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  1. 49ers-Chiefs for sure. I know this sounds biased, but I don't see how anyone could want the Packers in the Super Bowl, solely because of Rodgers. The guy just isn't likable at all. Great quarterback, I'm not denying that, but I do not want to see him succeed. I don't see how anyone could actually like that guy other than Packer fans.
  2. Should be an easy choice in my opinion, just promote Andre Patterson. He has done an exceptional job. I'd actually prefer that way more than going out and getting some other "defensive mastermind"
  3. Good Game 49ers fans. Thought we could give you a better game than we did but you all are the better team this year. Good luck next week!
  4. Good game GB fans. Y'all turned it up in the second half and we didn't have an answer. Respect. Would be fun to have a rematch in the playoffs.
  5. I understand the frustration, as this was a big game. But we all need to chill out. We are in the playoffs, and have a good chance of finishing the season 11-5, which is very solid. I am not counting us out in the playoffs. With Dalvin Cook in, it's a completely different game. He is a game changer. Time to regroup, rest some of our starters if need be next week and focus on the Wild Card game. Anyone who isn't on board can gladly find another team. Yes, this game sucked, and it was frustrating, but no sense in dwelling on it. That takes away the fun. Have a little faith.
  6. Feeling good about this game tonight. The Packers are a good team and playing well but so are we. No reason we shouldn't win this game at home, unless we play poorly. Vikings 31, Packers 16 is my prediction
  7. Why do people defend Joel Embiid? He is the worst. His BS and lies get old
  8. Very bold to bring up the Bears game like we haven't turned things around significantly in the last 4 games. Cousins has been playing some of the best football in the NFL the last 4 games. The Chiefs are a good team, but there is no reason that the talent of the Vikings shouldn't be able to keep up with the talent of the Chiefs.
  9. I'm 100% in favor of being done with the Cousins project. The only reason we're sticking with him at this point is to try and show that he was worth the money, which he obviously wasn't. He is mediocre on a good day, and his record against winning teams shows that. When you have Cook, Thielen, and Diggs and you're still sucking ***, that's how you know you're not that good. Enough defending him. It gets old. Can't always blame the O-Line, when there were so many good QBs that had bad oLines and still performed well.
  10. Nobody would disagree, but it still doesn't take away from all the division titles and accomplishments he had in his career prime. Much love for Joe!
  11. Tonight was another magical night. Very nice to come away with a win for Joe. 47-22 now, and still the best record in baseball. Hopefully Perez can give us a good game tomorrow and we can come away with the sweep.
  12. I do agree with you. I was worried about it even from a winning standpoint, considering how much our bullpen had been struggling lately, but luckily Rogers held it together. Although he was a couple feet away from giving up a bomb to left field.
  13. Not a bad series against Seattle. Can't ever complain about taking 2 out 3. However this upcoming 3 game set against KC should be one we should sweep. The Royals are 8-23 on the road. This would be a good chance for the bullpen to regroup.
  14. What's frustrating for me is I really question whether we made an actual attempt at getting him. It just never felt like our ownership or our fans were totally in on getting him, which baffles me considering how good he is. I'm confident we will figure out a closer solution though. Parker and Rogers are solid.
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