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  1. this season has been wacky.. look how wrong you are on your top 5 (by pwny rankings) 13th, 14th, 8th, 1st, 18th I believe my top 5 in some order were the same 4, minus Predators, and added in Nassau, so I did even worse at the top
  2. lol, the unspoken point of my comment was that I was wrong and everyone was right
  3. Might have been the season he won the whole thing Imagine if he lost week 16 in another close game
  4. I believe @swoosh pretty recently had the #1 or #2 team and played for his playoff life in week 16 with a luck rating below -2, but that sort of thing is exceedingly rare rng is real, but it usually balances out fairly well over the course of a season
  5. Luck is basically the difference between what your actual record is, and what the pwny calculation says your record should be If at the end of the season your record was 9-7, but you had a pwny of 7.9, it would mean you are lucky by 1.1 games In this case, Ruskie is 3-6, but based on his pwny he should be doing better so he’s unlucky Anything between -1 and +1 is pretty fair and standard. Anything beyond -2 and +2 is where you are notably lucky or unlucky
  6. Team PWNY Wins Loss Win % Net PF PA OR DR LUCK Indianapolis Predators 12.874 6 3 0.667 60 256 196 2 1 -1.242 Rocket City Trash Pandas 12.262 7 2 0.778 50 249 199 6 3 0.103 Hanoi Viet Kongs 11.354
  7. I want Big Ben to have an awful NFL season, then I want some fool to draft Big Ben, then I want to see Big Ben put up the most awful start to an NSFL season in league history, then I want to see Big Ben get benched. Then I want to go back to the statpage every so often, and reflect with satisfaction, the atrocity of the Big Ben S23 statline That is the place in the NSFL I want Big Ben to have
  8. Because people were saying the league was dying and we had a season with under 200 pages and this guy has meme-transacted his way to probably 100 pages this year Gotta give credit where its due
  9. we talk a lot of junk, but appreciate your effort. league is so much better for having you in it
  10. have you seen the amount of moves this dude makes? this is his inactive list. Pretty soon the whole league is gonna be on his "has played at least one game" list
  11. I think he's going to have too many players falling under the 1 tag rule with games played. So Pitts at 2 is cheaper than his other guys at 3. So he opts out of Pitts 1 tag
  12. No shade on the trade.. it was the right thing. I still think you overdrafted Ben, but I won't get into it because I want people to continue drafting players like that too soon I appreciate your thought in regards to tag conservation. I really do. The good news is that you get to see Ben's 2021 NFL season BEFORE you have to decide to use the tag to keep him or not, so that's a big positive. You made a bet that if he has a good season you can either flip him for a profit, or flip Rodgers and use Ben. That's a reasonable choice, as the price you paid to do so it so minimal. I'm
  13. Step 1: Draft Ben in the 1st round Step 2: Realize your mistake Step 3: Trade away Ben in order to get a much, much better QB Step 4: Miss Ben (gross) Step 5: Reacquire Ben, in a league where you don't need a backup
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