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  1. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    If rings were everything, then they might as well put Rypien in the HOF.
  2. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    You wouldn't be saying that if Mahomes was in the SB
  3. Hall of Fame Finalists 2019?

    Ty Law has NO business being in the hall of fame. but of course, he’s a Patriot with rings, so apparently that’s good enough
  4. pats fans might be wearing cowboys jerseys by that time
  5. Personally I think New England’s dynasty has one big side effect- it has essentially reduced the AFC to: 1. Making the AFC CG a Pats invitational 2. Making the rest of the AFC (and whomever survives the NFC) feel like they’re playing for a silver medal Personally, I have less excitement for 2019
  6. You think the SB would have had a worse rating if the Chiefs had made it?
  7. Plain and simple- your thoughts? I think it's bad, some will say it's good.
  8. That roster can win with a lot of coaches
  9. Gruden might have won the SB with this Pats roster
  10. They'd have TWO rings at most in the NFC
  11. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

    It was so boring that it made my decision before the game to duck out and not watch look smart. i wa just hoping the Pats would lose
  12. If Oakland and New England swapped coaches..... Could Belichick have won the AFC?
  13. Kyle Van Noy, Hightower, Flowers- below average on any other team. C+ players elevated by Belichick
  14. Was Super Bowl LIII "boring"?

  15. This wasn't 43-8. Apparently Wade Phillips knew what to do.