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  1. Previous picks: BUF, TB Week 3 pick: Indianapolis Colts
  2. Well, this OL kinda disappointed me quite a bit today. PMII was running for his life most of the time. False starts and holdings didn't help much at crucial moments. And even in the brute force run game they didn't really produce. Other teams will take notice ... albeit, not all teams have the pass rush the Chargers have.
  3. bad thing is .. it saved a lot of guys on the FF Survivor ...
  4. good grief ... and he kicked THREE 58 yarders .. without even blinking?
  5. Oh boy ... make something out of this one .... PLEASE!!
  6. at least one highlight .. that Butker 58 yd FG had another 4 yards in it ...
  7. wouldn't say panicked .. just confused as he doesn't know where the next pressure is coming from ... Playcalling has to adjust ... (did a bit) - quicker plays. Oh, and the D has to tackle on first contact
  8. two score game now .... but good to see SOME pressure on Herbert
  9. Sorry, but Mahomes looks shaken .. first time ever I see him that confused
  10. Chris Jones has an exceptionally bad game so far ... Frank Clark I didn't even notice ...
  11. Tackling is obnoxious, injuries piling up ... not a good evening that far ...
  12. Oooppphhh ... right now the Chargers really have Mahomes' number ...
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