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  1. I think the Jets pull a trade with Tampa Bay. I have a feeling this happens. Tampa wants a LT to protect Brady and go after Becton who will fall to 11. Tampa gets pick 11 and the Jets get pick 14 and 45. The Jets will then grab Thomas who is also falling at 14. The with picks 45 will grab Kristian Fulton and at 48 it will be Justin Jefferson. You always have guys falling and I think Fulton falls because of soo many OL guys getting picked along with WR. Jefferson falls because his route running is not that great and will have problems getting off the line with the bump they will put on him. Thomas does not fall I see him right in the middle of the first round. This is how I see the first 16 picks going with just the jets trade. It is pretty rare you see a trade in the top 10 left alone top 5 in the last few years. 1. Cinn -Joe Burrow 2. Redskins- Chase Young 3. Lions- I. Simmons 4. Giants -Okudah 5.Miami - Tua 6. Chargers - Herbert 7. Panthers - Willis 8. Cardinals - Brown 9. Jags - Wirf 10. Browns - CJ Henderson 11. Jets moved to Tampa - Becton 12. Raiders - Kinlaw 13. 49ers - Jeudy 14. Jets -Thomas This is how I see the first 14 picks. If they do not move look for the Jets to take Jeudy there at 11. I think Ruggs is a smokescreen for a lot of teams.
  2. I don't see 10 WR going in the top 48. What you are pretty much saying is every 4th pick is a WR. I just don't see that happening. You have several teams that don't need a WR and some teams will have several picks so they will not pick back to back WR. I see between 5-8 going top 48. Guys will fall like they always do and have some no name guys climb to the top. Guys I see at 48 that will still be there are Jefferson, Higgins, People-Jones to name a few. Teams need OL and will reach for them and EDGE guys. You can never have too many edge and OL guys.
  3. I'm with you on this. I like Pittman better than him and few other to like Higgins.
  4. At this point I would go WR at 11 and sign Cody Glenn or resign Beachum. The only way I go OL is if Wirf, Thomas or Willis is there. All the other ones are not worth pick 11 to me. Yes Becton is overrated to me just because he ran a fast 40. The WR I would take in order are Jeudy, Ruggs, Lamb. I also predict that Young falls out of the top 5. I don't see him being that elite pass rusher. He disappeared during big games and going against good tackles.
  5. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    His wife is very easy on the eyes.
  6. Jets sign Breshad Perriman

    I think this is a latter move. The only thing I like about Perriman over Anderson is that he is bigger and is better with his pass routes. Anderson is so skinny and has trouble getting off the bump at the line.
  7. If Jeudy is there he has to be the pick. The line is still weak but better. I think you add that Sam will get the ball out faster and make faster decisions will make things better too. The only way I go OL is if Willis or Wirf are there and I think both are gone by pick 11. I would love a trade down to early teens and pick up a 2nd or 3rd and still land a WR like Lamb, Jeudy, or Ruggs.
  8. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    They always say that when there is no market for him. I really do think we are the only ones in play for him. I think we give the Redskins a 4th round pick and sign him to a 3 year 39 mill contract. He is not even going to get 15 mill.
  9. If pick 11 comes up and these guys are on the board who do you take? Okudah Thomas Wirf Jeudy Lamb I think you have to go with Wirf or Okudah. I would lean more towards Okudah
  10. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Looks like we are back in the Trent Williams thing again. Rotoworld has reported that noteamis giving up a second round pick and the Jets only team that has any interest in him. They think with the draft getting closer the Redskins will have to drop the price to a player ad pick or two mid round picks. I would not mind moving a 4th and 6th for humor a 4th and a small level player. Also if Okudah falls to 11 should the Jets take him. I think they should because you can get an OT and WR with the 2nd and two 3rd picks we have
  11. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Like I said I don't see anything that I like out there.
  12. Gotham Green Mock

    We should not be trading up unless a big time player falls a lot and Cleveland is not a big time player. If someone like Chase Young falls to like 8 or 9 then ya. If Thomas is there in the second round and want to move up a few spots fine but giving up a 4th for Cleveland is poor IMO. I do like Pittman and I know a lot don't but Pittman is a great fall back guy in the 4th round. Ya a lot of these good WR can be had in the 4-6 rounds because there are so many good ones. Heck you might even fond some good ones in the undrafted guys.
  13. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I don't see any WR that I like out there. The only one that would make a difference would be AB and I don't see that happening. I for one would love for the Jets to trade for OBJ. I think a 4th or 5th round pick would do it.
  14. I think there is almost zero % chance we trade up. There is no guy that is worth trading up unless Young falls out of the top 7 or 8 and I don't see that happening at all. He might fall out of the top 3 but no way he falls out of the top 5.
  15. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    What do you guys think about Randy Gregory? Looks like with the new CBA he will be reinstated. When he played in 18 he had 6 sack in 11 games. He would not be that bad,