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  1. I agree here. Tannehill was the same way under Gase and is doing really well now. I have no idea whay anyone would want Gase on their coaching staff. I think anyone of us on this board would do better than him. Gase should not even be coaching a Jr High team let alone a NFL team.
  2. I want nothing to do with Perriman. The guy is ALWAYS on the injury report. The only way I want him back is dirt cheap. The guy has missed more games than he has played in the last 2 years. No thanks.
  3. I agree he sucked as a GM but during the draft there was a lot of reports that the Jets where not getting any serious offers. He did not want to get low balled so he took Q. I don't believe that rumor stuff after the draft. I think people for get between what GM's are thinking and what was offered.
  4. I know people don't want to hear this but the more problems the Jets have and coming is really going to do long term damage in the end. The Jets have better hope all this is worth T Law. If T Law fails here in New York we have a MASSIVE hole to climb out. I think once Woody Johnson comes back he will see in person what a mess this is. He will then have two options. The first is to say who cares and let things happen or he steps in and fires the vast majority of people and start a rebuild including himself on how he runs the team. i think he does the first thing and could careless about this team. This is just a toy to him to show his rich buddies that he owns an NFL team. I wish the NFL could for him to sell the Jets and give us a chance to win. What ever happened to the sex scandals and harassments that some women where claiming he did?
  5. I think we did try to trade down but there was no takers so he took best player on the board.
  6. I like this mock a lot by staying away from TE and RB in the first 2 rounds. I just watched an interview where a guy is checking in with GM on what they think of Darnold. The majority of them say he a lot more talented than Rosen so the Jets will do better than a 2 and 5 round pick. They say his value is somewhere between a low 1st or pair of seconds. His low floor is around 2nd and 3rd round pick. I still think he ends up a 49er, or Steeler. I think they will move their first for him especially if they don't like who is on the board and they think a 23 year old QB who has a great chance to be your future QB. The GM also think it has been coaching, poor WR and OL plays that have killed his talent.
  7. I agree. I hope we see Elflien in the next few games. I think he will be a very good OG and backup C.
  8. I knew that was just the media trying to do something to get people to watch. T Law being a Jet is about 95% chance.
  9. Yes I agree. Becton doing so well on the worse team by far in the NFL is just amazing. The guy is our D'Brick for years now.
  10. I just have that feeling too being a fan for 37 years now.
  11. I would not mind Patrica as the DC. This is what I would like to see. Jim Harbaugh HC Doug Marrone/Anthony Lynn. OC Anthony Weaver/Dan Patrica DC I think Houston cleans house and Lynn/Marrone get fired.
  12. I have said this before. i would be very mad if we drafted a TE or RB in the first 2 rounds. There is no RB or TE worth grabbing in the first 2 rounds. You can get guys in the 3-5 range at RB or TE that are just as good. Here is some examples why I would pass on RB and TE Zeke was a great RB UNTIL his OL goes down and he looked average at best. Then when Dak went down it was down hill from there. Look at the KC rookie RB. He has done nothing and they brought Bell in to help him out. This is KC O and he can't do anything. There are only 2 TE in the league that are worth 1st round picks and that is Kelce and Kittles. The rest are on the same level or below. NONE of the TE in this years draft are worth a 2nd round pick or higher. My points are that the OL makes or breaks RB and the TE is just not that important in the NFL. You are better off with 3 or 4 good WRs than 2 good WR and a good TE.
  13. In the event that two or more teams finish with identical records, draft position is decided by strength of schedule, measured by the aggregate winning percentage of the teams' opponents. (The team that played the weaker schedule is awarded the higher pick.)Dec 18, 2019 This really sucks. We could have 3 teams from the AFC East make the playoffs and pushing us to pretty much lose the tie. Man if the Jags would have pulled out that win yesterday that would have pretty much given us the #1 pick.
  14. Full tank mode has been on for weeks. There is a reason why Gase is still the HC. There is no way we win a game no matter what. The Jags are still putting up a good fight. I also like to point out that the strength of schedule changes as the season moves on. The Pats are now becoming a better team. We have 3 of the 4 teams in the AFC East that could make the playoffs. If that happens we will move above the Jags on a tie. So winning 1 game is not a killer.
  15. The Jets have no LT and Sam is back in. You know it is going to be a long day for the Jets and Sam. Miami D will feast off the Jets. This gets ugly FAST Jets 10 Miami 35.
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