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  1. This feels like a "Bills are angry" game and going to really take out their frustrations on this Jets team
  2. I'm not saying Rudolph is anything special My point is that Ben sucks and they're going to be doing fine without him
  3. And I'm TELLING YOU Losing Ben does NOT really hurt the Steelers. I'll keep saying it - they would have been better off cutting Ben and using the extra cash to improve one of their spots on the O-Line
  4. Bills with a nice starting drive to rebound from the awful performance last week
  5. this is silly.. you always take the field in situations like this In their conference alone there are 8-1, 8-2, and 7-2 teams that will be fighting for that slot.. and however weak the AFC seems, they still have a very reasonable chance in the Super Bowl I legit wouldn't choose these two teams until/if they face each other in the NFCCG.. unil that point, you keep taking the field
  6. This AB's highs were higher. Fitzy had better longevity and consistency
  7. SOMEBODY has to be the 7 seed 5 slots are basically locked up. I think the Saints probably make it, but they are far from a certainty. Then there's a big clog of Falcons, Panthers, Vikings, Seahawks, 49ers, Bears, Eagles, Giants who all have 3 or 4 wins. I don't think its unreasonable for the Falcons to survive out of that group considering their offense, and at the very least I don't think its unreasonable to assume they will remain relevant in the conversation until the end of the season.
  8. I feel like you wanna go for 2 there.. try to get down 4 in case they get a FG edit: actually I retract that opinion. You can still do that from down 5, and now Miami cannot put them away with a FG
  9. super blatant this game is weird
  10. Bateman is a good WR. Throw it to Bateman.
  11. refs have been bad the other direction too refs are just bad in general this game and this season something needs to give
  12. To be fair.. they need Xavien Howard too
  13. no, but if Baltimore get a TD and 2 pts, then yes
  14. man you have to recover that
  15. I don't even know how this is a debate.. clearly a catch
  16. that's 1000% a catch and fumble Watkins has been worth -10 points so far He cost them 4 points on that opening drive, then 7 right here For all the crappy offensive line play and lack of offense, he's the reason they lose
  17. I've never seen a man more joyful about commiting a penalty
  18. I feel like we could just eliminate a lot of really silly procedural rules and it makes the game better
  19. omg that slow=mo of him running off the field with a smile like its Christmas morning
  20. did a friggin offensive guard just forget that he's not a receiver? like.. "Imma poach this RB screen and just go for a TD"
  21. is that man eligible? if so, that's a TD
  22. only a clown kicks a FG here
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