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  1. That is strange I read 2 or 3 different reports on how mims is being outperform and they think he is not a fit for this system. We always miss on 2nd round picks and this is why I liked the trade up for Sam for those 2nd round picks. Mimis is just another 2nd round bust to add to the pile. I hope Moore breaks that trend
  2. Moses is going to be the RT. He is top 5 or 6 for RT and at age 30 he has 4-5 good years in him with no injury history. Guys like this are never on the market this time of year. I would try Fant at RG and use him as a swing T too. On another note mims is not looking that good at all. I was one of the very few that did not like this pick. I just don’t see him being a WR 1 or 2. I think he will struggle as a 3 and will be a better 4/5 WR. I don’t see him on the team after next year. There is a reason he fell and JD traded down and he was still there.
  3. I think this one is easy. It will be Kyle Pitts. After the Jones trade and Ridley being hurt a lot it is Pitts show.
  4. I agree on snaps by playing who is the best and Moses should be signed by us today.
  5. I'm alreday having doubts on Corey Davis. He is alreday down with ANOTHER shoulder injury. He has only played 16 games once in his career. The guy is good but he is only good for 10-11 games at the most.
  6. It has alreday been reported that If the jets where picking a few spots later JD would have stayed with Sam.
  7. Okay I'm sold on Wilson being really good and I will telll you why I had a change of heart. Wayne Chrebet said the jets made a very good move by moving on from Sam and getting Wilson. Cherbet things he can be something really special and he loves what they have done. He thinks this is the best shape the Jets have been in for years. So I'm going with one of my top 3 fav jets all time and saying "YES WE CAN WIN A LOT WITH THIS TEAM!"
  8. Rhule is not a good as coach as some think. I think Joe Brady is a great OC that will be a HC real soon. I think in 2 years. Rhule moght get axed in 2 years. He put a lot of stock into Darnold and if he falis him he is gone.
  9. I think Q is going to be a beast in this D. I think Q can hot 10 plus sacks and really push the pocket.
  10. First off we have PLENTY of cap space so that should not be a problem. If Moses is cut he will probably want a 1 year deal to prove his worth. So it would only hurt for this year not long term. When I was watching the Jets games last year he was getting beat a lot but hthe problem was so was everyone else. So looking back to last year he was pretty bad but they majority of the line was bad too. There is a reason why Seattle let him go. He did really bad for them at LT and did pretty good at RT. I do think Moses is a better RT than Fant and at this stage of the game if you can improve a postion
  11. Morgan Moses would be a good add if no one trades for him. We could pick him up and maybe he plays for 5 mill this year. We have the cap space and Fant can be the swing T. I'm not a fan of Fant. He is more of a bench guy and is average to below average T. Fant is over paid I think and I hope he is gone next year or takes a paycut and is on the bench.
  12. Sam Ficken has the job now with Chris Naggar coming in to go against him. I hope Naggar wins the job. The Jets never should have let Jason Myers walk. You had a solid kicker for the the next 10 years and you let him walk.
  13. Everyone fav number should be 2 with Zach Wilson havig it. We will see if the number change makes a diffrence. I really hope Naggar is our kicker. I'm so tired of the Jets not having a kicker. The last one we had that was worth anything was Nick Folk. I remeber some people on this board HATED him. I was saying if you are good from 50 in you should be VERY happy.
  14. How about Shaun Ellias John Abraham Chad Pennington Anthony Bect L. Coles This is my fav class of all time 2000
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