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  1. AaT - Draft Thread - VY-FTW is On The Clock

    I will select Delanie Walker @Daniel OTC
  2. Adopt a Titan - Sign Up Thread

    I’m in!
  3. Ranking The Roster - #8

  4. Ranking The Roster - #6

    Went with Henry after that insane 2nd half
  5. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    It’s not that I don’t want him, I just need the roster spot. I’ve tried to trade but only a few teams active & the teams that are have a player on IL unfortunately
  6. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    Does anybody know if it’s possible to bypass the (can’t drop) tag in espn fantasy. I have Kluber hurt but already have Judge on the IL. Someone recently dropped Marco Gutierrez from Seattle & I wanna pick him up and drop Kluber
  7. Offseason Thread

    18 looks way better than the #16 he posted on his IG after the draft
  8. Ranking The Roster - #4

    Yeah it’s a toss up between Brown & Walker for me. Based off last year offense I think I have to go walker
  9. Your Sleeper team for 2019

    Favoritism says titans. But I really see the Bills surprising some people this year, they won’t win the division but I can see a wildcard push
  10. Ranking The Roster - #3

    Lewan here. No brained for me
  11. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    I don’t think so. I’ve grown up in Patriot country but I’m a die hard titans fan. Since my name is similar to the QB I have no problem rooting for the pats. Although I must say, over the years it’s gotten tougher & tougher to keep rooting for them
  12. Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    My top pitchers are all struggling. I got Kluber, Archer & Hendricks as my top 3. Any pitchers out there that I should target? It’s a 10 team league so decent players available
  13. Ranking The Roster - #1

    I went Byard
  14. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Really like Mack, Roberson, Cheever’s & Ratliff Williams. Hope they all can stick around
  15. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Yea 16 looks very odd. I’d be happy with anything else, even 87