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  1. You can spin **** all you want...I said A PM, not your PM
  2. Swag is claiming Mission and roleblock. He tried to roleblock Mwil last night when he died, but "failed" KSJ knew Dome was a vote manipulator who admitted it and flipped Demon Matts has "failed" cause he keeps using his move on people not in the game Squire is Mwil and died but came back to life Whicker claims to be Bcb with a census I'm dome and can pardon Josh is Orca, Malf is Pickle Gopher claimed his move "failed" Mwil stole Counselors bomb who was redirected there by Bcb Right now the acceptable lynches are 1. Swag 2. Gopher 3. MD4L 4. Bcb 5. Whicker
  3. Maybe say that instead of acting like a POS Doesnt take away from my point about the order
  4. Take a look at vote counts and try to connect people as scum, make wild crazy theories, pick a fight with Swag to show your intellectual superiority, post some song lyrics, post some pics of Jodelle Ferland That should last you until the end of the game lol
  5. Almost always the kills are posted in the same order each night unless done by the same faction....
  6. Could have. Why did the order of the kills change?
  7. As I said, not sold and maybe on Swag being Pesci. Case to be made either way at this time
  8. Snubnosed revolver vs gun Specifically talking to target vs sneakily in the back of the head Revealing purple vs nothing
  9. Mission doesnt post at all...you got back to 1921 for this info
  10. I see you **** on yourself with that fake claim and now are back tracking cause you are scum