd beyond the first down marker. That's five yds LO Just Pitiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/alex-smith-vanilla-defending-exposed-173132196.html Alex Smith vanilla Defense has exposed Washington According to Alex Smith assessment about the D line me and him or on the same page. It all starts in the trenches. "A lack of pressure on opposing quarterbacks has left the secondary exposed"
  5. Yeap that's pathetic. There's alot of HM jokes down here about the WFT. This play really exemplifies the current state of mind of our D. And that's even talking about all of the other pathetic performances. This is the normal pattern now. It appears we should expext this every wk. I mean it's the same old sad song, the same old theme. We are totally DEFENSELLESS both by ground and especially through the AIR.
  6. Now many of us have really been been disgusted with our team lost yesterday and rightfully so. However not making any excuses but missing Scherff losing Cosmi and no Logan, Samuel and maybe Brown has to be factor in somewhat in this lost yesterday. Please that video you posted really makes me disgusted. Just a damm shame.
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