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  1. Preston Williams, WR, Miami Dolphins Was having a great year last year until injury, but man if he can continue to progress, Devante Parker turns out not to be a fluke last year, Albert Wilson can stay healthy in the slot, and Gesicki can step it up, hell we might have an elite receiving core.
  2. Wow! I just realized that we passed up on James Proche for a long snapper in the 6th round! That would have made a huge difference, in my mind, about this draft. Also I know we couldn’t really control this, because Baltimore was ahead of us, but if we could have gotten JK Dobbins instead of Raekwon and gotten Proche in the 6th I would be so much more excited. Don’t get me wrong I do really like Raekwon but Dobbins would have been awesome.
  3. I just realized that we got another steal in the fifth round also from Boise St. not too long ago. You might remember a guy named... JAY AJAYI. Haha hopefully this Weaver turns out as good or better I’m very excited about that pick.
  4. I’m so happy we got Curtis Weaver, especially at the spot we got him at that’s insane!
  5. I honestly wish we would’ve been more aggressive this year. We could’ve hade an extra 2nd and another 3rd I feel like with all the late round picks we have and all the picks we have next year. Missing on Dobbins by one killed me but this draft honestly could be really bad especially if Tua is injury prone. Hell we could’ve traded back at 18 and/or 26 and still gotten both of those guys. I hope I’m wrong but I’m kinda disappointed so far by this draft.
  6. I was reminiscing about chris chambers the other day and watched some of his highlights. Just curious about how you guys would compare Landry and Chris Chambers. Landry is a physical ball magnet but doesn't have a high avg. in terms of yards per catch. Chambers also had a few seasons with a lot of catches, I'm pretty sure he owns the record for most catches in a game by the dolphins, he was also more of a big play/YAC threat, but wasn't as consistent. How would the rest of you compare the two and who would you rather have on the team today?
  7. Serious question here. What do you think needs to change? My own thoughts are that we need a guard, or two, maybe a right tackle. McMillan will be back next year and I think if we move Kiko back to the weak side and can get a solid TRUE MLB our defense will be much better. Xavier Howard has been playing great, Jones and McDonald are solid, to early to tell about Tankersley. Just curious what other fans think we need to add/change. A power back to compliment Drake and a tight end would be nice. Also do you think getting Tannehill back could fix some of the issues on offfense? Or is it bigger t
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