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  1. TRADE down to Pk 14 Add Pk 76 Pk 14 Wirfs And move Joel to RG while letting Wirfs play next to “see below” Pk 41 Delpit Pk 74 Brooks Pk 97 trade for Trent Pk114 Pittman Jr
  2. Idk if Larry can be labeled as a hit.
  3. Sign and trade Clowney for Trent straight up.
  4. With the moves that were made in free agency, it’s apparent the positions the front office will draft: LT at 10 LB or Safety at 41 Wr or Te at 74 BPA moving forward. Then whatever still need addressed will be free agents on one year contracts.
  5. If Thomas and Wirfs are gone at pick ten, then I’d draft Derrick Brown over any remaining tackle. Simmons is special but not that spectacular.
  6. Derrick Brown is the 2nd best non qb player in this draft. I’m drafting him over any OT in this class.
  7. So instead of Trent, what if we trade for Tyron Smith in Dallas. He is not a major injury concern and has 3 yrs left on the contract. He also fits perfectly in the zone scheme. The Browns have way more holes than what it appears for example the 30th ranked rush defense. So why not add more picks in a trade down and still get: franchise tackle by drafting a stud LT like Cleveland from Boise St who would go top 10 in last year tackle class. a pass rusher and run stuffer all in one with- Kinlaw he’d make the whole defense better. And perhaps Ken Murray with an additional 2n
  8. The defense needs a lot of pieces. If we solve the OT issue in free agency then we can dedicate a premium pick to more positions of need perhaps in a trade down. Plus we have the cap space to front load the deal.
  9. I think Jerry would give us a discount considering his relationship with Haslam however idk if Jerry would give away a 7x pro bowler/3x all pro who’s just 30 years old for a 4th. He might be our best option since he wouldn’t be looking for a new deal with 3 years left on his contract like Trent. The top defensive guys will likely be gone by pick 14 therefore we snag a 6’6 340lbs DT who led the nation in pass rush efficiency. Larry O isn’t a true nose tackle(at best average to below average) and likely will be gone next year. Richardson could be a cap casualty after this year so DT
  10. Skins talked to Peters today with no deal, but did show interest. ‪Draft: Trade Pk10 For Pk14 & Pk45‬ ‪Pk14 Kinlaw ‬ ‪Pk41 Cleveland ‬ ‪Pk45 Malik Harrison‬ ‪Trade Pk 74 For Trent Williams ‬or Tyron Smith ‪Pk97 WR your choice ‬ ‪Pk115 Safety your choice Imagine putting Kinlaw next to Trex..
  11. ‪Draft: Trade Pk10 For Pk14 & Pk45‬ ‪Pk14 Kinlaw ‬ ‪Pk41 Cleveland ‬ ‪Pk45 Malik Harrison‬ ‪Trade Pk 74 For Trent Williams ‬ ‪Pk97 WR your choice ‬ ‪Pk115 Safety your choice ‬
  12. With inflation that’s not a bad contract for a top 5 TE
  13. So let’s look at what transpired... Harris was tagged by the Vikings therefore freeing up cash we’d of used to sign him.. The Salary Cap increased giving us more cash to play around with. we are in great shape to still sign a Off tackle or 2!!
  14. Trade for: Trent Draft: Kinlaw Draft: Cleveland Our identity is to run the ball and stop the run. Make it happen Berry!!
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