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  1. how are you defining this out of curiousity?
  2. if the dude is going to cheap shot him, then he is justified taunt him
  3. it's still way more production than I realized looks like he's out there running routes on more and more % of plays too. that's really promising
  4. WHY ARE YOU KICKING HERE edit: actually it's only 49, thought it was farther
  5. is this actually accurate? but point taken - I didn't realize he is in the range he is, and I agree that his archetype can be game changing even off of the box score I'll have to keep a better eye if he's starting to turn a corner after a disappointing (in my eyes) rookie season
  6. This is an unexpected take.. Haven't watched much of LV since week 1, just haven't heard the name out there very much this season
  7. Diggs man... I need a Cowboy TD so Diggs can get redemption
  8. Man, I wanted the pair of Diggses in Buffalo. I'm salty we didn't get Trevon Far be it for me to ever root for the Cowboys, but I want Trevon to keep this up
  9. I gotta chill on Cleveland. Nobody deserves the barrage of posts that Browns fans just endured over the past few pages
  10. Probably. I agree that Cleveland would be a good landing spot for a legit QB who wants a ring - It just sounds like he has ambitions for a couple of very specific teams, and I don't see him wanting Cleveland or Pittsburgh, no matter how much those destinations might make sense
  11. Then he can go the Winston/Trubisky route and take a cheaper contract to get a shot in Washington or somewhere But unless he goes off in his 5th year, he isn't getting that contract from anyone
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