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  1. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I think the Jets get a win here. The Pats are due for a loss and it will be with the Jets. Now that Sam is back that will push the safeties back open room up for Bell. I think Bell carries this team to a win because he wants to show off on nation TV that he is not a joke and go off on the best D in the league. Sam. 293 yards 2 TD 1 INT Bell 112 yards rushing 1 TD. 5 rec. 74 yards 1 TD Crowder 8 rec. 90 yards Anderson 3 rec 80 yards 1 TD (breaks one for 58 yard TD) Mosley gets INT and leads team in tackles with 10. Final score Jets 27 Pats 24. (Pats miss last second FG to take it in OT)
  2. 2020 Draft Prospects

    We will not be in the top 10. I still think we finish around 8-8 or 9-7.
  3. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    speaking of the XFL Hackenberg still did not get drafted. That is how bad we missed on this guy. He should be in his prime and he can not even make it as a backup QB for a start up league. SMH
  4. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I also have a feeling Marcus Mariota will be a Pat in 2020. He plays one year behind Brady and then takes over in 2021.
  5. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    I think the line is better because Sam is back there, They know he gets the ball out fast so they don't have to block as long.
  6. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I'm starting to thing Leo is going soon. I bet we want a first for him but end up with a 2 and 6 round pick 2020. I think the KC gets him. Jets stick it to the Pats.
  7. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    I love how one win can change peoples thoughts and ideas. I was saying last week you take a starting QB off any team let alone the #2 guy no team can really win. Then you add Mosley the leader on the D has been out. The good part is the season is not lost. I do feel we can beat the Pats with Darnold getting another solid week away from Mono.
  8. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    This season is a mess because of the injuries. I would like to our last 8 games go well for us and we end up 6-2 on the last 8 games.
  9. 2020 Draft Prospects

    I disagree with the total rebuild thing. You just can't rebuild ever year. We are a very young team that has some good talent but have been bitten by the injury bug. I like the way this team looks we just need to get healthy. If we had one or 2 good OL guys we would be right in the middle of the playoff hunt. If the jets win 2 or 3 games in a row you will see all the post saying "I knew we where not that bad. We have something here to build off." We are not as bad as the Browns, Miami, Pitt, and a few others. We lost out 2 top QB any team would take a beating after that. Then you add the lose of not 1 but 2 MLB who are the heart and sole of the team. You lose Williams than Mosley. This is the NFL and things can change fast.
  10. 2020 Draft Prospects

    If we pick first we will have about 4 or 5 teams wanting to trade up for a QB. We can slide down a few spots and still get the best LT, WR, Edge, or CB on the board and pick up more high picks.
  11. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    I think Gase made a bad decision with the reps during the bye week. They should have split the reps because you knew Sam was less than 50% chance to start at best. I still think we will pile up some wins here. I can still see a 7-9 season. That means we go and do a 7-5 finish. The schedule gets easier and the main guys on the team will be back at full health. For the people who say these 3 guys coming back will not make that big of a deal tell that to the other 31 teams. If you take there starting TE, starting QB and there best D player who is the QB of the D their team would struggle too. Just face it guys the team has a bad line and was bit by the injury bug bad this year.
  12. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    I guess I see things differently. 1. Sam has been out all season. He played week 1 when he had mono. The guy was not himself. Most teams when they lose their starting QB play bad. 2. You lose pick 3 Q. Williams. The guy is a beast and will show it soon but has been injured. When you look at these 2 things then you add we played the best 2 D in the league in our first 3 games no one should expect a win out of those games. I think Falk will have some success with today with a very weak secondary. Bell should run all over these guys as Falk opens up the run game with his passes. I putting money on the jets +14 today.
  13. Sloppy Mock That I Need To Get Rid Off Quickly.

    I hope we don't resign Trevor Siemian. He is not worth a roster spot. I think Luke Falk is better and I also feel that we can add a better backup. Lets face it we need a better backup QB becauseSam has not had a full season in his career.
  14. 2020 Draft Prospects

    What happens if we suck all year and end up with the first overall pick? I hope teams will trade a boat load for it. This would also be a big problem for Miami trying to tank too lol.
  15. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    I was not happy with the signing of Gase. I really hope the first move Douglas makes is firing Gase. He is the biggest FRAUD of head coaches. He NEVER has a good O and he gets credit for a master of the O. Manning did all of his wok for him. I'm also starting to get a little mad at Sam. He better step up this year and start to produce. If I was same I would throw it a lot more deep balls and wheel routs. Gase is holding back this team and needs to go ASAP. I think Mich is going to move on from JH and I hope we get him. I don't think I can take another year with Gase.