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  1. Okay I guess I can be involved in this madness.
  2. So this is basically Meme Mafia: Slappy Mc edition?
  3. Wow Malf and Bcb targeted me this game. I’m embarrassed
  4. Let’s go! Name the time! (Anytime except tonight. I’m at work)
  5. @Pickle Rick @TheKillerNacho a round of Pokémon Pictionary for the game? You scum vs me and Malf town
  6. I’ll play. I still never got my chance to beat anyone at Pokémon Pictionary other than @Slappy Mc
  7. Also bcb basically tried to lynch Malf in LYLO. Malf is town
  8. How would killing off Mwil and BBB be framing you? And btw TOWN GETS HITS so you could have hit Mwil regardless of alignment. The fact that you don’t know town gets hits means you probably are scum, got a hit, and assumed you and your partner(s) got one
  9. Okay well after we deal with Pickle we can sort it out. No one is clear except me
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