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  1. 1. Rodgers 2. Brady 3. Burrow 4. Allen 5. Taylor
  2. Was not aware that he was/is broke. Is it related to his child abuse? Anyway, glad to hear it, the sooner we have that piece of **** out of the league the better.
  3. It's the face. This is not a successful QB.
  4. "Few things offer greater return on investment than praise." <-- This guy have some great ones but this is my favorite. Apply it often and widely but don't overdo it and become cliché.
  5. Then they need to grow up and get with the times, plain and simple. Or GTFO.
  6. Kudos to the guy for opening up and hopefully he can be a role model for other gay athletes that are afraid of coming out.
  7. I'm the same. Bought a bit more than I was comfortable with tbh when it was running up in the january spike (my avg is around $11) so been bagholding it for a while. Will offload some if we close in on $20 but keep the majority long term. AMC, I don't know what to do with. It's just a small play for me but enjoying the run up. But it will come crashing down hard for sure so will probably sell a bit of it today to ensure that I double my initial investment. GME is still my biggest play by far. Haven't touched it and won't touch it until it blows up like nothing seen before. Will kee
  8. Is it a mistake that you don't have 49ers trending up? Went from 2nd in points 2019 to 21st or something last year so if they can just stay a little healthier we should be back in contention for a Top-5/10 offense. I'd also put Rams, now that they have an actual QB, and Vikings in as an HMs over Seattle or Bengals but otherwise I agree with most of it.
  9. I don't follow college ball but as soon as the trade happened, I started looking at the guys and was immediately drawn to Lance. The athleticism and through-the-roof potential of course but also his poise and the way he seemed to carry himself. Never got that same feeling for Fields and nowhere close with Jones, whom I didn't think was ever a serious option with the resources we gave up. So happy we selected him and glad to hear that Jimmy G immediately reached out to him. This gives Jimmy another shot with a loaded roster, hopefully with some special Lance packages thrown in towards the
  10. This is correct. Not applicable to all stocks but I'd say comfortably at least 9/10.
  11. Judging by his shape maybe he does in fact eat footballs. Glazed in caramel and sprinkles in a big bowl of cream.
  12. The draft's supposed to be something exciting that you look forward to. But this year, it's just too big and too much at stake. I have 1) Lance, 2) Fields and 389) Jones so any of the first two is A-OK!
  13. They did. And Kaep was pretty darned good for about 1,5 season before defenses figured him out and he wasn't willing to put in the work to overcome his deficiencies as a passer.
  14. Always was overrated. Today he's basically a mediocre WR with a 16M cap hit so his value to a franchise might even be negative.
  15. Nothing but respect for that man and his mental fortitude and perseverance. 200% class act and one of the most under-appreciated Niner-players in history. I tip my hat to you, Alex Smith. Enjoy retirement!
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