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  1. Yup as he should. Gotta test these ultra aggressive corners and make them think twice. Then the real tests begin.
  2. If Jalen is this 6 game sample size the rest of the year, I have no interest in watching the Sirianni-Hurts marriage any longer in 2022. An 18 game sample is enough to be sure that this head coach and qb just aren't compatible. I don't want to waste a second year with this combination. Personally, I just don't think Hurts is a starting quality NFL QB.
  3. Probably not until late season if at all. Dude had zero TC and was thrown into games after a speedy ACL recovery.
  4. My only props that didn't come through on a 10 legger was Gainwell over 13 rushing yards and him over 9.5 receiving yards.
  5. Perfectly cromulent throw there for a backup qb to Quez.
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