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  1. Hope for the best with Darrell Taylor.
  2. The three best championship defenses of the last 21 years (excluded 2013 Seahawks because Russell Wilson) 2000 Ravens —-> 2001 Ravens (lost in the division round next season.) 2002 Buccaneers —-> 2003 Buccaneers (7-9 and missed playoffs) 2015 Broncos —> 2016 Broncos (9-7; no playoffs)
  3. You can get by a season and pull off 9-12 wins with shady QB play but it is unequivocally an unsustainable winning process.
  4. No QB, no glory. Whether it’s Wilson/Rodgers/Watson, etc., I’m pretty sure the ownership and front office understand until they get a passer that can shoulder franchise QB responsibility they’ve got no shot at yearly high level success.
  5. Dolphins team needs (on offense) QB (debatable) RB WR2 (debatable) You could make a case it’s the entire OL but there are young guys who haven’t put it all together. Not the recipe of success considering the other needs.
  6. They got it right by trying to get Waddle but doing it over Sewell looks like a mistake. As a matter of fact all their offensive choices look like mistakes. They need viable RB in the worst way.
  7. I love Brian Flores so seeing him lose today was tough. Further evidence that in modern NFL best recipe for success is finding a franchise QB and overloading him with as much skill/competent OL as possible.
  8. Cowboys are legit this year. They might have the NFC East locked up before Thanksgiving.
  9. As a newfound Jalen Mills supporter, if you told me he had shadow support on Ceedee Lamb, that type of result was rather predictable.
  10. Friendly reminder Henry Ruggs was WR1 in that draft.
  11. Shout out to Derek Carr for a bounce back performance.
  12. Gordon was awesome down the stretch last year. Dare I say he is underrated?
  13. Carson Wentz looks terrific today.
  14. So every single game except ICBR/DVN was lopsided this past week?
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