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  1. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    It's not too often I fully agree with you - but that are exactly my thoughts. It's a fundamental mental/attitude issue there..
  2. Team Needs?

    check this:
  3. NFL Play-Off Machine

    Looks like the Chiefs are headed for the #4 seed. However, there's an option to grab #3 as well. THREE things need to happen: KC wins both remaining games (vs. MIA, @DEN) JAX loses both remaining games (@SF, @TEN) TEN wins both remaining games (vs. LAR, vs. JAX) In that case TEN wins the AFC South and grabs the 4th seed while KC advances to the 3rd seed on a tiebreaker (didn't check which one though). I'll have a look at potential opponents if KC remains the 4th seed a bit later today.
  4. This. The question is whether yu are willing to spend 15% of the cap for two players with questionable availability who should no longer be considered as anything more than backups/spot players - without taking on a ST role. Chiefs can clear 16 M$ in cap by releasing them/having them retire. 4 M$ remain as dead money. That provides the team with some real flexibility with regard to re-signings, extensions and new free agent acquisitions.
  5. Roster Moves

    Mama signed off practice squad by Giants, being replaced by OG Kaleb Johnson
  6. the latter ... ;-) - married for 5 years now. Well, we already were when we came to KC for the game.
  7. Bride's no longer a bride ... - for quite a while ... but would be interested in your "exceptions" ...
  8. Some QBs are asking to be hit. Carson Wentz' dive for the TD is just an example. Had he slid he'd been well protected - but he would not have scored. His choice and risk. The only issue I had in some games is the inconsistent enforcement of exisiting rules. One thing possibly worth considering is opening up the option of immediate ejection for flagrant hits on protected QBs: while sliding, low hits, spearing etc. In handball there's a rule that if you grab the arm of a throwing player it's an automatic penalty, because the risk of shoulder injury is so extreme. That on the one hand would be hard to enforce in football (and take away the fun of stripped balls), on the other it probably would only adress a small portion of the injury risk. What I am way more concerned about is the increasing number of foot/knee/leg injuries of players in general. The game got faster, the players more powerful. Just look at the number of Achilles injuries without a second player involved. That's something worth looking into. May be reducing the grip of the cleats may help - e.g. by limiting the number/length/shape of the spikes.
  9. Roster Moves

    Just in: S Steven Terrell to IR, Leon McQuay III called up from PS. Chiefs also worked out our old pal Kelcie McCray.
  10. Offense RT - Schwartz RG - Duvernay-Tardif OC - Morse, Fulton LG - Witzmann, Ehinger LT - Fisher, Erving That's a unit you can work with. Doesn't hurt to add to the OL year in, year out though. QB - Mahomes II, Bray They need a veteran backup, minimum. RB - K. Hunt, Ware, West, A. Hunt FB - Sherman That unit looks set. WR - Conley, Robinson Slot - Wilson WR - Hill, Chesson Very young, but a nice core TE - Kelce, D. Harris, Charles I lost faith in drop machine Harris. Kelce needs a serious backup, even if it's only a reliable blocker. Defense DE - C. Jones NT - Hamilton DE - Nunez-Roches Very thin, major work needed. I'm not sure re-signing Logan is the solution here, but it's hard to find draft picks ready to take over the nose in the NFL. WOLB - Kpassagnon, Nicolas WILB - Pierre-Louis SILB - Ragland, Eligwe SOLB - Houston, Zombo Except for Houston and Zombo a young unit. Needs some depth. Much will depend on Kpass. CB - Peters, Reaser NB - S. Nelson CB - Mitchell Together with DL and TE the most critical part of the roster. May be a focus area in the draft. FS - Parker, Murray, McQuay III SS - Berry, Sorensen, Terrell With Berry back this should be a solid unit. Specialists K - Buttker P - LS - Winchester Let's find a new punter.
  11. Folks, I won’t do my annual roster breakdown this year. Given the lack of activity around this place I’m just not sure it’s worth the effort. However, I had a look at the current roster and tried to project it into 2018. You’ll find my considerations below. Concerning the cap: The Chiefs are up against the 2018 limit right now – without any new signings or cap hits from releases. So they’ll have to cut some slack. I'll provide a depth chart based on these consideration over next few days. Some explanations: “Must keep” are guys that form the Chiefs’ core group, Rookies on their first contract who seem to develop into at least contributor, and guys who are untouchable due to cap implications. “Keep” are guys I think you’ll have a hard time to find a comparable replacement for considering cap implications to release/trade him and the cost for a new guy. “Release” are guys who need to go – where performance and salary no longer relate or where performance is on a decline. “Trade” are guys where I think the Chiefs can get some revenue for replacable players while clearing cap space at the same time. “Re-sign” are priority free agents the Chiefs should try to keep on their roster. Whether to do so or not of course is a question of money as well. There’s no one on this list I think the Chiefs MUST re-sign at all cost. “Black” guys are players I don’t really care about. Let them come back to camp and sort it out there. A few remarks on some individual players (where my idea may not seem that obvious): Allen Bailey: 8 M$ cap hit next year, free agent thereafter. While he’s a monster physically his impact seems somewhat limited. Wouldn’t mind to take a bit of risk here if the Chiefs can get more cap room and may be a late pick. Dee Ford: 8.7 M$ cap hit next year. He didn’t really convince me he’s the next coming of Tamba even when healthy. His 5th year option is guaranteed for injury – so I wouldn’t take the risk here. Darrelle Revis: He just not worth 13.5 M$. NOT caring about Marcus Peters: I really hate the attitude he displayed this year. He could develop into a locker room cancer. Wouldn't mind if the Chiefs trade him off. If he returns they better make sure he's got his mindset adjusted. NOT re-signing Dustin Colquitt: He’s one of the best punters in the game, but, looking at the Chiefs’ cap situation, I’m just not willing to pay 5 M$ a year for a guy who has 6 plays a game or so. I think you can get 91% of his performance for significantly less. Here’s the roster and my verdict. With the roster moves indicated below the Chiefs end up with approx.. 45 M$ in free cap minus the amount used for the re-signings at the bottom: Tackles 2018 - 75 Erving, Cameron 2021 - 72 Fisher, Eric 2020 - 71 Schwartz, Mitchell Guards/Centers XXXX - 65 Devey, Jordan 2022 - 76 Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent 2019 - 79 Ehinger, Parker 2018 - 61 Morse, Mitch 2018 - 70 Witzmann, Bryan Quarterbacks 2020 - 15 Mahomes, Patrick II 2018 - 11 Smith, Alex Running Backs XXXX - 31 Hunt, Akeem 2020 - 27 Hunt, Kareem 2018 - 32 Ware, Spencer 2018 - 35 West, Charcandrick Tight Ends XXXX - 82 Charles, Orson 2018 - 84 Harris, Demetrius 2021 - 87 Kelce, Travis Wide Receivers 2020 - 80 Chesson, Jehu 2018 - 17 Conley, Chris 2019 - 10 Hill, Tyreek 2019 - 14 Robinson, Demarcus Defensive Tackles XXXX - 74 Hamilton, Justin Defensive Ends 2018 - 97 Bailey, Allen 2019 - 95 Jones, Chris Linebackers 2020 - 45 Eligwe, Ukeme 2018 - 55 Ford, Dee 2018 - 91 Hali, Tamba 2020 - 50 Houston, Justin 2018 - 56 Johnson, Derrick 2020 - 92 Kpassagnon, Tanoh 2019 - 52 Nicolas, Dadi Lhomme 2019 - 59 Ragland, Reggie 2018 - 51 Zombo, Frank Cornerbacks 2018 - 20 Nelson Steven 2018 - 22 Peters, Marcus XXXX - 40 Reaser, Keith 2018 - 24 Revis, Darrelle Safeties 2022 - 29 Berry, Eric XXXX - 34 McQuay, Leon III 2019 - 21 Murray, Eric 2019 - 38 Parker, Ron 2020 - 49 Sorensen, Daniel XXXX - 30 Terrell, Steven Specialists XXXX - 7 Butker, Harrison 2021 - 41 Winchester, James Free Agents 2017 - 73 Fulton, Zach 2017 - 9 Bray, Tyler 2017 - 42 Sherman, Anthony 2017 - 13 Thomas, De'Anthony 2017 - 12 Wilson, Albert 2017 - 96 Logan, Bennie 2017 - 94 Jenkins, Jarvis 2017 - 99 Nunez-Roches, Rakeem 2017 - 57 Pierre-Louis, Kevin 2017 - 48 Smith, Terrance 2017 - 53 Wilson, Ramik 2017 - 25 Acker, Kenneth 2017 - 23 Gaines, Phillip 2017 - 39 Mitchell, Terrance 2017 - 2 Colquitt, Dustin Practice Squad (Free Agents) 4 Dieter, Gehrig (WR) 43 Atkinson, George (RB) 7 Kemp, Marcus (WR) 24 Redmond, Will (CB) 98 Purcell, Mike (DL) 88 Firkser, Anthony (TE) 64 Gordon, Dillon (OT) 62 Johnson, Kaleb (OG) 54 Holmes, Tyrone (LB)
  12. Is that something they DO consider - or is that your idea?
  13. NFL Play-Off Machine

    Just a little "What if" ... The situation: Chiefs : 7-6 - LAC, MIA, @DEN Chargers: 7-6 - KC, @NYJ, OAK Raiders: 6-7 - DAL, @PHI, @LAC Chiefs win against Chargers: Chiefs stand at 8-6 with 1st tiebreaker (head/head) over LAC and 2nd tiebreaker (W in Div) over OAK. If Chiefs win one more game, they take the Division. LAC needs to win the remaining games and have Chiefs lose both to take the division. OAK needs to win all three games and have Chiefs lose both to take the division. As OAK and LAC play each other in week 17, only one of the two can beat KC. Chiefs lose against the Chargers: Chiefs stand at 7-7 one game behind LAC (8-6). 1st, 2nd, 3rd (common games), and 4th (conference games) tiebreaker are tied ... Various options, with one thing in common: Chiefs need to win one more game than the Chargers to win the division. However, then it depends: Chiefs win two, Chargers lose two: Chiefs take the division Chiefs win two, Chargers win one: A) Chargers win against Jets, lose against Raiders: Chiefs win on 2nd tiebreaker B) Chargers win against Raiders, lose against Jets: Chiefs win on 4th tiebreaker (for some reason the machine tells me that the Chargers would win in such a situation, I have no clue why: overall: both 9-7; division: both 4-2; common games: both 7-5, conference games: Chiefs 7-5, Chargers 6-6) Chiefs win one, Chargers lose two: A) Chiefs win against MIA, lose against DEN: Chiefs win on 4th tiebreaker B) Chiefs win against DEN, lose against MIA: Chiefs win on 2nd tiebreaker The Wildcard picture: If the Chiefs lose to the Chargers, the Titans has the best chances for the first WC spot (8-5 overall, 7-4 conference). Chiefs as of now would be tied with the Ravens and Bills (all 7-6 overall, 5-4 conference) with the bIlls holding the head/head tiebreaker over the Chiefs. So I consider the wildcard chances as dim. Bottom line: Chiefs need to win against the Chargers. If they don't quite a few pieces have to fall into the right place to allow for a playoff run.
  14. Raiders v Chiefs

    This got way too close for my liking. Not sure what happened, but somehow they took the foot off the throttle. Well, other teams did worse ... Browns managed to lose again after a 2 TD lead. Looking ahead: Another final next week against SD - doesn't look like WAS will help the Chiefs. And Rivers - as old as he may be - is hot right now. That will be a big one ... AGAIN.
  15. Raiders v Chiefs

    One thing I know for sure - I#ll watch every bit of game I can get from the BUF game .. that just looks hilarious ...