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  1. He'll remain as one of my starting fantasy WR. Just trust this dude so much already.
  2. I don't look at it as the Ravens played bad and still kinda just accidentally put 30 points up. I think their offense will be more dependent on their defense creating takeaways that give them additional chances at points. I don't see them winning a lot of shootouts and going blow for blow with the elite offensive units. But I understand your and the other poster's points.
  3. Just didn't think they looked all that good regardless of comparison as well. I thought everybody kinda knew this?
  4. I'm just hopeful that the return of Reagor, Goedert, Seumalo, Peters (at RG), Maddox, Sanders can change the complexion of the season. That'd be a giant talent infusion. I'm prob missing more. Malik Jackson. Hell maybe Brandon Brooks too. This team has some potential if they can get all those guys back and stay healthy.
  5. Wentz was good enough to win tonight. I'm fine with him. His indecisiveness is what boils my blood. That's really it. That's the root of the dumb fumbles and interceptions. Indecisiveness. Commit to your action sooner my man. Throw it to your teammate, throw it away, or run. That's it.
  6. So Jake Elliott needs to go. Doug needs to give up 2 point calls and possibly more of the play calls. Opeta needs cut. Trade Ertz. Trade Alshon. NRC needs benched. Gerry needs cut (obligatory every week). Whole team needs a massive kick in the ***. Here's to being exhausted for work tomorrow.
  7. I still refuse to believe we actually won that game man. I can't remember a win ever feeling like a loss more than this, maybe besides the game @LAR when Carson tore his ACL. Such a weird feeling.
  8. Same. Went downstairs to pack my lunch for work tomorrow, then my bro texts me "Hightower 50 yard bomb". Typical.
  9. Yeah somebody needs fired. Turned it off. I have a job that requires me to wake up and perform, unlike being a Philadelphia Eagle player. Night fellas.
  10. I hope you're right, but I think that'll be the narrative to keep things largely in place.
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