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  1. It's all mindless chatter. Otherwise there would be no posts at all. Typically, people only start posting game related things a few hours before night.
  2. I know who it is, too. Tomorrow around 8 PM CST, I'll vote for him
  3. I'm the short, loser Asian kid. Everyone abuses me on here
  4. Damn so it really is Counsellor huh
  5. Straw that broke it. I cannot post in BDL without some kind of comment like that.
  6. You can have it. While you're at it you can have Melvin Gordon, Joe Mixon, Adam Thielen, Robert Woods, D.J. Moore, David Bakhtiari, Brandon Brooks, Rodney Hudson, Von Miller, Ryan Kerrigan, Cameron Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, Lavonte David, Patrick Peterson, and Adrian Amos. Look at all those elite players!!
  7. I want to that's why I quit BDL.
  8. wwhickok is your new punching bag
  9. It'll only be awkward for a couple weeks