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  1. Taking Hamilton 4 overall is a HUGE mistake. Safety is a position you can cover up with just average play and jets did not do this. Sahel was suppose to be this great D genius and I'm think he is more like Adam Gase with the O.
  2. This is really simple. You either have a really good O and average to below average D or a really good D with average to below average O. You can't have both because your money can only pay for so many stud guys. It is very rare to have both. If you try to have good at both you end up at the bottom for years. The Jets need to decided to take the good o or the good D. Now with that said you also have to factor in the QB play. Is Zach Wilson the guy for the Jets. I sure hope so but he has a LONG ways to go. I said this before Zach is not the answer but Saleh and JD put their jobs on the line for
  3. Both On another note I also think one of the 2 big edge guys will be there. Houston is going to trade down top a team that wants a QB. I think Pitts is a perfect spot for Pickett. When your rookie QB is living in your town for the last 4 years is a huge advantage. People for get when you grab a young adult (kids in my mind) and throw millions of dollars at them and put them in a new city what do you think will happen. Neal will be a top 2 pick because he is the best OL in the draft and can play 4 spots on the line. Heck probably center too. The means Neal, Pickett and one of the edge guys
  4. I think a guy like J. Williams will fall and could be had in the mid second to early 3rd. I think the ACL will scare some off. That is strange how years ago an ACL injury was career ending and now you can almost come back the same season if it happens early in the season.
  5. I want to bring up something I thought was kind of strange. Just look at how many teams could be looking for a QB this season. The draft is VERY weak at QB and this is why I think Pickett will stand out and teams will fight to take a chance on him. Having that 4, 10 pick is huge and we might get a great trade down for this. Atlanta - I think with a new coach Ryan is done Carolina - Darnold is not the future and he will fight for the job. Lions - Goff is not the answer as we all saw. Green Bay - I put them in here because Rodgers may not be back. I think he will but you n
  6. I see what you are trying to say here but every draft is different. Some drafts are just loaded with talent and others you have almost no too little talent. Just look at all the high draft picks the Jets took that ended as bust. I think it all comes down to does the player fit your the position you want him in. Why draft a CB that is very good in zone but you play man to man a lot and think he will be good in man to man. Now there are some guys that will do well in both man to man and zone. Stingley I think can do what ever and he will be a stud. Remember this is just one position I pick
  7. I think the reason for that was the last few years have had some pretty good WR classes.
  8. I really don't want a WR at all. I think this years WR core for the draft is okay. There is no special guy out there that will tear it up. The ones that do look good have a history of injuries. This draft class is very weak in my opinion and only see a handful of guys making an impact. I think Neal is the real deal and the Center from Iowa. The two Edge guys are really deals too. Gardner and Stingley will be VERY good CB. I'm not sold on Hamilton at all. I think he falls pretty hard in this draft. He will be around in the 20's. Then you add that most NFL teams don't value safeties that high. I
  9. I think he was average. I saw the hype but he played no where near the hype. I think he will be fighting for a 53 man spot this year.
  10. I see your point but I also would like to add if your looking at 3 or 4 guys you like at 10 then one of them will be there at 20. Once you get to 10 then the draft really starts. You have your top 8 guys who will be in the top 10. No matter where those 8 fall they are taking 8 of the top 10 spots. Then you have your next wave of 10 plus that will go in the next 12 picks or so. So by trading down you get a guy you want plus a 3rd round this year and a 1st next year for doing nothing but trading and still getting your guy. That is called rebuild through the draft. You keep getting your guy plus
  11. I think the trade down from 10 to 20 with Pitts will happen. I think Pitts will get the 10 pick and the Jets will get Pitts 20 and their 3rd round pick along with next years first round pick. Then Pitts takes Pickett from their home town.
  12. I knew this guy was going to be a bum just like the rest of the GM knew. He fell for a reason. When everyone was saying what a great move by JD to trade down and still get Mims. I was happy about the trade down but hated the Mims pick. He is a bust and will be out of the league in the next few years. I also would like to add that I don't believe a word the media spun about JD getting offers for Mims and he turned them down. That was a false leak or the media made it up.
  13. Wow I would be so mad if this is what they drafted. I hate taking a WR round 1. We are fine at WR. If they can stay on the field we will be fine there. The Purdue guy at 4 will not happen. I just don't see 3 edge guys going top 4. That just does not happen. A QB will go in the top 4 I think (Pickett). I also think a CB might sneak in there too.
  14. I think if this teams goes WR in the first round JD has no idea what he is doing. WR are not that bad on this team. The WR class is also not that special. You don't have that great big fast WR that can dominate. You have a bunch of guys in this draft class for WR that are middle fo the road and the ones that could be good have injury history.
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