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  1. I’ve noticed Wilson has been trying to sell 2 cars off his IG story lol. Money must be getting tight
  2. Man this same defense with how tough our schedule looks next year. I’m not very optimistic
  3. Yea those 2, WFT or Bears would be ideal. Stay out the division
  4. Anyone but the Ravens please Corey. I really like you & don’t want to hate you
  5. Beat of luck Art! Really like this hire for ATL
  6. Lmao holy that’s wild. My buddy had ebron left & because of the injury he lost by 1.3.
  7. Henry might go for 200 again. What’s the current 2k pace?
  8. I remember seeing a video of it. It was completely unnecessary, I’ll try & find the video link edit: found it https://mobile.twitter.com/BrownsByBrad/status/1335753028775899143
  9. NFL network is currently replaying this game!
  10. Happy thanksgiving to everyone! Hope everything is ok TL, wishing you a speedy recovery As for my pick, I think we bounce back. Titans 31- 21 FTC
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