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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I see a guy with 0 playoff wins
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I REALLY REALLY hate Shane Bieber
  3. Patriots Extend Tom Brady for 2 years, $70M

    This guy thinks he can play forever.... someone, anyone, please end this Brady nightmare.
  4. Five Wins (or less)

    It’s. Gonna. Happen. No team deserves humble pie more than this arrogant band who thinks they just are entitled to winning Father Time is going to finally get to mr dunk and dunk
  5. Five Wins (or less)

    Patriots THIS is the year the evil empire gets its comeuppance
  6. It’s like the easiest thing ever. You never have to worry about the playoffs, you practically don’t have worry about anything going wrong, you have 6 games against the worst division ever, and you practically view the SB as a birthright, what’s it like to know nothing but greatness? To not know what it’s like to be a fan trying to climb the mountain? To always gloat about being a fan of the right team at the right time? to be a Patriots fan is to expect parades every year and that SB’s are essentially a way of life.
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Sony Michel- real deal or just another Patriots system product? personally I think you could have plugged in 20 RB’s and they could have done what he did
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Will the AFC East ever be a decent division again? for over a decade, it has been the worst division in sports history. why bother? You know New England is gonna winter another joyless meaningless division title because god forbid because their division be intriguing, seriously, I cannot wait until Brady goes away forever and the NFL will be worth watching.
  9. I don’t give a damn what any of you guys think The Patriots are bad for football. Period.
  10. I will not. i will not give a dime to football until Brady and Belichick are gone
  11. Oldest team in the league. At some point, the barbarians are gonna storm the castle. brady can’t dink and dunk his way forever to hide his age. This is an aging team held up by 2 legendary geezers that everyone takes for granted. we all just act like New England can do no wrong and the SB is their birthright. enough is enough. it is time for the most unlikeable despicable team in history to get their comeuppance . karma is long LONG overdue for this team when the dynasty dies, nobody will feel sorry for their “fans” who will probably we wearing Dak jerseys when Brady is finally gone for good. They are entitled brats that think life is nothing but parades and SB’s. the nuclear winter is coming.
  12. The only fanbase that cares about 2019 are the Patriots fans who ad usual have already planned the parade because they think they are entitled to win every year. to be a Patriots fans is to know nothing but glory and never anything else, a frontrunner who thinks they should never lose any games. in New England, anything but 19-0 would be a failure
  13. the day Brady retires, the nfl Will finally be fun again. he had held the nfl hostage forever. seriously, someone, anyone, please KO this guy and end this soulless dynasty for good
  14. The Patriots will not get a first round bye