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  1. Carl invested Nacho, Malf, Pickle Orca, Racks as Whiterun or Orc Meaning of the people alive Orca- Whiterun Nacho- Whiterun/Orc Malf- Whiterun/Orc Racks- Whiterun/Orc Carl- Erik VMD- Erik Counselor- Erik The only people who can be Erik if Carl was telling the truth are Carl, VMD, or Counselor
  2. Let's look at the claims so far Nacho handed out swords..not the converter Malf handed out armor...not the converter Orca revived Touch...not the converter Counselor motivating ...not the converter Racks drink tokens Carl pardon VMD vanilla I think he said The bottom 3 is where a converter would be if we assume Danger wasnt the converter which he may have been At least 1 of these 3 are Erik for sure Racks, Carl, VMD
  3. Which parts? I'll go back and try to condense what they claimed. I dont see Swoosh making it up if he was the only person in his faction (which it died with him). The way he posted and the tone he used seemed like he was genuine...Pickle is harder to nail down though since he was all over the place
  4. Swag had to be lynched to get Touch back fully. Now that someone killed him, Touch is a little stumpy I also fully believed he was a recruiter. It lines up with the claims by Swoosh and Pickle (2 seperate factions) and Swag said he was gonna make us all little wolfies on D1 before anything was revealed. I thought Pickle was reverse playing the hard push of Swag...which most usually think is fake and I thought Pickle was doing it for real cause he knew he was scum (with him or the other faction like he said)
  5. @theuntouchable Hey stumpy, I tried my best to get Swag lynched. At least you can talk and help us win Who do you think is the scum in Orc and Erik factions? At least 1 in each left I believe
  6. What would you like to know? @carl_sjunior which names did you give Dome for the group alignment invest?
  7. If you spent it all on your last drink...including that night, how many nights is how many tokens you have. If you spent it all last night, you would have 1 token right now
  8. Live look at when Swag tries to convert or kill tonight