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  1. Everything seems down 10% It’s days like these where you should either load up if you have spare cash laying around or just look away and keep a cool head.
  2. Palantir (PLTR) on a discount now boys! I loaded up with some more in the dip Yesterday and noted that Cathie Wood did as well. ARKG added 5.2M shares Yesterday, having purchased 1.5M Tuesday. I bought a few less than that.
  3. Most likely they will merge with Lucid Motors. If that happens, any CCIV shares you own are converted into Lucid shares once the deal is completed. If that deal falls through, CCIV share prices will take a steep tumble as well so fingers crossed my friend.
  4. Bought Luokung Technology Corp ($LKCO) in November after it had just rushed from 0.4 to 0.6 USD. It's had quite the jump in the last week, up 250%. Was basically just a stab in the dark with 500 shares off some DD I saw but it's actually quite interesting technology and I'm considering increasing my position. See video DD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jyKLAmMsZ8&feature=emb_logo Anyone else in on this? What do you think?
  5. CCIV with a nice looking 12% bump in premarket. Looks like it could be another rough day otherwise.
  6. Sad I didn't join the rally. At least I'm in on APHA.
  7. Nah, too much is decided by team strength in F1. But he's the solid GOAT in his sport though as I consider his wins much more impressive than Hamilton's, especially the Mercedes years as the car was just so much better than the competition. Don't think it's consensus but really, I feel that Federer is ahead of Nadal due to his versatility and style of play. I personally like Djokovic over Nadal as well but objectively Nadal is probably ahead. For womens tennis I agree with Steffi Graf as the GOAT. Second would be Margaret Court.
  8. And maybe don't go balls deep in any penny stock @Humble_Beast 😅
  9. 1. 2001 Rams 2. 2004 Eagles 3. 2020 Chiefs 4. 2016 Falcons 5. 2014 Seahawks 6. 2018 Rams 7. 2003 Panthers
  10. Yeah, you can't impact who you're up against. 2000 Ravens had already disposed of Gannon's Raiders in the AFCC where they gave up 191 yards and 3 points (a FG on a short field after a Dilfer INT), with 5 takeaways. But it's OK to disagree and since this isn't even the topic of the conversation, I suggest we leave it at this.
  11. Agree with this ⬆️ One thread is enough. We have room for both right here I think.
  12. Same. I'm up almost 40% since getting in when I wrote about it last Wednesday. Was able to get into ZSAN at $2.09 when it dipped as well. @HeimdallrLet's hope it keeps on delivering!
  13. Agree with all of those as more impressive than the Seahawks. You should also add 2000 Ravens which defense allowed 0 points, 152 total yards, had 5 takeaways and 1 defensive score. For the Bucs, I'd say 2002 slightly ahead of Sunday's display.
  14. Stopped at 2010. Tier 1: 2019 Chiefs Tier 2: 2020 Buccaneers 2016 Patriots 2010 Packers Tier 3: 2018 Patriots 2017 Eagles 2014 Patriots Tier 4: 2013 Seahawks 2012 Ravens 2011 Giants Tier 5: 2015 Broncos
  15. You out? I'm still riding my 200 shares. Premarket pumping, next stop Andromeda, LOL. Currently monitoring a lot of the gambling stocks to see if maybe there's a small post-SB dip where I can get in. Already own DKNG since it started to climb mid-November. Current shortlist is: SCR SKLZ GAN RSI ELYS FUBO DMYD Realize I'm a bit late to the party with a lot of these as they've already had nice runs but at the same time I feel like the industry has a lot more to give, especially in the long run. Anything you guys have your eyes on? I know that
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