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  1. I was the first set of troops up the hill watching the end come near, @Pickle Rick is just catching up
  2. Here is my 1 post for today. Still town. Why did you all lynch Mwil lol? Probably Malf and Whicker. Whicker changed posting styles after D1. Probably nothing or something doesn't matter. Lynch me if need be
  3. Town all day, but if you want a free lynch for scum I wont fight it. As I said I'd bet 3 of the scum was in that group of 4. Pickle was 1, now find the other 2
  4. I've seen both. Probably depends on who is his partners If all of the mob shows up the same I guess this is possible for Pickle. Can't assume he was the Mob with knowledge. Id say he wasn't the mafia not in the chat given how the deadline went though, but anything is possible I guess
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