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  1. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    Pre-season schedule released: 9 AUG HOU@KC 07:30 PM CDT 17 AUG KC @ ATL 6:00 PM CDT 25 AUG KC @ CHI Noon CDT 30 AUG GB @ KC 7:30 CDT
  2. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    Just a little observation: As of 9 May remaining Unrestricted Free Agents are no longer subject to compensatory draft pick consideration. So the Chiefs would be free to sign additional veterans without losing a pick, which might be relevant especially at DB. If I did my maths right, the Chiefs may receive 3 comp picks next year: Lost: 73 Fulton, Zach (OG) - signed by Houston Texans*12 Wilson, Albert (WR) - signed by Miami Dolphins* 96 Logan, Bennie (NT) - signed by Tennessee Titans*56 Johnson, Derrick (LB) - signed by Oakland Raiders*57 Pierre-Louis, Kevin (LB) - signed by New York Jets* 39 Mitchell, Terrance (CB) - signed by Cleveland Browns* Signed: 14 Watkins, Sammy (WR)*53 Hitchens, Anthony (LB)*4 Henne, Chad (QB)* I don't think any of the other transactions will have an impact.
  3. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Weird. Looks like the Chiefs re-signed DT Stefan Charles two days after releasing him
  4. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    RB Akeem Hunt returned to the Chiefs as Reserve/PUP after he was not claimed on waivers. In other news: TE Randall Telfer was waived by Indianapolis with a "failed physical" designation. Now we know why the Telfer/Nicholas deal did not pass. Unless claimed he should return to Indianapolis as Reserve/PUP as well.
  5. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    You wanna have it all? Here it is thanks to Matt Derrick: http://www.chiefsdigest.com/chiefs-waive-akeem-hunt-sign-five-new-players/ Will add all this to the database tomorrow or over the LOOOOONG weekend (we will enjoy in good old Germany)
  6. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    And another invitee signed: CB Step Durham
  7. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Looks like Nacho is on his way out - kinda weird after he just signed his RFA tender. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2018/5/8/17330830/rakeem-nunez-roches-thanks-chiefs-appears-to-be-on-his-way-out
  8. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    #4 Invitee signed: WR Jordan Smallwood
  9. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    and one more tryout signing:
  10. Random Observations about the Roster

    Dieter may compete with Thomas, Chesson, and Robinson. I only see three guys set at WR in Watkins, Hill, and Conley. DB has been an area of discussion all the time. I see O'Daniel challenging the Sorensen LB/S role, making room for another DB ... that's where Sterns comes into play. A guy I haven't seen play a snap, but receiving good reviews at camp for a second year.
  11. Random Observations about the Roster

    So what is McKenzie then not being drafted before the 6th round?
  12. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Yep, with UDFAs. Well, if I ever went to sign my first employment contract in an outfit like that ... I guess I would have never had a chance to sign it.
  13. Random Observations about the Roster

    This I answered in the middle of the original post.
  14. Random Observations about the Roster

    The last big hit the Chiefs had on an UDFA was Wilson. Some others they kept for a year or so, they made their money elsewhere (McDougald is one name I think to remember. A few of the "Magnificent Seven" Dorsey claimed on the first draft in). The thing about claiming someone off waivers during final cuts is you have to keep him on the ACTIVE roster for three weeks thereafter, then you can release him .. but he'll have to pass waivers again. So, there is a risk, but as all the other teams have stacked up on unproven prospects as well ... they'd have to cut an ACTIVE roster guy they didn't cut for their PRACTICE SQUAD guys to claim him. That's why "passing on to reserve squad" usually works.
  15. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    Looks like the Chiefs signed two invitees: OLB Rob McCray DB Malik Reaves From an unreliable source who seems to have reliable sources ;-) Well ... No word about cuts though.