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  1. Tk3

    Alex Smith retires

    bets on which poster starts the "Alex Smith HoF??" thread /s really though, have to respect the career he had. To take his very subpar career in SF and turn that into a legitimately great tenure with the Chiefs. He really revived that franchise that fell apart after the Green/Holmes/Johnson era ended.
  2. Not only that, but people are arguing in favor of it AND they are acting like we are unreasonable for thinking they are crazy It's a weird world, man
  3. Here are my playoff odds! Cheesy conference >99% 8-1 Reykjavík Direwolves 97% 6-3 Norway Knights 96% 6-3 Rio de Janeiro Pirates 67% 5-4 Hanoi Viet Kong 27% 5-4 Anchorage Moose 5% 4-5 Tacoma Thunder 5% 3-5-1 South Africa Woolly Mammoths 4% 3-6 Chicago Fire <1% 3-6 Lancaster Fighting Amish <1% 2-7 Little Rock Uni Royals Little changes with Direwolves, Knights, and Pirates after their wins. Knights and Pirates are still only 1 game up over 5th place (although the H2H matchup of Kong/Moose makes it effectively a 2 game l
  4. pwny time! Team PWNY Wins Loss Win % Net PF PA OR DR LUCK Reykjavík Direwolves 13.111 8 1 0.889 72 290 218 1 3 0.625 Rio de Janeiro Pirates 11.709 6 3 0.667 44 255 211 5 2 -0.586 Freiburg Venom
  5. Is it common for a guy with such elite 40 and 20 split to have such a meh 10 split? I get that there is a difference between initial burst and top end speed, but this seems.... unlikely?
  6. I think we've seen enough to prove that Baker/OBJ combo just doesn't work. Burrow/AJ Green didn't work either. Sometimes a specific pairing just don't match up well, even if lesser players seem to work better If I'm the Browns and I see a player in the draft who I like, I'd move OBJ for the pick. He might be a 1st+ value guy, but if you're only getting 3rd/4th round value on the field, and paying him $15 mil, you gotta part ways, IMO
  7. Some interesting things there... on defense its really clear that teams like the Direwolves, Pirates, Knights, even Kongs are at the top of the list for fewest points allowed, but much, much lower on yards allowed. It means those teams either get turnovers, or they hold teams to FGs or punts on long yardage drives instead of TDs. Probably a reason those are playoff teams Same thing with Direwolves, Squirrels, Starfalls on offense. Much higher on the list of points for than they are yards for. Those teams are converting TDs and FGs instead of FGs and punts. Or starting in better field pos
  8. Slip up and still make the playoffs? Definitely Slip up and still take the division and 1 seed? Ehhhhhh.. I have a 2 game lead, which is awesome for 9 games in. But if I lose this one Ruskie (I think) controls his own destiny because of our remaining matchup
  9. Edelman is nowhere near the tier of WR that Eli is for QB Eli is fringe HoF. He might get the call. Edelman isn't even close. Was Edelman ever a top 10 players on any of those super bowl teams? He's literally a plug and replace guy He was a fine player. But if we're giving someone credit simply for having a bunch of rings, he's Phil Simms or Jim McMahon, not Eli Manning. He's Troy Brown, not Hines Ward. He's LeGarrette Blount, not Terrell Davis I continue to be baffled by this conversation
  10. probably going to wait a day or two for when the conversations starts to lag
  11. It's so weird that we are talking about QOL.. I've literally never seen this before Anyone in America would be thrilled to retire at 30 with 9 digits Like, this is so weird.. have we ever talked about a players happiness when "comparing careers" before? Why did this turn into some weird side tangent of a debate?
  12. This guy trying to tell us to "take football out of it" in a comparison of the careers of two football players
  13. Would you rather be world renowned as one of the best of all time in your field? Or just be okay, but your company was cool The premise of the question is clear: "Who had the better career?" It is clear who had the better career. The guy who is one of the best of all time
  14. whew... feel a bit lucky to have gotten through that one majorly out yarded.. awful on 3rd downs got 3 critical turnovers, and one massive Lamar TD run those 4 plays were the difference
  15. This is wildly inappropriate behavior and, unless this had been a 4th down, the QB should be rebuked, not praised And this opinion is coming from a Josh Allen fan
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