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  1. Wait, did you change your name as well? What was it?
  2. Another roost about James being the scummiest from Matts...but not voting him Wow interesting combo here
  3. Have you played mafia before?
  4. What are your top 3 mafia options?
  5. 1. That's easy to figure out if you can count 2/3. I am a detriment to mafia, I think my role is too powerful lmao
  6. I get you are skeptical...but lynching a helpful Other doesn't make sense imo. Objectively....I have helped civs, I have helped civs again, I have helped civs again, I have goodies to help civs, and I have powers to help civs. If I had a separate win con than be alive at the end, I would have no interest in helping civs, it would actually hurt me. The game could be over tonight if we lynch mafia and hit mafia (assuming the vig connects this time)
  7. I didn't get all the way to night but here are some of the posts I found interesting and or had to do with me and my role
  8. Do you really think squire would tell Pickle 2.0 to rethrow at Matts...I'm very hesitant on that
  9. Did anyone get any gifts last night?
  10. He said this about James a few times...but don't remember him ever voting him These two posts actually have me leaning civ for Squire. Doubt he would tell Pickle to rethrow at Matts if he was mafia
  11. Wow. Scum mania in this post. Let's dissect 1. Squire didn't start the bandwagon. He was the first to cast stones, I believe. Id have to look back and see how it went down, but i was the one who started the push yesterday due to how Matts was treating my role. Pickle posted above why Squire should not be considered a civ yet. 2. I'll take the stone cause we needed to see what's up with the deflection but to my biggest point...why on Earth if you are a civ, do you want to lynch me? Honestly...why? I have been upfront about this whole thing. I saved civs from getting killed N1 drawing a hit from Mafia, got Matts lynched D2, N2 I believe I saved civs again. If you read up you would see multiple shots rang out, but only 1 death. Almost certain it was a vig that hit Mookie. That would explain the 1 death multiple shots...mafia tried to double tap me (more on this later). Add to all this that a power civ got killed and you want to lynch me...who has powers and willing to use it for civsthat mafia can't kill. This is almost bordering on how I got Matts, but I don't think mafia would push me again today...thoughts anyone? 3. You bring up again that why would I save James. Did you read up really? I explained it to Tk3 multiple times. I thought Pickle 1.0, Whicker, and James was in a 3 way mafia buss scenario. I wanted to see what Pickle would turn. Closer to night with the way Pickle and James posted it became more cloudy. I went with my #1 read at the time and voted Whicker. Thinking if Pickle turns civ it would give us the most info, especially with Matts waiting to finish him off either way what I did. Just by chance maybe someone really tries to save Pickle. Turns out Matts started his downfall there. That's why I questioned about whether he was going to vote tie or kill pickle when day 2 started. 4. Don't like your civ reads at all 5. Making excuses for activity...when about 6 people have been less active then you....? Right now I'm looking at these two. Ted Tk3
  12. Civs please watch the redirect thing. No idea how that works or why. May want to throw 1 stone then come back with the others later
  13. He chimed in on the Pickle 1.0 saying he will miss Pickle...like an entire day before night was called...seemed odd and jumping on Whickers push
  14. Several shots? Was Mookie the Mafia hit or a vigilante?... Mafia did you try and hit me again lol?
  15. Yes...especially someone like Matts. Makes the others think after they flip whether to look at said group or not