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  1. From what I read on Twitter it's unlikely he'll suit up. Will be interesting to see who steps in. Erving? The new guy?
  2. Hey, you heard the news? Priest Holmes will be a veteran candidate for the HoF next year ...
  3. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Nope. That I think was a clean hit. It was unfortunate that Foles got hit from both sides simultaneously, and Jones ultimately landed on top of him.
  4. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    We'll learn a bit more about it tonight. If Pringle is inactive that's an indication someone tried to pick him off the PS and the Chiefs protected him.
  5. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    call me befuddled ...
  6. Now that's a bold one ... I think a lot will depend on how much Mahomes is hobbled. If he has to stay more or less stationary the Chiefs offense loses a whole dimension of its play. Ma yhave more impact than not having Hill available. This whole thingy may be decided in the trenches. If the Chiefs pass rush remains as weak as it was last game, this may really turn into a shoot-out.
  7. Chiefs release Byron Pringle

    According to the NFL's transaction report, Pringle went unclaimed and is free to sign with the Chiefs' practice squad.
  8. we have cap space who do we target?

    Guess it'll be Jones. Not worried about cap space this year at all - next year is when it gets interesting, because a lot of the new contracts (Clark, Mathieu, Hill, Watkins, potentially Jones, Hitchens and Fisher returning to their "normal" base salaries) will explode in their cap numbers ... rough guess, didn't look it up - but the players mentioned will account for at least 120 M$ in cap space. Add Kelce, Schwartz, LDT ... and you are beyond 150 M$.

    well, as the Saints didn't let me down this year, my week 2 pick is: Dallas Cowboys
  10. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Fuller by now I consider vastly overrated ... Ward was ... well ... PS worthy ... 88% pass completion is telling a story of its own ...
  11. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Foles has a broken clavicle No details on Hill, got tests in local hospital, obviously no immediate confirmation on a broken collarbone. If broken, 6 weeks min, may take up to three months for healing (plus rehab). Update from the guy who should know best, Rick Burkholder: So obviously no fracture, but something else. We'll probably get a bit more explanation on Arrowheadpride tomorrow from their "inhouse doc". And a last one for now: Reading all the haters commenting is just incredible ...
  12. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    so, first "W" in the books - now waitng for the injury report. Fingers crossed!
  13. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    What happened to files?
  14. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    This is fricking incredible. 200yds in first quarter? About what GB and Chi had all game