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  1. I only saw 2 games at the Raymond James and it was both win against the saints and For me nothing beat that!! TAMPA..... BAY...
  2. Question of the day 8/7 (Favorite Player?)

    Mike Evans!! He is so amazing on and off the field. I will always remember when I meet him last year after the last game of the season!! Antony Auclair, its simply unbeliveble that someone from about 30min from my home play for my favorite team!!
  3. Question of the day 8/6 (Bucs Fandom?)

    Easy, i played Madden when i Was young like 20 year ago and the logo attract me a lot!! Loll i liked their défense Back in the day.. Barber( my favorite all Times) Sapp Culpepper Brooks Lynch!! They were so stacked Since im from Québec, Canada we doesnt have a team so i needed to pick one away from home.
  4. Question of the day 8/5 (Record?)

    Same thing except i dont see us losing to the Ravens.. I think our new revamped defense will keep us in every game
  5. Another good fight between Cappa and Benenoch for the starting RG spot! But man cappa run blocking is for Real!
  6. We have lots of competition un camp, really good thing.. RB 3LB WR CB i hope Watson make the team!
  7. I hope he can do that on game day!!
  8. Question of the day 8/3

    I think Evans will surprise a lot this year and a Real défensive Line will help a lot
  9. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Baker was awful at everything least year..
  10. Bucs UDFAs

  11. Bucs UDFAs

    Sister celebrates brother's touchdown on field during game Western Michigan's Donnie Ernsberger scores a 14-yard touchdown in overtime, and his sister runs into the end zone to join in on the celebration. She's asked to leave the stadium soon after as the game hadn't concluded I Doubt he make the team! I sûre hope he didnt because i want my man Auclair to have a bigger role
  12. Draft Grades

    I like our draft... Vea were the BPA on licht Board.. MJ stewart is the only one that i really dont like because i Wanted Donte Jackson!! But againt I trust Licht when we talk about draft!!! Davis us a steal at the end of the 2nd and Cappa probably become our starting guard.. We have the chance to get out with 4-6 starter down the road and its amazing!!!
  13. Bucs Draft Thread

  14. Bucs Draft Thread

    Big surprise with Penny.. Was thinking maybe he can be our pick 53..