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  1. Latest Broncos rumors.

    I'm hoping for a new coach.
  2. Latest Broncos rumors.

    Crickets. 2as hoping we find a CB to trade for.
  3. Latest Broncos rumors.

    What are you guys all hearing?
  4. Un drafted free agent signings

    Trey Marshall S 6'0" 210 lbs Florida State
  5. Un drafted free agent signings

    Jimmy Williams WR 5'11" 197 lbs ECU
  6. Un drafted free agent signings

    Austin Schlottmann C 6'6" 300 lbs TCU
  7. Please post all is un drafted free agent signings in here.
  8. I really want the Broncos to draft Josh rosen. Hes been my number one all year
  9. How About trade back to 12 and draft him. And then have the 22nd pick to draft a tackle or guard. And pick up an extra couple of 2's. It's in the 2nd round pick up your running back and 2 wide receivers maybe…
  10. I don't know about that... 1 of the top 4 may still be there. It's interesting to see some of these mock drafts. I've even seen Rosen in that spot, and I think that' crazy talk.
  11. Funny thing is I was just looking at a mocked draft and with the 12 pick we could pick up Josh Allen and with the 22nd pick we could pick up the tackle out of Notre Dame.... If you can get them to throw in a second we could Draft a guard and a running back in the 2nd round and boy has Team have a new look
  12. At this point I hope we trade down to 12 and 22 as well as a 1st next year.
  13. Broncos QB Discussion Thread

    Agreed draft is the way to go. Rosen is the guy I believe. We may have to trade up a few spots but I think this is the guy Elway wants.
  14. Broncos rumors

    Agreed. Let' get back on topic.
  15. 3 rounds w/ trades

    Love the Broncos picks! I hope this is how it plays out.