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  1. Kam Chancellor announced his retirement

    Sad to see him go this way. Priest Holmes did the same, walk away with an spinal injury, but he's a physical wreck right now. Hope Cam found a better time to call it quits. That said, the Safety market is weird this year. Still a lot of good players out there as free agents who obviously never got a (serious) call
  2. It's slow season so I'll jump on this one. Obviously that suggestion came up as a brain fart by a guy or two somewhere and took off at AP ... Interestingly: About 90% of Chiefs fans would not do it: https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2018/6/29/17519568/would-you-trade-tyreek-hill-straight-up-for-odell-beckham-jr Now the guys from New York checked out their fan base, and 80% wouldn't do it either: https://www.bigblueview.com/2018/7/2/17521448/odell-beckham-for-tyreek-hill-chiefs-fans-say-they-wouldnt-do-it#poll-results Interesting ... home bias? Or are there some true arguments behind it? For me it's mostly business aspects: Hill is still on his rookie deal - much cheaper than Beckham. Furthermore: He may be developed into a kind of home town guy like DJ or may be Zeus/LDT if handled appropriately - all his off-the-field-baggage put aside (yes, I know it's serious, but did anyone ever mention it over the season?) Performance-wise you can build around both players with Beckham probably being the better overall player but for speed. So - that's my thinking. Your thoughts?
  3. Sam Beal

    Supplemental draft is now scheduled for 11 July.
  4. Released: OG Kaleb Johnson RB J.D. Moore (Injured) DB Malik Reaves Signed: RB Algernon Brown WR Josh Crockett OT Bentley Spain Don't ask me details...
  5. Adonis Alexander

    S Brandon Bryant as well
  6. Adonis Alexander

    Welcome to the club! Good to have one more guy from the good side of the pond Ryk's gone for quite a while now as are many of the old ones. This has become a pretty quiet place, and Paylor's and Keysor's departure from their previous jobs doesn't help getting proper Chiefs information. The team's media department definitely has a job to do -and shutting out the media from OTA doesn't really help.
  7. Most Improved

    First thought: Erving and Kpassagnon. Chris Conley is starting from an extremely low baseline, but with the current setup he may be bound to break out. I have no clue what to expect from Murray. LDT is already starting from a rather high base.
  8. OTAs - little news ...

    Did Rudy Niswanger ever finish his MD?
  9. So Andy decided to keep the media out of OTAs ... little news pouring out other than those sanitized via the mothership. What I understand so far: - Conley is healthy and establishing himself as the #3 WR - Morse is not. Erving is taking snaps at C. I like the idea to develop a Fulton type guy who can man all the interior positions. - Berry's around at OTA. Which is great. - Speaks is actually practising at OLB. - Watkins is making weird grabs (against hot air defenders though). Other than that: I miss Terez Paylor.
  10. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    Pre-season schedule released: 9 AUG HOU@KC 07:30 PM CDT 17 AUG KC @ ATL 6:00 PM CDT 25 AUG KC @ CHI Noon CDT 30 AUG GB @ KC 7:30 CDT
  11. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    Just a little observation: As of 9 May remaining Unrestricted Free Agents are no longer subject to compensatory draft pick consideration. So the Chiefs would be free to sign additional veterans without losing a pick, which might be relevant especially at DB. If I did my maths right, the Chiefs may receive 3 comp picks next year: Lost: 73 Fulton, Zach (OG) - signed by Houston Texans*12 Wilson, Albert (WR) - signed by Miami Dolphins* 96 Logan, Bennie (NT) - signed by Tennessee Titans*56 Johnson, Derrick (LB) - signed by Oakland Raiders*57 Pierre-Louis, Kevin (LB) - signed by New York Jets* 39 Mitchell, Terrance (CB) - signed by Cleveland Browns* Signed: 14 Watkins, Sammy (WR)*53 Hitchens, Anthony (LB)*4 Henne, Chad (QB)* I don't think any of the other transactions will have an impact.
  12. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Weird. Looks like the Chiefs re-signed DT Stefan Charles two days after releasing him
  13. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    RB Akeem Hunt returned to the Chiefs as Reserve/PUP after he was not claimed on waivers. In other news: TE Randall Telfer was waived by Indianapolis with a "failed physical" designation. Now we know why the Telfer/Nicholas deal did not pass. Unless claimed he should return to Indianapolis as Reserve/PUP as well.
  14. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    You wanna have it all? Here it is thanks to Matt Derrick: http://www.chiefsdigest.com/chiefs-waive-akeem-hunt-sign-five-new-players/ Will add all this to the database tomorrow or over the LOOOOONG weekend (we will enjoy in good old Germany)
  15. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    And another invitee signed: CB Step Durham