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  1. FFMD War Room

    I am completely confused .. can't reply without quoting Kirill still: nope. If we want to improve,at DB we need qualkity, not mass.
  2. FFMD War Room

    is there a link to the current FFMd roster/depth chart??
  3. TACT

  4. FFMD War Room

    didn't want to interfere with your GM-ship ... but as you didn't reply to the Eagles requests I just wanted to make sure someone will provide a consensus reply ....
  5. FFMD War Room

    Next stop: CB ...
  6. FFMD War Room

    pick is due at 2 PM eastern ... which is 15 minutes from now ... with no @Kirilll around I'll make the pick 1 min before due time ... Gross-Matos if noone is opposed??
  7. FFMD War Room

    @Kirill Chiefs on the clock .. Diggs, Gross-Matos, Ruiz anyone else I'd look at @32 ... for me it'd be Diggs
  8. FFMD War Room

    that opportunity is gone, but both are still available .. quite a few good picks available at 25 (with 22 already in): Diggs, Gross-Matos, Queen Murray, Ruiz ... and then 32 again .. in this scenario
  9. TACT

    Anyone listened into Melissa Etheridge's living room shows recently?? Daily on Facebook .. and now on Youtube as well: https://t.co/wVWMcstyLP?amp=1
  10. FFMD War Room

    There are three guys I like at this point - guess one of them will be available at 25 ... Diggs (one of those three) is the only one I'd consider to trade up for
  11. FA KC

    Making the best out of available cap space. Now deduct 650k per player pushed out of the top 51 ... and those 7 player count roughly 1.5 M$ against the cap.
  12. FA KC

  13. I don't think so. Even without Jones they are pretty well stocked there. Nnadi, Pennel, Saunders (and if necessary X. Williams) should hold down the fort. Jones of course would add a whole other dimension to the line.
  14. FA KC

    If they wanted to cut Watkins with a June 2 desig they could have done so since the start of the new league year. No, I think they are working to keep him. As for Breeland (and others) - the current team and the SB win produce some serious gravitation towards Kansas City. Pennel very early stated he wants to stay - and accepted less money than other teams offered. I think I heard the same about Hamilton. Breeland may be the next case. It's always good to have a Lombardi on the cupboard - if you're able to credibly maintain a competitive team. I think that's part of the New England dynasty. They never had problems to get good veterans on board - who'd often leave after two or three years leaving a comp pick behind.
  15. That's basically what I said here - with the exception CB being #1 priority right now. With Ward, Fenton and Breeland the Chiefs have an acceptable lineup ob board. Thus I put higher priority on LB and especially IOL. If Breeland walks CB undoubtedly becomes the #1 priority.