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  1. Jimmy G if he wins a third ring obviously.
  2. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    LOL Imagine that you had two QBs on run-first teams. Both QBs have similar yardage, with one of them sitting out the equivalent of almost 2 games (due to already securing a positive outcome for his team). That QB also have more 25+% more TDs scored, albeit with one extra turnover, and much better efficiency numbers. His team led the league in scoring and was 2nd in yardage while the other QB's team just squeaked inside the top 10. There is simply no way that Greased Weasel Wilson had a better year than Lamar and trying to argue him being more valuable and placing Jackson at #5 is just asinine. Both QB's need their run game to win (Wilson is 1-8 dating back to Oct 2017 when attempting 36+ passes in a game (i.e. above league average)) and if you want to argue that Wilson is somehow even close to being as big of a factor in the run game as Lamar, please make your case.
  3. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    I'm so hyped up, wishing the game would be this Sunday rather than the next just to get it over with. Living in Sweden, the game starts at midnight but have prepared by taking Monday off to celebrate just in case we win. Will have a couple of friends over but nothing big. Not too many football fans around here although it is growing year on year and the Super Bowl are at least on quite a few peoples' radar.
  4. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    Not sure that I agree. Granted it's still early and the sample size is small, in the six games where Jimmy has been asked to throw it 35+ times, he has a 5-1 record averaging 28/40 (69.5%) passes for 335 yards, 2.3 TD and 0.8 INT. Counting just this season, hes TD/INT increases to 3.25 to 1 while the rest stays largely the same. He out-duelled both Brees and Russell Wilson on one occasion each (the greased weasel won the first round). I wouldn't call him a weak link but he is a bit of an unknown. As for the Alex Smith comparison, Forge gave a really good response at the bottom of page 1. I'm comfortable with him as my franchise QB and looking forward to seeing what he can develop into with more experience under Shanahan's tutelage.
  5. It's wide open. Bookies agree with Chiefs -1 or -1.5. KC are a scary, scary team with their ability to score from anywhere on the field. They will likely give 49ers the Titans treatment as well, going heavy up front so Jimmy is probably going to need to step up in the passing game. Hoping Coleman can come back to play as well but they way his arm stuttered against the ground when he landed did not look good
  6. That changed in the playoffs though with the defense allowing 65 points over 4 games (34 of them to the Pats) which was enough to carry a 3 TD 7 INT quarterback to the title. Run game was good though averaging 150 ypg.
  7. Favorite Player Not on Your Team

    Frank Gore but maybe that's cheating. Otherwise someone from the old guard like Larry Fitzgerald, Shady McCoy, Drew Brees or Tom Brady.
  8. Falcons announce new uniforms for 2020 season

    Those Jets unis are abominations so don't know why you want to compare it to them. I agree that the current Falcons unis look dated, mainly the shoulder area and that awkward slight drop-shadow look on the numbers. They should bring back the red helmets, keep the red shirts but revert to the old logo - go back to their 70's look.
  9. I hope you're talking about former 1st rounder Joshua Garnett as that's the only thing on our squad even closely related to a 1st round pick that someone should give up for Beckclown. He was always overrated and cares way too much about himself. With his current contract, I wouldn't want him if he was given to us for free.
  10. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Just kidding, my man. He is both loud and a bit goofy so I can totally see it. Personally, I love the guy but that's mostly because he's so freaking good and has a team-first mentality. Hopefully none of that changes when he gets his well-deserved extension that will blow up the TE market. To get back on topic, I believe it will be tight and the game can go either way. If 49ers play as good as they can, they will win but with such an inexperienced team there's a lot of things that can go wrong.
  11. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Are you Everson Griffen? Btw, fixed your post for you.
  12. Divisional Round: Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

    Was hoping for a Seattle win as that would have been the easier opponent but can't complain with the better team being more deserving of the W. Rodgers was ace on 3rd down and won the QB matchup with that. 49ers needs to do a better job locking it down and containing Adams.
  13. Who is the best QB whisperer of all time?

  14. Tom Time

    Is there any way that the NFL could interfere if a player of Brady's caliber chose to play for the veteran minimum? Otherwise, with respect for players wanting to maximize earnings to set themselves and their loved ones up for the future, more people should do this, especially veteran QBs like Brady, Brees, Rodgers etc. in search of that extra championship. If they still want the money, there should be plenty of creative ways to ensure that they are still paid, especically down the line.
  15. Coach Of The Year Predictions

    Zimmer's up there in that second group too.