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  1. You should never have doubted the Jets' ability to lose games ... geesh .. last KC member out ....
  2. Guess Wisnieski will take over for Witzmann initially as the latter (after this wek) is no longer eligible for game day promotion. After a couple of weeks he may replace Kilgore or (don't really believe it) Reiter/Wylie on the active roster. Dieter will no longer be eligible for game day protion as well.Hopefully Watkins will be back next week so there will not be a need to call up an extra WR.
  3. It does make all the sense in the world - I just didn't think far enough to be a NFL GM: https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/11/20/21579310/chiefs-dave-toub-explains-the-signing-of-punter-johnny-townsend-nfl-week-11-raiders
  4. Did a little experiment to figure out what it needs to have the Chiefs taking the #1 AFC seed. Assumption: The Chiefs win out, go 15-1 Pittsburgh would have to lose at minimum one to fall behind - and here's what the machine says: If Pittsburgh loses to Cleveland, Indianapolis, Buffalo, or Baltimore - the Chiefs are #1 If Pittsburgh loses (only) to Washington, Cincinnati, or Jacksonville - they stay on top. If Pittsburgh win out as well they obviously will keep the #1 ... In any case: See you in the AFC Championship game.
  5. and .... go ... http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine
  6. A few weird things right now: 1. Taco Charlton has yet to be placed on IR. Guess it will happen to make room for Baker though. 2. Signing Johnny Townsend. Is Tommy nicked up? Otherwise this move doesn't make any sense. 3. Sneed still has to be designated for return and start practicing. Was sure that was going to happen during bye week. 4. Okafor HAS been designated for return and resumed practice. 5. The Chiefs have no active player on the roster officially designated an OT. 6 Sunday will see a matchup of the COVID-19 OL against the COVID-19 DL.
  7. Chiefs putting THREE OT on RES/COVID simultanously: Fisher, Schwartz, Rankin
  8. Weird thing ... THREE OL on RES/COVID 8 days after they were last supposed to meet each other? Off the compound?? I'm not sure about the detailed provisions of the current protocol ... but this for sure doesn't look good. Thinking positive - may be a member of the training staff tested positive (no such news though) and they are just contacts while receiving treatment. Both Rankin and Schwartz were listed with injuries before.
  9. Crappers .. and now it is Rankin as well .. what's wrong there?? https://twitter.com/SportsRadio810/status/1328460089905307650/photo/1
  10. Both Fisher and Schwartz on Res/COVID ... Hope it's contact, not infection. If the latter get ready for a Rankin/Remmers start in the most critical game of the season.
  11. Roster moves: OL Martinas Rankin is back on the active roster. To make room the team released DE Demone Harris. Which I think is a bit weird with Taco out for at least a while with a broken leg. Well, may be they have someone up their sleeve already to beef up the outside DL. PS DT Braxton Hoyett to Res/COVID-19. Hope that doesn't cause more issues - but with the bye week up the team probably could ride it out.
  12. Now, this could become very interesting. In a virtual owner's meeting the big'uns came to a weird agreement to incentivise the hiring minority HC and GM: To cut things short: If a team hires a minority HC or GM, the team who "developped" (read: lost) him/her will receive TWO additional 3rd round picks - one each in the two following drafts. Conditions apply. This may well be applicable to Eric Bienemy once he finally is hired as the HC of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Wherever WhateverTeam ...
  13. As we are talking QBs: Fittingly enough I ran into this story on Brodie Croyle, Not really successful as a Chiefs' QB, but in his afterlife he seems to be: https://www.si.com/college/alabama/bamacentral/a-lasting-legacy-the-story-of-brodie-croyle-blackwell
  14. got 14 - and I'm a fan since 2000 only .. 😉 Wasn't aware who all started as backups in the Cassel and Smith era ... other than Tyler Palko 🤢
  15. Only saw parts of the first half on a choppy stream at the airport thus only one remark for now: It was close today but one day one of Butker's missed extra points will cost them. It's pretty concerning right now. Not sure what is wrong there as he is much better on normal field goals.
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