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  1. Le'Veon Bell

    I just don't see ,such difference if you put Coleman and Ingram behind the Jets OL. Coleman never took over when Freeman went down this year and Ingram is nothing special that is why they drafted Kamara.
  2. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    Oh God not more DL. The only DL guy I want this year is Bosa.
  3. Around The League

    If Mike Evans was out there than yes go after him and sign Bell. Then pick Bosa with the first pick and load up with OL guys in the draft and FA. That would be great to have Evans and Q on the outside with Anderson in the slot with Bell as the RB. That would be a nasty combo.
  4. Le'Veon Bell

    I don't see much difference between Ingram and Coleman to what we have now. Crowell is not that bad and McGuire can be good just does not get the carries. I just don't see a big upgrade so why make the move if it cost more to do it.
  5. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I think we lose out too but I would love to see us beat the Pats and knock them out of the bye week. There is always a team willing to trade up for a QB and most of the time teams want nothing to do with the first pick because the price tag is so high. The second and third picks are the prime spot. I would love to see us trade back say 5 or 6 spots and pick up a few seconds one this year and next with a first in 2020. If we stay pat Bosa will be the pick. He will not go top 1 or 2 because a QB will be one spot and Bosa falls at least 1 spot by leaving Ohio State and giving up on his team. He has an attitude that might break a team.
  6. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    Wow Rex Ryan again. Most people hated him and wanted him gone. I like Mike McCarty followed by one of the Harbaugh's and last but not least todd Haley followed by Ken Whisenhunt.
  7. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    i think Mike McCarty is the guy. He only missed the playoffs a few times in his 10 plus years there. He has had bad teams too. Ya Rodgers is good but man there has been no good D there and the wr are trash besides Adames. They have not had a TE in ages and a very old beat up Jimmy Graham is not an answer. I think he will take the jets to the top with the right hires. I like to see him take Kevin Greene as the DC and bring in a great OC that no one has on their list. Wait for it BOOM Brett Favre. He has coached at a high school level and said he would like to coach in the NFL. I would give him a shot and I think him and Mike got along very well.
  8. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    I loved what I was with Sam. I also would like to add that this lost will seal the firing of Bowles. Now there is 0% chance he comes back. I was afraid we would run the table and the Johnson's would give him another year, I hope Brandon Shell is ok and did not tear something in his knee. I would like him back at 100% next year. I think Shell, Winter and Long (at G) are people you can word with. We need a C in a bad way. If you look back at the best O-lines we had it started with a very good C from Jim Sweeney, Kevin Mawi, and Nick Mangold.
  9. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    I like on the pregame they said Mike McCarthy is high on the jets wish list. They where talking like these guys are playing for their next job. The attitude has changed because you might be out the league if you are a coach or player if you do not show a bounce back.
  10. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    Sam is looking good but I like Cannon for the RB.
  11. Davis Webb

    What do you guys think about him? I think he can be a good backup or a fill i starter like McCown. I wished they would have gave Webb the starts instead of McCown. If he had done well we might have been able to move him for a mid round pick or better.
  12. Around The League

    I agree 100% I was glad we did not get Cousins I was against it from day one. I wanted Mayfield or Darnold.
  13. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    That is the problem is that not everyone is bad. You just can't keep hitting the rest button. We did this after Ryan and got us no where. The jets tanked and got high draft picks got us no where. You are just repeating history. I think a good string HC can change a team faster than any GM, Owner, FA, or player. They come up with the X;s and O's and use the players they have to the strengths. I think you would be surprised how much a good HC can change things.
  14. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    I think Harbaugh wants out. Jackson is not that good of a QB. He is terrible at throwing the ball. Ya he can run big deal. Harbaugh wants a QB that can throw the ball around and build a strong D. The D is getting old and no QB or RB to handle the O. If they make the playoffs they will need a good run. If they lose out in the first round he will leave. I still think the Jets job is HIGH priority for a lot of coaches especially if they finish on a high not by winning 2 more games this year. I have a funny feeling the Jets beat the Pats at NE.
  15. Jets Bills for those who still care

    I think you guys are crazy not wanting the Jets to win. Here are some reason why I want the jets to win: 1. If we hit a winning streak and finish the season strong that will make the Jets look like a better team which means a better HC and FA class will want to come here. 2. Sam Darnold looking good in Buffalo that we play every year is going to give him confidence he can win there. 3. If you look back in years past almost all of the first round picks the Jets made the player fell in their lap. 4. I like to see our young guys playing better because Robbie Anderson looked really good in this game and him and Sam can get on the same page. I would also like to add that the jets have done some fine moves too that have fallen in our favor. Remember everyone wanted Dan Bailey as our kicker. We Myers is better than him. Remember when most people wanted Cousins (I did not want Cousins only Mayfield and Darnold) and this has turned out pretty good. If you are a true fan you will want your team to win no matter what. Remember there is nothing guarantied in the future and we as jet fans should know this. On a side note I think Bosa falls and is picked between 6-10. The guy is injury prone.