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  1. These injuries are a real bummer. Week by week it seems we lose an integral player, or players, to injury. Praying Jenkins' isn't a season ender.
  2. Christ, Rodgers. You can only laugh at the disingenuity of a man who has spent the last few months preaching the gospel of truth given his response to whether he was vaccinated. Huge game(s) for Jordan Love. Chance for him to all but seal Rodgers' departure next season with some strong performances. Let's hope he takes his chance.
  3. Some real impressive suck by Barry. It takes some going to coach three of the worst defenses in separate NFL seasons, but I'm sure he can manage it.
  4. So things can get worse than Pettine, then. This has been painful viewing so far, on both sides of the ball.
  5. These owners don't give two schits about the history of the clubs, nor the 'legacy fans,' as it was so crassly put; merely future revenue streams and how much can be milked from them. It's sad, but it was an inevitability once football became such big business. The 'death of football' began a long time ago for me as a fan of a club who has seen provincial English clubs raid our squad of our best players due to little more than geographical fortune. That said, this is a different kettle of fish. Hopefully the strong opposition to it will have the desired effect.
  6. Aye, they'd sell like hot cakes, the clamour to see GB and Rodgers would ensure that. I'd always intended my first time seeing the Packers in the flesh to be at Lambeau but a London game would likely be too difficult to pass up.
  7. Had already booked the Monday off work to watch it before the NFCCG - gutter that it won't be to celebrate a Packer win. On the game itself, I hope both QBs shyte the bed and it's won on a pick six. Tired of the circle jerk over them both; you'd think Mahomes was the first QB in NFL history to throw off kilter the way the media fawn over him.
  8. Flag was complete bull. They've allowed that to go on all game yet called it on the game's most crucial play. Useless *****.
  9. I'd have MVS running double moves all week in practice in preparation for this game. From what I've seen of the Bucs this year their secondary is super aggressive - just ripe to be burned on the long ball (heh).
  10. Would have been as well just letting them walk in it to preserve some time before the half. Pathetic defence.
  11. It's so much better. Loathe when Green Bay aren't on Sky and I have to watch the Gamepass feed to be subjected to the endless commercial breaks.
  12. Thanks! That's around what I expected - similar in price to my soccer season ticket, although we do get over 3x the number of matches (that said, 50k people this season have paid £500 plus to watch the matches from their couch which ain't exactly good value).
  13. Out of curiosity, what's the cost of a Packers season ticket? Average seats I mean, not hospitality or anything fancy.
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