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  1. Other Games Thread Week 1

    That was putrid. Atlanta better be asking for their money back. Awful play calling and awful QB play all around. Yuck. Philly should be down 0-1 but instead they're 1-0. Worst day.
  2. NFL Draft Targets?

    I cant see Rosen making out of the top 5, you really think he'd be there at 10??
  3. NFL Draft Targets?

    I want Lamar Jackson. I dont care about anyone else at this point.
  4. Offseason Trade Targets

    Went as thought. This was the right move.
  5. Patriots trade Brandin Cooks to the Rams

    I called it before the Superbowl. Made no sense to keep him when a team would be willing to give up good value for him. Great move, I like the player but he is just a luxury. Brady/Patriots don't need him, he isnt a game winner, hes a nice player to have for a couple deep shots a game but other than that hes shown to be pretty average. To all those thinking the Pats are gonna go get Odell I think you're gonna be disappointed. What they do from now (in my opinion) won't be sexy. They'll pay Gronk what they have to, Brady will re-do his contract and I think they will go to the draft with using that pick as their plan A. If plan B comes up (a player becomes available at the draft) we'll see. But they still need some more fast/skilled players on D and a good left tackle. Gonna be an interesting few weeks. All the best to Cooks in LA, real nice guy, good teammate just was a bit of a square peg in a round hole here.
  6. Offseason Trade Targets

    I have watched Rowe especially close last season, I knew before the superbowl he’d blow chunks and give up brutal plays, but I thought the Pats would at least hold Phily to under 30. But during the season he routinely gave up 3rd downs, missed tackles. Hell, he actully made a tackle on 3rd down short of the sticks in one game and instead of holding the guy up or just tackling him out if bounds he dragged him over the first down marker to complete his tackl, absolutely blew my mind. He gets burnt with speed and isn’t smart enough to use his body to make up for his lack of foot speed. He made a good play at the end of the Pittsburgh game with the bat away, but he was straight up brutal in that game too. Im fine with him as your number 3 in the slot but he’ll kill the Pats if hes your number 2. I dont wanna be negative nancy but he scares the hell outta me
  7. I dont think Ill ever get over that brutal missed tackle on third down in the superbowl. Just...woof.
  8. Well, now with Sherman off the board I have absolutely no idea what Bill is gonna do with this secondary. Eric Rowe can't like up as your 2CB or Brady and the O are gonna have to put up 40+ every game. Zolak said the Pats will probably roll with the same secondary. Dont know what to think. Anyone?
  9. Offseason Trade Targets

    49ers have an offer on the table for Sherman. New England yet to even make contact. If they have Rowe lined up opposite Gilmore as our number 2 cancel the season, we'll need to put up 50pts a game. Edit: 3 year deal. That's it. We aint getting Sherman. I dont know what to think. Edit 2: Now official. Sherman is a 49er.
  10. Offseason Trade Targets

    Was said this morning that Talib wants to be released (instead of traded) and he wants to go to New England
  11. Offseason Trade Targets

    Give me Talib yesterday. We need some attitude on the D and he will give us lots of that. Interesting trade rumour regarding Jadeveon Clowney for picks, risky with his injury history but he would make our pass rush infinitely better straight away. Only really need him to be healthy for playoffs.
  12. Offseason Trade Targets

    Just like to say, im not campaigning for a trade of Cooks, I just wondered, given the situation with his contract and the fact Bill won't pay him top dollar, and also the fact that his value would be quite high, I could see the possibility of him being traded. Im 50/50, his game would be dominant if he was remotely a vertical threat but he likes the ball falling to him, he doesnt like going up to get it. Saying that, I'd be more than happy to have him back, especially given Mitchell and Edelman will be ready to go, and hopefully Danny will be back, add into that Hogan not missing half the season, the offense will be number 1 in the league, book it. A lot of that hinges on Gronk too though. I think as constructed the offense is more than capable of winning the superbowl, its the otherside of the ball that needs massive overhauling.
  13. Offseason Trade Targets

    I still lol at 69 receptions every damn time I see it
  14. When I asked Giardi and especially Breer, they both (moreso Breer) said Marty B definitely won;'t be brought back, thoughts?
  15. Offseason Trade Targets

    My thoughts too, as much as he says he loves it in Foxboro, money talks and I dont see him re-signing here so moving him for a good piece or picks may be a good option. But, maybe he is in the long term, and if Bill does hang it up after this year maybe the whole organisation when it comes to paying players etc will change with a new coach/GM