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  1. I know I'm off-topic to football, but I'll try to make the point respectfully and move on: When it comes to any of these things - whether sports, entertainment, business, politics, etc. you have to ask yourself a few questions. How bad was the transgression? Was it a mistake, or was it a pattern of behavior? Has the person been appropriately apologetic? Has the person proven to be improved as a person subsequent to the transgression? There are some things I think you cannot come back from and maintain a place as the face of something national, and some that you probably can. There ar
  2. It's less about being right or wrong about how good the team is - and more about putting yourself out there in a way that is unnecessary and off-brand to the team Lots of Bills fans have felt disrespected over the years, and now are demanding that respect. Which I understand - but the respect is clearly there if you've watched any media coverage. This "we are still disrespected" mentality that a lot of Bills fans have is purely in their heads. I don't agree with vocally demanding it. I don't want Bills fans to be thought of like the fans of other loud teams at the top. I'd rather be
  3. 3 best young QBs plus Mahomes 😭
  4. 37/43 for 442 and 4 TDs didn't realize it accumulated to that degree
  5. I have no idea if the Ravens are the best bad team, or the worst good team
  6. This past super bowl was (sort of)
  7. We're still taking applications! Join us!
  8. I'm sticking with my preseason assessment. Herbert is better, but it's closer than most people think Both are "cemented in the top 10", but Herbert is more like a top 5 for me
  9. On a related topic - Stefon Diggs has only been the 3rd best Diggs this season
  10. Easy to get hyperbolic after a win like this, but this sort of stuff is premature I get that the schedule MAJORLY favors us with 7 games left against 0-5 or 1-4 teams, then 4 more against teams we will be favored in, and only 1 true toss up on the schedule. But upsets happen and injuries happen We should feel good and feel very well set up for the rest of the season. But I don't want to be too OTT about expectations
  11. With your clear lack of couth this evening I would rather you not associate postivitely with me or my posts, plz and thx
  12. "KC has an out to move on from Patrick Mahomes early" is definitely the hottest take of 2021, and I'm here for it
  13. Bills are now +108 net points this season.... ... and our schedule gets easier
  14. You hate to see it
  15. Chiefs have had a hard schedule too Browns, Ravens, Chargers, Eagles, Bills... that's a nightmare gauntlet to start a season Their schedule opens up quite a bit.. I don't think 2-3 turns into 14-3, but I think this "chiefs miss the playoffs" talk is extraordinarily premature, considering there are 12 games left and 1 game out of WC
  16. We still have Josh Allen in, which is equally as stupid
  17. Trubisky should be in this game. Get Josh the eff out of there!
  19. I absolutely do not have to admit that. If you watched the game you know that it was complete garbage penaltes that put them in that situation in the first place I agree the call was garbage, but on the net Bills got jobbed by the refs and came out big time anyways
  20. yeah.. that's a penalty, but one of those ones where there was no way out and he made a good faith effort hope Kelce is okay
  21. let 'em talk. if people want to complain, they can.. but this game was fully one sided
  22. that's it, friends! go ahead and go to sleep if you would like
  23. the calls (on the net) have definitely favored KC but there have been SO MANY all over the place that I don't think its fair to suggest malfeasance, I think its just a series of really bad calls that have moderately tilted a little more one way than the other
  24. Collinsworth is really feeling himself tonight, isn't he?
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