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  1. We have what, Rams, Packers, Bills, Titans, Ravens, Bucs all represented by over 10 owners? Think there might be a Steeler fan out there, but that might have been Waffles who is gone
  2. Just realizing that most of the league was blessed with playoff losses this year Couple nasty Bucs fans still rollin though Eaglespete basically the only guy who didn't play in 2021 yet
  3. been out of mafia for a bit, but that last one was fun, especially once I started actually playing it I'll go for another here
  4. I agree If he wins this Super Bowl his downside is basically Terrell Davis if he chooses to retire early or gets injured or whatever. A short career with underwhelming total career stats, but GOAT per year stats, a couple SB wins, a few AP teams, at least 1 MVP
  5. depends on how you define "all time greats" He's already guaranteed "one of the best of his generation" He's what, 25 right now? He almost certainly locks HoF status before he turns 30, if he wins this super bowl and then another super bowl or MVP, he cements his case MUCH sooner However, he's a long, long ways off from earning "Mount Rushmore of QB" consideration
  6. Definitely the Saints, by a significant margin But Steelers are the clear cut runner up
  7. Not even a little bit They will eventually, but this isn't even close
  8. To be fair to Pittsburgh, their cap situation is a mess, but it's a mess that clears up by 2022 If they can get a QB, they are back to being in great shape in one bad year I've been saying they just need to cut everyone, roll with Dobbs/Haskins/Rudolph, go 5-11, and draft a QB next year and be good to go Their rebuild is actually probably the quickest - unless of course Philly drafts Ja'Marr Chase and Wentz rebounds to even a top 15 type of QB
  9. If Wentz rebounds - then Eagles If not..... I guess I really trust the Steelers organization? Maybe Patriots? But Steelers and Saints are both in horrific cap situations and (imo) lack a QB
  10. I definitely didn't take Kira seriously enough.. given the numbers daboyle seemed like it made sense based on being known scum at that point, both factions felt beaten down and I thought the remaining scum were more spread out. In retrospect, what we COULD have done was started eliminating the Shinigamis once rolenames were outwardly shared (maybe in place of the Naz vote, or at the very least the Boyle vote). Shinigamis power of the extra vote wasn't THAT huge early in the game, and the death note aspect was minimal considering you didn't have enough information But by even the midg
  11. oops, I meant bcb and SirA they kind of just both admitted it and also told everything they knew
  12. @Yotsuba Please explain why you didn't convert Whicker lol Like honestly.. I know I was wrong.. but I cannot for the life of me understand why that wouldn't be a thing that happened (or likely happened)
  13. @MWil23 @Forge did one of the transmissions go to a player who ended up dead, and therefore Forge could have claimed it for himself after intercepting?
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