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  1. Four of the rookie QBs have more interceptions than touchdowns The only ones who don't are Davis Mills and Trey Lance (only 1 pass attempt)
  2. omg, just saw that 85 yard pick 6 for the first time the way that dude runs!
  3. yeah, I'm very confused.. can it be a fumble if it never touches the ground?
  4. I don't understand what just happened
  5. Carr is now over 1,000 yards in less than 10 quarters
  6. I think he is saying 66 is 2 yards more than previous record of 64
  7. Ravens season so far Week 1: OT insanity against Raiders. They lost, won, then finally lost that game Week 2: End of game insanity against the Chiefs Week 3. 66 yard game winning FG against the Lions. Record setting kick How do Ravens fans get through these games?
  8. Justin Tucker is worth a 1st round pick
  9. How does Watkins not run out of bounds
  10. People would absolutely destroy other QBs for these Mahomes plays
  11. Los Angeles Chargers and critical TD being overturned on a procedural penalty Name a more iconic duo.. I'll wait
  12. probably but that TD was arguably a negative play by the QB imo, which just happened to work out
  13. how do the steelers kick a FG down by 17 and 9 minutes left? like, I get that you need 3 scores either way, but now if they give up a FG its back to 3 scores. You've just added to your level of difficulty Tomlin DOES need to go. He has a bad history of being too conservative in his playcalling and 4th down choices
  14. It's too early to write him off as a bust or anything But the media has not been talking enough about Lawrence's start
  15. Allen is absolutely carving this defense right now
  16. Mac himself isn't unlikeable There has just been a bit of a fan/media circle jerk around him and how he fits in that team that is annoying Like, out of nowhere the Pats went from a team that wins 7, 8, or 9 to a team that people were predicting to win 11, and the division, because of how great Mac Jones was going to fit into that system There's just this aura the media puts around the Patriots that is so offputting
  17. He's so bad. He might be the worst QB in the league, and this league has some REALLY bad QBs
  18. Have I mentioned yet that I do not believe Big Ben is a quality quarterback?
  19. I hope Ravens spent their halftime on the phone with the Texans for Brandin Cooks
  20. But... people keep telling me Mac Jones is Tom Brady
  21. I'd argue Hollywood's first half is worse than Zach Wilson's 4 INT half last week
  22. Some of these are in the pocket Some of these are on the run, with really clean and easy looking mechanics Dude can play, Hollywood cannot Get this man WRs. I appreciate how the Ravens have built the running game around him, but you're ruining his career with Hollywood as your #1 option
  23. Technically he only cost him 2 TDs, he just cost him one of them twice
  24. Lamar should have a statline of like 12/15 for 250 and 3 TDs plus 50 rushing yards at half (and that's assuming the 3rd drop doesn't happen because if the 2nd one is a TD the 3rd one doesn't exist)
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