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  1. One can only surmise he has extortion-worthy evidence?
  2. We ought to be checking his bank accounts to see if there was recently a very large deposit made by a WI business or individual...
  3. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Yes: Offense Vikes; Defense Vikes; Special Teams Packers. If you had told me the packer's offense would only score one TD I would have expected a blowout.
  4. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    At his age, he is only productive on limited snaps. I don't know if he could effective playing more than 25% of the downs, which might be okay if he is used as a situational pass rusher, the role he successfully played for us in the past. If he plays too many downs, especially earlier downs, his weakness in run support is evident, and he loses his speed as a pass rusher.
  5. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    Many great people were born in 1961! (Just my unbiased opinion lol)
  6. Week 1: Other games

    Ben throws 4 picks, and pretty much hands the Browns a win, but they miss the FG and the game ends up in a tie.
  7. Week 1: 49ers (0-0) at VIKINGS (0-0)

    Yeah, there are no beauty points awarded in the NFL. Glad to be 1-0. (Was going to use an exclamation point, but didn't want it to look like zero factorial lol).
  8. Week 1: 49ers (0-0) at VIKINGS (0-0)

    I'd be happy with our defense forcing 4 turnovers (or more) next week lol! BTW, wasn't that Garappolo's first loss as a starter? He only threw 5 picks in 6 starts last year for SF, and looked unbeatable late last season for them.
  9. Your 2018 Minnesota Vikings (Initial 53)

    Perhaps they expect to sign a recently released player to the active roster, and are saving the (practice squad) spot for someone currently on the roster?
  10. Newman!

    Well, you'll have to cut them some slack. Not all of us have trained grizzlies that fetch us food on a routine basis!
  11. Preseason: Around the League

    My preference would be to keep him also; however, the Cowboys might think that since we've signed Iloka and are deep at the position, that we might be amenable to a trade? We could also unload his salary if we traded him, and that might mean the difference between extending one of our other players.
  12. Preseason: Around the League

    Don't you mean to us, for Sendejo?
  13. I'd play the newly-revamped starting o-line at least the first half of the last preseason game. They have to have some kind of cohesiveness heading into the season.
  14. Motor City MoJo: Detroit Lion updates

    I just want them to be good enough to beat the Packers and Bears, but not good enough to beat us.
  15. He was the 12th OL overall in the 2018 draft: 1st Round: Nelson (6th overall), McGlinchey (9), Miller (15), Ragnow (20), Price (21), Wynn (23) 2nd Round: Corbet (1st), Hernandez (2), Smith (5), Daniels (7), Williams (18), O'Neill (30) so you were close!