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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! He sucks. Marshall has been done for years. He would just be cutting into younger guys time.
  2. Right place right time x2 mock

    That would be nice to trade down twice and get 2 first round picks in 2020. I like the Butler pick. I think he will blow it up at the combine and move into the last part of the first round.
  3. Around The League

    My point is the vast majority of young QB prospects that are suppose to be good turn out to be bad. Some have good systems and teams some have bad, My point is that most people assume the QB will get better and in most cases they don't. If the QB starts out bad it is EXTREMELY rare they will become better. Remember the QB spot is the hardest spot to fill in all sports. This is why the failure rate is so high.
  4. Around The League

    Oh here we go again with the Manning and Aikman thing. There are countless QB that started out bad and where bad their entire career. Rivers, Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Brady, Marino, and on and on how these guys started out average or above and got better. It is very, very rare a QB starts out bad and becomes good no matter what team they are on.
  5. Around The League

    Not for me he does suck. I don't see anything that jumps out at me that will make him good.
  6. Around The League

    Are you really comparing Rosen and Darnold. Rosen is hot garbage. He had Fitz and Johnson that right there says a lot. You can dump the ball to Johnson all day and take a shot or 2 down field. Rosen is trash just like Allen and Jackson. There was only 2 QB in this draft like I said a year ago. Mayfield and Darnold will be around a long time while the other 3 are out of the league in 5 years.
  7. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I agree Darnold should still be starting for USC this up coming fall. On a side note K. Murray has decided to with football full time. That is great news for the Jets at 3. This means more good QB out there. If he can do really well at the combine and at his pro day he will be a top QB on most boards, If people knock him because he is undersized look at Flutie. When Flutie was given the chance he did really well. The Bills NEVER should have benched him for Rob Johnson back in that playoff game. I think the most important stat of all and I think the NFL is final catching on to it is accuracy. I will take this over anything.
  8. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Ya Hack looked like trash last night in the AAF. That might go down as a top 5 bust of all time with Blair Thomas, Vernon Ghoston, and that DT we traded up for I think he last name was Robinson or something.
  9. Potential Cap Casualties around the league

    Paradis is a pipe dream Denver going to resign him. The reports I read say he is a top priority for Denver.
  10. Leo Williams

    The jets will resign Williams which they should. For the people that want to move beyond him are crazy they guy is not even 25 yet. He has great years ahead.
  11. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I would go Darnold ever time. Allen and Rosen are not franchise QB and I never liked them as franchise QB. We got the best QB in the draft by far. Did you notice I did not even say Jackson because he is not a QB in the NFL. I laugh when people say this. I think I can throw a football batter than him. Jackson should have been a 6 or 7 round pick. This trade for Darnold is the trade we needed to do and I think we got out cheap because we have pick 3 this year instead of the colts. Remember after this draft we are back to square 1. We can also trade down this year and pick up better picks i.e first round picks. I'm not a fan of second round picks because most of the talent is gone and you depend on coaching people up or they have off field issues which the jets never do well with.
  12. Coaching Staff Complete

    I hope you guys are right but I was hoping they would not go in the Vitt direction.
  13. Coaching Staff Complete

    I don't like these two guys together. Vitt called out Williams for not being honest with the investigation with the bounty case with the Saints. I also read that Williams wanted his son to be the LB coach but Gase said NO. Gase came around and let his son be an assistant to the D. This just sounds like too much drama for this team. Makes you wonder who is in charge too. I'm wondering if Williams wants Gase to fail so he can have another shot as HC. I have a funny feeling Gase probably did not want Williams as his DC but the owner or GM told him that will be his DC. I hope I'm wrong but I think there is too many hands in the soup.
  14. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I'm thinking to opposite here. I think this draft is very weak and does not have much depth. I'm glad we traded our 2nd this year because once you get out of the top 20 or so you have a massive drop off. Guys that are going to be picked in the second and third rounds this year would have gone in the 3 or 4th last year. I think this draft is so much weaker than in years past. This draft is about a round and half behind years past.
  15. Leo Williams

    I just find it funny that people want to move your best DL guy who is not even 25 yet for a pick. Come on guys you are all wanting talent and when you have it you want to let it go. Don't you think at some point you should start to collect talent intend of draft picks. Once Leo signs his contract before the season starts we can put all this to bed. I was at the game week 17 at the Pats and he came out to warm up on fire. Yelling screaming. I stood up (5 rows back from end zone) and yelled "Leo". I had my Darnold jersey on and he looked up at me pointed at me yelling and banging his head. The man has energy and excitement no matter where he is. You want guys like this around.