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  1. Is Jimmy's status OUT or just backup?
  2. after ALL of that, like everybody survives
  3. only if there's a walkoff missed FG
  4. you gotta go for it there its inches, its high conversion, and it vastly increases your odds
  5. Chase caught that ball - but he DID get away with a pushoff
  6. Shall I assume that Darnold did not make a historic play to win the game for the Panthers?
  7. this is the wackiest slate of games I've ever seen
  8. I MEAN this Bengals are a playoff team
  9. did the Lawrence INT get overturned? penalty?
  10. Bengals are a REAL team There is still a handful of teams that I think outclass them in the AFC, but they are going to scare anyone and are as legit of a playoff contender as several others that people are more sold on
  11. You gotta go for it on 4th in that scenario Your chance of success is higher, as is your likely payoff
  12. what happened to Adam Thielen tbh? His bagel is costing me big time He's wasting my Robinson/Mattison RB pairing that is killing it
  13. I really only saw the game against the Bengals I didn't see a lot special and his numbers don't indicate it either It's still early though for him to show a lot of improvement
  14. agreed and yet also maybe the best in this extremely regarded draft class
  15. I hate former football players and their "analysis"
  16. Cousins is never going to be an elite, but he's solidly better than more than half of the league and has been one of the most reliable in getting his WRs tons of targets
  17. we have too many coaches who spent their whole playing and coaching careers with traditional "logic" and either don't understand in the heat of the moment or are unwilling to comply with analytics it's either lacking the ability or just stubborn to think they can outsmart math
  18. I will use all these missed XPs to once again request that teams stop kicking XP and instead going for 2 Especially in an early situation where you will be able to make up for it with future attempts - or if you convert you have that extra advantage early on
  19. I think I agree, but this has "ruling on field stands" written all over it
  20. Ben just tried to give Denver a pick 6
  21. lol Patriots what was that deep defender doing? he was legit out of bounds there when the receiver caught the ball and turned back upfield
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