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  1. That is still the case, but as long as Drew Brees is there, the Saints will want to use Taysom Hill as a weapon. But you'll only do that if he's not your direct backup.
  2. By the way, if I haven't miscounted, we should currently have 86 players on the roster, including Winston, all UDFAs we currently know off and the four picks.
  3. Totally agree. Our roster looks as good as possible with a QB not on a rookie deal. Still hope we bring in a Corner who could play on the outside to backup Jenkins and Lattimore, but also very interested in the development of Keith Washington. There are not many late round prospects I really know but I feel strong about him. With a combine invite or a Pro Day, I think he would have been a late round pick by someone. Hope he proves me right and makes the roster as a 5th or 6th string corner and Special Teamer
  4. Traded away our 2021 6th rounder. But we still will have a pick in every round next year due to our compensatory picks. Strange feeling for a saints fan!
  5. Just traded back up and picked a QB from Miss State. Heard from him, that he could be a Taysom Hill 2.0, but thats about it for him. Doesn`t even have a NFL Draft profile...
  6. Priorities should be Receiver, DBs and a Quarterback. Could really see us signing a QB in Free Agency and bring in an UDFA like Gordon. Man trade away Warford and use the 8 million to have Jameis Winston as a backup for one year. Worked out great with Teddy and he would definitely be a backup that could bridge a period of time like last year. The big question is whether he is satisfied with a clear backup role or wants to compete for the starting position somewhere
  7. Dolphins pick a Long Snapper? I don't remember an LS being drafted...
  8. I think the Saints went the opposite way to the rest of the league when they picked up Sanders as #2. IMO they only wanted to take a receiver when the value was incredibly good. The UDFAs in this position would have been a third or fourth round pick in other years, which is perfectly sufficient as #3 or #4. We still have Trequan Smith and they are also convinced of the potential of Humphrey and Harris as receivers. Another cornerback for the outside, who can learn from Jenkins this year and plays in dime packages and I'm very happy.
  9. IMO you have to trade Warford now. They drafted Ruiz to see play time and Easton is a good backup for our interior and even the other Tackle spots if Peat moves out. Warfords value won't rise anymore, give me a late round pick and bring in another DB for depth and I'm happy. If we let Ruiz learn this year to build a Oline for Drew's replacement, I totally disagree with the pick. Then there's no reason why we didn't pick a Fromm or Easton and let Drew teach him a year
  10. I really like this draft. Got three players who will all see significant playing time and all three of them fill a need. Really hope we trade Warford now for some late round picks and bring in another receiver or cornerback. And of course really interested in our UDFA class tomorrow night!
  11. Lol we gave up all our remaining picks. Loomis and Payton wanted to have tomorrow off...
  12. Greeeat pick. Not sure what we gave up in the trade, but I love Trautman!
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