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  1. There’s a whole Brat Pack world to hit here. No shortage of characters
  2. As a SK your goal should simply be to minimize your chances of death Targeting mafia would be the correct move for MOST of the game, however all of the cleared civ on the board increased your risk of being lynched. So that kind of changed things for you. typically though, you should try to balance power, and usually that means hitting a mafia if you can
  3. Why doesn't that man have nipples?
  4. Well then its too bad nobody would lynch Squire with me on N3 when everyone wanted Dome
  5. I guess my point is; we had a successful pardon, TWO successful blocks, got the benefit of 2 hits not landing due to the players being dead/lynched Not to mention we had THREE consecutive non-town lynches. It took ALL of that just to come CLOSE to winning and still wound up LYLO Obviously civs made some errors, civs ALWAYS will due to lack of information. But the point is, the civs did a TON right. This could EASILY have been one of those runaways, and had things not improved on D3 there is no coming back from it. Mathematically over at that point.
  6. So in the scenario in which the unblockable hit died, I could have claimed (never be lynched) and self protected every night (never be hit)? That would literally be breaking the game
  7. So I don't THINK I could have protected myself, although I never confirmed with @James However, in the event that the unblockable died, I was going to suggest to the thread that the protector should claim, then self-protect everynight and be essentially immune. I was hoping that a mafia would take the bait and try to claim it. Sad that we never got to see that plan play out.
  8. Also, for the record: I protected Whicker N3, but the logic that got me there was faulty. It really was dumb luck. I protected Whicker N2, and I speculated that perhaps I blocked correctly, which is why we were missing a death. I was hoping mafia assumed it was the JOAT self protecting (as we discussed in thread), and that they would try again the next night when he couldn't protect himself. That was the logic behind protecting Whicker N3. I guess a little of it was WIFOM that I didn't think they would hit Gopher since it would be very likely that he would be protected.
  9. I've never hosted, but that has to be a massive letdown when your plans as a host don't get realized.
  10. I mean.. We had to lynch scum 3 nights in a row to get to where we were. I guess from my perspective with a 10-3-1 ratio, mafia having the decisively more powerful role-set is OP. I feel like in a full vanilla game 10-3 would be a fair ratio
  11. @KOTN-93 @Mega Ron I hope you both enjoyed yourselves. I wish one of you had been in a chatty. To be mafia and in a chatty is a REALLY fun and learning experience, especially if you are with 1 or 2 good, experienced players. It's easy to get lost in your first few games when you are all on your own. I'm really glad you both survived a long time. Hopefully it was a fun experience and you play some more.
  12. Also, did anyone else feel like this game was a little lopsided? 12-3-1 with all of those mafia hits? I think the SK had it even worse than the civs. He had 2 investigators to worry about, plus all of those hits. I feel like he had a low chance of success regardless of how well he played. @Dome @squire12 @Matts4313. Did you know Especially considering the way we got down early (8-3-1) and all of those hits, it was a huge accomplishment for us to get to a situation of a Win/Lose final lynch.
  13. I'll also take a little credit in being the only person to trust in @Pickle Rick prior to his claim. Curious if people think I did the right thing in claiming. I considering trying to stay UTR one more night, but I knew there were 3 hits flying (plus I may have been lynched), and I did not want my information about Whicker to die with me. The concept of having 9 people alive and 4 of them cleared was too much to pass up on, despite the fact that mafia had 2 hits