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  1. Soooo ... Marcus Kemp was active? I thought he wasn't on the roster? But according to the game report he was the one to take down the punter after that aborted punt ....
  2. came in just for the last 5 mins or so .... but from what I saw in scores before .. whoopsie ... That final play had some weirdness ... the biggest being Danna forcing Hughes to the ground when he tries to get up ... Oh, and Dirty Dan having a hand in there again ...
  3. Closed for good. This off-season was a more quiet one I think.
  4. We shall see ... but to my count Burton is a FB - so having him in there plus 3 TE does not qualify for a beer! On the other hand: having one of the four TE lining up as FB will do due to my generosity - even if that is not 14 personnel in a traditional sense - it would/should be counted as 23, I think.
  5. Weird thing: Chiefs still only have 51 players on the active roster. 1 slot obviously is kept open for Tyrann Mathieu. But the other? Still open to sign Kemp? If so - why didn't that happen yet? Anyone know whether he was at practice this week?
  6. I understand that. But first - you need all four active for gameday - which is hard to do. Then you need a fitting situation.
  7. I'm fine with even 3 TE sets in short yardage situations. But even having $ TE active on gameday is a strech - and even more so having them all on the field simultaneously. @kingseanjohnif we see a single 14 personnel snap during the regular season I'm going to by you a beer.
  8. There's one fundamential thing to note: The depth chart officially went to a 4-2-5 Defense ...
  9. Much has been made of the Chiefs holding ***keep you breath*** four TE on the roster. And one site went as far as calling it "pivotal". BULLCRAP The team will roll along with Kelce, a blocking TE (Bell?) and MAY BE a third on game day. That would be Gray/Fortson splitting his limited reps between blocking and receiving. Anyone dreaming of 14 personnel please wake up and tell me where to cut the active roster for the one never called play on game day.
  10. nope ... they are at 53. DB Lammons and LB Harris had been reported as released. But they obviously are not.
  11. Guess we will see one or two going to IR tomorrow with released/waived guys returning. Kemp may be one.
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