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  1. If Philly can beat Dallas (reasonable) next week, they’ll have a firm grip of the division at 3-4-1.
  2. I’m pretty sure he was the starting RT tonight.
  3. Even though this is a tough loss, the Giants are far from eliminated at 1-6.
  4. Hurts for these gimmicks is underwhelming to say the least. Wentz is the better athlete for these plays anyway.
  5. The throw Wentz just made is why you considering benching him was nonsense.
  6. Surtain is definitely one of those guys. I think he’s going to blow up once offseason comes around.
  7. FSU has a lot of good prospects this year. Is why after the ND game, I felt pretty confident the UNC game would be close; did not expect the early success they had though.
  8. I know Seth. Really don’t know the other guys. I watched UNC in person and no one really impressed me except one of their CBs and Sam Howell. Howell threw up plenty of jump balls in the second half last week and those receivers kept coming down with it. It was ridiculous.
  9. That looked as bad as DeSean’s reaction to it was.
  10. Did not look good for Jackson at all.
  11. It’s like we’re back at Clemson.
  12. For all the injuries Philly has suffered, I think these starting LBs was the plan since training camp. They’ll have to address that.
  13. After Kyle Pitts who are these people?
  14. I’ve grown on him. I don’t know if he’ll be able to stay outside and hold up against bigger receivers. If we can get a 4.5 ish 40 time we’re in a good place. If he hits under 4.5 (4.45ish) it’s going to be hard finding more than 40-50 guys better than him in the draft.
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