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  1. 🏈 Week 6: Bucs (2-2) @ Falcons (1-4)

    And we keep reading that Mariota is so much better than Winston.. lol
  2. Help from the draft...

    I remember on draft day I wanted Guice so much and then we took Rojo outchh, after that i wanted Donte Jackson,who look good for the Panthers, we took MJ who look ok... in the first i wanted James too, but im fine with Vea.. was not my favorite but I think he will help a lot in the futur.. vea+Whitehead look good to me right now.. Sure Derwin look amazing with Chargers, (Mcdougald look very good with Seahawks).. i think the coaching staff and the scheme is the probleme and im pretty sure James look bad in our défense too
  3. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    At least Catanzaro makes kick..
  4. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    No spence at all? He cant do worst
  5. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Amazing!! Give me the underdog all year long and show them!!
  6. Roster thread

    My biggest surprise is Josh Robinson!! He was so good on spécial team and we keep Harris in his place...
  7. Question of the Day - Gerald McCoy

    I voted for 10... he has the talents, talents around him this year will help get production!
  8. Roster thread

    Its really hard to be perfect!! Its look good to me!
  9. Do we have News on Vita?
  10. I just watched the first half this morning, our offense gonna be soooo good, peyton is for real! Auclair, my man, with an awesome block on the TD!! Winston is balling, wow, we will miss him... Howard!! Wooowwwww!!! His flag was Such a BS call, and his run was fantastic during the 2 min warning!! Litdke (?) was Good replacing Smith, but I hope our starting Olive dont get hurt during the season, we will be screwed!!
  11. Preseason overreaction thread

    I have faith!!! we need a running to help him first!!!
  12. Roster thread

    I think its because they wanted to keep Auclair and he wasn’t ready
  13. Roster thread

    We keep 5 TE? I dont see it!! But i like the fact You add Watson!!
  14. Preseason week two: Bucs @ Titans

    PERFECT pass, amazing!! Great catch by Watson!!