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  1. close to EZ, so it wasn't worth 10 yards like 2nd and 10 vs 1st and 13 or something
  2. man.. do these refs get paid by the flag? that one was blatant, but so many tonight
  3. lol Knox is having a SEASON I basically had him written off by last year
  4. to be fair.. 3 times the receivers got themselves crazy wide open deep for him
  5. I'm in the "He's not top 10" camp, but this is not the game to be shading Baker. He gave them every shot to win
  6. that was absolute carnage in the EZ.. no idea if there was any bad contact there, but man bodies were everywhere and the ball almost hit the back of a Browns players head
  7. to me this feels like a game the 2019-2020 Chargers lose, but the 2021 Chargers win (sry if I just jinxed)
  8. why did the Chargers call a TO there? Chargers keep giving the Browns clock stoppage
  9. Ekeler clearly knew what to do, he just didn't commit himself to it fully He needed to actively go down, not passively chill there and think wasting an extra second and a half was worth it
  10. Chargers doing a GREAT job keeping these guys in bounds.. some tough tackles here but man.. that Charger injury hurts. they had the clock moving
  11. LOL at the Browns pushing the pile into the EZ Ekeler needed to fully go down and not just stop his own progress
  12. Please don't use that word - but yes, today (and every week) proves over and over again that coaches operate on "feel" and not on "analytics" I actually dig this Staley guy in LA. Seems like he gets it
  13. Chargers have no incentive to put the ball in the air But I'll still sit here stumping for a 3rd Mike Williams TD. This stack is the only thing keeping me alive with Saquon's 0
  14. as a Bills fan, this comment is still "too soon"
  15. listen - you guys are killing it this game and looking good on the season but its the Giants, without Saquon, and without Daniel Jones.. relax
  16. man... after that missed PAT who expected the Chargers to get the ball back at midfield with 2 timeouts AND the 2 minute warning?
  17. is this one of those "too much time left" kind of games?
  18. as much as I want to see the Chargers W, I dont see the DPI
  19. and man.. this Chargers/Browns game is a mess I would NOT mind if my Herbert/Williams stack hits once more
  20. how can he not be? for some reason people fawn over sacks more than picks, but 6 picks is more impactful than 8 sacks (or whatever Garrett has). And its not just stat bloating, he's been a good cover guy
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