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  1. HA @Counselor @Pickle Rick @Tk3 @swoosh @Forge @gopherwrestler
  2. I apologize to @Counselor I'll finish this game, but I'm clearly not cut out for mafia or FF.
  3. I told everyone my argumentyation for ******* covid rules in ******* bdl and evweryone ******* questioned my motives and called me a liar for considering covid in building my BDL team. I'm so very uncool with that,. I was going to elt it go but I am not a ******* liar man
  4. I'm gone. I'm done being called a liar. I can't go anywhere on this ******* site without being called a liar. And I actually regretted for a moment for quitting BDL. Good bye man
  5. Okay man. I'm going to remember this next time you get mad when I call you a liar. I don't get this game at all. Sorry @TheKillerNachoI tried to play for you.
  6. There's no argument here. It's Buff. I am Naomi Misura and swoosh has seen the name. I claimed FBI and stated unique things about the pm befor it was revealed. I've been a part of every orange lynch and their death note dropped so why wouldn't they give it to me.
  7. Has anyone claimed Naomi Misora? How can I be Naomi Misora and be not-FBI?
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