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  1. Preseason Week 1 & 4 have been scratched. Not sure about teams to be played in week 2 & 3 ...
  2. Lots of ideas around. One would be absolutely new: Binding a contract to a percentage of the cap. This would absolutely establish something new in the NFL. However: Given the current situation with a season potentially without crowd in the stadiums - that may hit the 2021 cap significantly. Read about a simulation that under current rules the 2021 cap with a full lockout may drop below 150 M$ ... So .. may Pat - if the percentage approach is an option - be well advised to sit it out until a more stable environent has been established?? There's no urgency on either side right now ....
  3. 2020 KC Chiefs Calendar

    It's weird times to have to cancel a bunch of events from this list knowing they didn't (or will not) take place. Trying to keep the calendar updated to the best of my knowledge, but if you know something else, please let me know. I think I somewhere read about the dates of Chiefs' Training Camp, but can't find it anymore.
  4. The 90 Man Roster

    Henne is a vested vet, thus doesn't need to clear waivers. If you want to place a non-vested player on any kind of injury related reserve you must waive him first with an injury designation. This rule was implemented I think with the 2006 CBA in order to avoid exactly the redshirting you suggest.
  5. The 90 Man Roster

    If you want to place Naing on IR you've got to waive him first with an injured designation. I'd bet he'll be gone not matter what injury the team tags to him. He's as safe on the roster as it can get.
  6. I just wonder where he would play .. MLB or WLB (if there is a thing like that left). I'm not sure Hitchens is the best fit at MLB. Wilson I really can't imagine as anything else than SLB. Niemann played some decent ball towards the end of the season. DOD probably will have to continue making his life as a core ST player.
  7. 2020 KC Chiefs Calendar

    Updated with schedule. I like the bye week in week 10 (Ideal timing in my opinion) and the two home games against not necessarily the strongest teams to close out the season. I don't like 5 games kicking off late .. because that means I'll have virtually no chance to watch over here in good old Europe.
  8. 2021 Mock Draft

    That's just perfect.
  9. Other Free Agents

    na, he'll wait for a starter getting hurt ... riding pine doesn't help him moving forward. He needs some live game tape. Wouldn't be surprised to see him end up at NE.
  10. Other Free Agents

    TE Alizé Mack and RB Mike Weber gone to make room for the recent signings
  11. Other Free Agents

    Here's one out of left field: Chiefs sign another QB. Interestingly the guy from whom Ta'amu took over at Mississippi. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/5/3/21245754/report-chiefs-sign-another-quarterback
  12. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Only 2 numbers I can relate to: CEH #25 and Keyes #29: Big shoes to fill. Gay @ #50 is too different a position to compare. #38 has been issued to CB Chris Lammons before Not intrigued to buy any jersey anyway - I got my one and only #25 already!
  13. Position Duels: Punter

    That's what I said a while ago. Releasing him now may have been a cap related move, but really - his play declined a bit over the past two seasons or so.
  14. Alex SMith

    Saw some clips from that documentary - make sure your kids don't watch. I'll try to watch the whole thing somehow. A classy guy who - with all his deficiencies - made me believe in Chiefs QBs again.
  15. Position Duels: Punter

    Chiefs guaranteed 85k$ of Townsend's deal ...