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  1. While talking about context, Russel Wilson is also almost 32, while Mahomes just turned 25. By the age Wilson came into the league, Mahomes already had a 50 TD/5000 yard, MVP Season to his name, something Wilson still hasn't come close to. So yeah, I'm gonna laugh off the idea that Russel replicates what Mahomes has done coming into the league and straight out dominating in his first year as a starter/second year in the league.
  2. Or getting ejected and throwing a temper tantrum after going after 180 lbs star receiver Quinton Patton's helmet when the Blaine Gabbert-led 49ers served Rams a donut some years back.
  3. LOL, so salty and such a weak comeback attempt 🤡 Although to be fair, it's hard to see when you're in UDFA 13 game starter Daniel Brunskill's pocket for the entire game.
  4. This aged well. Even missing our best player and being banged up all over the place, we still put the Charging Goats in their place.
  5. Agreed to some extent. That pick was at least as much about bad execution with Wilson hesitating ever so slightly and then throwing a weak ball and Lockette losing the battle for the ball with Butler. But at the same time, with the game on the line it's better to hand the ball to your best player rather than drawing up a pass play with the combination of Russel Wilson and Ricardo Lockette 😂 Kind of similar to how 49ers chose to go with a combination of 1 LaMichael James run and then 3 straight Kaepernick passes against the Ravens in Super Bowl 2013. To continue on the topic, Belichick's famous decision to go for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts in 2009 comes to mind. With the way the Patriots defense and offense had been playing I still believe that putting the game in Brady's hand was the right decision.
  6. First of all, I find your take that Mahomes is "slightly above average" to be ridiculous. Where was that lack of poise last year in the playoffs where he had over 1000+ yards and 12 TDs passing and running, while leading his team to a SB win? Second, how does slightly above average place him #4 in the league with 32 starters? I guess it might work if you consider the league to be at an all-time low with regards to QB play?
  7. Agreed. I see some younger fans trying to put guys like Aaron Donald on the same level as prime Watt and I just don't see it. Sure Donald's one of the best players in today's NFL and he does get a lot of sacks and stuffs rushing from multiple positions but he has never had seasons like Watt's 2014 or 2012 (81 Tackles, 39 TFL, another 20.5 sacks, 4 FF, 2FR and 16 PDs) and I don't think he ever will.
  8. Depends on if we're talking career (Rodgers), peak (Rodgers) or if we are going to take age into account (Wilson) or if we go by smaller sample sizes like last game (Rodgers) or last five games (Wilson) or any number of other situations that you could concoct. Not knowing this, I went with Rodgers as I simply consider him the superior QB in most situations and also the only one with concrete evidence of being able to be THE GUY to carry a team to a Super Bowl win.
  9. For the 49ers it seems pretty easy that injuries have gotten the worst of us this year as we've had players accounting for 40% of our cap being sidelined, including our starting QB, basically all receiving options, literally every single DE, including our best player in Nick Bosa. So yeah, it certainly sucks but not hard to see why it happened.
  10. Yes from me. Would probably make re-locations harder and less frequent. Maybe the Raiders stays in Oakland (both times), maybe we didn't have teams like the Rams having played in four different cities etc.
  11. We just got clobbered by the freaking Dolphins and got an L from the injury-riddled Eagles. It'll take an epic crap show from the Charging Goats to not win 🤢
  12. Certainly not with the injuries to Luck and RGIII. Luck was obviously great but only played 5,5 seasons, Griffin only really shone during his rookie season, Tannehill is decent but has had an underwhelming career, Weeden and Osweiler were both crap, Wilson is great, Foles created magic but has been a career backup, Cousins is above average and Keenum had one decent year but otherwise is a career backup. As it turned out I'd easily have 2004 (Rivers, Ben, Eli, Schaub) ranked higher and likely 2005 (higher peak with Rodgers and comparable depth with Alex Smith, Fitzmagic, Campbell, Cassel, Orton) 2000 as well just off how dominant Brady has been.
  13. NaVorro Bowman in 2013 where he had 145 tackes, 2 INT (1 TD), 8 PD, 6 FF and 5 sacks. Him and Patrick Willis, who I consider a HOF player, was such a dominant duo at ILB. Such a shame that both careers were spoiled by injuries. Could have been LB duo for the ages.
  14. Him coming into the league so young is certainly worth noting. Compared to someone like Russel Wilson who came into the league at almost 24 (or Brandon Weeden at age 28, lol), Allen was the equivalent of an entire college career younger when he came into the league so he was always going to have to grow into himself. He just grew faster and higher than most expected and hopefully can continue to get even better. Super-impressed by him!
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