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  1. I'm pretty sure that players only have until Aug. 3rd to opt out. At least that is what. I read
  2. Well after going back to find it, every single reply was asking if it was Bill Cower or Josh McDaniels old house so I'm guessing not much going into this one. Sorry false alarm
  3. Just saw a post on twitter saying Clowny bought a house in Strongsville. Dont know if accurate just noticed it in passing about 30 minutes ago.
  4. I played against Aquon Bolden while I was at Jupiter HS and he was at Pahokee HS in FL. They blew the doors off us 48-10 and the TD was a very lucky play. It was like toddlers playing full grown men
  5. It looks like it to me. 7 out of the top 10 is very impressive. Good job 👍👍👍👍👍🤯🤯🤯
  6. He is the #3 player left on CBS's big board. So very good pick up as an UDFA. He was ranked 108 overall
  7. I could get behind that. I want Lamar Jackson the CB from Nebraska too
  8. I also very much like RB Michael Warren II Cincy
  9. I was just gonna post asking who everyone wants in the UFA pool. I just said in another thread that if we could walk away with Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska as a UFA I would be ecstatic. Also aone others I really like Trey Adam's, Thad Moss, Javaris Davis, Lavert Hill, Essang Bassey, Joe Bachie, and Robert Landers
  10. If we could walk away with Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska as a UDA I will do a backflip (not really cause I doubt physics would allow it)
  11. The bright side of having no 7th round draft picks is that at least we get a head start on UFA
  12. I played Anquon Bolden in HS football when he played for Pahookie and I played for Jupiter HS. We lost 10-48 and it was like men playing toddlers (my team was the toddlers lol)
  13. I was just about to mention that Bryant was actually a very good blocker. He was recruited as an OT and moved to TE so some of the evaluations I've read had him as an very good blocker. I'll look up the link for that now
  14. I would trade Wirfs for Willis for Cleveland and also would trade 6th rounder for Joshiah Deguara [ TE ] Cincinnati but other then that it was a really good draft for the Browns
  15. Well that didn't come out the way I planned. So I'll manually put it in. 1) 10- Becton OT Louisville 2) 41- Austin Jackson OT USC 3) 74- Milik Harrison LB OSU 3) 90- K'von Wallace S Clemson 4) 105- Leki Futo IDL Utah 6) 167- Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri 7) 221- Austin Mack WR OSU
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