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  1. Cuba 3 down #2 DT Derek Wolfe
  2. Good to see DeShaun Watson back on the field.
  3. Approved. Approved by: Pheltzbahr, bcb1213, MD4L
  4. Breaking News: Someone who appeared scummy was scum. Also I've voted three times for an outed Indy, a fake (reasonable claim) jobbers, and actual jobbers aligned player.
  5. Hanging around for the party.
  6. When @WFLukic edits the trade to reflect Sydney's 6th round choice trade is approved.
  7. Guys I think @Whicker and @TedLavie switched sides.
  8. I've played a bcb game or two and I know Mick Foley has multiple personas. It is as simple as being knowledgeable about WWE.
  9. Fj calling me scum would be concerning but he's had the opinion after 3 posts. I don't give a damn about his skepticism.
  10. My teams are never ranked highly to begin with.