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  1. Read more than 1 post a day. I've explained why I have to be lynched...go back and find
  2. Or bomb helper...the whole time I have maintained this dont forget
  3. Go back to you studies...or make up more excuses...I pushed the narcissist info...everyone didnt believe that
  4. My guess bomb helper and stabber......Swag could be the helper
  5. Swag is the bomber...I'm highly confident
  6. Havent changed...wanted to see if anyone read some things and then changed to Kotn. No one even questioned me.on my last theory to it was pointless
  7. Man...the SKs made you all look like chumps this game lmao
  8. It was revealed as Stacy Saunders...I think its cause he posted after it was revealed who he was...too far after night was called...then Dome combined the posts
  9. Sorry...I'm not interested in responding or making the commitment of time it would take to explain things to you since you havent even tried to play this game have a good Night
  10. I think Dingo and myself made similar posts earlier today about the info provided. Doesnt include yours though
  11. I think it went bad...and I think they all know each other and Mwil had the weakest rolenor they were going to buss him. I dont know but it just doesnt add up. Look at the inconsistencies of Mwils claims and if you type gender...the ones talkng about it first. Just something to think about imo Why would he get Sergant/Agent and esse tially be right