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  1. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    My man's team doesn't even have a name and he's out here throwing bows lmao. Howie always finds a way. Always remember that, guy who is a fan of a team with no name that is perpetually dysfunctional.
  2. I don't think JP's athleticism should be questioned, especially at guard. It's kind of his calling card? Moving from tackle to guard is the usual transition for an aging player anyways. I have my doubts about him playing a full season, of course. But as for his ability to play RG, I have no real functional questions. If you can athletically play LT, you can most likely athletically play RG lol. Lord knows strength isn't an issue for him either. I don't think we'll miss a beat unless he gets hurt, which he will.
  3. I think he'll make a quality RG. You'll see less false starts since he won't be trying to beat a DE to the edge by falsely timing his initial step. Less movement overall which will be good for him. Pryor backing him up elevates the G depth big time. And now Peters being here in case Dillard struggles or gets hurt elevates the tackle depth. Just a great move all around imo.
  4. Yup, hyperbolic Baldy! But hey, I still think it's a great move. Just a non flashy one like I had in mind.
  5. I just really hope Baldy isn't being hyperbolic like he normally is. Guy's kind of a nut tbh.
  6. Not a Clowney or Ngakoue guy? Who knows, could be nothing at all or something out of LF.
  7. You should be excited about the potential of the Eagles making a big move that could make the team significantly better.
  8. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Even if you guys were #1 on both sides of the ball last year, I'd still have a hard time seeing you make it back. Making the Super Bowl is HARD. Doing it in back to back years is REALLY FREAKING HARD. There's so much luck and happenstance involved throughout the season it's unreal. A bounce here, a missed call there. This is just a principle for me that transcends anything specific to a team.
  9. Who has the best roster?

    Haha, I'll gladly eat my crow if I'm wrong!
  10. I'll take anything right now and so should you.
  11. Okay I'm excited for this news
  12. Super Bowl LV predictions

    I think they'll certainly be contenders. But to go to the Super Bowl in back to back years is a tall mountain to climb. Especially for a team like the 49ers, who I don't think are special in any way. Not some juggernaut by any means. Would not be afraid to face them under really any normal circumstances.
  13. Who has the best roster?

    Yeah I have you falling off the AFCCG cliff. I think you miss the playoffs to be frank. Going from a CCG to missing the playoffs is falling off a cliff in my book.
  14. Who has the best roster?

    Sorry man I'm just not a Titan believer. I don't think they come close to replicating what they did last year. I don't have a lot of cold hard facts and stats why. Just not a believer.
  15. Who has the best roster?

    Because Ryan Tannehill is your quarterback and you rely on Henry too much. Flash on the pan season imo. That's all I need to know.