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  1. Week 7 GDT: Cin @ KC

    Bengals are promoting KeiVarae Russell to the active roster ...
  2. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    Here's a thought that nags me since Sunday: On the final Chiefs'play they called the deep one on Tyreek - knowing that if it succeeds it most likely will go for six. Well, they needed a TD to tie the game ... but ... Calling this play they must have been aware they might be giving the ball back to Brady with 3+ mins on the clock, the Pats having all their timeouts plus the two minute warning, while the Chiefs themselves only had one timeout left. So they put the burden upon a defense that allowed the Pats to score on all but one drive (the fumble recovered by Bailey) while the Pats have all the time in the world and can manipulate the clock needing just 40 to 45 yards of offense to get into FG range. And all that while the own team would be unable to stop the clock. I just wonder whether calling that deep ball was a huge tactical mistake.
  3. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    Only saw the 4th quarter, got up at 4:30 AM to do so. Just one remark: If only Hitchens and Ragland could/would tackle. Hitchens especially looked like a blocking dummy during the last NE drives.
  4. Week 5 GDT: Jax @ KC

    What I think is funny is that noone talks about Cam Erving anymore - which I consider a good sign for an OL.
  5. Week 4 GDT: KC @ Den

    Just watched the highlights ... 2nd & 30 ... no prob ... throwing lefthanded ... why not? Are you kidding me? Unfortunately the highlight compilation does not really cover the lowlights, so it's hard to judge how they played overall. Best thing about the game (I think): For the first time they had to come back, not to defend a lead. And they did big time.
  6. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    60 km east of Malaga
  7. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    Ellis. And there will be injuries with new guys coming in. And how about Jones?
  8. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    another tremendous start that comes down to a somewhat ugly win ... They got lucky with a few calls as well.
  9. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    I think I start falling in love with Sammy Watkins ...
  10. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    What was that .. two blown defensive plays and ... booom ... well, and a nice hold on Ford I think ...looked like he gets his jersey ripped off.
  11. Patrick "Uncle Rico" Mahomes II

    just wonder how Bills feel about that right now
  12. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    Jones was a beast last week (again). If Houston and whoever mans the other side could get just a bit more pressure ... a TINY bit ...
  13. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Edge, thanks for the heads-up. Will be in Spain then at the place you see in my avatar. I'll find a way to watch ...
  14. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    After having watched the whole game I have no clue what happened defensively after the the first quarter. Until then you had pressure on Roethislisburger or the RB from the moment of the snap ... thereafter .. nothing. #95 was wreaking havoc in the backfield initially. Did he retire? Drop in coverage? I just don't get it. Was it PIT adjustments or KC ignorance?
  15. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Amazing how the announcer tries to hide his Steelers fanship on the one side ... and how to emulate Mitch Holthus for the touchdowns ...
  16. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Whhhooooottt!! Just found a place to rewatch the fullgame absolutely legally and for free! German TV station website!
  17. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Seems like this has been a wild game. Unfortunately I was on a plane - as I usually am on Sunday evenings
  18. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    There's a decent QB out there waiting to get another shot, supported by the NFL jersey sponsor ... Guess he'd be happy to serve as a bridge.
  19. Week 1 GDT: KC @ LAC

    What the crap are they doing??
  20. Week 1 GDT: KC @ LAC

  21. That's interesting. He was in the final year of his rookie deal, and if I remember correctly the Chiefs declined his 5th year option. His 2018 salary is (was??) 1.72 M$ fully guaranteed,so I expect at least the cash flow (signing bonus plus 2018 base salary) to top this. I would expect something in the 2-3 M$ range annually over three years. EDIT 1: Looks like I was completely off with my estimate. Ol' pal Terez Paylor (who else?) has the inside info. Well, ultimately it will depend on how the incentives are structured . EDIT 2: More reasonable. And closer to the 3M$ annually I considered the max. Now subtract 1.72 M$ he was supposed to make this year and you have 8.3 M$ in fresh money, or 4.15 M$ per extension year:
  22. Chiefs extend Cam Erving

    Chiefer, the Schwartz comparison is wrong. I know Geoff Schwartz tweeted this, but if OTC is just close to the thruth Mitch makes 6 M$ a year in base salary alone - not counting roster incentives and signing bonus. Ervings contract maxes out at 15 M$ for 3 years. I won't judge his performance as I've only seen part of one preseason game. But unless he cracks the starting lineup permanently he won't max out his contract. If he does - 5 M$/yr isn't THAT much for a starting OL.
  23. Favorite Team: Kansas City Chiefs Week 1: New Orleans Saints (over Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  24. As we move into the regular season this post has been closed for good. See you next year (may be). KC Chiefs Free Agents Unrestricted Free Agents 73 Fulton, Zach (OG) - signed by Houston Texans* 65 Devey, Jordan (OG) - re-signed 9 Bray, Tyler (QB) - signed by Chicago Bears 42 Sherman, Anthony (FB) - re-signed 26 Spiller, C.J. (RB) 13 Thomas, De'Anthony (WR) - re-signed 12 Wilson, Albert (WR) - signed by Miami Dolphins* 96 Logan, Bennie (NT) - signed by Tennessee Titans* 94 Jenkins, Jarvis (DL) - re-signed 56 Johnson, Derrick (LB) - signed by Oakland Raiders* 57 Pierre-Louis, Kevin (LB) - signed by New York Jets* 25 Acker, Kenneth (CB) - signed by Indianapolis Colts 23 Gaines, Phillip (CB) - signed by Buffalo Bills 39 Mitchell, Terrance (CB) - signed by Cleveland Browns* 30 Terrell, Steven (S) 2 Colquitt, Dustin (P) - re-signed * potential compensatory draft pick relevancy (true UFA, 1+ M$ contract) Restricted Free Agents 99 Nunez-Roches, Rakeem (DL) - tendered original round (6th) - re-signed - released - claimed off waivers by Indianapolis Colts 53 Wilson, Ramik (LB) - signed by Los Angeles Rams XX Baxter, Keith (CB) Exclusive Rights Free Agents 48 Smith, Terrance (LB) - re-signed Transition/Franchise Players 2017 Practice Squad Players 12 Dieter, Gehrig (WR) - re-signed 43 Atkinson, George (RB) - re-signed - released 24 Redmond, Will (CB) - re-signed 98 Purcell, Mike (DL) - re-signed - released - re-signed 88 Firkser, Anthony (TE) - re-signed - released 64 Gordon, Dillon (OT) - re-signed - waived injured - to IR 62 Johnson, Kaleb (OG) - re-signed - released 54 Holmes, Tyrone (LB) - re-signed 83 Braverman, Daniel (WR) - re-signed 77 Wylie, Andrew (OL) - re-signed Players drafted #1 - (traded to Buffalo Bills, 2017 draft) #2A - (from Cincinnati Bengals) 57 Speaks, Breeland (LB) #2B - (traded to Cincinnati Bengals) #3A - (from Baltimore Ravens) 91 Nnadi, Derrick (NT) #3B - (from Washington Redskins, Alex Smith trade) traded to Baltimore Ravens #3C - (traded to Cincinnati Bengals) #3D - (from Cincinnati Bengals) 44 O'Daniel, Dorian (LB) #4A - (traded to Baltimore Ravens) #4B - (from Los Angeles Rams, Marcus Peters trade) 25D Watts, Armani (S) #5 - (traded to Cleveland Browns, Cameron Erving trade) #6A - 39 Smith, Tremon (CB) #6B - (from NewEngland Patriots) 66 McKenzie, Khalil (OG) #6C - (compensatory selection, Nick Foles, traded to Los Angeles Rams, Marcus Peters trade) #7A - (from Arizona Cardinals, Marcus Cooper trade) - traded to New England Patriots #7B - (traded to San Francisco 49ers, Kenneth Acker trade) #7C - (from Tennessee Titans, David King trade) - traded to New England Patriots UDFA signed 60D Davidson, Raymond (LB) - released 60O Hunter, Ryan (OL) - released - to Practice Squad 96 Liner, Dee (DT) - released - to Practice Squad 8 Litton, Chase (QB) - released - to Practice Squad 88 Mack, Blake (TE) - released 85 Marks, Elijah (WR) - released 43O Moore, J.D. (FB) - released injured - to IR 67 Murray, Jimmy (OL) - released - to Practice Squad 56 Niemann, Ben (LB) 7 Pringle, Byron (WR) - to IR 73 Seymour, Devondre (OL) - released 38 Springs, Arrion (CB) - released - to Practice Squad 40 Wade, D’Montre (CB) - released - to Practice Squad 31O Williams, Darrel (RB) 73 Koroma, Tejan (C) - released injured - to IR 65 McCray, Rob (LB) - released - to Practice Squad 31 Reaves, Malik (CB) - released 9 Smallwood, Jordan (WR) - released - re-signed - released 47 Durham, Step (CB) - to IR 9 Grayson, Davon (WR) - released 6 Crockett, Josh (WR) - released - to Practice Squad68 Spain, Bentley (OT) - released 74 Officer, Alex (OG) - released (failure to report physical condition) 38 Lawry, Ray (RB) - released 69 Boettger, Ike (OL) - claimed off waivers from Buffalo Bills Tryout Players Baldwin, Juante (CB) Berry, Elliott (S) Brown, Algernon (FB) Carrezola, Luke (LB) Clark, Evan (WR) Cotton, Eric (DE) Craft, Jarred (RB) Dade, Davond (OLB) Downing, Colin (P) Durham, Step (CB) - signed Flagel, Conner (DE) Frost, Kris (LB) Furmanek, Erik (TE) Grant, Ashton (WR) Hicks, Kyle (RB) Holloway, Tyrin (CB) Jenkins, Mario (LB) Koroma, Tejan (C) - signed Krause, Jake (OL) Lagow, Richard (QB) Lewis, Shaquille (DB) Marcus, Nathan (TE) McClendon, Jacquet (TE) McCray, Rob (DE) - signed Nelson, Charles (WR) O'Connell, Cody (OG) Ogundeko, Ebu (LB) Philbert, Jaypee (OL) Powell, Isaac (LS) Pringle, Naquez (DT) Reaves, Malik (CB) - signed - released Rose, Jordan (OL) Savea, Paisa (DT) Sawyer, Dante (DL) Schneider Aidan (K) Scott, Bryan (QB) Searles, Jerron (OT) Smallwood, Jordan (WR) - signed - released Stribling, Channing (CB) Tanielu, Handsome (DT) Watkins, Donte (S) Wilson, Kalib (WR) Wilson, Sean (NT) Free Agents signed 77 Augusta, Josh (NT) - future/reserve contract - released 44 Price, Sheldon (CB) - future/reserve contract - released 43D Dorleant, Makinton (CB) - future/reserve contract 1 Shippen, Brandon (WR) - future/reserve contract - released 31D Iworah, Prince Charles (CB) - future/reserve contract - released 89 Amaro, Jace (TE) - future/reserve contract 93 McGill, T.Y. (NT) - future/reserve contract 24 Amerson, David (CB) - released 14 Watkins, Sammy (WR)* 53 Hitchens, Anthony (LB)* 4 Henne, Chad (QB)* 98 Williams, Xavier (NT) 26 Williams, Damien (RB) 5 McGloin, Matt (QB) - released 9 Spruce, Nelson (WR) - released 22 Golden, Robert (S) - released 81 Wright, Tim (TE) - released 25O Williams, Kerwynn (RB) 82 Ellis, Alex (TE) 90 Charles, Stefan (DT) - released 30 Brown, Algernon (FB) - released 93 Purcell, Mike (DT) - released 52 Peters, Otha (LB) - released XX Allen, Jack (C) - claimed off waivers from Chicago Bears - released/left squad 62 Cooper, Ethan (G) - claimed off waivers from Green Bay Packers - released 22 Scandrick, Orlando (CB) 38 Parker, Ron (S) XX Reiter, Austin (OL) - claimed off waivers from Cleveland Browns * potential compensatory draft pick relevancy (true UFA, 1+ M$ contract) Contract Extensions Players traded for 23 Fuller, Kendall (CB) - from Washington Redskins XX Telfer, Randall (TE) - from Cleveland Browns - trade reverted 35 Ward, Charvarius (CB) - from Dallas Cowboys 24 Lucas, Jordan (S) - from Miami Dolphins Active/Non-Football Injury Active/Physically Unable to Perform Reserve PUP/Injured Reserve/Non-Football Injury 31O Hunt, Akeem (RB) - Act/PUP - released (injury settlement) 43O Moore, J.D. (FB) - IR 73 Koroma, Tejan (C) - IR 64 Gordon, Dillon (OT) - IR 6 Lampkin, Ashton (CB) - Res/PUP - released (injury Settlement) 7 Pringle, Byron (WR) - IR 47 Durham, Step (CB) - IR 30D Reaser, Keith (CB) - IR 49 Sorensen, Daniel (S) - IR Players released/traded off 11 Smith, Alex (QB) - traded to Washington Redskins 24 Revis, Darrelle (CB) 22 Peters, Marcus (CB) - traded to Los Angeles Rams 38 Parker, Ron (S) - signed by Atlanta Falcons- released - re-signed by Chiefs 91 Hali, Tamba (LB) 43O Atkinson, George (RB) 98 Purcell, Mike (DL) 88 Firkser, Anthony (TE) 44 Price, Sheldon (CB) 47 Chappell, Devin (S) 82 Charles, Orson (TE) 77D Augusta, Josh (NT) 52 Nicolas, Dadi Lhomme (LB) - traded to Cleveland Browns - trade reverted - released 99 Nunez-Roches, Rakeem (DE) - claimed off waivers by Indianapolis Colts 1 Shippen, Brandon (WR) 31D Iworah, Prince Charles (CB) 9 Spruce, Nelson (WR) 73 Seymour, Devondre (OL) 90 Charles, Stefan (DT) - re-signed 31O Hunt, Akeem (RB) - to PUP 9 Smallwood, Jordan (WR) - re-signed 9 Grayson, Davon (WR) - waived injured 31O Hunt, Akeem - injury settlement 43O Moore, J.D. (FB) - waived injured - to IR 62 Johnson, Kaleb (OG) 31 Reaves, Malik (DB) 85 Marks, Elijah (WR) 6 Lampkin, Ashton (CB) - waived injured - to Res/NFI - injury settlement XX Allen, Jack (C) - released/left squad 74 Officer, Alex (OG) - failure to report physical condition 22 Golden, Robert (S) - own request 35 West, Charcandrick (RB) - signed by New York Jets 79 Ehinger, Parker (OG) - traded to Dallas Cowboys 70 Witzmann, Bryan (OL) Retired The Final Cuts 52 Peters, Otha 60O Hunter, Ryan - signed to Practice Squad 68 Spain, Bentley 62 Cooper, Ethan 67 Murray, Jimmy - signed to Practice Squad 8 Litton, Chase - signed to Practice Squad 5 McGloin, Matt 30O Brown, Algernon 38O Lawry, Ray 25O Williams, Kerwynn 89 Amaro, Jace 83 Braverman, Daniel 80 Chesson, Jehu 6 Crockett, Josh - signed to Practice Squad 12 Dieter, Gehrig - signed to Practice Squad 88 Mack, Blake 9 Smallwood, Jordan 90 Charles, Stefan 99 McGill, T.Y. - claimed off waivers by Los Angeles Chargers 93 Purcell, Mike 98 Williams, Xavier 96 Liner, Dee - signed to Practice Squad 60D Davidson, Raymond 45 Eligwe, Ukeme 54 Holmes, Tyrone 65D McCray, Rob - signed to Practice Squad 51 Zombo, Frank 24 Amerson, David 43D Dorleant, Makinton 26D Redmond, Will 38D Springs, Aarion - signed to Practice Squad 40 Wade, D'Montre - signed to Practice Squad 34 McQuay, Leon III - signed to Practice Squad 46D Sterns, Jordan Players signed to Practice Squad 60O Hunter, Ryan 67 Murray, Jimmy 8 Litton, Chase 6 Crockett, Josh 12 Dieter, Gehrig 96 Liner, Dee 65D McCray, Rob 38D Springs, Aarion 40 Wade, D'Montre 34 McQuay, Leon III Reserve/Suspended 84 Harris, Demetrius Coaches signed or promoted OC - Eric Bienemy - promoted from RB coach RB - Deland McCullough DQC - Jay Valai QB - Mike Kafka - promoted from Offensive Quality Control ILB - Mark DeLeone - promoted from Assistant Linebacker Coach OLB - Mike Smith - promoted from Assistant Defensive Line Coach PGA/QB - Joe Bleymaier (Assistant) - promoted from Offensive Quality Control OL - Corey Matthaei (Assistant) - promoted from Assistant Quarterback Coach DQC - Terry Bradden - promoted from Defensive Assistant OQC - David Girardi DefAsst - Kyle A. Whittingham Asst HC - Dave Toub - promoted from Special Teams Coach Coaches released OC - Matt Nagy - hired as Chicago Bears Head Coach LB - Gary Gibbs SpecProj - Tommy Brasher - retired Asst HC - Brad Childress - retired - unretired - signed with Chicago Bears Front Office/Staff signed or promoted Rick Burkholder - Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance, promoted from Head Athletic Trainer Mike Borgonzi - Director of Football Operations, promoted from Director of Player Personnel Michael Bradway - Assistant Director of Player Personnel Ryan Poles - Assistant Director of Player Personnel, promoted from Director of College Scouting Ryne Nutt - Director of College Scouting, promoted from Assistant Director of College Scouting Mike Cucyne - Vice President of Content and Digital Operations Front Office/Staff released Other Events
  25. Ok, pre-season game one is coming up. Time to think about the depth chart ;-). Give me your views ... In order to make it simple for you: Just copy/paste the empty chart below (or quote) and fill in the positions. I put limits on positional groups, other than that there's only two rules: No more than 26 on either offense or defense, no more than 53 overall. Offense (OL 7-9, QB 3, RB 4-5, WR 5-7, TE 3-4) TOTAL: 24 - 26 RT - RG - OC - LG - LT - Players: Duvernay-Tardif, Morse, Witzmann, Ehinger, Fisher, Erving, Schwartz, Gordon (OT), Wylie (OL), Devey (OL), McKenzie (OG), Hunter (OT), Murray (C), Koroma (C); Spain (OT) QB - Players: Mahomes II, Henne, McGloin, Litton RB - FB - Players: Sherman, K. Hunt, Ware, West, Dam. Williams, K. Williams, Dar. Williams, Brown (FB) WR - Slot - WR - Players: Hill, Chesson, Thomas, Watkins, Conley, Robinson, Kemp, Dieter, Braverman, Pringle, Smallwood, Mack, Crockett TE - Players: Kelce, Harris, Amaro, Wright, Ellis Defense (DL 5-7, LB 9-11, DB 9-11) TOTAL: 24 - 26 DE - NT - DE - Players: Bailey, Jenkins, X. Williams, Nnadi, C. Jones, McGill (NT), Liner (NT), Hamilton, Charles, Purcell WOLB - WILB - SILB - SOLB - Players: Houston, Zombo, Niemann, O'Daniel, Te. Smith, Hitchens, Eligwe, Speaks, Ford, Kpassagnon, Holmes, Davidson, McCray, Ragland CB - NB - CB - Players: Amerson, Springs, Fuller, Nelson, Reaser, Dorleant, Tr. Smith, Wade, Durham, Redmond FS - SS - Players: Berry, Sorensen, Watts, Murray, McQuay III, Sterns, Golden Specialists (3 - guess those are set) K - Buttker P - Colquitt LS - Winchester Practice Squad (10)