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  1. Official Yankees Thread

    Perfect response 🤣😂
  2. I’ve had it for a couple of months now, we did a forum adopt a Titan & I just wanted to rep my player I drafted. Not a big deal if ya can’t do it, I can try & find a pic. They’ve released a few in new unis edit: they have one up on their Instagram but couldn’t find a good link since I’m on mobile
  3. Out of division I would have to say Jason McCourty getting to play with his twin Devin in NE. In division definitely Matthieu, what a great pickup for the Texans

    Torres again!
  5. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I had a feeling since your from MA too, I wanted to go one on each side of ball haha sorry
  6. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I’ll be taking the pride of Umass with my 2nd round pick, considering TitanSized13 hasn’t made his 1st pick yet I’m jumping the gun on my pick. Tajee Sharp
  7. would you be able to do a Malcom butler Tennessee sig? thanks
  8. Matt LaFleur

    Real excited, Im expecting this offense to take a big leap forward this year. Between him & the new additions this should be a fun group to watch this year
  9. For me it has to be Dion Lewis, him & Henry should be fun to watch. Definitely excited for LeFleur & Vrabel too
  10. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I’ll take Malcolm Butler with the 11th pick. @TitanSized13 batter up
  11. The Offseason Thread

    man Coombs is intense, anybody else see the Titans IG story of the DBs doing drills?
  12. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

    I’ll take a spot, been way more active recently
  13. Ranking The Roster - #8

    That 2014 list is brutal! Went with adoree here
  14. The Offseason Thread

    I’m going in November with my dad who’s a Pats fan for the game. First time in Nashville, I CANNOT WAIT!!
  15. Ranking The Roster - #5