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  1. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    We do love our batter.
  2. 2019 Day 1 Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS!)

    Looking on this thread with much envy to all those able to enjoy a nice whisky on draft night. Meanwhile in Scotland, rather ironically, I'm denied that pleasure as I'm working tomorrow and have to stick to the incredibly depressing schedule of: bed by 8pm, up at 1am, back to bed when the draft is over and up at 7am for work. Snore.
  3. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    He ran a 4.8. He's moves well but he's not particularly quick.
  4. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    As a Glaswegian, I concur!
  5. Lurked for a while but figured now is as good a time as any to break my posting duck. Your life Username: ChillerBee Age: 29 State you were born in: Glasgow, Scotland State you live in now: Still Glasgow Something unique about you: I can complete a Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 2013 What made you become a fan: The uniform initially as it's similar in colour scheme to that of my favourite soccer team. Being fan owned is rather novel by American franchise standards too. I do like that. Favorite current Packers: Mike Daniels, Aaron Rodgers, Jaire Alexander, David Bakhtiari All-time favorite Packers: Jordy Nelson, Mike Daniels, Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy Favorite moment in team history: Sadly fandom came too late to enjoy the 2011 Superbowl, so I'd have to say the 34-31 'Rodgers to Cook' victory over the Cowboys. Your interests Other favorite teams: Celtic Hobbies outside of football: Soccer, boxing, basketball, gaming, reading and travelling is about my lot. Favorite movie: LOTR Favorite TV Show: Game Of Thrones Favorite band: Hieroglyphics