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  1. Friday August 24th at noon est is a good time unless people are busy on that weekend.
  2. I don’t understand Frederick’s deal. Three year extension at the same rate? Not even the highest paid at his position.
  3. Extremely tempted to withdraw my approval.
  4. Why so? We literally just agreed on the rule. Whether this contract (and upcoming 3 UPs) are given the green light to offer 75% of deals for the remainder of the current 3 UP period is the question. 2/3 ruiling committee members agreed to the deal.
  5. 3 UPs are year round. This definitely counts toward SirA’s 19-20 group.
  6. I was contemplating removing myself from the approvals list. There’s merit to suggest teams should be forced to wait the calendar year before things like this go for approval. The important thing here is SirA had the cap space to afford a substantial contract offer which increased Hunter’s salary significantly. The $9k salary makes the deal seem like a massive bargain but I attribute that to Hunter’s deal being included in the proposal.
  7. SirA does have enough cap space. This contract is approved.
  8. Your work remains greatly appreciated @SirA1
  9. This would be a sure fire approval if we didn’t decide to have the NFL salary.
  10. I think there’s a fair case for both sides here. Draft before FA is important bc some teams compensate major financial capital. Compromises the above average talents into shark tank. I think our current structure with new rule changes have already made next off season quite a change.
  11. Shark tank guys usually get a long term deal in the off season. This rule is impactful considering QBs (amongst other positions) are going to get major contracts in the upcoming years.
  12. An all BDL team of shark tank guys would be a formidable opponent.