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  1. You would have 5 3ed round picks. You could move back into the 1st or 2ed to pick up another stud. While still picking up talent in rounds 2 and 3...
  2. Ok so I think the big 3 WR will be off the board when we pick. And most likely the top 2 OT. I do believe that a QB will be sitting there and someone like NE will want to move up. Now the question would be for what? The math breaks down like this. We trade #15 for 24, 87,98 and a 21 4th round pick. Do you make the move and who do you pick @ 24?
  3. Ok, so I was thinking this morning what can the Broncos do to improve this team. I know we will need to put alot of $ on the defense side of the ball. We still need alot of help for Drew as well. So we need a second WR how about a prove it deal with AB? I know it's a big risk that is why I say a prove it deal. Thoughts?
  4. I could get on board with that. But, it would have to be in a trade down situation where we pick up a 2ed +
  5. Yea, now Mims is a late 1st or early second.
  6. Over all I think I'd be pretty happy with this draft 1-15. Henry rugs the III WR 2-46. Trevon Diggs CB 3-77. Denzel miMs WR 3-83. SaahDidq Charles OT 3- 95 Clyde Edwards Helaire RB 4-108 Solomon Kennedy OT 4-127. Trevon hill edge 161. Shaquille quarterman IDL
  7. How about drafting a LT and moving Bolles inside? He won't have to move laterally very much so it may help him?
  8. I agree, get your pieces in place and get Trevor Lawrence in 21.
  9. Denver needs help all over. CB, Ol, WR, ILB..... with that being said, what do you think we should do in the draft? Most likely a top 5 pick. My guess is the 3ed pick. I would like to trade down a few spots picking up more draft picks in 20 and 21. Then drafting a LT in the 1st. A ILB and a guard in the 2ed. I believe the OL is the biggest need and we need to focus on getting younger and better there if we want to start winning again. Thoughts?
  10. What do you think it would cost to trade for Josh? I loved him out of college and still think he could be special.
  11. Updated articles are saying Broncos will have the 9th pick. They played a weaker scedual. Get it by a fraction of a point.
  12. I understand that. But like I said if it was me. I scratch my head when people saying go DE, or CB. We are in bad shape along the O-line. Give Keenum more time in the pocket he may be a average Qb. Just my thoughts
  13. Personally I think both of the big boy Qb's are crap in this draft. But there will be 2 that goes in the top 10. Lock and Haskins. But it could be they are after somthing else. You look at the last year teams gave up the 1st and a bunch of seconds to move up. It's not out of the question some team would trade up and surrender up that.
  14. Anyone looking for a qb or someone falling. Teams do stupid stuff all the time.
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