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  1. Also, I have not visited Dome on either night
  2. Dome take the recruits off the table
  3. I agree 11-2 starting with possible recruits
  4. I feel like I’ve been played... but let’s go amac
  5. Okay.. Im open to lynching Amac right now But I’m not willing to forget about Dome/Touch
  6. You’ve made your intentions known, however you haven’t explained how it is helpful to us... You could have just played like a civ while quietly trying to find Frank
  7. Could “blonde woman” refer to Dee? Can anyone confirm whether Macs dad has met her, or how he refers to her?
  8. I don’t think Touch needs to die first though
  9. Agree Mafia won’t hit him. They want to hit power civs, and if they are lucky they kill Frank and suddenly touch is in play for them.. All touch has done is given then 1 less name on their hitlist
  10. Interesting take I don’t think it hurts to share Thst way, if said character dies before you it will help us trust you
  11. So we probably started with a ratio of like 11-2 if there are possibilities for conversions Dome and Touch need to die Amac does too
  12. I don’t understand your motive for claiming Are you hoping Frank will just out himself and expose himself? I don’t like that you’ve given the mafia an opportunity to try to sway you
  13. Mac is a member of the gang Logic predicts he is gang aligned Convince me otherwise....