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  1. Draft Kings Fantasy League WK 4

    Missed last weeks. Past week has been hell. Let’s get this weeks fired up
  2. Draft Kings FL Week 2

    Imagine if I picked a real TE
  3. for the Bucs it has to be make the playoffs. Ultimate dream is Winston to throw for over 5k, 35+Td, us win 11 games, win a playoff game and Evans to establish himself as a top 5 reciever
  4. Ranking the youth on every team

    If grimes, dotson and ayers left this would drop significantly back under 25 again
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide Thread

    We need to grow this! RTR
  6. Favorite Team: (Swashbucklers) Week 1: (Falcons)
  7. Draft Kings Fantasy League?

    if i could only play in money leagues
  8. Draft Kings Fantasy League?

    it worked, im in
  9. Madden 18

    Man i just had the best game ever in MUT Draft mode. Played a guy, neither of us could stop each other. Game ended 54-51 Aaron Rodgers, 26-34, 644 yards, 7 tds lol
  10. Bucs (0-0) @ Dolphins (0-0) - Moved to Week 11

    all the credit goes to you man! You've got a great first week in as mod
  11. Bucs (0-0) @ Dolphins (0-0) - Moved to Week 11

    YESSSS Bucs dominating the NFC South in post count! I love her lol
  12. Bucs (0-0) @ Dolphins (0-0) - Moved to Week 11

    It really sucks, but I support this decision
  13. Draft Kings Fantasy League?

    I cant do draft kings....nevada
  14. Bucs Trade S Wilcox to Steelers

    That's the plan