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  1. Who killed you this week?

    Where do I start? Mariota playing awful then getting hurt, which caused Davis to not do much. Was forced to play Agholor ( I dropped T Smith for him after the 0 last week) ive just really hurt myself but dropping people to early. I’ve had John brown, Njoku, Cohen, T Smith, Mack, A Miller & Godwin All this year but have dropped each one, usually a week to early
  2. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    Wouldn’t mind bringing in old glass bones Bradford for a visit if Marcus gunna miss time
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I’d definitely kiss the division goodbye but playoffs? Nooo, we still have a shot. Too many teams tied at 5-5
  4. Week 11 GDT: Titans @ Colts

    This is my fault, I started Marcus as my QB this week. Every time I do he gets hurt
  5. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Yea I like brown the most but if Flacco doesn’t go that eliminates his big play TDs. I really like Moore too
  6. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 11

    35-28 Titans
  7. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 10

    32-17 Pats
  8. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I like it. You have good depth in both spots, depending on your record I would take the risk (been trying to get Bell since week 5)
  9. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Idk I might go with Davis. Feel like they really gunna try & throw the ball to cooper. Beasley is a guy that can drop 20+ or have nothing. I was stuck between Davis or Henry vs Lewis tonight. Im risking it & playing Henry
  10. Who killed you this week?

    playing the guy that beat me in back to back championships, have never beat him. I got Vikings D, cmc & Kamara, one of the best feeing fantasy wins I’ve had
  11. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 9

    35-21, offense finally breaks out
  12. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Yea I think he’s the smart choice. Thanks
  13. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Do I really trust fitzmagic? I’m 5-3 lost 2 in a row in 5th place with the bottom teams right on my tail for the last playoff spot. Do i I play Fitz or do I start Carr vs SF?
  14. 2018 Draft Class Progress: Mid-Season Edition

    1st round: Rashaan Evans, LB - We traded up to get him. He got off to a slow start in TC with an unknown injury & didn’t get to suit up until week 4. Started to get playing time in week 5 with all our injuries. He started really slow & looked bad but he has been coming around lately. He could shine in 2nd half with everybody healthy 2nd Round: Harold Landry, DE - Again trades up for him. He got hurt early in TC and missed week 1, he made a big impact the next couple weeks before he disappeared. He too could have a big 2nd half with everybody healthy. Round 5: Dane Cruikshank, S/CB - He has been great on special teams so far, even has a TD reception lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get more playing time on D. Round 6: Luke Falk, QB - He looked terrible in preseason, ended up getting Cut & signed with the dolphins PS
  15. Streams of the Week (Early Week 9 picks up!)

    Streaming Hurst this week at TE. The market is very dry in my league, how y’all feel about him?