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  1. jetfuel34


    No way you keep perriman if Sam is your QB. The guy pretty much thinks Sam sucks. Brown would be a no too. JD is not bringing a guy like this into a very young locker room. I think a Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins type guy would be better. I don’t think either guy is resigned
  2. I can go along with this for an OL. I was a guy that was thinking we would do very little in FA but this year is TOTAL diffrent than years past. The cap number has dropped which has never happend and you are going to have a massive flood of good FA ot there and very little money to give out. We are at the top with a ton of cap room and I think some of these great players will come here for that money. If a guy wants 10 mill but most of the teams are offering 6-7 mill and the Jets offer say 8 or 9 mill you get that guy and for under his market value. I think we are in a GREAT SPOT in FA.
  3. You can have Sam play it out and then sign him to maybe 15 mill depending on what he wants and how well he plays. He could sign a 2 year deal and try to hit that big contract then. Remeber he is very young and a two year deal would not be bad for both sides.
  4. I don't think any of these QB's are franchise QB except T Law. So I agree with him. I do think JD does take a QB at 2 and that QB will fail. I think Sam has just a good a chance to be the franchise guy as Fields or Wilson.
  5. I went WR then Edge. I think there is just the right amount of WR where a Waddle type guy will be there at 23. Then I would go edge with the pick 34. Then I think you go CB, OL, OLB and the TE. I think if we pick up a James Connor type RB in FA that would be pretty good and then go RB next year. I still think we go QB at 2 and Zach Wilson will be the guy.
  6. You are using the best RB in the league as your example. Did you see Zeke play this year. Once his line went down he sucked. James Connor is another example once the line went down so did he. Heck you can even use Joe Mixon too. It is the line that makes the RB unless you have that ultra rare RB like a Henry. Please don’t tell me that Harris or one of these guys is an ultra rare RB because they are not.
  7. I think it is pretty much a done deal that Wilson will be the QB. I have seen guys like Chris Simms, who does very well at picking what guys will do well n the NFL, have Wilson above T Law. A lot of scouts love Wilson ability to run throw and make fast decisons. I for one think a trade down is best bit the Jets will take Wilson and this will start the clock for Saleh and JD. If we are not in the playoffs in 2-3 years they both will be fired.
  8. Have you seen the Jets track on rookie QB Ken O'brien, Browing Nagle, Mark Sanchez, Christin Hack, Sam Darnold, Richard Todd,
  9. I said LT was one of the best RB in the history of the NFL which he was. He was a jet and played well for us. Yes Martin ws by far the best RB in jets history.
  10. Yup I think we are going QB at 2 and I'm leaning towards Zach Wilson. I just hate the idea of drafting him or Fields beacsue I think they both are going to flop. If I had to pick one it would be Wilson. I also have faith in JD so if he likes that QB I will go along with it.
  11. You forgot one of the best RB in history was a jet too. LT was a beast for us. The simple answer is RB are a dime a dozen and you can win by having 2 averge RB instead of having 1 stud that cost a lot of money. When you can pick up guys like Fournette duirng the season why worry about it. You always have good RB hit he market that yoy can pick up pretty cheap. I think Aaron Jones is in for a world of shock when he is offered 8-10 mill instead of hos 15-16 mill he wants. Bell has already proved you just don't get paid. James Connor would be a cheap fill in for the Jets too.
  12. There is almost no way Watson is a Jet. I think we are looking at Fields or Wilson as the QB and trading Sam. I think JD wants a first for Sam and will probably get it but it will be next year and not this year.
  13. You always want this in a GM. You should listen to ever trade offer no matter what player is involved.
  14. JD loves his draft picks and he better get a GREAT deal if he is moving off pick 2 no matter if that is A LOT more picks or Watson. I would not be surprised if JD just offered the #2 pick and few mid round picks for Watson. I think the Texans are not gettimg what he is worth and are very mad because now all they can do is HOPE Watson comes back and plays for them. If they take the low ball deal that means they got ride of Hopkins, Watosn and Watt for pretty much nothing.
  15. Ya I don't like this at all. I'm fine with the Jets staying with Sam but taking Pitt before D. Smith and Chase I woild be VERY MAD. I have already explained why I hate picking a TE in the first let alone TOP 4!!!! I don't care how good that TE suppose to be it is just not worth it.
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