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  1. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Where can I get news from credible reporters? Any suggestions?
  2. Star Players To Sit Out?

    I hope so, they absolutely should sit out after the NFL’s move
  3. Jimmy Graham and Tight End Alignment

    It is possible that the season wore down his body AND Hundley couldn’t find him. Though he only had 23 yards when Rodgers came back for the Panthers game. Davante did work until the concussion and even the dirt bag Cobb had a nice game. But let’s assume Hundley was the issue, if we take Raymonds analysis on his production coming from the scramble drill, it makes sense his production would drop off, no way is he anywhere near Rodgers on the scramble drill. But as Ray notes, Jordy was limited to this type of game because of his age. I also think if you put the blame at Hundley, then you should consider how a healthy Rodgers would impact Davante’s numbers as well. Just because he produced with Hundley doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have out up better numbers with Rodgers. People keep comparing prime Jordy to Davante Adams last season to enforce the claim he has never produced as a number 1. Nevermind the fact the leads the NFL in td’s the last two seasons, but his numbers are better than Jordy’s were at this point in his career. But taking Jordy’s best seasons through his whole career and comparing them to Adams four seasons, which were better than Jordy’s first four seasons (Including the legendary 2011 season), is strange IMO. And it is likely Davante was 2concussions away from his first 1000 yard season, in what world is 1,000 yards + 10 td’s not number 1 production? What I have learned from the debate is that Jordy’s value at this age comes from the scramble drill, maybe that is worth the 5 mil Norm speculates he would have signed for, maybe not. I personally think we will be better but at worst, I think these moves calculate to a wash. That is what the statistical arguments point towards anyways. Either way the WR corps is likely 1 injury away from being in rough waters, definitely screwed if Adams goes down in either scenario. I guess having Jordy would give me peace of mind if anything but I am pretty confident that we have receivers who can ‘find the soft spots’ as good as or nearly as good as Jordy and who can play the scramble drill. I don’t think there is any scenario where we totally regret cutting him but there also isn’t a scenario where having an extra vet like Jordy doesn’t ‘help’ in some way.
  4. Am hoping we might trade that extra first for a player? I love the trade regardless though, I was always envious of the way BB acquires draft capital and seems to keep it tolling through the years, if that makes sense lol. Love the pick too. I never looked I to him much pre draft but wow, I'm impressed. And as the first posts said, we finally have speed
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I see 14 being between the two edge rushers and whatever CB's are left. I could see OT as a dark horse though all depends on their grades and how the board shakes out (no s**t).
  6. What Universally Loved Games Do You Hate?

    Lol yup, when I cave in and play with my obsessed friends we spend 20 minutes walking and 20 minutes camping I feel like. If we find a car then maybe 5 minutes walking and 30 minutes camping. Garbage.
  7. What Universally Loved Games Do You Hate?

    I cannot stand pubg
  8. Sea of Thieves | Xbox & PC

    There is a lot missing but somehow I am still enjoying it. I think mainly because it is a refreshing title after a decade of CoDmania and amidst the new battle royale craze (they should but this mode in sot). I mostly server hop and try to go to the skull Outpost, it's really the only thing worthwhile. There are also a lot of high level players now so if I join and there is a high level quest, I'll stick around for a bit lol. The PvP is by far the best part and I agree with a previous poster that it doesn't happen enough. Most servers consist if several sloops and my galleon and the sloops just run away. Luckily rare announced a whole bunch of new content that starts dropping in May with releases planned through September. New missions, weekly events, new boat etc.
  9. Pick 3 for #14

    Assuming Fitz, Ward, James and co. are gone: Harold Landry Josh Jackson Mike Hughes
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Fanspeak results: Using Bleacher report's big board and fanspeak's needs 1: Landry 2: Hughes 3: Cappa 4: Gallup 4(2): Hercules 5: Toliver II 5(2): Fumagalli 5(3): Timon Parris 6: Dalto Schultz (TE Stanford) 6(2): Tray Matthews (Safety Auburn) 7: I only did 6 rounds on accident I love the first two picks, and obviously the rest but I think everything after round two seems maybe a round too late? Some guys could fall though. If we double up on positions I think it would be something along these lines. Looks like there some decent prospects at positions we need this year, except for pass rusher of course.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Anybody like Keke Coutee in the mid rounds? He looks like a solid prospect all around but wonder if size will be an issue.
  12. MOCK round by round (ROUND 4 on page 9)

    No doubt, I don't spend much time looking into these guys mostly come here to read what you all are saying and throw my 2 cents out there. But ya I pretty much agree with your assessment of Vea in the pass rush, in being valuable by freeing up others. I'd be torn if I had to decide between those three (Vea, Dav, and Landry), but definitely think any 3 of them could be a huge help.
  13. MOCK round by round (ROUND 4 on page 9)

    I'd be happy with Landry, Davenport, or Vea. Vea seems like the safest pick, and provides a bit of pass rush, but would like Davenport for his size or Landry for his speed. CBS has Ward being there at 14, and the pack passing him for a right tackle. 👀 We would have some Justin Harrell reacts I'm sure in that case.
  14. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Sounds like that arrigo guy makes his living trolling packer fans. There's so many and we all want to know what tf is going on so business is boomin.
  15. Packers Sign Kyle Fuller to Offer Sheet

    Plenty of bizarre happenings when one man is in charge. I wouldn't go bashing a power sharing structure, we really don't know much about yet, because of one deal. What about the other deals, Who is to say those weren't wins for power sharing??