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  1. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. I wonder how he fits into Gannon's scheme as a safety. Maddox is a FA after this year, so if we switch him to nickel, he could take over for Avonte.
  2. Not winning this year has nothing to do with not picking good corners for the future.
  3. I think to neglect cornerback until 150 overall would be an awfully big mistake.
  4. The best CB available on the market. Released by Steelers about a month ago.
  5. I think CB and WR are the biggest needs. We have literally nobody opposite Slay. Although if one of Smith or Waddle is there I'd be bummed if we passed, even for a Surtain/Horn. Wentz missed a lot of guys last year, I'm not so sure that drops were a major issue for us in 2020. I'd like to see the numbers on that. Wentz was a bigger detriment to the receivers, tight ends and backs than they were to him.
  6. BMI is a farce to begin with. You could be 6'2 225 shredded but considered obese. Not saying Smith is shredded, but he's certainly stronger/tougher and more well built than his frame would typically suggest from an average person.
  7. Vikings fans, Eric Wilson signing with the Eagles analysis. And, go!
  8. Like the Howard signing, love the Wilson one. ITB guys are crazy about Wilson. He had a hell of a season last year in a system we're about to run. He's our new LB1 and I'm very happy about it. He was Kapadia's 84th ranked FA and PFT's 89th ranked. He's young too with low mileage.
  9. I don't want to fall into the "need" trap again, but i think we definitely need a legitimate X. Not saying Fulgham can't be that, but i don't want him as the unquestioned X. I feel fine about Y and Z though for the most part. Between Ward, Reagor, Watkins and Hightower, two of them can fill those. Elijah Moore in the slot is tempting though.
  10. We have a ton of Z's and this is something I've been thinking about for a while now. Gotta figure Reagor, Watkins, Ward and Hightower can all play the Y. Probably JJ too. Fulgham and JJ can play X, probably Reagor too. And Reagor, Watkins and Hightower can all play Z. So from that, I'd say our biggest need is an X, and a more sure explosive player at the Y. With that in mind, who are the best X receivers in this draft that we realistically have a shot at? Chase and arguably Pitts are the top two, but what about Waddle, Smith, Marshall, and Bateman? Are they X's?
  11. Should be enough to sign Steven Nelson lol
  12. I think we talked about this before but I agree lol. Rattler is the anti-Hurts when it comes to personality and teammates liking him. He came across as an entitled douchebag.
  13. I honestly don't either. If the 40 doesn't come from the laser at the combine it's not real in my book. Twitter is hilarious with all of the ppl laughing at Eagles fans reactions to Pitts and Chase numbers. Some really dumb ppl out there.
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