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  1. *** "Go, go, go!!!! Hit the gas, I planted the bomb, the mission is a go, Operation Valkyrie is a go, its really happening! GO!!!!! The communication is cut, this better work" BANG!!!!!!!!! "Its now in everyone's hands. We succeed or we all die. The fate of Germany is on the line" In the Wolf's Lair chaos has taken over what was a mundane meeting. An explosion has ripped apart the room Hitler was in. Bodies were strung across the building, ripped to shreds by the blast. No one could find Hilter so the soldiers began looking body to body fearing the worse. The soldiers found 3 bodies that could be identified, but only barely in their charred state. @swoosh is dead. He was Major General Henning von Tresckow, German Resistance Aligned @ET80 is dead. He was Nina Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg, German Resistance Aligned @MWil23 is dead. He was Colonel General Ludwig Beck, German Resistance Aligned
  2. The day had come, Operation Valkyrie was here. The groups headed out to their destinations. Everything was set up, everyone knew where they had to be and when to execute their assignments. On the way though, the groups passed two bodies. The first group saw a man lying against a car. A look of pain washed over his lifeless eyes. He had a 12 inch knife protruding from his heart. It was just another body at this point to the group. Their minds could not wander from the task ahead @bcb1213 is dead. He was Colonel Heinz Brandt, German Soldier Aligned The second group had to take a minute upon seeing the grizzly sight of the man that laid before them. The man had his tongue cut out and knifed to his forehead. The group could barely stomach the sight. They pushed through it though, cause the day was finally here @jasonwbantle is dead. He was Dr. Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, German Resistance Aligned Before the day began and life changed forever, the group received a message. It read: Pickle is not to be trusted
  3. As the group headed to the Wolf's Lair was close to executing their mission, they wanted to go over one last check to make sure everyone knew their job. One man looked suspicious to the group so they jumped him. In the melee shots rang out and the man was lying face down. The group rolled him over. The man appeared to be dead. The group began to walk away when they heard a laughter coming from where they just were. The man who they thought was dead raised slowly from the ground laughing uncontrollably. He removed a vest riddled with bullets and said "Thank gosh for one of these" @bigbadbuff is alive Moves due at 10:45 PM EST
  4. Vote Count: 10 BBB- Daniel, Swag, Mwil, Swoosh, Matts, Blue, Forge, Counselor, TLO, Bcb 4 Swag- Jason, Josh, Pickle, BBB 1 Bcb- Glen Night! @bigbadbuff is the lynch. Moves due at 10:45 PM EST, writeup to come shortly
  5. Vote Count: 9 BBB- Daniel, Swag, Mwil, Swoosh, Matts, Blue, Forge, Counselor, TLO 4 Swag- Jason, Josh, Pickle, BBB 1 Bcb- Glen
  6. Vote Count: 9 BBB- Daniel, Swag, Mwil, Swoosh, Matts, Blue, Forge, Counselor, TLO 5 Swag- Jason, Josh, Counselor, Pickle, BBB 1 Bcb- Glen
  7. 1. Hell on Wheels 2. Suits 3. Stargate Atlantis 4. Stargate SG1 5. Rick and Morty 6. South Park 7. Family Guy 8. American Dad 9. Bobs Burgers 10. Archer 11. Futurama 12. Simpsons 13. Disenchantment 14. House 15. Always Sunny in Philly 16. Walking Dead 17. Fear the walking dead 18. Dark Matter
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