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  1. Yeah.. this 100% Saw a glimpse of it in mafia as well Very, very unlike him.. hoping all is well in the malf world
  2. I feel like there should be a 48 hour requirement before someone is allowed to quit.. especially when it is does via an emotional post
  3. this is a sad day.. Malf is a genuinely intelligent poster and would have a good mind for this. Took over a mediocre team, and had a decent season in what is always a learning season. I fully expected that you would become a perennial contender within a few seasons as you put your team to work.. I was very excited to see you join.. Please stick around, at least another year to see how it goes.. people talk nonsense all the time, but generally this is a good place with friendly competition
  4. touch He has a cell phone, and when I investigated him I found out that he had "a particular set of skills".. obviously scum
  5. to be fair.. these games will be shorter and should have a much less frustrating structure
  6. I’m not talking about someone who has never played at all Im talking about someone still learning nuisances. I think it’s fine
  7. That being said, I don’t love the concept of being in a 9 player game where I feel like a third or even a half dislike me or are otherwise dispositioned to distrust me..... over and over again Oh well, I’ll take it as a challenge
  8. You’re no worse than most. If anyone holds your early games against you then they are a tool. Everyone has a learning curve Honestly, as long as you go into every game willing to be open and objective you will be fine you should play and get a bunch of quick games under your belt
  9. See, I think that is the ideal.. I feel like the newer players will learn and play up to the experienced people What I’m worried about is having a full roster of people from the exact same era and being the 1 player always on the outs regardless of the actual game
  10. I do love that this is more classic mafia theory and less of “anything goes, total chaos” mode get @Malfatron get @theuntouchable get @bucsfan333 some of the old crew
  11. I’m going to be honest, I feel the same way.. I feel like this needs a .... variety of players.. and that includes a swag I joined, but would consider backing out if the full roster is a team that I am not comfortable with.. it doesn’t hurt to reserve your spot
  12. I’m 100% interested in this and you will get prime TK activity
  13. If I had to guess... I'd say he lives in denial.. or paranonia