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  1. @The Orca why the kill first? just curious IMO. My assumption would be the cop should use the invest first, and either get a clear or a red letter.. then use the gun once the ratio is more in your favor and you have more information on who to/not attempt
  2. My move sort of? worked Like.. in a roundabout, consolation prize kind of way
  3. I semi lol'cleared the twins and was suspicious of those who immediately saw it in wake of all the people who were confused
  4. Yeah.. they should have started claiming and forcing CCs and making the town at large decide who is the liar and a single mislynch wins for them
  5. I literally played a jester/joker/drunk method of trying to get my power used with the D1 lynch My hope was that mafia was just allowing me to be lynched and proactively setting up the backup incase I was the creator. So I tried to game it so that I would not allow them to dictate who the replacement lynch would be, and then assume a mafia was sitting on the presumed #2 guy Felt like it was the best way to play my role... never imagined it would cause such a struggle
  6. mass claiming is bad for the game, tbh. I wasn't going to push that agenda
  7. some things are so bad they are good this one was so bad its bad I'm not even angry this game.. it was too pathetic to have gotten angry about
  8. I can only imagine how giddy chatty must have been when Dingo did that
  9. By what argument was the setup stacked against mafia?
  10. I just think the mass claim kind of hurts the spirit of mafia IMO
  11. that was a rough game was definitely stacked against the civs I considered proposing a mass claim - but I just think that goes against the spirit of mafia
  12. assuming the cop doesn't have his shot remaining, it is mathematically impossible for civs to win