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  1. HB Final Social Distance Mock Draft

    This is a really awesome draft that I would be very happy with. Ruggs and Pittman would complement each other very well. I'm really hoping for Jaylon Johnson with our second first or wherever we are with a small trade back.
  2. Raiders agree to terms with LB Nick Kwiatkoski

    That 44 in silver and black on an lb looks dope. Scared to order from dh right now though.
  3. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    If they go wr at 12, which it seems they will, and Carr doesn't get us to the playoffs, I think he's gone and he should be.
  4. FA 2020

    Perriman has had like three good games his entire career
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I just don't want any of them in Denver tbh.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I really don't mind which of top three we end up with as long as we get one. All have their upsides and flaws.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    The answer is Jaylon Johnson
  8. FA 2020

    Has Randall had much of a market outside of us? Haven't heard much.
  9. Raiders sign CB Eli Apple (One year, $6 M, fully gt'd)

    My friends that are giants fans were very negative, but they're giants fans so take it for what it is.
  10. Raiders sign DE Carl Nassib

    He's 6'7. He could swat some passes lining up inside.
  11. FA 2020

    You think Worley gets moved to safety?
  12. FA 2020

    Why franchise a guy if you only want a midround pick? Seems like a lot to pay if that's all you want in return.
  13. FA 2020

    Or focus on lbs in free agency and draft a corner. Although I like some of those first round lbs better than the corners outside of okudah. (Sp?)
  14. FA 2020

    I'd prefer Slay over Harris.
  15. Around The League V.2

    I wondered the same