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  1. All depends on what Kelce does, which we'll know by the draft. If he retires I'd take Linderbaum in a heartbeat. If Kelce stays I'd pass on him.
  2. I feel like any pick that gets traded for Ridley will have to be conditional.
  3. Hurts didn't play like he was a healthy ankle away from having a good game.
  4. Yeah I'd never do that Russ trade. I'd give up a 1st and Dillard and a 3rd, maybe a 2nd instead of the 3rd.
  5. I think having the 51st overall pick gives you a chance to get one of the best players in a particular draft yes. I've felt great in past drafts at pick #51 and the players that have been available. There's almost always guys who are there that feel like potential massive steals. Also that 51st overall pick could definitely go towards acquiring a young talented player who is already an established NFL player. Either alone or as a key asset of a package.
  6. Yes I do. The 51st or whatever pick is most Def a premium pick.
  7. I'm obsessed with premium draft picks for this particular team yes.
  8. I heard your Reagor comment the first time. I'd rather end up with a Hill or Brisker plus a David Bell or a McDuffie than just a Hamilton. Give me two starters over one. I'm not one to just throw out 2nd rounders. I'm a huge Hamilton guy though don't get me wrong.
  9. I'm of the line of thinking that this team needs a major infusion of young talent. The only thing I'm trading premium draft picks for is a qb. There's other really good safety prospects in Brisker and Hill. I'm not sure Hamilton is that much better than those guys to invest that much more into him.
  10. If he dropped to 10 I'd consider it from 15 but I'm not parting with anything more than a 3rd.
  11. I personally would never move up that far for a safety. To have any shot at Hamilton, we'd have to move up way too many spots and give up too much value.
  12. I'd 100% take that punter with a late round pick. Arryn Syphilis punted his way out of a job over multiple games.
  13. Who's expectations were super bowl and 11-12 wins and who's were 5-6 wins? I think that answers your question.
  14. Gotta love the Cowboys wasting another year of their prime. Finishing with the same result as us in a rebuilding year. Priceless.
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