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  1. Good move, being kinda underrated tbh
  2. Like Whatever Who Cares Take 2.... Preseason GDT Week 2

    Wouldn't say Sweat has been outplayed by Miller. Hall has been team MVP so of course he has outplayed Josh. Also, seems like Sweat plays the least of these 3, no? Less chances to impact. I think all 3 have looked good.
  3. Like Whatever Who Cares Take 2.... Preseason GDT Week 2

    That's Katy Perry's best look. Mercy.
  4. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    As promising as Sendejo has been in TC and the first game, he feels like the kinda guy who you don't want on the field as a starter if someone goes down. He'll be good as a 3rd safety (especially better than Graham), but anything more than that and we're screwed imo. I'd keep him at the #3 and replace whoever goes down (Jenkins or McLeod) with Maddox especially considering the depth we have at CB.
  5. Backup QB Nate Sudfeld breaks (left) wrist

    Thank you for clearing that up @Danger
  6. Backup QB Nate Sudfeld breaks (left) wrist

    Broke both my wrists, both took 6-7 weeks. Non-throwing arm. Not overly concerning imo.
  7. Like Whatever Who Cares... Preseason Week 1 GDT

    Seems like Shareef Miller and Daeshon Hall are having good games. Happy to hear Dillard is looking strong as well.
  8. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

  9. Kamu Grugier-Hill suffers MCL sprain

    Could be back, what, week 4 or 5? Surprised no acl damage accompanied that mcl, usually go hand in hand.
  10. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    Yeah I've read multiple places and heard on multiple podcasts that Fort has impressed at times. Really holding my breath on KGH, I think he can have a real impact on our defense this year and in the future, and is a great candidate for an extension. Really hope he's okay. 🙏
  11. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    This probably relates to an injury (McLeod) or some sort of lack in performance. Don't really see any other reasoning behind it.
  12. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    I'm a Marlins fan. I'm a bigger fan of the Richards/Anderson trade than the Gallen one. I really liked Gallen, pitched two gems his last two outings, really seemed like he could've been a rotation staple for the future. He missed a lot of bats. But, we're absolutely loaded with high end pitching depth, so he was pretty expendable. Now we're pretty loaded at almost every position in our farm system. Chisholm and Sanchez are both top 60 overall prospects. They, along with Lewin Diaz (Romo trade), have pushed our farm system from a 10ish ranked system to a unanimous top 5 ranked system. Overall I like the trades, because they theoretically make sense. Trading from a position of surplus strength (pitching), to upgrade positions of weakness (SS/1B/OF).
  13. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    I read almost every beat writer's notes, and listen to almost every Eagles podcast, and I haven't heard one thing about Malik Jackson.
  14. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    Ghost town around here 👻
  15. Cowboys C Travis Frederick expected to be good for TC

    Glad for him! Now he can get back to being the second best C/beard in the game.