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  1. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Vikings 17, Eagles 10 is my prediction Expecting a hell of a game. Looking forward to it. Good luck Eagles Fans!
  2. Lavar, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. The Ball Family. BBB

    Here are my thoughts Lonzo- good player, i like him a lot. No problems with him LiAngelo- messed up big time. Underrated player though LaMelo- Too young to tell Lavar- Dude is a total piece of work, but he's amusing.
  3. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I can't say who I want to be our QB next year until after I see how the playoffs go. Honestly, that's going to be deciding factor. If Case wins us a SB, he stays, and he probably stays even if we make it there. If we lose 1st round, he's probably gone. An NFCCG loss is a tossup. It also depends how his numbers, and just overall play looks in the playoffs too.
  4. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    People just need to stop making excuses for the guy and just face the fact that he is a terrible head coach. The numbers don't lie. The way he handled the QB situation all season is a main factor, but at the end of the day, like I said earlier, there shouldn't have to be any more explaining on why he's a bad coach after you see the 1-31 record. Honestly, I want to see the Browns do well just because it'd be cool to see that turnaround, but not until Hue Jackson leaves. I am not a fan of him whatsoever.
  5. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    These are the types of comments I heard that just greatly confuse me. It's not hard to be better than 1-31. And yeah they haven't had a coach who had posted a .500 record but they have never had a coach that has even came close to being 1-31.
  6. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    I agree with you, I was more just going off of having Kizer as the QB makes the roster seem a lot worse than it actually is
  7. Thought we would devote a thread to the BBB, and thoughts/updates on them The younger Ball brothers seem to be doing fine in Lithuania, will this keep up?
  8. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    Their roster is bad, but it's not 1-31 bad. At the end of the day, if you go 1-31 over 2 years you should be fired regardless of who you have on the field, I'm sorry if you disagree, but it's ridiculous that this man still has a head coaching job. You could for sure say he's the worst coach in NFL history, the record speaks for itself, there shouldn't have to be any more explaining other than that. I'm not even a Browns fan, so I can't imagine how frustrated they must be with this joke of a coach.
  9. Why does Hue Jackson still have his job?

    For sure, I respect the Browns franchise and want to see them in the playoffs in the upcoming years. It just seems like this is uncharted territory, I've never seen something this absurd. If ANY other franchise had a coach go 1-31 over 2 years the fanbase would just about run him out of town.
  10. I need to bring up this topic because I have seen very little talk about this on FF, and I have yet to receive a legitimate reason on why this man still has a head coaching job. In my opinion, He is the worst head coach ever. It seems actually like multiple people are fine with him keeping the job? I just don't understand I guess, so I thought I'd make a forum about it so I can stop trying to bring it up in other forums regarding the Browns. Typically, a coach would be gone after a 1-15 season. Let alone following it up with a 0-16 season for a 1-31 overall record. Rob Chudzinski was fired back in 2013 for a 4-12 season. Eric Mangini and and Mike Pettine were gone after a 10-22 record after their respective 2 years being HC of the Browns. Pat Shurmur was fired after a 9-23 stint with the Browns. But somehow a 1-31 record is good enough to not only keep your job, but have very little talk about losing it? We have people asking for playoff coaches like Mike Mularkey and Andy Reid to be gone, but the fact that this man is still a Head Coach just absolutely boggles my mind, from an outside perspective as a Vikings fan.
  11. Recap of the Cleveland Browns 0-16 parade.

    I have no problem with the parade, it's funny.
  12. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Bye, Bye J-Kidd. We Hardly Knew Ye

    Why not? They aren't nearly as good as people make them out to be, ESPN just hypes them up because they have big names on their team
  13. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Bye, Bye J-Kidd. We Hardly Knew Ye

    Before the game all the ESPN "experts" proceeded to go on and on about how much more of "contenders" the Thunder are than the Wolves. Hoping we close this out to prove them wrong!
  14. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Gotta love how much this thread is bumpin' compared to the other game theads. Best matchup of the weekend hands down!
  15. Gophers, Wolves and Loons, oh my! (MN Sports Thread)

    Crazy how long some of you have been here! I was on the ESPN threads for a long time, then they shut it down, and then I kind of stopped using sports chatrooms for a while. I was in 1st grade the last time the Timberwolves were in the Playoffs I believe, maybe Kindergarten. Crazy stuff