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  1. I'm not sure what happened here, as the deadline has been 10am EST all year. @DingoLadd we should probably make it noon in the future if that's what's stated in the OP
  2. I like Charleston here. With Freeman and Smith out, I think Camden has a tough time moving the ball.
  3. I guess I'm crazy because I actually like Wichita here. Rashaan Melvin and Ken Crawley have been playing really well and deserve more respect than they're apparently getting. Also, Louisiana banked its run game and a lot of its short passing game on drawing Kuechly out of the box with Ertz, but Wichita negates that by putting Smith on him. With Kuechly patrolling the middle, Wichita's boundary corners playing well, and Smith taking away Ertz, I think Wichita slows Louisiana down enough to get an upset win at home.
  4. I like Orlando here. I think their D-line beats up the Gotham O-line pretty well and outside of being bumped by McKinney I guess no one is covering Gronk?
  5. I really don't like how the first two paragraphs of Rome's offensive gameplan is a copy/paste from last week, including leaving Oklahoma City in it. That being said, they do have a better team at the moment and the rest of their gameplan was good.
  6. Oh yeah yours was way better than these two for sure. Sorry if my other comment made it seem that way.
  7. I take my comment on the Singapore/Seoul game back. My Compton gameplan is the fourth worst this week. I vote Cuba
  8. I actually think my Compton gameplan was only the third most embarrassing this week. These two... my goodness. I vote Seoul but I wish I could null vote.
  9. In my defense it's because my actual team was playing Long Beach and so I was just thinking about them all day. I don't proofread my Compton gameplans so there you go. I'm voting Portland.
  10. Man the Compton coach gameplanned for the wrong team. What a scrub. For real though I was afraid that would happen eventually.
  11. Hahaha so Dome has hosted three games and Touch has rolled mafia in all three. In fact I've played five games with him now and he's never been a civ. Good work with the tie at the end everyone
  12. Aww man and I thought it was part of our inside joke of always messing up each other's threads
  13. OFFENSE - 2 WR/2 TE/RB Against Orlando, we come out in our 2WR/2TE/1RB set and will look to control the time of possession with sustained drives and keep the Ospreys formidable offense off the field. This is not to say that we are going to run, run, run, but conversely we are going to pass, pass, pass! We are designing a game plan to utilize Wentz’ accuracy and poise and run high percentage plays on early downs; 3 step drop slants to Landry, quick screens to Thomas, crossing routes to the flat with Davis, flares to Martin. With primarily working short yardage areas in high percentage throws, we are essentially using this method to be our “run” game. Of course, we will still utilize Martin and Henry, but anticipate a 70:30 pass:run ratio throughout this contest. As the game progresses and Carson detects press and stacking, we will use play action to freeze the backers and safeties, running double moves and wheels with our WRs and seem routes to our TEs looking for some long gains. We should be able to keep Orlando off balance with this strategy and prevent their DEs from getting enough time to get to Wentz. DEFENSE - Cover 2 43 Hybrid Nickel Orlando’s offense is dangerous and our main objective this week is to contain it by preventing big plays. We plan on accomplishing this using these strategies: Press man -- We will have our CBs play VERY physically at the LOS. Norman and Rhodes are among the most physical CBs in the league and we are looking to eliminate short and intermediate routes by disrupting their timing with Wilson. Combined with a Cover 2 concept to protect against deep routes, we look to give our front 7 more time to get to Russ Active Linebackers - They are the key to the game plan. McKinney will be in a hybrid SLEDGE role, rushing the QB often, run blitzing gaps,hitting Gronk off the line. Bowman will be the man in the middle, charged with punishing RBs. Foster will be another hammer, preventing Russ from escaping the pocket and covering the flats and laying wood on short field receivers. Change up Front 7 Looks - We want to keep Wilson guessing and will run 3,4 and 5 man fronts out of our shell. Orlando offense Offense: This week on offense we will again feature roll-outs and bootlegs with Wilson as we acknowledge that our interior O-Line, while talented, has been having rough seasons battling through injuries. That said all three players excel at pulling and should be a force in the outside run game. Our run game should see great success against the injured edge rushers of Gotham. With Wilson rolling out Gotham will be forced to choose between leaving Foster on Gronk or having him control Wilson in the run game. McKinney is an average linebacker but could not handle either of these duties on his own. If McKinney is left alone in coverage or to contain Wilson Gronk or Wilson should have huge games. Another benefit of the outside running game is to keep the safeties down low. Without the bruising Kam Chancellor this week Gotham will be forced to start Eric Reid who hasn’t been good this year. This loss in the secondary will allow us to open up our passing game. We will be featuring 3 wide in most formations (with 4 on occasion) with Evans, Alshon, and Robert Woods challenging the depth of Gothams secondary with Goodwin and Bryant regularly being matched up on some combination of Jourdan Lewis, Damarious Randall, or Rasul Douglas. These Evans and Alshon will get a handful of targets each but Woods and Bryant should feast on the rookies and Randall. Overall we expect Wilson to fill the stat sheet this week with his arm and legs. Foster cannot do it himself and the injured edge defenders and McKinney should allow Wilson and the running backs to pick up chunk yards in the running game and depending on how they use Foster Gronk should also have a big game. The WRs on the edge should be able to get vertical and make plays deeper in the secondary without the threat of Chancellor laying the boom. Defense: Our goal this week is to attack the offensive line of Gotham. Shaq Mason is the only starter that is in the top half of the league at their position. We’ll counter this with one of the best DE duos in the league of Beasley and Bosa. In the middle we have Suh and Poe collapsing the pocket to keep the run game from even getting started. We’ll be featuring a solid rotation with Lawson coming in regularly and sliding Bosa to DT on 3rd and longs to get the best pass rushers on the field. Danny Shelton and Kevin Clark will rotate in to keep pressure on Wentz all game. We understand that Gotham’s best chance is for Wentz to pull some magic tricks and we will not let that happen with a heavy blitz scheme and safety help over the top eliminating any big plays. This week we will again feature 3 LBs this week as Gotham regularly only plays two WRs. While we aren’t scared of the TEs or RBs we’re definitely keeping them contained. Wagner will eliminate Davis, Trevathan will handle Luke Wilson. Kirksey will be wreaking havoc on Wentz with regular blitzes. Outside Ramsey will blanket Demaryius and he will get help over the top from McLeod. Landry will face the BBC. We’re sticking with BBC over Bradberry because we believe he will eliminate the quickness of Landry and keep him contained in the short routes. BBC will also get help over the top. On occasion we will sub the Honey Badger in safety coverage for Neal so BBC can be sent on corner blitzes and Mathieu can cover Landry for the three seconds it will take for BBC to sack Wentz. Overall we plan on making Wentz regret playing for Gotham. With a heavy blitz scheme from both LB and CB, Safety help over the top on both WRs, and three LBs to shut down the running game and keep his back-up TEs from making any plays it should be a long day for Wentz and the Gashslayers