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  1. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Really good news!!
  2. East West Shrine game

    Really happy for my man Betts!! Maybe we can have another oh Canada? Seriously he never stop high motor!
  3. Byron Leftwich to call plays

    We all agree that the Arizona Cardinals was not a perfect place to start his coordinator career, rookie qb, no oline, no BA behind him too.. im sure BA will take him under is arm and help him a lot!!
  4. East West Shrine game

    Betts is amazing, i hope he can show him well, take a look at him!
  5. Other coaching news

    Im happy that we move fast! I think its probably Arians!!
  6. Griffin is active in Fitzmagic (not so magic anymore) place!!
  7. You forgot avoir Ray Lewis? Lol
  8. We need a good game from Peyton... Letโ€™s go Bucs!!!
  9. We can beat their kitty ***!!
  10. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Do you think Byron Murphy is leaving early.. he is probably someone we give a long look with Grimes gone!!
  11. He probably cost the skin game, and koetter job..
  12. Man... we are pathetic..
  13. ? Week 9: Bucs (3-4) @ Panthers (5-2)

    I hope we do that!! At worst we got a good defensive player and a Qb in 2020.. best case a good dรฉfensive player and winston cut on turnover and turn to be our Qb of the futur... anyway for what i know right Now, no Qb worth taking early..
  14. ? Week 9: Bucs (3-4) @ Panthers (5-2)

    Its make my cry when i think we pass On Donte Jackson for Stewart...