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  1. Broadly I agree = but also it depends We're not talking about somebody who went through any sort of consequences or rehabilition, returning to life and needing to make a living, and not getting a chance because of a criminal record Millionaires in a public space IS different. People with certain crimes ARE different from others Some dude gets a marajuana charge and has trouble getting regular employment to pay the bills is FAR different than a multi millionaire who commited sexual harassment/assault against dozens being unable to continue to make millions and be a public figure
  2. was he relevelant even in 2019? Like, I remember he had that "big year" in maybe 2016? But after that I thought he fell off fast and exited the league
  3. I'm not gonna lie.. I''m rooting for 0-15-2 I just want something stupid weird
  4. I mean.. I hate when people argue with me when I'm generally agreeing with their side of the argument. You ignore the bulk of my post to complain about 1 sentence, then try to convince me of a thing that I already said.. I agreed that Cowboys schedule is such that they should be But since you want to argue the division, I'll play ball In terms of aggregate W/L it goes like this: AFCN .598 NFCW .585 AFCW .561 NFCS .512 NFCE .463 AFCE .452 AFCS .429 NFCN .402 That's a sizeable gap between 4 and 5. They clearly fall under the c
  5. yeah, its a weaker class for sure But next year has Joe Thomas and Darrelle Revis. The following has Julius Peppers and Antonio Gates. So those ones will at least have a couple easy choices
  6. If you think the Ravens season hinges on Lamar being "good or bad", then you haven't watched them enough. It's about if the DEFENSE can be more consistent and his PROTECTION can be more consistent. Lamar's season to date has been absolute carnage around him, and the question isn't whether he is good or bad, but whether he is heroic enough to get the W anyway.
  7. mmmm.. It's below average, but not nearly as bad as last year. Cowboys are a good team, all of the other 3 teams range from slightly below average to not very good. I don't think that should take away from the Cowboys though. Season to date their opponents are combined to be over .500. It IS a weak division, but their schedule to date is NOT weak, and they shouldn't be knocked for it
  8. others be rewarded for bad behavior does not mean we should continue to reward bad behavior It's complicated trying to balance personal and ethical with the business of football But it's very reasonable to say "I don't want this guy" because of what he's done off the field. I wouldn't have wanted Ray Rice or Joe Mixon, tbh
  9. Last year I was 5/5 in my predictions! None of the new additions are "no brainer first ballot" guys like we had last year. WR is interesting once again. I think Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt, Steve Smith, and Andre Johnson are all viable candidates, but I think only one gets in this year, and then the rest start to trickle in over the next few ballots Zach Thomas has been hanging onto the list far too long, and Patrick Willis, who inexpicably was left off of the final ballot is deserving. Dude has 5 All Pros in his short 8 seasons DeMarcus Ware as a first ballot guy with 138
  10. Eric Allen Jared Allen Willie Anderson Ronde Barber Anquan Boldin Tony Boselli LeRoy Butler Eddie George Devin Hester Torry Holt Andre Johnson Robert Mathis Sam Mills Richard Seymour Steve Smith Steve Tasker Fred Taylor Zach Thomas Hines Ward DeMarcus Ware Ricky Watters Reggie Wayne Vince Wilfork Patrick Willis Darren Woodson Bryant Young
  11. His cap hit will be $19M. That's not a huge number but it's not "fraction of the price" either. It's only $1M cheaper than Carr. $19M is too much for Baker. Real talk, he's not worth even that. Trade him off for picks, someone will pay up, draft Pickett or Ridder if you want someone in the northish area Use the extra money/assets to give that guy a "Mac Jones esque" team situation That's better than continuing with Baker imo
  12. Any time anyone suggests anything you give an implication that your best option is to stick with Baker
  13. damn.. you hate to see stuff like this I don't know enough about the situation to make any commentary, but I hope it resolves without anything bad happening, and that everyone gets the help they need to get through this
  14. Imagine arguing on behalf of Baker, while deriding Russell Wilson Imagine
  15. 7) Bills @ 2) Ravens 6) Chargers @ 3) Patriots 5) Bengals @ 4) Chiefs 7) Saints @ 2) Packers 6) Vikings @ 3) Buccaneers 5) LA Rams @ 4) Cowboys This would actually be one of the most intriguing set of WC matchups, especially compared to the last few iterations where some really ugly matchups appeared
  16. Matts: Cowboys/Lions heroically and selflessly volunteered for an undesirable game that they would be stuck with for life Also Matts: It's very profitable and favorable to is so don't try to take it away
  17. I've been saying it for years Teams don't "deserve" Thanksgiving games based on tradition Every year give the previous super bowl winner and loser a game against one of their key matchups Then make the 3rd game something of intrigue We don't need Detroit simply because they are Detroit. And we don't need Dallas simply because they are Dallas
  18. ooh.. didn't realize this thread existed Pre-show thoughts: I hated the books, and actually quit somewhere in the 4th book. The pacing was atrocious. The character work was awful, particularly the women (I'm not accusing the author of being sexist, I just think he writes women extremely poorly and one-dimensional). Interpersonal relationships are awful. He is the classic "tells, not shows" author for all the important things, yet prattles on for pages and pages of uneccesary description. But the story itself seemed cool. I was actually VERY excited for the show. Because ALL of t
  19. Teams that are very good on paper, but have had a couple really bad performances Chiefs, Bills, Chargers - lack consistency, but if they get into their groove they are easily the best teams Teams that are quite good, but fatal flaws Ravens, Titans - Ravens defense and offensive line are going to prevent them from being the best team, despite their current record. Titans can't do it without Henry. Their passing offense isn't good enough to do it on their own. Teams that are good, but not great, but are consistent Patriots - that might be good enough to be the best if n
  20. Yo.. people, let's make some public alliances.. none of this discord business Let's get a group, clique up in thread, be exclusionary to the others, and prove our dominance Who is with me?!?!?!
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