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  1. Been saying that all offseason They were a good but not great team last year. They got hot at the right time and took down the best team in a decisive way and everybody got all hyperbolic around them They brought everyone back - but everyone also aged another 6 months from the end of the season They are a good team. But they are regular good. Like 11-6 and in the mix kind of good. They are not the 14-3 and superbowl favorite kind of good
  2. I agree with this And honestly, even if they get a TINY pull through rate of their population becoming fans, the market they draw on (not only London but surrounding UK) is large enough that it would be a legitimate fan base
  3. announcer losing his mind over a very normal 12 yard pass/catch
  4. interesting take do you really think we are seeing a diminishing quality of play? There's so much talent out there that even expanding the league by 10% isn't going to dilute the product to a noticeable extent.. if anything I think it lets worthy players emerge who otherwise don't have the opportunity to break through
  5. I think the point is that it's more about players consent than it is the actual quality of the places in question That said - we already have that issue. Players who want to live in Texas are forced to NYC. Players who want to live on the east coast are forced to play in Indianapolis. Players who want to live in the midwest are forced to move to San Francisco It's more severe to force a player internationally, but it's not like we don't already do this
  6. Somehow every QB in that draft looks like a QB4 draftee
  7. I absolutely hate uneven numbers in sports. 33 teams is awful, just like 17 games is awful If you want to go to 33 teams, then just make a big splash and just go to 36 and do three divisions of 6 per conference
  8. heroic effort by the back there to bail out the QB.. but that never had a shot
  9. I know this is a silly thing to say after a presumed loss But this doesn't really affect anything for PSU if they lose Even with this loss, if they win the rest of the way they earn a spot in the conf champ, and if they beat Iowa in the rematch they are a 1 loss conf champ and make the playoff But man.. this one hurt, because it was looking so good before the injury And vice versa for Iowa if PSU takes this back
  10. win or lose, PSU doesn't survive the B1G East with this QB, and Iowa doesn't have playoff chops with this offense
  11. PSU must have like 12 false starts for 20 yards
  12. Is there anything more PSU than great defense and shoddy QB play? Every time I see a four or five star QB from Philly or Maryland I just assume he's going to be wildly mediocre
  13. Block FG for 6 is the chaotic ending we deserve
  14. But it IS big 12 defense, tbh
  15. wow.. this is going to be the highest scoring ever? so help me if this ends up 51-48 and it ends under 100
  16. I guess my point is, OU is undefeated, OSU is undefeated, Baylor has 1 loss Unless there is a surprising loss somewhere else, we're probably looking at a conf champ game of a 0 loss team vs a 1 loss team (or at worst 1 loss vs 1 loss) And a 0 or 1 loss Big 12 champion gets in over Cincinnati for example I was hoping it would get in a spot where it's like a 1 loss OU against a 2 loss OK State or 1 loss Texas against 2 loss OU or some combination that leaves an opening for everyone to end with 2 losses Lots of season to go though, we just need more chaos at the top to give Ci
  17. I was kind of hoping Big 12 would all play each other out of playoff contention With OU winning this game, they'll be 0 or 1 loss going into conference championship game
  18. I'd argue 2 years. I don't think you can double tag Baker. If you're willing to pay him $40+ for that 2nd tag, then you just sign him long term But it's interesting because I'd guess Baker is not going to settle for the contract I think he deserves, and the Browns will be stuck between overpaying and being without a QB Baker definitely gets more from Cleveland than he does from an open market if I had to guess
  19. I think the more important question is whether this affects his contract negotiations and to what extent Presumably, this is a "prove it year" to determine where his market value slots in
  20. This is hard, because idk of a PV calculator that can calculate 128,800 years.. even excel breaks far before that But put it this way.. Unless the dude is immortal, take the lump sum The payback period is insane due to TVM/inflation
  21. I know its not at all the point of this thread - but the first sentence is pretty ridiculous and unrelated to the injury It can be both - he can be legitimately injured AND still have bad chemistry with Odell
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