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  1. Kenny Moore is definitely one of the better CBs in the game and arguably the top slot. I can see your point. Boundary CB specifically is the need.
  2. Have you seen our CB room? We’ll get both of those fixed but that might be a bigger concern for today.
  3. Approve. Approved by: bcb1213, pheltzbahr, MD4L Approve. Approved by: Pheltzbahr, bcb1213, MD4L
  4. That would be par for course here. In any event he’s a high end athlete and probably a special teams ace (i.e roster lock) for year one. I’ll take that at this stage of the draft.
  5. Yes. We’re playing the development game with Stephens. Just expect a strong competitor and guy who will contribute on special teams.
  6. Finally got the CB we’ve been looking for. Only right he played RB before making the switch during his college career. Banking on athleticism and great coaching from Baltimore.
  7. With pick 2.13 of the PFA draft, Cuba selects Brandon Stephens, CB, SMU @Blue OTC
  8. I did it for WF a period ago. And my mafia led group earned the victory.
  9. Robert Rochell was drafted in round 5. I thought we nabbed a steal, lol.
  10. This pick is invalid. Instead with our 1.16 choice, Cuba selects Janarious Robinson, Edge, Florida State @RuskieTitan you are OTC
  11. Whoops. The never ending journey for a CB continues.
  12. Finally acquired a CB and Rochell is worth the wait. The on ball production intrigues.
  13. With the first pick in round 2 of the PFA scramble, the Cuba Smugglers select James Hudson, OT, Cincinnati @RuskieTitan you are OTC.
  14. With the final pick in PFA round 1, the Cuba Smugglers select Robert Rochelle, CB, Central Arkansas
  15. Anybody connected with Racks outside the forum?
  16. Looking at the team owners that are online right now, I would like to add Cuba is looking for a young and talented boundary CB. Preferably 5’11 and taller.
  17. Had him in 32-40 range. We had pick 16 and no pick until 62 & 64. It was one shot and we did what was best for our team.
  18. Yup. He wasn’t a heavy producer with takeaways either. After rewatching the film, teams were more apprehensive about targeting him then I expected. I want him to exceed my expectations. Do not mind being incorrect on his player eval.
  19. If Asante was an inch or two taller or weighted in at 190 he’d probably would have been our pick. I am hoping these guys all become solid players with no off-field issues.
  20. I think pickle and orca learned their lesson this year lol.
  21. Started sadly doing the same with FSU. At least the premium guys have boom, but we’ve given a lot of value for their strong (when healthy) contributions.
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