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  1. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    Should I come back tomorrow to check?
  2. At this point being the claimed and not counterclaimed cop, it doesnt do us any good to have hidden/inside information just sitting out there. Im going to bet this post was truthful and he has no information at this time
  3. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    @Whicker can we get an updated scum list?
  4. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    You just won the game with this. Whicker for the win
  5. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    So you think a natural reaction to a post no one is taking seriously because Whicker is the lynch and nothing has been posted yet....is to immediately red letter him throwing more chaos into the game?
  6. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    What I dont get is why a day invest automatically gets a red letter or what is it most likley a joke post lmao. Tk3 is off the rails this game
  7. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    Well this is getting crazy, given Whicker was lynched and I'm getting hit lmao
  8. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    Didn't you have like 9 abilities and was in a civ chat to start a game once?
  9. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    So now you are claiming it is true about the vengeful jester lol. What is your wincon? Can you win with civs? Can you win with scum? Does it end the game?
  10. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    umm...im lynching you now for sure. If you really are the vengeful Jester I would glady take the hammer vote and go out in a blaze of glory
  11. I think he said something like, to see what happens. It's not a bad strategy at this point. When you keep striking out put pressure on someone who hasn't gotten any or go back to a read you were confident in
  12. I might also add. Swag took the lynch. All he had to do was vote Pickle and there would have been no lynch unless someone changed their vote in OT
  13. The bolded is accurate. I wasn't lynching the newbies D1. I included you and anyone new in the forum mafia to that. That left myself (that wasn't happening lol), Pickle (I never lynch him D1), Ted (he usually picks things up as he goes along and is a much calmer voice), and Swag. Swag is probably not wise to introduce new players to mafia and the forum to, due to his i'll say tone lmao. It was a good teaching tool imo D1 to point out imo how not to act when pushed/voted. He only had 3 of the 10 possible votes and still was over the top crazy. It was a safe D1 lynch for a teaching tool and the chance he was actually mafia