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  1. KC FA tracker

    signed NT Xavier Williams, a tendered RFA from Arizona. Wonder how they made Arizona not match. No draft pick compensation.
  2. Chiefs resignings?

    I'm on vacation right now with limited time to spend on football. However, looks like it is busy times. I still see a big hole on DL, and depth lacking in quite a few spots. However, the latter can easily be filled through the draft. One thing that struck me when updating the offseason overview: Chiefs have lost 5 players qualifying for a comp pick (Wilson, KPL, Fulton, Bray, Mitchell), but signed only 3 (Watkins, Henne, and Hitchens) - and Logan and DJ are still out there. Don't think Acker, Ramik Wilson or any of the others will hit the benchmarks.
  3. Chiefs resignings?

    Just saw the Chiefs re-signed Anthony Sherman.
  4. Chiefs resignings?

    There's one thing that really bothers me: As of now I haven't read anything about asingle re-signing. None. Which means as of now all agents may contact the Chiefs' coming free agents. May drive the price up for some players, may lead to a realistic expectation wrt a new contract. However, I consider it weird that they didn't even announce/leak ERFA/RFA tags. Well, we'll see ...
  5. Releases - who may be of interest?

    Chiefs will play the Rams in Mexico City
  6. Releases - who may be of interest?

    Wilkerson going to visit KC:
  7. Lots of players being released prior to the new League Year. I think the Chiefs will have a close look. They seem to try to preserve potential comp picks next year while being prudent with the cap. Post your ideas who might be of interest for the Chiefs here. This one caught my eye, as DL is lacking any depth right now. http://rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9180/benson-mayowa
  8. Ron Parker gone as well!

    Just had a little chat with Jason of overthecap and he pointed out that this move is not official yet. I checked - and he's correct: wherever I looked I found "Parker IS EXPECTED to be released." So hold your breath ... Sorry for those who don't like him - but this may have been a stunt to renegotiate his contract ...
  9. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    That's the place where I'll stay for the next two weeks ...
  10. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Ok folks, my two cents. 1. This was not a money thing. Peters could have been kept on the team for two more years easily. 5th year option would have been more expensive than his current contract, but way below the going rate for a shutdown corner. 2. His performance was not an issue. Some complain about him playing 8 yards off. I think that was by intent. First: If it wasn't he'd been benched two plays into freelancing. Second: Playing off allowed him to do the thing he does best: go after the ball. Third: Playing off covers a whole lot of ground. Give'm the two yards. Pick'em off the next time. 3. This is about controlling the guy. It was well known he may become a headache. Obviously NOW the team had enough of it. Punting balls into the stands (unsportsmanlike), throwing flags around (unsportsmanlike), showing up without socks, taking the rest of the game off (weird), getting into issues with coaches (bad thing with Andy around), considering tackling as a "business decision". And that's only what we know of. Guess there have been other things behind closed doors. 4. (speculation) Team reputation. You have some guys performing extremely well. Everyone and their mothers will mentionsome of them as role models. On the current Chiefs: DJ, Berry, may be Tamba. Peters performed at the same level. But I never heard anyone mentioning him as a role model. Coincidence? Bottom line: This was about cleaning up the locker room before things get out of hand. And if it was that: Good luck LAR.
  11. The 2018 cap is out .. in case you didn't read it elsewhere: 177,200,000$ But here's a little observation I made browsing various sources: According to the NFLPA Cap Report the Chiefs turned over EXACTLY 2.6 M$ from last year. If you look at the list - any other team has some kind of odd number .. 10,234,065 $ or 152,354.017$. Only the Chiefs have an oddly even number. Didn't they turn over all remaining cap from 2017? And if so .. why?? #conspiracy
  12. 2018 KC Chiefs Offseason Events

    A tiny bit of update. More activity expected come next week - when I'll be on vacation in Andalusia (Spain, not Alabama ...)
  13. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    I really missed you ...
  14. Ron Parker gone as well!

    Rotoworld,referencing the KC Star