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  1. I will not be trading with you for the foreseeable future @RTTRUTH. Maybe we can swap a pick or 2 in the 5th round of the draft but I’ll stay away.
  2. I thought it was silly you had to say this in the first place. Less then 24 hours later we’re in controversial waters.
  3. I give appreciation posts to people not on my roster all the time.
  4. Rondale Moore and David Long are BDL friends.
  5. Like. We like plenty of guys in that area. It’s pre combine so lots of scouting hasn’t happened yet. We will strongly consider trading down to recoup the picks we lost from Lane Johnson and Rob Gronkowski.
  6. Severe case of the yipps for Diontae tonight
  7. Guessing the non Mahomes QB looks are out of the playbook.
  8. The Tampa-Philly and Patriots-Bills game ended without controversy.
  9. Putting the game on the line without Bosa and Warner is quite a risky decision.
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