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  1. Testing out a new tool...need some feedback

    Full cards now available: https://twitter.com/BobbyBeltTX/status/966822224341684224
  2. Testing out a new tool...need some feedback

    Here is an example video of how the calculator works... https://twitter.com/BobbyBeltTX/status/965077093246791681
  3. Testing out a new tool...need some feedback

    So follow the link (on a computer, not a cell phone) then click FILE > DOWNLOAD AS > MICROSOFT EXCEL Then open the downloaded file on your computer and the calculator should be saved on your computer for future uses.
  4. So as I've let you guys know recently, I've been working on the threshold data for Dallas' athletic preferences during the draft. What they look for in height, weight, 40, vertical, etc. at every position. Trying to figure out what is the absolute lowest, highest, and mean average Dallas has selected over the last decade in each athletic test. I've begun playing with a tool that I'd like some feedback on. It is a calculator that tells you how the player fits Dallas' mold for a position. Here is the calculator: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X8J7l2wdkFuomI_t8erKwzQDxKMbGc3dRZDWFT7Xc14 What you will do is save the calculator, open it on a computer (phones don't work for some reason) and then fill in the data in the second column. The box should change colors to reflect how the athletic trait measures up against Dallas' preferences. This particular calculator is only for edge rushers. Feedback appreciated!
  5. Free Agent Rumors

    I'm saying I think Sanders would come here for roughly half of what he's making now.
  6. Free Agent Rumors

    Sanders would come here for below market value.
  7. Buffalo's Scouting Ideology

    These aren't scheme fits, these are the best fits for their athletic traits when cross-referenced against what Buffalo's staff has looked for at the position during their other stops. That's all, not saying it's a fit on anything else other than build/athleticism.
  8. Dallas' Athletic Thresholds for the Draft

    Is the picture not working?
  9. Buffalo's Scouting Ideology

    Hello again. Here is the description of the data that I recently wrote up to include in the reports.
  10. Dallas' Athletic Thresholds for the Draft

    Here is the explanation of data
  11. Hi all. Here are the athletic thresholds for Dallas' draft picks since 2008. There is not enough data to create pages for quarterbacks and centers. Here is Dallas' staff chart: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fuu-N-BIthSdCi5Y5DEOMGvlqYqSywREKTYO3pVE034 Here are Dallas' selections since 2008: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f8AkWj1pU63go2INA9zk7M64Y_1IuUCE5JmYCScLe60 And here are the aggregated thresholds for each position: RB DATA WR DATA TE DATA OT DATA OG DATA EDGE DATA DT DATA LB DATA CB DATA S DATA
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    I just don't see the Cowboys drafting a 1-technique. The highest one they've drafted in the last 10 years was Ken Bishop in the 7th.
  13. Well, my thought, again, is that the pick would definitely be Edmunds, but that he won't fall there lol. So give me Edmunds.
  14. Buffalo's Scouting Ideology

    Oh, and here are the best Senior Bowl fits at each position when cross-referenced against Buffalo's thresholds... QB – Josh Allen RB – Kalen Ballage WR – James Washington TE – Mike Gesicki OG – Cole Madison EDGE – Chad Thomas DT – Greg Gilmore LB – Marquis Haynes CB – D’montre Wade S – Trayvon Henderson