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  1. Free Agency

    Subpackages. Wilson and Ragland out, Lee and/or DoD in, depending on Nickel or Dime.
  2. 2019 Preseason

    Not too far from my projection - but I definitely think they'll keep Custis. They didn't make that investment in an UDFA to let him walk. Redshirt season, similar to McKenzie. There may be a pattern - using one of the inactive slots as an "high value practice squad" kind of thing.
  3. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Probably the most outstanding bullcrap I've seen on this case ... unless everyone else is throwinmg smokescreens: Chiefs not in contact with Hill, but he has the playbook. NFL talked to him a week ago - now they are meeting today I think. Hill working his *** off at a hill they identified - but no pic. I'll wait for Terez or someone else to come up with real news ...
  4. 2019 Preseason

    He's one of those "finds" ... I think the OL really is a place to look deep into the pile to dig up gold ... Lots of late draft picks or UDFA who made it a great career. Coaching (especially technique) and strength may be the issue at the college level. I'm surprised how often I read about the "intelligence" required by ALL offensive linemen. Hardly ever read about that other than in reference to QB and "the leader of the defence" (usually a LB)
  5. Free Agency

    Chiefs swapped a few players after minicamp: out: Senior, Justin (OT) Williams, James (RB) Johnson, Gary (LB) in: Beecham, Abdul (OG) Caldwell, Josh (FB) Hines, D'Juan (LB) Positionwise it's a one-for-one swap. A guy I think is interesting is Caldwell. Listed as FB, but ran the ball a lot in college. And he claims to be good at catching. Too short as H-Back, but as a power back?
  6. Free Agency

    Here we go - mini camp fallout: That leaves 3 open slots for now, considering the Jalin Burrell release yesterday.
  7. 5 additional years, about 20 M$ Serious money for a kicker. Just wonder what that may mean for Colquitt.
  8. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Updated with information on OL and LB from Arrowheadpride after the first day of Minicamp. Looks like Hitchens is going to play WLB after all. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/6/11/18662026/observations-notes-and-videos-from-day-one-of-chiefs-mandatory-minicamp https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/6/11/18660026/laurent-duvernay-tardif-is-ready-to-play-with-reiter-and-wylie-beside-him https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/6/11/18661859/anthony-hitchens-provided-clues-about-steve-spagnuolos-chiefs-defense-on-tuesday What kind fo surprises me is that there is no mention of Lee at LB at all ...
  9. The 2019-2020 Season

    Let's kick this off with two road wins to set Arrowhead on fire once the team plays its first home game to go 3-0. After that ... it's football season ... Talking about the opponents as such is a moot point as that has been set 10 years ago (with the exception of two games). What is more of a concern for me is the number of "prime time" games - which effectively means me (and other Europeans) being unable to watch them live ... if at all.
  10. Free Agency

    and he received 100 k$ guarateed, more than quite a few drafted players ...
  11. Free Agency

    I just wonder what's wrong with Allen Bailey. He's still out there as well.
  12. 2023 Draft coming to KC

    Why have a "Green Room"?? Spread them out to BBQ joints ...
  13. 2023 Draft coming to KC

    Guess that is yet to be decided ... but probably the area would be too small .. P&L comes to mind - but doesn't provide appropriate room for team reps ... Sprint Center as hub and spokes all over the place?? I'd like that ...
  14. Official ... https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/22/18636191/the-nfl-draft-is-coming-to-kansas-city-in-2023
  15. Free Agency

    There's just one minor issue: Check his contract: This year is doable, especially with the suspension. But 13 M$ next year? Plus signings of Jones, Fuller, Mahomes and may be Hill? Or give away a what - 2nd? 3rd? rounder for a 10 week hire?