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  1. I think a surprise top ten could be Daviyon Nixon. A lot of people have him really high on their boards.
  2. I definitely don’t see Miami passing on Rousseau, Najee Harris, or Jaelan Phillips for a safety, we took one in the third last year and our safety group is pretty set already with Rowe and McCain.
  3. Wouldn’t be mad if Miami signed him, the guy can play 3-4 end and DT in our hybrid defense.
  4. If we do take a LB somewhere in the second or third, I hope it Jabril Cox. He is very very very good I’m coverage but, he also is really good at diagnosing run plays and attacking in the backfield, dare I say he reminds me of Lavontae David. He has very good size too.
  5. Well ya I’m not saying take an edge with the 6th pick but if we took an edge with our first 2nd pick and our 3rd round pick I would be happy. My ideal draft would be WR at 6, Harris at 18, edge at 36, OT or C at 50 and then Edge or Talanoa Hufanga with our 3rd round pick. Then a big NT like Tedarrel Slaton later in the draft or even Twyman if he’s there in the 5th to play 3-4 end and DT on passing downs. Edge players I like are Perkins, Phillips, Rousseau, Patrick Jones, Basham, Ellerson Smith, and Joe Tryon, in no particular order. Like I said in other posts, if we got a base end like Roussea
  6. I would definitely be surprised, we just traded for McKinney and we still have Baker so the ILB are set and in a 3-4 the OLBers are the edge so that’s pretty much the same thing, I do agree we need two edge rushers
  7. Raymond Johnson from Georgia southern reminds me of Cameron Wake. Btw if anyone wants to watch quality highlight tapes check out justbombsproductions on YouTube.
  8. I like Rumph too but for a late round speed rusher I think Ellerson Smith could be a good option, guy had 14 sacks last year and has good height/weight.
  9. Just watched tape on Marquez Stephenson and man! I liked him before but I’m starting to really really like him, he’s a little bigger than Devontae Smith but he’s a lot faster, although he doesn’t have the route running ability Smith has. Could be a good pick up in the 4th or 5th if he’s there, not sure where our picks or exactly.
  10. I would love it if we got 2 edge players in this draft. Ideally something like Jaelen Phillips and Carlos Basham would really satisfy me. Phillips can play in a 4-3 or 3-4 on passing downs we could move Basham inside and line up Phillips next to him on the outside. That would give us Phillips and Ogbah on the outside and Wilkins and Basham on the inside. Idk I just think the alignment possibilities are endless with a guy like Phillips who can stand up or play with his hand in the dirt and a guy like basham who can play outside on early downs fo stop the run and slide inside on passing downs or
  11. I just did a mock simulation and got Devontae Smith at 6, Kyle Pitts at 18, Greg Rousseau at 36, Ronnie Perkins at 50, Rhamomdre Stevenson at 81, Tedarrel Slaton at 156, and Cameron Bynum at 231. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the screenshot I took of it onto this post but I can’t do it, anyways that would be an incredible draft! I was really hoping Javonte Williams would fall to me in the second but I’ll take those 2 edge player in the second. Also Stevenson is gonna be a good back, there’s always one or two mid round backs who blow up, he’s good in the passing game and his flier c
  12. For the dolphins, taking Tua over Herbert, Tua could still be really good but with his injury history picking him was a risk no matter what and Herbert has already looked like the better QB among the top three from the draft class. Btw I really wanted Herbert. Another one for the Dolphins is actually kinda the opposite of gutsy because signing brees woulda been the gusty thing to do but I’m pretty sure they were both coming off major injuries, anyways that one obviously didn’t work out for us, hopefully the Tua decision doesn’t merit the same results.
  13. My preference for RB would definitely be Harris even at 18 I think he’s worth breaking the “you don’t draft RB’s in the first” rule, but Michael Carter is really underrated, if he added a couple lb’s that would be great but his vision and awareness is amazing and he got the hole very well and can break tackles, spin, and juke guys outta their shoes.if we go RB later on the draft like round 3 or later I would look for Carter or Rhamomdre Stevenson. Flores coached both of them and said he was impressed by both.
  14. True. That fact that Chase just ran a 4.38 makes this a very tough choice, I wish smith would have ran. I still really like Smith because we already have plenty of size and Smith’s ability to run routes and create space that way is one of his best attributes and that’s something we could really use.
  15. Kyle Pitts ran a 4.4 yesterday, does anyone think this guarantees that he moves to WR when he gets drafted? Or would you keep him at TE? Personally for the dolphins, I would try and transition him to WR. We already have Gesicki who’s a tall, pass catching TE. If we do draft Pitts and transition him I think we would have the biggest receiving core in the league, Parker, Williams, Gesicki, Fuller, and Pitts. Those guys are all at least 6’3” and at least 215. That would be crazy.
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