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  1. I think with a league average coach, this team wouldn’t even sniff the SB. They are propped up by Belichick. i mean, Chris Hogan has 2 SB rings. Why? Because he happened to go to the team whose coach can seemingly any player look good. if Belichick was not around, this team would get smacked around. When BB retires, they’ll be just another team
  2. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    New England is a 5-11 roster propped up by coach and QB. A league average coach and New England loses to the Chargers. patriots basically act like they can outcoach everyone regardless of talent. new England is a crappy roster propped up by Belichick when he retires, payback will be a you know what.
  3. Spare me golden state to me is a desperate entitled team that doesn’t want the trophy they think Is their birthright possibly dissapear
  4. I said it once and I’ll say it again. watxhing paint dry is more fun than watching Steph and Klay do their same old stale live by the 3 routine.
  5. I am sick and tired of Golden State always winning. go not Warriors
  6. I am sick and tired of Steph and Klay. Can't wait until the Splash Chuckers go away.
  7. The Warriors have more lives than Freddy Krueger
  8. Golden State is running on fumes at this point.
  9. Lot of playoff mileage over the past 5 years.... what if Klay is running out of gas?
  10. How many damn breaks is GSW gonna keep getting?
  11. Raptors will pull the upset 2004 all over again the seemingly invincible immortal dynasty vs a toughened and battle tested team with a chip on their shoulder