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  1. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    another tremendous start that comes down to a somewhat ugly win ... They got lucky with a few calls as well.
  2. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    I think I start falling in love with Sammy Watkins ...
  3. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    What was that .. two blown defensive plays and ... booom ... well, and a nice hold on Ford I think ...looked like he gets his jersey ripped off.
  4. Patrick "Uncle Rico" Mahomes II

    just wonder how Bills feel about that right now
  5. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    Jones was a beast last week (again). If Houston and whoever mans the other side could get just a bit more pressure ... a TINY bit ...
  6. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Edge, thanks for the heads-up. Will be in Spain then at the place you see in my avatar. I'll find a way to watch ...
  7. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    After having watched the whole game I have no clue what happened defensively after the the first quarter. Until then you had pressure on Roethislisburger or the RB from the moment of the snap ... thereafter .. nothing. #95 was wreaking havoc in the backfield initially. Did he retire? Drop in coverage? I just don't get it. Was it PIT adjustments or KC ignorance?
  8. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Amazing how the announcer tries to hide his Steelers fanship on the one side ... and how to emulate Mitch Holthus for the touchdowns ...
  9. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Whhhooooottt!! Just found a place to rewatch the fullgame absolutely legally and for free! German TV station website!
  10. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Seems like this has been a wild game. Unfortunately I was on a plane - as I usually am on Sunday evenings
  11. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    There's a decent QB out there waiting to get another shot, supported by the NFL jersey sponsor ... Guess he'd be happy to serve as a bridge.
  12. Week 1 GDT: KC @ LAC

    What the crap are they doing??
  13. Week 1 GDT: KC @ LAC

  14. Chiefs extend Cam Erving

    Chiefer, the Schwartz comparison is wrong. I know Geoff Schwartz tweeted this, but if OTC is just close to the thruth Mitch makes 6 M$ a year in base salary alone - not counting roster incentives and signing bonus. Ervings contract maxes out at 15 M$ for 3 years. I won't judge his performance as I've only seen part of one preseason game. But unless he cracks the starting lineup permanently he won't max out his contract. If he does - 5 M$/yr isn't THAT much for a starting OL.
  15. Favorite Team: Kansas City Chiefs Week 1: New Orleans Saints (over Tampa Bay Buccaneers)