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  1. They should hire an offensive genius like Urban Meyer.
  2. There is no way the 45:3 run pass ratio works in BDL to the same success.
  3. Obligatory Justin Jefferson appreciation post.
  4. @Hockey5djh I don’t know what you’re doing now but Diontae Johnson is a legend.
  5. We may need to change into a Justin Jefferson avi.
  6. $1 million dollar deal, no snaps played. I love it.
  7. He ran sub 4.40 at his pro day? It was boom bust but he more then checked off the boxes of an athletic freak. And another PSU talent in the last 5 years that have had insane measurables.
  8. A couple posts caught my eye. I don’t think you can do that considering he’s still building a rapport with Beckham who is now a significant part of their offense. They’re gonna need the defense to pick it up for sure. A game without a pick 6 would help a great deal too
  9. The point differential thing catches my attention.
  10. So we have the slight of slightest chances?
  11. Nothing like multi week injuries coming off a bye week.
  12. He is very good. Got beat a few times last year but has cleaned it up.
  13. Antoine Winfield appreciation post.
  14. Doesn’t mean he’ll be the best NFL player.
  15. Lol you’re not drafting Jermaine. GTFO w that nonsense.
  16. Evan Neal is awesome though. It’s a double edge sword picking so high unless I’m coaching Mac Jones apparently. Also, the Arkansas WR is also a dog. Like him.
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