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  1. Fair enough. If I’m handing it out, I can take it. I could’ve played better. I didn’t do a good enough job. Final post. GG all.
  2. And good game mafia, frustrations aside y’all did a great job. I forced the issue a bit much on day uno, and never bounced back from it. What a bad way to go out after two quality games.
  3. Good game. Maybe I’ll play again in August but it’s more likely I’m done for 2019.
  4. I had a two shot ability. Regardless of pickles we could’ve taken Touch out the next day.
  5. It’s always player > ability. And you are now relying on pickle to save you. He killed Counselor for what?
  6. You guys suck at this lmao.
  7. As you said @Forge you don’t win mafia games. Now we know why.
  8. We’ve played a dozen or so mafia games together and three consecutive games. Find one post where I’ve pushed anyone. If you do they won’t be for the crap ten reasons you had (again it’s not in attempt to be disrespectful, It’s being bluntly honest). I have a few more posts in me but I’m ready to go away.
  9. Feels good to be back on this side. Went on a mafia run for a bit, got a couple wins and played with some old friends.
  10. @pheltzbahr your big off-season move finally paid off.
  11. I’m going to take a break following this game. Thanks @MWil23 for a great game.