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  1. So if you believe I am so bad, how did I come to the same conclusions as you at this point, blind luck?
  2. So you havent read my posts?
  3. Explain what the correct push/read/take/ideas/beliefs...whatever you want to call them should be at this point in the game?
  4. Not surprised you are missing the connection
  5. Did he say you should...the plot thickens
  6. And not even accurate lmao
  7. Its been posted a few times and discussed (before the game a bit to)...just odd that a post about a modkill gets you to read it and not the host reposting the rule a few times I blame Malf for the reasons stated...woe is me and skating by are far cries from blaming someone lmao. Like I said...low hanging fruit and lazy
  8. I'd call "this is crap and I blame Malf" schtick
  9. 1. Why did that post make you read the rules 2. This is going for low hanging fruit. Where is the skating by and where is the woe is me? 3. I dont know pokemon and wanted a certain class. I used the wiki link and it was not accurate and as such I didnt get that class and got stuck with crap 4. Please explain the woe is me and the skating by aspects and where it occured and how That is your opinion. From my view, your post to Squire was questioning him and also adding a bit of clarification that paints squires read on malf in a negative light while pushing the question back onto Squire for having a bad read. So in that post you do question Squire, but in no way can you qualify Squires read as false imo (which was the defense of Malf imo by you). Malf doesnt follow all that much and when he does it's usually as scum from my recollection The second one, you said you dont like the vote on Malf by me. Calling it cute and fake. Again cutting down the push someone has on Malf by again also pushing back on the person Clearly defensive of Malf...boom!!! Not really, look above lol. I'd like more negative points though Can I get some more negative points
  10. Alexandra Daddario @Deadpulse
  11. Good for you lmao. Give me more negative points in the meantime. Gators play at 7 and I have to get work done before then. Ill be back on at halftime of the game (if they are winning), before if I get the work done