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  1. Ya but it what is best long term. I'm so sick of grabbing a young QB and throwing them in. Darnold and Wilson both should have not been week 1 starters. This is why the QB play is so poor in the NFL. It is so poor that the NFL makes rules to help the QB out. 99% of all rookie QB's should be on the bench for 1 year.
  2. I wanted Joe Brady as the HC and before that I wanted Kingsberry. I hate DC guys becoming HC. This is an O league and you need an O guy to run the show. The Jets O will struggle all year and Wilson has a chance to be in the Winston stat with 30 ints. No way is Wilson ready for the job. We should have had a vet QB start the season and played Wilson like in week 8 or later. Nick Foles, Andy Dalton are a few that came to mind.
  3. You are lucky she did that. You would have been ripped off.
  4. Oh ya I bought tickets to the Tampa at Jets Jan 2. Probably could sit front row 50 yard line now for 10 bucks. lol
  5. I don't need to look. The Jets by far have the worse O in the league. If I was the HC of the Jets I would be ripping Wilson a new you know what. He threw the game away and he needs to know this. I would come out next week with 10 run plays in a row. I would only throw the ball 15 times at most no matter what the score is. I would protect Wilson by having him hand off all day and have the D do most of the work. I would rather have the Jets roster than the Pats roster right now. I think the Pats are in for a long ride too because the Jets at least are very young and the Pats have some older vet
  6. Man if I was a jet fan of 20 years or less I would jump ship NOIW!!! I started to watch back in the early 80's. 1983 was the first time I saw the New York Jets. My son who is 8 now changed teams 2 years ago when he was 6. He wanted Tampa Bay because of the pirate ship, logo and colors. I thought to myself man I guess I will be miserable by myself. Then boom my son sees Tampa sign Brady and watched his team win a super bowl. I was so proud that his team won. I told him that I have NEVER seen my team in a super bowl. He laughed and said its no big deal dad you can be a Tampa Bay fan too. I just
  7. I said the same thing and I'm still mad we traded Sam!!
  8. I hope you are not banking on Wilson and the Jets to turn this around. The guys who have seen this from one decade to another and another know the signs. We are now 5 years away from seeing anything because Wilson will kill us for three years and no one has the you know what to move on.
  9. This will haunt Jet fans for a VERY long time. Darnold fell right in their lap and just threw him away.
  10. You have not been a jet fan long enough. Try being one for 38 years. What in the world can you be happy about? I'm tired of the excuses!!!! I use to have my son where Jet gear until he turned 7. He liked Tampa because of the logo and pirate ship. This was 3 years ago and now he loves it even more. I'm glad my son escaped the claws.
  11. All NFL teams look good going a against a junk QB like Wilson. Guy just throws the ball right to them. No way can anyone say Wilson looks good. He is plan bad. He had guys WIDE open and still could not hit them in stride.
  12. I sound like a broken record but Zach Wilson IS NOT THE ANSWER and we had a QB in Sam. This team is given a QB and paired him with a bad HC. Then we draft a bad QB and pair him with a good HC. We had the perfect match and let it go with Sam and Saleh. This team is just cursed and always will be. I don't care what anyone says. Wilson made SEVERAL horrible reads and passes. This has NOTHING to do with anybody but the bum Wilson himself. We just threw away another 5 years. The jets will stick with Wilson for 3 years and then move onto a new QB and ride him for at least 2 years. The cycle just kee
  13. Why are you guys questioning the Mims thing. It is simple he does not know the play book and that is 100% on him. So his butt should be on the bench. You have to know the plays before anything. This is not college where you can just run around and get open. If Mims is slow on the play book learning the question you should be asking is what else is he slow in? Could it be he is out of shape and is no way ready to play all those snaps too? Could it be he is lazy and could careless about football? You guys have no idea like me what it could be besides the playbook. I want him to be good but all I
  14. Oh boy how do I explain this to you. Just because a guy is drafted in the first round does not mean he is good. If you look back at last and and this year prediction you have an average D team. The Carolina D is average but if you want to put it as one of the top 5 D in the league go ahead but they are more in the 15-18 area.
  15. I agree the players need to step up. I'm really happy about the Moses signing now that Becton is going to be out.
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