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  1. Saints cut Coby Fleener

    Disappointed in how we handled the TE position this year. Either the TE position isn't a big deal / not very important in the current Payton Offense or we are content with what we had last year + Watson who will be 38 this season and a free agent next year...
  2. Yup, I was hoping for Tim Settle but figures we'd go O-Line concerning our lack of depth there. Also looks like were rolling with Fleener / Watson /Hill @TE for 2018 barring a surprise, I'm still concerned about our DT depth but maybe the saints feel good about guys like mitchell loewen? Overall solid draft so far but disappointed we didn't make a move for a TE / interior defensive linemen. Never heard of the guy before today but like what am reading so far, hopefully he pans out.
  3. I like the pick but I think we still need some help @ WR/TE/O-Line Depth so hopefully we have a big day on offense tomorrow.
  4. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 27

    Late but I would have also taken Jaire Alexander in this scenario. Not a big fan of taking CB again in round 1 but no choice since Sweat & Bryan got taken right before we picked.
  5. Yea pretty much, my reasoning is 1.] Brees Age and 2.] No 2nd Rounder, we need someone who can come in and play right away at #27.
  6. What of BPA doesn't fit a need at 27?

    I think were going BPA at a position of immediate need, which is pass rusher or te. The Saints definitely want a TE, but they may not want to drop a 1st rounder on one, so in this scenario I think going O-line is the right move, Will Hernandez or Frank Ragnow. If Armstead gets hurt again. I hope he doesn't but honestly I think it's likely to happen, we can slide Peat to RT, Ramczyk to LT, and move Hernandez inside, while Ragnow would take over for Unger in 2019 or even in 2018 maybe. I think the Lamar Jackson stuff is a smokescreen but if Payton really believes in him then I'd be cool with that too. Not a fan of Guice or Jackson here, Guice would be the 3rd RB on this team and and I don't see any signs that were moving on from Ingram. If Josh Jackson failed to unseat Crawley then our 1st round pick would have been wasted on a 4th-5th string CB...I like the player but we really don't need to spend another 1st rounder on any CB in this draft, I'd be highly confused and upset if we went that route. Edit: I think were going BPA at a position of need, if Jackson or Guice happens to be BPA I honestly believe the saints will still pass on them. O-Line isn't necessarily a need but we have some injury concerns + Unger is getting older so I think we pass on Guice / Jackson for these reasons.
  7. Edge rusher is something the saints could definitely use, but what if Okafor returns to form? Before his injury, he played close to 80% of the snaps at EDGE, we also potentially could have another solid contributor there with al-quadin muhammad. I definitely think the Saints view EDGE as a need, I just don't see the playing time available at #27, unless of course Okafor gets hurt again or his performance falls off. I think we'd essentially be spending our 1st rounder on Okafor insurance / Cam's future replacement, In this case I'd be disappointed if our 1st rounder is riding the bench in 2018. I can't find the numbers on how often the saints are in their nicket defense, but If I had to guess it's roughly 70-75% of the time. Let's say instead of EDGE, we go with my preferred option which is DT / interior pass rusher - it's not a "need", but I clearly see a huge role for this position. You replace the NT [tyeler davison] in your nickel defense / obvious passing downs with someone like Maurice Hurst, in any case he's likely at a minimum going to play anywhere from 50-60% of the snaps vs Sweat who is potentially only getting about 10-15% per week because he's behind a productive Okafor and we have Cam on the other side. Again, my numbers are off because I haven't researched the stats here so I'm only estimating, but I think my point is obvious, it's all about who can help our team the most immediately in 2018. EDIT: I forgot about Onyemata, but honestly we were fortunate that neither Rankins nor Onyemata missed any games last year, if either of them gets hurt were immediately thin in the pass rushing department, which is why I think we still need another DT in the rotation. TL;DR I think EDGE is a need and will help the team in the long term, but in the short term it might not produce results. I prefer DT because I think we can get the best of boith worlds, we can improve our pass rush along with a guarantee that the player will see enough snaps to benefit the team. I also worry that we risk reaching for DE at @27 simply because we have a need there when by all accounts this is a weak draft for edge rushers. Lastly, this is the same reason I prefer TE early, we have a clear starter position open there, whoever we pick is going to see playing time. For me, I prefer we pick someone @27 who is nearly guaranteed to see the field in 2018, I wouldn't be upset if we went in another direction but I'd just interpret that to mean we were unlucky and nobody we really wanted fell, in that scenario I'd assume were just gonna go BPA @ O-Line / QB / WR / etc and call it a day.
  8. With the Cameron Meredith signing wide receiver isn't as urgent, should provide us with more flexibility to pick BPA heading into the draft, although I'm still thinking we either take TE in the first round or move up for one in the 2nd.
  9. 2018 NFL draft Saints prospect watch list:

    Excellent post, I'd be fine with either Mark Andrews or Calvin Ridley in the 1st Round for the offense. On defense I think you're underestimating our need at linebacker a bit, when I watched the Vikings game I think we left too many plays on the field due to our linebackers being too slow to make the play, don't know what you think about profootballfocus but Klein finished his season with a very poor rating [36.8], in addition Anzalone still has to prove that can stay healthy for a season, if were in a position to draft either Smith or Edmunds am thinking we rush to the podium without thinking twice. I also think there's a much, much higher chance of us re-signing Oakfor rather than Fairley returning from his heart condition after missing an entire season of football. I'm not sure which DT is the right-fit for us, the top guys look more like run-stuffers for a 3-4 rather than an explosive pass-rusher which is what we need, but either way I'd have this position as a close 2nd need for us on defense after linebacker.
  10. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    Good write up, I'll be shocked if the first two picks in the saints draft isn't LB AND TE. These two needs are enormous and when you add in the lackluster free agent pool at both of these positions [I don't see Jimmy G coming back here] in addition to Brees's short window for another superbow [I only see him playing for another 2 years] hitting on both of these picks become paramount. @TE A guy I like is Hayden Hurst out of South Carolina, I think he'll be there in the mid to late 3rd Round. @LB Hopefully we get lucky and somebody like Roquan Smith / Rashaan Evans falls to us. In Free Agency the WR position is absolutely stacked, there's no excuse for the Saints to not sign someone out there to take pressure off Michael Thomas - Jarvis Landry, Sammy Watkins, Paul Richardson, Brice Butler, Allen Robinson, and Davante Adams are my top six, I'm thinking the saints will go after one of these guys early in free agency. If we can get quality players at these three positions, find another pass rusher, and re-sign Brees / Okafor I think that would instantly make this team a true Superbowl contender.
  11. Why didn't you tackle, Marcus?

    The defense was terrible on that last play irregardless of what Marcus Williams did, there's simply no reason he should have been left this wide open near the sidelines for a field goal attempt with 10 seconds left in the game, obviously Williams should have still made the tackle but this was just bad defense, but I've said previously that big plays like this have been hurting the saints all year, definitely need to improve.
  12. I disagree, I think our defense has been doing this all-season, including last game giving up that huge touchdown to Christian Mccaffrey, it just came back to bite us at the worst possible time. Even if we had made the superbowl I have no doubt something like this would have happened vs The Patriots or Jaguars, we just need to get better next year.
  13. Well look at the bright side: Drew Brees proved he still has it, honestly our defense has been giving up big plays at the worst possible times for awhile now, including last game vs carolina, if we add a few more pieces then no doubt we'll be back next year.
  14. Well, I'm still in shock, this has to be the biggest choke in saints playoff history.
  15. The most disappointing aspect of this game to me [aside from the injuries and refs of course] is the fact that our offense has been moving the ball against this defense yet has zero points thanks to a sack & missed field goal, in addition to the Brees interception and dumb penalty negating a Ted Gin touchdown. edit: touchdown Michael Thomas, argh those early missed opportunities sting.