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  1. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    Sorry, I wanted to write 23-14..
  2. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    22-14 bucs win!!
  3. Bucs Training Camp '19

    I wanted to move Brate (keeping Adam) even before knowing The capacity of Hudson!!
  4. *** 2019 Buccaneers Scoring Contest

    30 TB 17 Sf 47
  5. I think we go thé same Wr route, David with White, Suh VV, Brate and Howard
  6. Ronde Barber to be inducted to Ring of Honor

    Sooo happy, my favorite Buccaneers
  7. Guess the 1st Rounder Challenge!

    I think its gonna be White at 5, not my first choice but i will accept it!!
  8. Mock Drafts

    Ouuttcchh a trade down with Allen on board for a 3rd and 5th.. i like White especially with a trade down but not for only that..
  9. First Rounders Who Would Dissapoint You

    Gary.. i dont think my TV survive!!
  10. 2019 prospect visits thread

    I saw that too!! With Todd Bowles at Kentucky, I can imagine our ILB (Forget his name) and Ross too!!
  11. 2019 prospect visits thread

    Who was at the LSU proday??
  12. 2019 Prospects thread.

    I like him too but if we go RB, i would prefer one who catch the ball well.
  13. Free Agents

    Its a win for me!!
  14. Free Agents

  15. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Devin White