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  1. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    Ah, I need to get more sleep before posting lol.
  2. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    Wouldn't if benefit Richardson to undergo a complete off-season here though? Our defensive coaching staff could get him in sync with the rest of the defense, which should help his run defense immensely.
  3. Free ain't free in the NFL...

    I would add Richardson to that list if his contract demands are reasonable.
  4. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    To answer my own question: the Packers last back-to-back losing seasons were in 1990 (6-10) and 1991 (4-12). The next year, they got grandpa...
  5. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    I am still wrapping my head around the fact that GB will finish with losing records two years in a row. When is the last time that happened? (Let's hope this is the start of a trend!!!)
  6. My concern is that our d-linemen will suffer dehydration due to excessive salivation.
  7. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    Can't believe Miami only has 14 net yards passing!
  8. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    No, Stefanski only has the Space and Mind stones...
  9. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    Already 80 yds rushing in the 1st Q...unreal!
  10. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    You are dreaming lol! Dreaming you are chatting on FF about a wide-open Viking's offense...
  11. The 2018 Playoff Hunt is on!

    I thought the Packers were named after a meat-packing plant?
  12. What does this mean for Iloka? Do we keep him as a DB in pass-defense packages if he is not expected to start over Harris? Sendejo is gone I would expect?
  13. Week 13: VIKINGS (6-4-1) at Patriots (8-3)

    Wouldn't it be ironic if DeFilippo replaced MM in GB, and MM replaced DeFilippo here as OC?
  14. Week 9: Other Games

    I do like Morstead though, and want him to do well. He is a pretty cool guy.
  15. Week 9: Other Games