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  1. Signing Steven Nelson is mortgaging the future. Lol.
  2. Heavily agreed. This isn't MLB or the NBA where rebuilds are long term and you have to draft high and correctly just to be competitive. There are no lame duck seasons outside of Houston this year and even for them, they'll want to create a winning culture with their new HC in Culley. Why shouldn't we try everything we can to win and to create a winning culture with this new staff and QB? Like how is that backwards? Makes no sense to me to push back on signing a 28 year old CB2 for like $4-5M.
  3. I think both games can be played short and long and then you adjust. I mean if we win the division, that would probably mean there's some chance that we can use those 3 FRP on positions other than QB which would then greatly speed up our time-line.
  4. Well I think the division is very winnable so that's pretty notable.
  5. Steven Nelson expected to make decision today or tomorrow.
  6. He checks in at #9 on the ESPN plus ranking from coaches, executives and players. He was ranked #4 last year in the same ranking.
  7. I think we can beat the Saints again at home for sure. That's just a middle of the road game to me.
  8. I see 9 perfectly winnable games there. TB and KC are stretches. All the other teams can be had. I'll say 5-6 or 6-5.
  9. It was a really bad defense that was on pace for much of the season to be historically bad, and certainly merits in being a factor leading to a lower overall team ranking than what PFF Lindsey says.
  10. I did my NFCE position rankings recently and posted them. That exercise showed me how close all the teams are so I don't really care what PFF Lindsey says lmao.
  11. Just don't see how Dallas can be ranked that high with one of the worst defenses of all time last year. Oh well, cuz cowboys.
  12. We had a ton of injuries too and our guys like Driscoll, Mailata, Herbig really impressed the hell outta me. Hurts is literally everything for us now and how we go about things in the future. He holds this franchises present and future solely in his hands.
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