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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I’d take him at 24 tbh
  2. Around The League V.2

    I’m not sure he ever wanted to play for us. Never seemed to care that much.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Mack Wilson declared. He would be a great pick with our second or third first rounder. Really good in coverage.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Now ppl using the “CJ Anderson, former raider” line. He was with our team for two weeks. We only signed him when Martin was knicked up. Not like he was on our roster all year. Damn, the media loves to beat up on us.
  5. Around The League V.2

    He didn’t have great rapport with Carr for one reason or another. Crabs was nowhere close to his talent level but crab got way more looks. He was a different player with us. Maybe he wanted to play somewhere bigger. He did play at the biggest college program in the county. Not making excuses for him or Carr, all we know is that he isn’t on our team anymore. Trade looks bad now but it was the right move at the time.
  6. Around The League V.2

    A KC vs Dallas super bowl would be absolutely terrible for us.
  7. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I hope those are just rumors about foles.
  8. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    He only has one year left on his deal. Really solid receiver when healthy, but that is the key phrase. Has been on IR two of the last three years. Not sure if the cost.
  9. Around the league v.1.0

    Still have to score some points.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Hopefully in year two of the offense, these things come.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Don’t want to be that guy, and am aware I have little pull around here, but shouldn’t we be taking about draftable players for this year? Just saying.
  12. Around the league v.1.0

    The second rounder is for next year. Who knows where we will be picking or them? I would have rather kept the second and not received the third, but our guy that gets poor trade value is gone now.
  13. Around the league v.1.0

    Wow! Did not think the Dallas pick would be later than the Chicago one.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    Elway is getting by as a gm solely bc of who he is. Other than bringing in Peyton and Vonn, he has done very little.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Dallas looks like they’re going to win again...ugghh