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  1. Reggie loved wasting second rounders. I thought hall would be good though.
  2. If he is healthy and the money is right, I'm all for it. The Eagles are another team that always have depth in the trenches, and it has worked out well for them. I know we won't be in base that often, but I wonder if we would put Clowney standing up in SAM/LEO. He could also be a stand-up rusher over the card in passing situations. New stadium, offensive weapons, and some capable lbs? I really hope this season happens.
  3. Going to get my daughter's name or something for her on one my one arm soon. Do I just get a Raiders tattoo on my other arm while I'm there?
  4. Chiefs come to LV after their bye. Why does this happen every year? Can't they play Denver or the chargers after a bye for once,?
  5. My bad. Rough part of the schedule anyway.
  6. This is probably the hardest part of the schedule. The tail end of that schedule is 🔥🔥🔥.
  7. Playing at Gillette followed by arrowhead in consecutive weeks will be tough. Going to Gillette on a short week too. Hope they stay somewhere in between Boston and KC week four.
  8. Ruggs and Abram weren't either. I'm probably reading too much into it.
  9. Odds are that it will be an NFC South opponent since they are probably going to schedule those early in case the season is pushed back.
  10. Other than Ruggs, this may be one of our picks I am most excited about. Being a big hitter is a bonus considering his coverage and ball skills.
  11. I agree with everything except the last part. I'm hoping Carr balls out this year and puts his money where his mouth is, but I'm highly skeptical. I do feel like Locke is getting a lot of hype for playing well against mostly poor past defenses. Everyone is hyping up Denver's offense more than ours and I think they're at least comparable. I do agree that our line is not being factored in. Is anyone surprised that Fangio didn't get many defensive pieces in FA/the draft? Maybe he thinks his system is that good? Could just be that elway is calling all the shots. They def have some weakp
  12. That's kind of what I'm thinking. Is the drop-off from Barkley to Zeke/Kamara that significant? I don't think so.
  13. I'm hoping we run lots of different personnel groupings with all of the skill players we have. Jacobs should be on the field with Bowden/Richard from time to time. That's just our rbs. We can do crazy grouping with our tight ends and wide outs too. Hopefully Gruden is just drawing up formations and plays during social distancing.
  14. If Mariota gets his mojo back, this offense could be really fun to watch.
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