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  1. Bucs Draft Thread

    Interesting thought for sure.
  2. Bucs draft CB MJ Stewart - SIGNED

    He’s a Ronde clone man. Hargreaves better pick his game up with Stewart and Davis now
  3. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    Lol no. He needs to work on it big time. Maybe Simms can teach him a thing or two, seeing as that’s all he can do
  4. Bucs draft OT Alex Cappa - SIGNED

    Love thissssss. Either RG or RT. He’s a grinder.
  5. Bucs draft CB Carlton Davis - SIGNED

    I’m a Bama Guy, y’all know me; but i love this pick
  6. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    LOL at this narrative. First of all Bryant was living in Vegas during his suspended year. I have a friend here that runs a CBD company and helped Martavis with his addiction issues. He’s already been clean a whole year now. I think it’s safe to say he’s learned his lesson.
  7. Day Two Desires?

    Bingo. Guice or Chubb. RB is by far our biggest need, only person I would have taken over then was Mike Hughes
  8. Day Two Desires?

    Jones isn’t that explosive tho.....and he’s not a good receiver out of the backfield
  9. Day Two Desires?

    I Like Freeman a lot but no sleepers man. Give us a stud. Guice and Chubb are just that
  10. Day Two Desires?

    If we don’t get Guice or Chubb I’ll be upset
  11. Draft Kings Fantasy League WK 4

    Missed last weeks. Past week has been hell. Let’s get this weeks fired up
  12. Draft Kings FL Week 2

    Imagine if I picked a real TE
  13. for the Bucs it has to be make the playoffs. Ultimate dream is Winston to throw for over 5k, 35+Td, us win 11 games, win a playoff game and Evans to establish himself as a top 5 reciever
  14. Ranking the youth on every team

    If grimes, dotson and ayers left this would drop significantly back under 25 again
  15. Alabama Crimson Tide Thread

    We need to grow this! RTR