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  1. The NFL legislating defense out of the sport probably helps. the NFL has become so watered down that a 41 year old is still at the top of this game. Brady 20 years ago would have been chopped down by defenses. Now, he can just dink and dunk seemingly forever knowing you are not allowed to touch him.
  2. When did you fall in love with football?

    When Did I fall out of love with football? Three words- Brady. Belichick. Bama. i used to love football. Now, I merely tolerate it and just root for whoever plays these evil empires. i will fall in love with football again when Brady and Belichick go way for good and stop sucking the joy and fun out of this sport.
  3. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Most overrated player in NFL history he’d be just another guy with a goofy name on like 20 teams
  4. I mean, he’s accomplished anything and everything, why keep spoiling a possible legendary ending and risk a Favre-like end when you know you’re tempting fate. you’ve got nothing left to prove, you don’t heed ANOTHER meaningless ring.... why does he act like he can play Forever? he apparently acts as if anything less than 9 rings is a failure.
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    The 2018 Red Sox will go down as the biggest one hit wonder since New Coke.
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Anyone but the Red Sox
  7. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Hell no good riddance to one of the most overrated players of all time
  8. I give it a D. Regular season was A+, but the playoffs were F-
  9. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    No fanbase deserved a SB parade more than Eagles fans last year. No fanbase deserved a SB parade less than Patriots fans this month. one fanbase has waited a lifetime, the other basically thinks parades are a way of life.
  10. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    If rings were everything, then they might as well put Rypien in the HOF.
  11. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    You wouldn't be saying that if Mahomes was in the SB
  12. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    Ty Law has NO business being in the hall of fame. but of course, he’s a Patriot with rings, so apparently that’s good enough
  13. pats fans might be wearing cowboys jerseys by that time
  14. Personally I think New England’s dynasty has one big side effect- it has essentially reduced the AFC to: 1. Making the AFC CG a Pats invitational 2. Making the rest of the AFC (and whomever survives the NFC) feel like they’re playing for a silver medal Personally, I have less excitement for 2019
  15. You think the SB would have had a worse rating if the Chiefs had made it?