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  1. Training Camp

    Shell looked very good in the last game. Winters will be back for week 1 and he knows what to do so I'm not worried there. Long is not hurt and is a MASSIVE up grade from last year and Beachum will be fine too because he will play week 1. I also like Carpenter and he has been fine during camp.
  2. I disagree here. He is at that 30 year old marker and the guy is not going to get any better. Bowels, who i have never seen upset, told the media that Pryor needs to keep his mouth shut about injuries. A WR that is aging and has some attitude problems on a young team is not a good combination.
  3. McBride is turning heads and I think he makes the roster. I also feel that Pryor will get cut. The staff is not happy with him and it would only cost 1 mill and save 2 mill on the cap. I think Pryor is done as a player. He looked bad last year and old.
  4. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I have never done this before. I bought a rookie jersey. Yes it is Sam's. I hope i did not curse him.
  5. Training Camp

    I see those 3 making it too. Herndon and Leggett are locks because we just drafted them this year and last year.
  6. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Yup he is light years ahead of most rookies at this point.
  7. Training Camp

    Sam took the most reps by far with the first team. I think he comes out in game 2 with the first stringers.
  8. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    Some teams that might want Teddy Redskins Alex Smith has history of getting hurt Colts Andrew Luck is a BIG ? Denver Do they even have a QB? Jacksonville Do they have a QB? Dallas I'm not sold on Dak at all. If he plays bad for the first 3 or 4 games Jones will give up a lot for Teddy Green Bay Is Rodgers not going to get hurt this year? Pitt Big Ben takes a lot of shots and NEVER makes it all year. These are just a few teams that I think will give up a lot to get Teddy if one thing goes wrong with their QB.
  9. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    I agree with everyone on here. I just remember some people so upset that we traded those 2nd round picks for him. Like said before, Sam is the best QB to come out in the last 5 years or maybe even longer. I would not trade Teddy just yet. I might move him like in week 1-5. If you have a team that loses their QB and are on a winning streak they will pay a first round and then some for him.
  10. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    I think you will see a lot of Darnold and Teddy but no McCown. I also would like to see Cannon step up as a RB that can do it all. Hanson and Stewart need to step up to help the WR too. I don't like Pryor as a WR. That ankle is really bad. Hopefully we can see a pass rush and the OL can block.
  11. Training Camp

    I don't think he makes the team.
  12. Khalil Mack

    I think I would take a pass on Mack unless we got him to sign a long term deal with us plus it did not cost us a lot. I think we are looking at 2 first round picks plus for him. He already has 40.5 sacks in his young career. I just don't see us a pass rusher away from a SB. I would look at Brandon Graham, Fowler or even a guy that has success as a pass rush but is old and got cut on final cuts.
  13. Training Camp

    I think as camp cuts come around the corner the Jets will pick up some OL guys. If we can hit on an average starter that was cut I would be happy. I still think Sam D. is the best QB in camp and will show it during the preseason.
  14. Training Camp

    Sam D. will start week 1 with McCown as the backup and Teddy sitting around. I see McCown become coach next year for the jets and Teddy backing up Sam. I'm sorry guys but I don't see Teddy as a starting QB and neither does the rest of the NFL hints why he took a 500,000 1 year deal. He had a chance to be good but that knee will never be the same which will throw everything off. He went from average starter to and average back up because of the knee.
  15. Training Camp

    I don't care what people say about USC QB or the Jets trading away 3 second round picks for this guy but he is worth every penny and pick. I have said it already but this guy is he BEST QB to come out in the last 5 years. He will be something special and it still amaze me that he was there at 3.