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  1. There’s a report that we’re “heavily engaged in trade talks go Watson”, Houston is telling other teams they would need to beat out offer, supposedly upward of 3 first round picks. What’s everyone’s opinion of this? I mean luckily we have 3 first within this year and next years draft but after seeing how far this team is from being a contender I really don’t like the trade. I understand people will say “with an elite QB things will be different” but what if we can’t protect him? I would much rather use those 1st’s on a stud MLB, LT/RT, C, EDGE, Massive NT, or QB. Just seems like a trade that co
  2. Wow is there actually a good possibility that Russell Wilson isn’t the starter of the Seahawks next year?
  3. BTW, the stat line for Isaiah Likely in that game was 8 catches, 232 yards, 4 Touchdowns, 29 yards per catch average.
  4. Did anyone else see that 99 yard touchdown by Isaiah Likely? He’s a tight end! That’s insane. Here’s a question, if we lose Parker and possibly Preston Williams and/or Gesicki, what would you guys think about drafting Drake London in the second round? He’s really the only taller option in this draft at 6’5” 215, he’s putting up insane numbers right now and I think he could help Tua or whoever the next QB is whoever that may be. I also really like David Bell from Purdue, he’s a great route runner and has prototypical size at 6’2” 205, he’s not gonna be the most explosive receiver but he’s a fir
  5. What an embarrassment, it’s one thing to lose to Tom Brady, but to lose against an 0-5 team and let them get their first win in you is just disgusting , someone needs to be fired.
  6. Damn, gotta feel for Derek Carr, finally they have a decent team put together and now they will probably have to start over, most likely Mayock is gone as well after the season if not now. Hopefully whatever coordinator takes over can still lead them to the playoffs and show that their capable of coaching this team, that way they won’t have to start over from the beginning.
  7. There’s a couple reason for the defenses regression this year. First one and biggest reason I believe is the fact that the offense can’t put together drive consistently enough to give the defense time to rest. We constantly go 3 and out or maybe we get one first down but we can’t string together drives at the moment. I mean this sound dumb but even in the bills game the defense actually played decent for a good amount of the game but Buffalo scored so much because their offense got so many opportunities because we kept punting the ball away. Also our ILB group is lacking, I feel that’s a group
  8. Jeremiah owusu-koramorah also suffered a throat contusion today, what are the odds? Hopefully both make a speedy recovery.
  9. I really like Mike Rose, his stat line from last 3 years look really good, espescially last year, 5 picks, 2.5 sacks, 99 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss, 2 passes batted. Also what do you think of Christian Harris? A lot of people have him ranked as the #1 LB, do you just not consider him a MIKE LB? A few other guys I really like who can play MIKE would be Isaiah Moore, Nate Laidman, Kuomy Deng(crazy size and length, great athlete and instincts), Owen Pappoe, Brandon Smith, Micah McFadden, Jack Sandborn, Olakunle Fatukasi, Jojo Doman, and Noah Taylor.
  10. This move has to make the panthers serious contenders, especially next year if they resign Gilmore and they have Horn, Gilmore, Henderson, Bouye, Donte Jackson, and Jeremy Chinn. That’s a solid secondary. As long as they don’t have anymore injuries and if Darnokd can keep up this level of play. The only thing that worries me is that this team seems to be pretty inexperienced in the playoffs, I think their fate rests with how Darnold does in the playoffs. I must say I would love to see him do well, it’s obvious he was being held back in NY, whether it be coaching or the team around him. I would
  11. Get it done Flores, he would fit perfectly in our defense
  12. Can anyone tell me why Hunter Long isn’t seeing the field? Seems like another wasted pick already. I’m still really angry about that pick, there so many better options at C,G, OT, RB, I know a lot of you like the pick but me personally, I can’t stand it.
  13. I wouldn’t be mad if they signed even more O-Lineman and/or made a trade before the deadline. Create some competition, make an effort to get better no matter what it takes. The o-line is clearly the worst unit on the team. There’s no way Tua can succeed when he comes back if we’re still as bad as we have been. I wanted Herbert from the beginning and still wish we had gotten h I’m but I don’t think the situation would be much different with this line.
  14. I do t think so, not with that ground and pound. Also the no name defense and Jake Scott to keep others from scoring. The age old scheme of run the ball and play good defense. Sure the score might be 7-6 or 3-0 but who cares if you win.
  15. The entire ‘72 Dolphins team is the clear choice here. Only team to go perfect the whole way through. Even though it was mostly done with a backup QB.
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