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  1. Gotta think that one of Smith or Chase will be there. I think that's fairly certain. If Penei was there I'd be so freaking tempted.
  2. Yeah I'd prob break my TV if we drafted another RB in the second round lol. Would be almost as dumb as Hurts last year. I'd dedicate a pick to WR and one to an OL. The rest on defense. Need to find out about the young receivers under Sirianni, Steichen, and Patullo. Could look much improved.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Wonder if he'd come here on somewhat of a discount.
  4. I like Horn and Samuel Jr the most thus far outside of Surtain and Farley. Since we'll be running more Cover 2, Surtain would actually fit here really well. His long speed is really his only question. I used to be obsessed with deep speed in corners since Jim left guys on islands so much.
  5. I listened to a TDN pod recently and a guy on there thinks Samuel Jr will play outside corner in the NFL despite his size. I think I like him the best of the second tier guys. Him and Horn. The two Georgia guys seem a little meh but I have to watch them more. Solak likes Stokes.
  6. Agreed on Farley>Surtain. And yeah I get the whole trade down thing but I was just asking in a vacuum of who are some corners that could be there at 38 who could be a solid starter year 1. Like is Jaycee Horn capable of being CB2? Eric Stokes, Tyson Campbell, Samuel Jr. etc?
  7. I don't think Farley or Surtain are worthy of 6th overall. Smith and Chase however, are.
  8. Crazy how he was a widely projected first round pick, even like top 10. But then he moved outside and he crumbled. I imagine he could still be a nice nickel corner or a hybrid safety, no?
  9. Starting to grind some CB prospect tape. Who are some guys we could/should be targeting at 38? We need a starter opposite Slay.
  10. Thanks for everything Duce. You'll always be an Eagle, and a super bowl winning Eagle at that. Pumped about the Gannon hire, hope we get Steichen, pumped about Stout staying. I really like what we've done thus far.
  11. Easily? Idk about that. Nothing in this division is easy.
  12. I don't think Stafford is enough to make them legit super bowl contenders. Division contender definitely. They are without him. I think they're being a little overrated personally. They have a lot of work to do just like everyone else in the NFCE.
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