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  1. Definitely seems like a vrabel guy
  2. Titans OC Search

    Came here to say this. Think you need to get someone Marcus is familiar with, try & help the kid out
  3. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I love Parrish Campbell from OSU
  4. Wow I suck lol. Thanks for running it bud, congrats to the winners
  5. Orakpo Retiring

    Always nice to see someone go out on their own terms too. Not forced with an injury. His presence will definitely be missed in the locker room
  6. Orakpo Retiring

    It was time but man did he do a lot for this franchise. Hopefully the cupcake business is booming
  7. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Disappointing end but a heck of a season. Really proud of the adversity they fought through all year. Looking forward to the offseason, this is a big one for JRob & Marcus
  8. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 17

    27-23 Titans
  9. Injuries thread (Update: Fluellen to IR.)

    Random thought but do you guys think the switch at Strengh & Condidtion coach has contributed to these injuries. Or just bad luck?
  10. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Redzone gunna be lit!
  11. Week 16 Redskins vs. Titans

    Gunna be watching the game at my family Xmas party, who are all Pats fans. Wish me luck
  12. DROY Discussion

  13. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 16

    21-3 titans
  14. Who killed you this week?

    After back to back Ls in the finals, this year I lose in the semis. Terrible luck, woulda beat the other 2 teams too. Till next year boys! Good luck to anyone still alive