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  1. We get it. You don't like my team and will never vote for it.
  2. I'm glad he did. I got to literally laugh out loud at a tl;dr that was a whole sentence shorter than the essay.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread

    Send to Dingo: Seoul @ Louisiana Camden @ Cuba Rome @ Orlando Long Beach @ Compton Send to Ted: Berlin @ Charleston London @ Gotham Singapore @ Wichita Portland @ Oklahoma City
  4. BDL Discussion Thread

    I read all the game plans, but my unfamiliariarity with football probably causes me to misunderstand most of them.
  5. BDL Discussion Thread

    I tried to make it clear that I was not questioning your integrity. All I was doing was trying to inform you that voting occurs after the real games are finished and pointed out a reason why we wait (your votes could be seen as suspicious).
  6. BDL Discussion Thread

    With the exception of one guy who's no longer with us, I have always 100% trusted everyone to vote with integrity. We aren't playing for money here. If someone is colluding behind-the-scenes in a league where pride is truly the only reward, then I am really just happy knowing that I am a better person than he.
  7. BJ Goodson was inactive this week, leaving Cuba with just two active ILBs. London went run heavy which is very good against a pass rushing D-line and a thin linebacker corp. On the other hand, London's corners are all starting the year pretty slowly and Cuba has a pair of great receivers. In the end I think I'm going to go London based on their run heavy strategy. They control the clock and methodically wear down Cuba's linebackers as the game goes on. On the other side, Cuba gets a few big plays, but the London pass rush ultimately limits the few opportunities that the Smugglers get.
  8. Losing Janoris Jenkins is pretty bad for Rome here. For all the criticism directed at Singapore's secondary this week, Rome's may be even worse. I think both Tyreek Hill and DeSean Jackson have good games and put a sputtering Eli away early.
  9. I like Singapore here. Like others have said, it comes down to whether or not I believe if Singapore's defensive front can make up for their deficiencies in their secondary. In this matchup, I think they can.
  10. Very tough match here, but I eventually decided to vote for Orlando. Gronk is, of course, the biggest difference maker in this game, and Charleston almost admits he can't really cover him. Because I prefer the defensive player in every other matchup here, I think Gronk's ability to keep the Orlando offense moving will be the difference.
  11. I think this game ends up being fairly high scoring. With Vontae out, DRC and Weddle playing below standards, and Timmons being a literal no-show, I feel like Louisiana is deceptively weak in the defensive back seven. Rodgers will of course have some pressure, but he should find some success in the air. That being said, the weapons on the Jazz offense overpower the Leprechauns late in the game to grab a win.
  12. I think I like Gotham in this matchup, but it was very hard to choose. Ultimately, I think the Gotham defense does enough to win this game. Their secondary is deep and talented enough to overcome Camden's spread strategy and contain a hobbled Beckham. Also, Gotham's defensive front should get the better of the Camden offensive line.
  13. I'm with the others. Bad luck to Rofl this week.
  14. ???? "If Wichita goes four wide, then Lotulelei will still come off the field but in favor of Morris Claiborne" is the second to last sentence of my writeup. Wichita literally has 4 WRs on their roster, one of which is Parker.
  15. Janoris Jenkins is inactive for Rome.