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  1. Teddy is doing quiet well on the Broncos, and he is one of the most likable players I have ever seen play in the NFL.
  2. Cleveland? Didn't they give him some snaps at LT already?
  3. It seems like yesterday when VD was castigating Steve after just about every post he would make.
  4. If they are going to expand to an 18-game schedule, would it not make sense to have two bye weeks? The first about a third of the way into the season, the other two thirds of the way. That would give the players a little more time to recuperate during the season.
  5. Perhaps he would allow you to interview him for Football's Future? That would be an interesting interview!
  6. Most of the Poli Sci/Phil double majors I ran into at UW-La Crosse were preparing to go into the legal field.
  7. With our luck, he will probably slip off the scale and injure something.
  8. Am I the only one wondering how long before Rodgers ends up as the Vikings starting QB???
  9. Thou doth makest too much sense, milord...
  10. Hubris. By their moves (or non-moves), the Packer FO wants to "show" their QB, and the rest of the world, who is "boss".
  11. Compare us to the rest of our division: Green Bay's dumpster fire makes Rome's look like a campfire, Chicago traded a King's ransom for a QB marginally better than our 3rd round QB pick, and Detroit is, well, Detroit. We took an OT who will replace Rieffs pass blocking skills and exceed his run blocking skills at a fraction of the price. We got a 1st round talent at G who is a massive improvement over what we started at LG last season. A DE who should immediately (at least) rotate at RDE and was impressively productive in college. We still have 3 picks in the 4th round to improve
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