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  1. That is a tough way to go out. Good game.
  2. Logic gets you killed so your past two posts are MVP worthy.
  3. You should vote him with that logic.
  4. Which also suggests town and it’s 18 or so players to poorly communicate/execute their abilities (myself included).
  5. I’ve always infused being town with acting scummy and visa versa, so critics are expected. If we’ve been scum together, it is well known I embrace a methodical approach in the thread.
  6. The likelihood that we get scum is lower than town, so as a group we are seeking a low risk/high reward day one.
  7. Regardless of what happens, if we have two misvotes, that is when there is enough skepticism in the thread between town and town. Additionally, it puts more pressure on killing roles to correctly hit a target.
  8. I like the fact you’re willing to acknowledge the possibilities of a true day one vote.
  9. For scum to win this game, they need to control the thread.
  10. Ok? This is consistent with my usual performances.
  11. @rackcs do you really believe he’s scum or are you trying to help your buddies survive today?
  12. You could’ve done a better job than lazily following rack.