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  1. He’ll need to add size to his 217 frame, but he’s got the mobility to buy extra time. The subtle steps within the pocket might be his most underrated skill.
  2. Trevor has been a favorite of a long time. Fields has a dynamic skill set. I think Mac Jones has the functional tools to be solid. Lance is a little raw to me and lacks experience against quality competition though he has a great skill set. I have warmed up to Zach. He’s got tools to start so his makeup and intangibles are the things he’ll have to overcome. Lots of talent and potential in that group.
  3. We briefly discussed moving to 1.1 as we had the capital. I’m excited to see what the 2nd tier of QBs do. I’ll add Mac Jones in the list of 4-5 guys that might exceed expectations.
  4. Fair enough. A much more defined answer I can agree with.
  5. Zach Wilson is the best QB you scouted in the last 10 years? Lawrence comes across as just another guy to you?
  6. Approve. Approved by: Bcb1213, Pheltzbahr, MD4L Approved Approve.
  7. Clemson WR. Saw him vs FSU as a freshman and was baller. He got hurt the following off-season but looks to be recovered and healthy for the draft.
  8. I know a lot more about these guys now then last week at this time. I’ll do some grades at some point during the off-season and after the real draft to evaluate some thoughts on each team.
  9. Great choices. This should be at the very least the beginning of new days in Anchorage.
  10. I serious contemplated Josh Kaindoh before it was all set and done. Thought Janarius Robinson had a good profile so I’ll keep tabs on him for PFA.
  11. 2021 Cuba Smugglers Draft Class 2.8: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson 4.14: Rondale Moore, WR/OW, Purdue 4.16: Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M 5.16: Rashad Weaver, Edge, Pittsburgh 7.4: Ronnie Perkins, Edge, Oklahoma 7.14: Hunter Long, TE, Boston College
  12. With the 14th pick of round 5, the Cuba Smugglers select Hunter Long, TE, Boston College @SirA1 OTC
  13. Unprecedented Cuba draft to go with a defender from Oklahoma. We’re going to call it the COVID19 draft. Also, it seems he’s got a great chance to get drafted. Good enough for me at this point.
  14. Posted without @ the next person that is up. @EaglesPeteC you are OTC.
  15. With the 4th pick of the 7th round, the Cuba Smugglers select Ronnie Perkins, Edge, Oklahoma
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