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  1. " As long as we hold up decently against the run, I think we hold their offense down for the most part" That"s the problem. In two of the the games we have won eagles and the boys had a OL missing most of their starters and having young players starting. Both teams were below 500. Our D has looked pathetic!!!!!!! vs the run in the Giants and Lions game. That's a concern to me and should not be taken lightly. So we should not assume our D will hold up. We will see b/c this will surely raise it's ugly head. Hope I am wrong. Hail!!!!!
  2. As much as I hate these Boys, tomorrow's game will be very different from the first encounter. Football games are won in the trenches. I am firm believer in that. In the first game these boys had a very inexperience OL. One are two of their OL were starting for the very first time if I remember correctly. Zach Martin is back now so expect their pass protection to be much improved. Cooper will not be the only WR to catch a pass this time around also. Our D has been soft vs the Run so expect Zeke will be rolling. It will be a total different game this time around. In the last two games their Def has has played much better. They almost beat the Steelers with a rookie QB. It is reported here on cowboys radio that Mike McCarthy had his team using sledge hammers to smashing watermelons Saturday during his teams meeting before the Vikings game to fire his team up. The loss of their SC(Paul) will definitely be an emotional game for them also. So fellas we should all be convinced by now that we will see a much better Boys team this time around. One other note of worthy concern. These boys missed one day of 3 day practices in short week before tomorrow game. May not sound like much but they (Boys) are concerned about this also. Hail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Okay yes that was Apke no wonder the Detroit WR was able to get behind the secondary. Everett is out 4 to 6 wks. If Apke maintains a starting role well that sums it up.
  4. @turtle28 I remember that game also. Going back to yesterday game. The Young late hit. If Stafford makes accurate past that's a TD, game over. No way a WR should be able to get behind your prevent D. Think about. The lions had the ball on their own 35 yd line and our D gave up a TD with a few seconds to go. That's horrible.
  5. Yes indeed. You know the old saying bad teams always find away to loose games especially in crunch time. If they can't find away they will make away. One other thing fellas. Young's mishap created an astonishing phenomenon. The lions had the ball on their own 25 yd line and scored 3 pts is 16 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long will this curse of infinity last. WTF!!!!!
  6. We MAY!!! see Bryce Love next wk. What's up with the spitting Ron.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bryce-loves-returns-practice-washington-164932932.html
  8. This is bewildering.😕
  9. I live here in Big D and I am telling you many of the Cowboys fans new this was coming after Prescott went down. The following week Dalton suffers a concussions. So you can image now the state of mind these boys fans have right now. Stephen Jones toll cowboy fans to keep watching the cowboy games " You gonna watch a team evolve over time". Lol. There's conversations about picking QB Fields. Speaking of sarcasm I feel so lonely here in big D. Oh woe is me. Many of my relatives and friends have not called or come to see me. They've went ghost. LOL. How about them Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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