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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Send them all to me. will need someone for my game against Ted
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    You can have him dude I have Kyle Allen
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    You're talking to the dude who picked Josh Rosen of all those QBs to be his QBotF. But I guess like SirA I'm trying to prove a point this week
  4. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Go through that list of teams and tell me otherwise
  5. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    1. Hawaii - CeeDee Lamb 2. Williamsport - Jerry Jeudy 3. Ivory Coast - 3rd best WR 4. Seoul - 4th best WR 5. Anchorage - Tua All the players I know
  6. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    The thing that’s like the most valuable commodity in this league?
  7. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Time for those mid season power rankings!
  8. Yeah I don't think Portland can take enough advantage of Hungary's secondary despite me not being a fan of it. This 3 active corner thing is going to get people killed eventually though
  9. I noticed the first line. I certainly did not realize the totality of the joke
  10. Pure defensive game as neither O-line is equipped to handle the edge in this game. The run games are pretty equal with a slight edge to NO. I think the extra protection from the backs as well as better QB play allows IC to make enough plays through the air to actually punch through for a TD.
  11. Cuba's offense is really good. Anchorage's secondary isn't as great. Going Cuba here although very solid gameplanning from Counselor as always