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  1. Honestly, I think splitting the work in that manner opens the door to a ton of mistakes - or at the very least a ton of confusion over who is still available Maybe have 2-3 people update the draft page - periodically updating the draft list, rosters, and removing players from the available list all at once The league as a whole will have to be responsible for tagging who is otc and skips, etc
  2. I’ll find a way to pitch in. I don’t think I would be up for a full temporary commissioner role, but if some sort of committee comes together and each takes a role in administrative tasks, I’ll gladly do what I can As always @TheKillerNacho thank you for everything you do. The immense amount of time and effort you’ve put in doesn’t go unnoticed. Hopefully we can help ease the burden to keep this manageable. Ill PM you after work this evening
  3. you can't pick and choose my man I didn't do it last game I haven't done it in a while at all
  4. you're not going back far enough I played way more before the site switch and did that much more often But I guess you are right. More recently I've just done nothing N1
  5. I get why you would use it as rhetoric to make your push But this is par for the course for me N1 as town. I'll do it again too
  6. I don't understand why he is mad at you and not me. I was the one who was on him the entire game I know it sucks to be put through the ringer all game.. I've been there At some point, especially after the game, you have to realize a game is a game and either play it or not. take the break if you need to, but decide if they are enjoyable enough to be worth it or not
  7. I didn't "jump off" of him though I jumped on and off about 8 different people - that is markedly different from bussing and jumping
  8. Also, on a side note. I made a direwolf my avatar after it was requested because of NSFL Immediately after I added it I realized someone might try to call me a werewolf for a wolf avatar and accuse me of trolling or trying to divert a lynch or some nonsense
  9. I got a little bit of the V for Vendetta game vibes from you, which set me off a little bit I was so stuck on the Whicker thing - then Whicker/Gopher devolved The entire game it was just civ vs civ lynch options. Brutal. I had each of you on my radar for various reasons (less so squire, and then after the gopher vote, less so Orca), but we self inflicted these dualities that we always had to solve, that were always lose/lose You guys had this wrapped up days ago
  10. If he is town, then this is an epic meltdown And scum is trolling by staying quiet Although I must say, I AM concerned about how long this writeup is taking