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  1. 2023 Draft coming to KC

    Why have a "Green Room"?? Spread them out to BBQ joints ...
  2. 2023 Draft coming to KC

    Guess that is yet to be decided ... but probably the area would be too small .. P&L comes to mind - but doesn't provide appropriate room for team reps ... Sprint Center as hub and spokes all over the place?? I'd like that ...
  3. Official ... https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/22/18636191/the-nfl-draft-is-coming-to-kansas-city-in-2023
  4. Free Agency

    There's just one minor issue: Check his contract: This year is doable, especially with the suspension. But 13 M$ next year? Plus signings of Jones, Fuller, Mahomes and may be Hill? Or give away a what - 2nd? 3rd? rounder for a 10 week hire?
  5. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Ok, updated my chart and cut it down to 52 players on the roster. Thoughts by position: OL: They went with 8 most of the time last year and didn't add much. Not sure how one of the "others" should break the lineup. QB: They went with two all of last year, keeping one on the PS. Guess that will be the approach this year again. RB: Heavy in numbers. Dar. Williams probably would be the first guy to go on offense in my opinion. Marshall is a PS guy. WR: Hill is the unknown factor here. I don't expect him to play week one. Chiefs invested heavily in Custis, so he is to stay I think. Anyone else would have to beat out Dieter or Kemp - which may happen. TE: Unless they bring someone in I think that's it. Lovell's going to stay as a ST ace at minimum, Bell, Fortson and Wells may compete. DL: I have a hard time to see more than eight guys here. And given their investment in extra DEs I forsee either KPass or Speaks gone. Going with KPass for now. LB: Six obvious guys here. Either Johnson or Harris may make the final 53 as an ST guy, the other should end up on the PS unless picked off. DB: Gotta discuss them as ONE bunch. Safety seems set, unless someone kicks off Sorensen for cap space. CB is a different story. Fields left some good impression so far,may make it. Reaser? Tried before, and failed. Smith obviously is the guy they will compete with. And for ST duties they will compete with the #7 LB. Thoughts??
  6. Free Agency

    One more: FB J.D. Moore released, G Zack Golditch claimed off waivers from Arizona
  7. Free Agency

    Four guys gone: Jordan, Jamire WR - Injured Lindsey, Andre WR McQuay, Leon DB Monroe, Dakari DB Four guys signed: Davis, Rashard WR Marshall, Marcus RB Miller, Herb DB Soroh, Andrew DB
  8. 2019 KC Chiefs Offseason Events

    Updated as of Rookie mini camp ... more moves coming!
  9. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Full roster including numbers:
  10. Free Agency

    Chiefs spent big on UDFA this year. Reportedly WR Jamal Custis received 100,000$ guaranteed, while WR Cody Thompson, QB Kyle Shurmur, LB Darius Harris and P Jack Fox each will earn over 40,000$. Thus I think Custis is nearly guaranteed a roster spot. Interesting they pay a punter handsomely - this could spell doom for Dustin Colquitt!
  11. Roster Moves

    Busy times clearing slots for all the new signings: Waiver requests: Crockett, Josh WR Central OklahomaMondeaux, Henry DT OregonRipkowski, Aaron RB Oklahoma - obviously just insurance in case they were unable to re-sign Sherman Active List Additions: Ward, Tim DE Old Dominion Reserve List Additions: Charles, Jamaal RB Texas
  12. DJ retires

    Too bad both he and Jamaal spent their last year active in a wrong uniform ... but the results show the Chiefs were right to let them go. That said ...did the Chiefs ever introduce two players simultaneously into their ring of honor??
  13. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Next episode: Tyreek has his lawyer write a letter to the NFL: http://www.espn.com/pdf/2019/0502/nfl_hill-tyreek_r.pdf Kinda weird piece of paperwork in my opinion. However, on e thing becomes very clear: Espinal recorded that conversation on purpose, and knowing she did, she drove it into a certain direction. Then she "leaked" it - with what in mind. As becomes evident from the letter, the conversation was taped at a time when they were discussing separation and a custody battle may have followed. If the text messages about "leaving marks" can be confirmed it sheds another light on this whole mess. When the taped conversation came out I felt there was something fishy about this whole story. I have an even stronger feeling about it now. Don't get me wrong: I'm absolutely opposed to physical punishment of a three-year-old. That's a different story Tyreek will have to live up to.
  14. Hill under investigation for Battery

    ok, so what came KCTV% up with yesterday? Unable to watch here in Europe ...