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  1. Agreed. But when Art screamed it wasn't tagged James it just said Art. Maybe part of the Bastard game?
  2. How about #1. Cause that's what I'm thinking at the moment
  3. Why didn't you want to claim once you were caught? What is your full role and what moves did you use and when?
  4. Except in end game scenarios I generally suck
  5. Let's discuss some theories 1. There is a chance I killed Swag and KSJ (a dog) is the Other. This is how it would be explained. My protection stab is flavored to the visitor. Civ invest, I stab they scream (revealed in the thread) and the results come back nothing. Happened with Vike for sure, maybe Touch's no results invest but then he should have screamed. Mafia comes to kill, I stab them to death. Other makes a move, the move goes though but they are stabbed and scream. KSJ on Vike's lawn. To add to this James claimed Art and when dead his character wasn't revealed. Swag claimed Bonnie and when dead the character wasn't revealed. What if each side had a covered up character upon death. Meaning Swag was mafia and KSJ is the Other. 2. Swag was a civ and the death cover up is a Mafia move. Just like James. Looking at his role it makes no sense to have a to find the dog to give a lighting rod to. This would essentially kill the dog. Civ on civ crime makes no sense given no night kill for civs that I have seen for sure. I'm thinking Mafia could have the dog as the third person. KSJ would be mafia. 3. Touch pushed his mafia read of Pickle but didn't jump on until Whicker and others did. Hit perfectly on their night moves in order to clear himself as Garbage Man and bus Pickle. Claim dog poop D1 even though no one had said a word about it...how would they know. Only way is if KSJ was mafia with him or got lucky right? 4. Its KSJs move yet he still lynched Whicker. I don't get this at all. Not even a little. He would have known Whicker told the truth so no need to lynch him right? Once proven true, he knows his move, it should have been a full on lynch touch moment. He hasn't been clear about his move or scum hunted. Latched onto me and only claimed when I (presumably, at this point who knows) tagged him at vikes. 5. This game is pure madness and I have no idea how to explain anything lol
  6. Yep. I'm going back though some stuff now. It's basically either you or KSJ. It cant possibly be Vike.
  7. Vike I protected you again. I have a theory about a lot of this. After the Gator game I will post.
  8. Yeah...wtf. Plus Swag and I think James didnt have characters revealed upon death. Is the dog an Other?
  9. Possible but so much would have had to go right including accidently bussing Pickle
  10. Squire what move would you get if I died?