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  1. Around The League

    3rd 2020 for Cooper 3rd 2019 for Chandler Jones
  2. Around The League

    I think the jets will be active during the trade deadline. This is there chance to add a pass rusher and a WR.
  3. GDT: Colts@Jets

    Nice win for the Jets. I'm so happy Sam is a Jet. The Giants really gave us a gift big time. He can be the QB of the Jets for the next 17-20 years. That be a dream to have a QB like this who will give us a chance at the playoffs EVER year.
  4. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    I think the Jets played great and we have a very winnable game this Sunday. I still think the Jets have a chance at the playoffs because there is no real team that will dominate the AFC. The Pats might get better buy I don;t see that D getting any better.
  5. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    Almost all those guys you listed for TE did not have a first year impact. It took Gates a few years and Tony Gonzalez few too. I think these guys where the best in business too at TE.
  6. Around The League

    I hope the Jets take a look at Eric Flowers who the Giants just let go. He can come on the team and not have to start and be a fill in.
  7. Todd Bowles

    I hope the jets fire Bowles and give a young guy in the organization a chance. Fire Bowles during bye week and give a young gun a chance. If he does well than we have our guy with no major changes. If he does bad go out looking for a young guy to take over. I still think Bill B. and Brady get done this year and give the job to Josh M. Josh knows there is nothing left in NE and takes the Jets job with Darnold as his QB and we beat on the pats for the next 17 years with Darnold and Josh.
  8. Todd Bowles

    Need new everything from top to bottom on the staff and that includes the guys that have been their for 20-30 years at a desk or cleaning clothes. I mean everyone out to change the attitude and that includes the Johnson's. I knew I should have bought the jets when they where for sale years ago but I was short on the cash.
  9. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    I'm glad I did not see this game. The score and stats tell it all. We need to change the coaching staff and GM ASAP. How long can we stand around and be happy with 4-6 wins a year.
  10. Todd Bowles

    Ya and he sucked too. LOL
  11. Le'Veon Bell

    I don't want him either but if we got him cheap say a 3rd or 4th round pick and we sign him to a 3 year 17 mill per year I can live with that. I'm more upset about Jimmy G going down because the 49ers would have gaven up some good picks for Teddy B. I knew I would have held him until week 4 or 5. The saints deal was always going to be there.
  12. Around The League

    Wow crazy football yesterday. There is no really team in the AFC. I think it is still wide open. Miami will fall like they always do. I think the Pats are FINALLY starting to see father time catch up with them. I think BB and Brady have overstayed their welcome. If they miss out on the playoffs look for BB and Brady to get done. BB will move to a team that will give him part ownership and over see all the moves. I see him doing this in Miami or Tampa. He loves Florida. Brady will retire and be in the both at some point for Monday or Sunday night Football.
  13. Todd Bowles

    I just hope our next head coach is a young guy that is really good at the O. I'm tired of all these D coaches.
  14. Todd Bowles

    I think they would give Bates a shot at it to finish the season to see if he is the guy. I'm not going off one game because he did good his first game and ok with the second week.
  15. Todd Bowles

    I just read on Rotoworld that Bowles job is NOT safe. There is word around New York that his seat is very hot and if he hits a losing streak he will be let go. I hope this is true because the faster e move on from him the better for Darnold. and the jets. We lead the league in penalties and that just shows the lack of respect he controls on this team.