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  1. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Hello turtle. Yes I remember the PI call in the in the in zone. I thought there was going to be a Offense call here but to my surprise, no call. I was lived, that's why my wife don't like be looking at games on certain TV's in the house. I have damage a few LO!!!! Anyways spot on turtle. Remember the fumble by Ingram, yeap you got it. We can't cover the ball and it was there for the taking. We need players that can make the play. I missed that holding on Kerringan. Good point.
  2. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Hello skins fans. This video of Swearinger gives us a some insight about what is wrong with our Skins. We as fans have a tendency to blame the coachs but if you have the abilities to record the games, you can see a more in-depth understanding of missing assignments, mental errors etc.Its' not always the coaching, although they have their faults also. Doing our games I see some of these errors and I know many here see them to. Case in point the saints game was loaded with just simple mental errors. . As you can see in the video we know the Saints have a strong tendency to run this play when in Hill is in the game and you know!!!!!! the coachs went over this with our players. Here another video of our players not making the play when it occurs. This time it's Smith chance to shine and we do what we do best. Yeap, a failure to make the play. This play I know many of you remember. When this play was starting to develop, you can see Harris running a post pattern toward the side line. I saw the saints defender turn his hips to the inside (meaning Harris put a good move on him). During the game. I shouted throw the ball Smith. Well we know what happened, Smith throws an INT. Again the the play was there, really this play has TD written all over it. Part of the problems guys is we are not making plays when they are there for the taking.
  3. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Swearinger The play is there to be made
  4. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Yes indeed that was awful. There are many issues that I can talk about today. We got whipped in the trenches again especially on the OL which had a great effect on AS. He seemed rattled by the Saints pass rush. You could see this early in the game. Later on AS had Crowder and Richardson open fro possible TD but his passes felled short into the ground. The red zones woes continue. Against the Saints!!!!!!!! They are 28th defensively in the NFL vs the pass and the Saints dominated us at the LOS!!!!!!!!. The Saints lost their top CB Latimore no problem said the Saints we are dominating the Skins OL and we have AS looking like Bart Simpson.. He (AS) can't hit the side of a barn. We also really can do without Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara we are playing the Redskins. They (Redskins) are shooting their self in the foot with costly penalties. To tell the truth, I really felt this game was over early with two early FG's set the tone. You cannot beat the Saints with FG's and you could see early on how our OL was struggling mightly with the Saints DL. We had to come out swinging. It is still early but time is running out for Gruden and company. This an sickening defeat. This is about how they beat us. I dare to say a humiliating defeat.
  5. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Thanks turtle. Crowder, Thompson, Davis Reed and Richardson all have a mouth watering matchup tonight.
  6. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    I concur. We have a chance to elevate to the top of the NFL. Our Skins really have chance to make a statement to the world of the NFL. Interesting you brought ST. I am an George Allen type and understand the importance of ST's. We had a chance to beat them last yr but wechoked on that 3 and 1 late in the game. If we make that 1st down, game is over remember. That's why I like what McVay did yesterday vs the Seahawks. Convert the 4th down and get the game over with. Hope we can stop the bad tackling fiasco and stop choking when we are in close games. Red zone issues can be solved with some kind of RG. Kicking FG's will not get it done vs Brees and company Lot's of long faced Cowboy fan's down here in Big D and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope we can some how win tonight, that would make things that much better. LO
  7. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    I think we have a shot at beating the Saints. New Orleans defense has allowed 11 throwing scores in 2018 ranked 28th in the NFL in pass def. Saints are missing their slot CB out for the season. The Saints allowed slot WRs Sterling Shepard Mohamed Sanu to have big days. I would attack this area early and often. Now I am more of a run first to establish the pass but sometimes you have to alter your approach. Saints are pretty could at covering opp's TE but they have given up 11 passing TD's. Richardson should be the focal point of the deep passing game. I'm not saying we need to abandon the RG no!!!!!!!!!!. The stats I previously mentioned tells me alot about the Saints def. I saw the Falcons and Tampa bay games. What I am saying we need to pass more on first and 10. Teams average more yards per pass on first down than any other down. Stopping Bress and company is almost impossible . So we have to come out firing, right from the very first series, and don’t let up until the game is in hand.
  8. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    They control the line of scrimmage. We as usual had no QB pressure only 1 sack vs their 3 sks. Colts had over 100 yds running the ball vs our 50 yds rushing ? We could not throw the ball deep mainly b/c the Colts played a tampa 2 and a cover 3 scheme. TO's especially the Reed fumble. Speaking of missed opportunities yeap I would say we did miss some opportunities in the game (Reed fumble was one). I think we toke the Colts lightly maybe that's the reason we came out flat ( that's coaching). In a close game like this one all the aforementioned make a big difference. The Colts have some good youth.
  9. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Redskin fan here. KC is very prone to choking in crunch time. He puts good numbers however he will make you cry. He almost broke you guys heart (INT"s) on that last drive before OT in the Packers game and no I'm not taking about the INT on Matthews late hit. Just wait you guys will see.
  10. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    turtle28 I think it was you who made comment about Lauvao or maybe some one else. Anyways Lauvao does have pass blocking issues. AS first sack was b/c of Lauvao. To me it all starts in the trenches and if our OL continue to display this type of effort then this ship is dead on arrival. Having some kind of RG is paramount. The colts play and excellent game yesterday. Dominate the LOS and make the opposition one dimensional so they key in on Pete and Thompson. Luck made a few mistakes but it didn't matter, like I said they control the LOS. Colts have alot of athleticism in their back seven. No wonder Reed was quite. Going into game I read about the Colts OL was in shambles b/c of injuries so. This lost was a step backwards for us b/c this was a winnable game. Our D will surely be tested next week with AR descending on our home turf. This will get ugly. Not only will the OL be a concern but you know Mr Rodgers can slice up any ranking Def. So we desperately need some kind of RG to keep out of those 3rd and long.
  11. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    We can start at the LOS. The Colts man handle us on both side of the LOS especially our OL resulting in way to many 3rd and short for them and to many 3rd and long for our Skins. Throw in a few TO's and some important drops and we got our *** kick. It is a little disturbing that the colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did this.
  12. "I really believe this Redskins team, is going to be special!" First off I would like to add, Sure hope so. However let's look at the teams that are favorites to make the playoffs. Realistically speaking you can say the Eagles, Rams, Saints, Falcons, Vikings and the Packers will be the favorites to make the playoffs. We are not on that list. So our chances don't look good on paper. One of these teams could have to much adversity to over come injuries etc .As you know every yr we always have a surprise team. Hopefully that team will be us.
  13. Redskins UDFA Tracker

    He looks like a hidden gem. Display some good athleticism's. But what I like is the attitude he has when blocking. He appears to be a nasty attitude with his blocking. We need a good blocking TE. This guy best days are ahead of him possibly
  14. I had passes to attend all 3 days of the 2018 draft here in Dallas TX. Unfortunately I was only able to attend day 2. When I enter the stadium our Skins was on the clock for their 2nd rd pick. Gary Clark was ready to announce our pick so I rushed to make a video of the pick. Ended up in them Boys section lol. Meet many Redskin fans and even meet Ron Mcdole daughter Tammy. Left the draft around 11 that night. Had blast guys. Hail!!!!!!!!!!