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  1. Let's just hope he also dumps his current gf and marries Saweetie.
  2. Yeah. they're good. Plus, he looks like Kyle's stoner older brother who washed out as a scout after an incident at that Hooters in Indianapolis.
  3. Heh...that guy with his petition had Jed York so shook that we moved off Mac. Bay area hero!
  4. We haven't had a star quarterback since Aeneas Williams submitted Steve Young's retirement papers. Other than the post-draft honeymoon with Smith and a few moments with Kaepernick, this is the first time in decades it's felt like we may have one. We shall see where Lance falls on the Kaep -> Young spectrum.
  5. My takeaways from this strange process: 1) Only late leaks seem to matter with the 49ers, and only some of the time. McGlinchey got leaked in the days leading up to the draft, and somehow the betting markets (and to a certain extent the press) zeroed in on Lance in the days leading up to the draft. Other picks, however, have come real surprises (e.g. Thomas and Aiyuk). The front office seems to do a genuinely good job of smokescreening and did a good job this year, given all the focus that got put on the organization in this cycle. The leaking thing really concerned me (I remember hating
  6. I'm probably terrified and nihilistic if I'm the Bengals.
  7. Which is fine because not pushing Lance to start Week 1 is a pretty good idea.
  8. Love that Dallas now misses out on a top corner. I will always loathe the cowboys.
  9. Us kids just come for the music and the sob stories, boomer.
  10. That's the one they go into in case their boy is drafted by the Jets.
  11. Or they could be evidence of just how out of touch Jed really is.
  12. My theory has always been that Kyle/Lynch have been putting out fairy tales and seeing which show up in the press as a means of testing how airtight the front office is. If the pick is Fields, this will go down as an all-time great smokescreen. We'll find out soon.
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