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  1. With that the Chiefs have 91 players on the roster ... eehmm .. nope - they must have released someone ... if all the UDFA reported actually signed. Confirmation still pending ...
  2. Well, the real world Chiefs found a different solution ... but is it fair to wonder what would have happened had he been released earlier? 😄
  3. Chiefs spent quite a bit of cash/cap to get them ... especially on Herring
  4. So, what everyone considered probably the weakest spot during the Super Bowl loss to Tampa has now turned into something a lot of pundits consider a strength. However, there are a few questions to be asked. I'll get to this a bit further down. First: My take on how the Chiefs approached this whole thing: #1: We're not happy with anyone. Either people are hurt, don't perform, or we don't like them for other reasons. #2: That means: clean house. Start from scratch. A virgin white sheet of paper. #3: We won't be happy with anything mediocre. Think big. Step one of housecleaning
  5. with that pick the Chiefs have 81 players on the roster ... and limited space only for UDFA - unless they get out the axe tonite ...
  6. Another OG??? Holy ... but athletic grades are something for this dude.
  7. wouldn't be surprised if someone were on the phone right now with Bashaud Breeland
  8. Chiefs do have a FB in Michael Burton.
  9. Tell me something about Noah Gray ...
  10. Nope, Hitchens has two more years ... incl. 2022
  11. Crap .. hoped St. Brown might drop into Chiefs' reach ... My guess: skill player with the fourth ... WR or CB. Wouldn't be surprised if they draft Terry. Any decent receiving TE still out there?
  12. Well, what is the team doing with Hitchens then?? I could see something like S - Bolton M - Hitchens W - Gay. But that does not fit with what Veach said. Swap Bolton and Gay? Bolton and Hitchens? I doubt Hitchens will be moved - at öleast not this year.
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