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  1. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    We’re saying the same thing.
  2. I take trash for trash all the time
  3. This is an absolutely dangerous precedent.
  4. The first one had a disapproval. I just believe that any non-approval must at least provide reasoning. Otherwise why even post?
  5. I want to approach this in the most non confrontational way, but this is something I cannot let sit. I would like transparency in the goings on of the trade and ruling committees. I have requested this before and I do not believe it to be an unreasonable request.
  6. I’m pretty sure Keelan Cole is the best WR on the Jags. Just btw
  7. Also, I (or @Ragnarok), at some point, am going to set up a "Vent Discord" channel where at least I can go in and rant and steam without risk of getting banned again. Anyone will be welcome to come in at any time and be as snarky as you like.
  8. Literally 50% of my bids were invalid so I don't think anyone should feel bad.
  9. I offered you like Gordon, Von, my 2019 2nd, my 2020 1st and 2nd for Mahomes and you didn’t even respond
  10. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    I’m pretty surprised at the negative responses to this thread. The OP makes a lot of sense with facts that haven’t been disputed outside of poor anecdotal examples. This hits home to me as poker player because to me, the way the run game is presented in this thread is similar to bluffing in poker. Bluffing is an absolutely essential dimension of winning poker, but the actual dollar amounts gained from it are largely irrelevant to your overall win. The biggest wins in poker come from making hands and getting those hands paid off. Any individual session is going to be defined a win or a loss based on the frequency of making hands and how well they fare (passing efficiency). This can be accomplished by making hands in good spots (strong passing game) and/or by setting opponents up via bluffing (running game). You can certainly bluff more frequently (have a stronger running game), but in actuality it’s more of the threat of being able to successfully bluff in a spot that will contribute to the frequency of being paid. There is no ideal balance in poker as a stronger bluffing game will lead to a better showdown game for the most part, but I’ve never seen a poker player (and I’m a professional) who wins solely because of his bluffs. His bluffs only mean something greater to the overall game. Yes, there have been some sessions that would have been losers that were winners because of my bluffs, but they are few and far between and not big wins. The big wins come from doubling with a set, busting somone with AA, etc. Same as there is no ideal balance in a football team since it’s all interconnected, but I do fully believe that, like bluffing, the run game (other than running out the clock which is of course a specific situation) is useful only to the extent in which it helps your passing efficiency.
  11. Remove me from the list
  12. Actually, I'm just out. I'm sorry. I can't handle this. I'm already triggered.
  13. Alright. I'll stay in but I gotta say this: I don't lie about my activity or my obligations. We play a game of lying, but I believe that no matter what, you play straight up with your opponents. You only deceive them within the actual structure of the game. I don't care what you all think of me or about my life, but to me, sportsmanship and respect are held in the absolute highest esteem. I absolutely judge people who try to angle shoot at a poker table. I absolutely will not play with them again. To me, sportsmanship and respect for your opponents transcends the idea of some game. It's not about the game, it's about people. And everything is about other people. I wake up in the morning and play games. I go to work and play games. I come home and play games. Games are my livelihood and pretty much the only way I interact with people. If you mess with the spirit of the game, you are messing with my relationship with you. IMO, there was no excuse for how I was treated in the last game by people I call my friends. IF my friendship and relationship with you mean anything to you, then please do not do that to me again. If those things don't mean anything, then at least I will know for sure where we stand.
  14. Idk if I’m ready for this. I’m still bitter
  15. By angle shooting them
  16. I don’t understand anime at all. I had a friend who completely ruined all my interest in it
  17. Sure at least I’ll understand my death
  18. Only if I actually get to play this time
  19. I mean if I get angle shot again then I will likely not be happy. But maybe I’ll just silently steam. The only reason I rant to you guys is because I care
  20. The last time I played mafia I got banned
  21. BDL 2019 FA Week 3 - RB/TE/WR/FB

    WR Brandin Cooks $47,000/5 ($9400/yr)