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  1. This is interesting But how are those two metrics defined? Is this super subjective, or is there more objectivity too this than my first impression?
  2. I don't think its unfair to say the Jets ruined him He might still be saveable - he's shown some signs of being good in Carolina, but also some signs of being his old self But I do think its real that 3 seasons of being developed poorly contribute to his current situation Mahomes inherited incredible weapons in his offense Lamar had an offense built around his skill sets Allen was given more tools and developed correctly Kyler was given a plethora of weapons Sam Darnold is on the short list of worst football situations for a young QB - and it shows There are exce
  3. omg Baltimore imploding with false starts what are they doing?
  4. Chiefs are about to have 40M less in cap to work with too RIP
  5. agree on both counts the former doesn't really surprise me the latter absolutely shocks me
  6. For the life of me I don't understand why they went away from Ty'Son.. he looked very serviceable in those first couple before he got pulled
  7. Pimp the Bengals -> throw a pick That's on me
  8. Been saying for weeks that Bengals are the #2 team in the division and a playoff team Defense isn't special, but its much better than people give them credit for, and this offense is going to be FUN going forward It's time that people start respecting them
  9. I ignored his post - but he tried to say GB/WFT was more meaningful than this game is laughable
  10. Remember when everyone gave up on Ja'Marr Chase?
  11. oof, that was actually a really good ball that Hollywood misplayed
  12. as far as I'm concerned, none of those games have meaningful playoff implications. Why would I watch them over Baltimore/Cincy or KC/Titans? pitch me any reason why any of those are interesting games?
  13. not sure, but none of the 3 are more worth watching
  14. not a Scorigami but give me ANOTHER safety and 5-2 or 4-3 and I'm all in
  15. We need to trade @ET80 to the Arizona Cardinals so that he can be happy too
  16. I hate to take the obvious pick, but I'll pick the low hanging fruit here Week 7: Arizona Cardinals
  17. this wouldn't be so bad if they converted 10/12 instead of 2/12 at least that would be exciting
  18. to be fair, we are watching the darkest timeline of the rules being applied
  19. 0/10 on these "penalty kicks" brutal brutal.
  20. I know it worked.. but man, why are you calling that formation in 4th and 1?
  21. I agree Clifford is well below average for a contending team But I can literally look at the product on the field and see that there is a QB problemthat wasn't there earlier in the season
  22. to be fair, PSU's QB has been injured in the Iowa loss and their abomination. This is different than a full strength team struggling but these 300+ rushing yards allowed is disturbing
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