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  1. Roster Moves

    Kemp released - thin at WR now ...
  2. Roster Moves

    Finally the Chiefs placed Chris Conley on IR and signed Marcus Kemp to the active roster. In other news: Indianapolis signed OG Isaiah Williams off the Chiefs' PS. Now they have two open slots on the PS ... more news coming
  3. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Official injury report says Kelce was full participant.
  4. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Read Seth's whole piece before you judge ... quite some positives in there.
  5. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    The only one I'm seriously worried about is Hunt. His number of touches went up considerably over the past two weeks. They need to control this.
  6. Roster Moves

    Signed to PS: WR Neal Sterling Released from PS: TE Orson Charles
  7. SNF: Chiefs @ Texans GDT

    Ehinger rotated in in practice today
  8. The Season - an outlook after week 1

    Keepin' fingers crossed
  9. Cairo Santos placed on IR

    buttkicker.com ... Just checked - that domain should still be available. Any takers??
  10. If the OL holds up (the big BigFish question lurking) I'd go 24-16 Chiefs. If the OL breaks they may lose it.
  11. you may have seen the arrowheadpride madden simulation - where a missed FG downs the Chiefs ... Well, those simulations had the Chiefs down 1-2 so far, thus I'm not really worried.
  12. Geoff Schwartz with something new ... I like it: https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/30/16387704/kansas-city-chiefs-offense-alex-smith-kareem-hunt-xs-os
  13. Cairo Santos placed on IR

    It's official - from the NFL's 09-30-17 Transaction Report WAIVER REQUESTS (All are NO RECALL) KANSAS CITY Santos, Cairo K Tulane From Reserve/Injured Injury Settlement
  14. The Season - an outlook after week 1

    Just one team left without a loss .. let's go and kick butt at Arrowhead again ...
  15. Cairo Santos placed on IR

    Interesting quote by Toub: The remark at Arrowheadpride that he would become an ERFA next year is crap - he was just drafted this year - so he will become an ERFA only AFTER 2018 (unless signed to a three year deal already, which I consider unlikely).