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  1. Yeah Kist and Solak was probably my favorite show out of every platform and shows. Yeah he can be snobby for sure, I'm honestly surprised Mosher and him get along enough to have a show together. They're pretty different dudes.
  2. Man both of these teams have brutal schedules coming up especially WFT. I have a hard time finding many wins in there for either I'll be honest.
  3. Kist called him out on it pretty hardcore lol almost felt bad for him
  4. According to Caplan's sources he played well
  5. Chase Young over 1.5 tackles gotta be an absolute no brainer right?
  6. Heinecke ftw!!! Defense!!! Giants got pieces now!!! Unattainable.
  7. I'm guessing better part of the season is more than 6-8 weeks. Broken feet are tricky with the weight they have to bear and the torque they undergo.
  8. How dare our past selves thought up such a childish fantasy! How could we ever have thought we could compete with such divisional stalwarts despite the iron-clad, bulletproof pre season rankings and analysis!
  9. Yeah if Hurts proves to be a good starter gimme 3 separate FRP selections instead of all 3 to acquire any one prospect. I'd love to inject 3 more young talented prospects into this roster. Namely on defense.
  10. Honestly looked worse than a high ankle sprain. Glad he's not out for the year.
  11. Most complete game played by an NFCE team week 1. Against the Falcons yes, but lots of teams go into that dome in ATL and struggle.
  12. Well since we're talking about draft needs in the Mailata thread, I'll chip in and say we need to draft a safety in the first few rounds. Hamilton would be sweet.
  13. Nice win. Blowing out any team at home is an impressive feat.
  14. It didn't look explosive. It looked like a lot of short passes to me.
  15. Just doing my part to get the truth out there and help cleanse the Cowboys-colored lenses everyone seems to be blindly wearing nowadays, er, for the past two decades.
  16. I mean I call out the team all the time on gamedays so. I recognize that their offense has the capability to be explosive for sure, but that wasn't on display last night. I thought their defense looked just as bad as last year. Figured a lot of ppl would be duped by that performance so I'm not surprised by the pushback I'm getting.
  17. Well let's see if everyone can do it. The jury is very much out on the Tampa Bay defense for me. I'm just telling you what I saw from watching every snap from the game. Big point swings that went Dallas' way and they still took an L.
  18. Absolutely agree. Feel bad for Tom's Stat line bc he played a near perfect game.
  19. McLaurin is really good so I think he is what he is at this point. I don't see him getting any better. He's a legit #1.
  20. Tampa did everything they could to give that game away and Dallas still lost. Dak had a handful of legit throws but everything else was dink and dunk imo. And the defense looked like a bottom 3 unit.
  21. Without the gift turnovers probably a 14+ point victory for TB. Surprised so many ppl thought Dallas actually looked good.
  22. All the OPI talk is irrelevant. With all the extra chances and TOP Dallas had, they should've won the game by then or should've not needed to rely on a referee. The fact that they didn't take advantage of so many extra chances is alarming. Idk how many other teams would've lost with that TO differential minus the end of half Hail Mary. Like this could've been 42-13 Bucs very easily.
  23. Yup all of this. Quite frankly should've been a 3 or 4 score victory if not for Tampa shooting themselves in the foot time and time and time again. Hard disagree with the whole silver lining Dallas thing I figured I'd see. Wonder how many times I'll hear "NFCCG Preview " in the next 24 hours?
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