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  1. All these in-house hires are really setting us back. Have some balls, offend some people, and go out and hire the best fit for the job. Hell, at least interview some ppl.
  2. U know we're both gonna get something other than Birds. That's just how the world works! I'm in the Pittsburgh market.
  3. I've had to firestick 4 games this year so far lol
  4. I just hope our game vs Seattle is being shown in my area. That's the potentially major downside for me personally.
  5. Apparently our game against the Seahawks got moved from SNF to Sunday at 1pm. Packers 9ers took our place.
  6. Ah yes, I would too if I lived there! It's like splitting hairs for me. Cowboys losing makes watching sports networks tolerable throughout the week.
  7. Think I might like a cowboys loss more than an Eagles win...nah prob not but it's close. HOW BOUT THEM COWGIRLS! Hey thanks for the comfy night's sleep, and the week full of Dallas bashing! Night!
  8. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    I must say it is relaxing watching football today just rooting for fantasy players and against teams that'd help the Eagles season. Hell I might even go golf today.
  9. That wasn't my death knell for this draft, but he certainly wasn't my #1 guy I wanted. That was Clelin Ferrell or Brian Burns.
  10. I'm willing to give JJ this season and the off-season to figure things out. l believe he will ultimately get his footing and produce for us. My biggest takeaway from this thread was how correct some people were in clamoring for a speed WR other than DeSean. Even some of us knew how bad of an idea relying on solely DeSean was. And let's be honest, most threads don't age well.
  11. Idk about Green but I'm positive Ward is strictly a slot WR. I would've liked to see him in the slot.
  12. This is an objective upgrade. At the very least, he will garner more targets than JJ and Hollins. He has more evidence in being a competent professional WR than either of them. Let him work the slot and see what he has. Hopefully these 2 weeks off let Alshon and Agholor get right mentally and physically.
  13. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I do have some comfort in knowing exactly what we need aka speed all over the place. Big question remaining, will the ppl who matter realize this and will they choose the right one.
  14. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I'm all in on Ruggs