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  1. Strength: getting people to talk in general in order to get a read on them Weakness: paranoia takes hold leading down the rabbit hole
  2. Who do you feel is the bigger threat, myself or @Pickle Rick
  3. I do a bad job of communicating and talking in these games. It's not intentional at all. It hurt me a lot in this one for sure and is the aspect which is why i will never win imo (hurt me in past games as well). I'm not a talkative person. This is almost the exact same as IRL as well. Im more of a back of the bus/listen type until there is something I really want to talk about. You are probably the 4th person I have told this to now this game. Dont assume me being quiet is a bad thing (@ everyone), its just who I am. If you want to talk about something, odds are you are going to have to put in
  4. But you did the same knowing he was aligned with Ted and Shady since the beginning (I knew this...I actually knew just about everything this game including Pickle was going up and out). So you proposed to put me up knowing Swoosh was aligned with the Shady. Seems like a bigger failure on your part if the goal was to get Shady out
  5. @swoosh @Outpost31 Who did you all tell Jason to put up as a replacement the HoH that I was put up against Shady?
  6. 1. Screenshots seem fair game imo. Just like overhearing a convo in the house right? Always know what you say will change hands 2. I think you are limiting the term screenshot down it its literal form here. 3. Very important here, why do you think i expressed doubt in Swoosh? What did I say to make you think that?
  7. Congrats to @Outpost31 and @swoosh on making the finals. 2 great players that are deserving of the battle here
  8. In general Finn was up 3 times i think and ET 3 or 4. Not against each other but up for a vote. Did you vote either of them at any time?
  9. @Outpost31 Did you vote ET or Finn early in the game?
  10. @Outpost31 what was your best moment in the season? @swoosh what specifically helped you get to where you are? Both of you, if you had 1 thing to do over again, what would it have been
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