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  1. Mike Pettine Defense

    I just want to say you were right about the Kizer trade at the time. What a bad deal for us - Kizer at this moment is not an upgrade over Hundley and we could really use Damarious over Brice right now. Good call on that one.
  2. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Has Randall been getting bombed on in Cleveland? That trade looks dumber than dumb now I'm and I feel dumb for ever saying it was a good trade. Don't think there is any way Kizer fares much better than Brett Hundley would back there even if he is a bit more talented at this point and it seems to me that Randall would be a huge upgrade over Brice.
  3. This is bad revisionism. Guys wide open dropping passes is what killed us
  4. Our receivers get mugged through their whole routes but only GB gets called. This is horse****
  5. McCarthy with the right play calls again, players not executing. Catch the damn ball!
  6. It was in his hands but he wasn't watching the ball
  7. Y'all can crap on MM but our players just cannot catch.
  8. This Rodgers rule protects every QB EXCEPT Aaron flipping Rodgers
  9. If they are going to call these pansy penalties, call them on both goddamn teams How bout dah
  10. Only roughing if it's Clay Matthews. Redskins land on Rodgers, no flag
  11. Injured qb and two weeks in a row our receivers do him no favors
  12. Allison is the only receiver who can catch
  13. Gute is Ted Thompson: Packers sign James Crawford

    They won't get a safety. They will rude it out with Jones, get used to this crappy safety play this season
  14. Be nice to take advantage of that though.
  15. Congrats on bring correct too