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  1. Post Senior Bowl Mock

    You give up prizes players for second and third round players. I don't like it because we do so poorly in the second and third rounds. I know we have a new GM but every GM we have has missed on second and third round picks. I would like for us to stay at 11 unless we get a great offer like slide down 8-10 spots for a next years 1st round pick.
  2. Way to early mock just for fun

    Sorry but you lost me when you drop 10 picks for a 2nd round pick. You better add more to that trade or it is a steal for the eagles.
  3. The Development of Sam Darnold

    I don't think Lamar Jackson is that good. The DC will figure him out real fast. They will contain him and make him throw the ball more. He is just a flash in the pan type player. The DC are figuring out Mahomes too. The ones that are great are the ones that do it year after year like your Brees, Manning, Brady, and even Rivers (in his prime). I do expect the new GM to be very smart this off season. It will start with the trade of Bell to Tampa. I think Tampa gives the Jets a 4th round pick for him. I the see the Jets signing Trent Williams and A. Cooper. Then in the draft the Jets get Taylor from Wisconsin along with Whrif the tackle from Iowa in round 1. Your OL will look like this LT Williams, Lewis, Harrison, Winters, Whirf. Your starting RB will be Taylor and the 3 WR set will be Anderson, Cooper, Crowder.
  4. Should the Jets re-sign Robby Anderson?

    I think you give him the same offer as Parker. The 4 year 40 mill. would be just about right. If he takes it fine if not see ya. I don't see him getting a better deal than that.
  5. Week 15: TNF Jets vs Ravens

    I think it will be close. The backup guys are fighting for game type and making a name for themselves. The Ravens are the number 1 seed on a 9 game winning stretch. This looks like a making for an upset or close game. I'm taking the 15 points and the jets.
  6. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Cooper will be a FA and I think he does go to the Jets. I think we get him and few OL guys and end up drafting Young as our edge guy.
  7. Week 15: TNF Jets vs Ravens

    Call me crazy but I'm taking the Jets plus 15. I think most teams struggle on Thursday night games and the Ravens are due for a let down just like the rest of the teams. I still think the ravens win but not by 15. I see the score as 21-10. Anderson will get one long TD pass by Sam and Greg Williams will be ready for Lamar. Remember this is the Jets Super Bowl right here.
  8. Week 14: Miami Dolphins vs NY Jets

    You really can't say if it was a good or bad year. I have to give it an incomplete. You had to many injuries with a new head coach and a GM that got fried AFTER the draft. This season ws heading for a bad run. I do think the Pats are in big trouble and I NEVER say that. This is the time of year where they turn it on and they can't. Brady looks his age. I just don't see Tom coming back which will open those games up too. Things are changing really fast in the AFC east.
  9. Adam Gase’s job is safe per C. Johnson

    I would not hand the Ravens a win just yet. They are due for a lose that they should have won. This might be that game on a short week.
  10. If that happened then you would not trade Leo because you need him to eat up blockers.
  11. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I think Leatherwood is a top 3 or 4 tackle in the draft. I would not mind having him as a solid RT. You can have roll outs to the right for Sam to help with the LT spot.
  12. Jets Sign TE Ryan Griffin to Extension

    Good move. He does really well in this offense and he is a great guy to have because Herndon is injury prone.
  13. Blessuan Austin

    I NEVER go by that PFF crap. They miss more times than get it right. All you need to know is watch the games and you can tell who does well and who does not do well. Ya stats don't say everything because some guys are space eaters and take on several lineman. You can see this by watching the game. I feel like PFF is just some guy in a room that just throws out numbers and you got people that follow this. It reminds me of the guy when you do your FF draft and he sticks right too the yahoo rankings.
  14. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Oh God another year with Gase. SMH. I know he will be here for this year and next but man he is not a HC. I think his job is be out of the league. He has proven nothing in the NFL. He has Tannehill and now that Ryan left he looks pretty good for the Titans. Gase is part and most of the problem. I'm tired of the "Oh we don't have this or that." Good coaches make the adjustments and put their players in good positions to make plays. We will be no more than 5-11 next year and be in the same spot again.
  15. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I just hope Gase works out but I don't see that happening. I think he will get fired at the end of 2021. We will throw away another 2 more years and then what do we do with Sam?