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  1. Despite the fact that that Lions lost, I think they showed a lot of positive things to come if they can keep things going in the right direction. That being said, there are some guys who are legitimate building blocks and some who are not. Here is how I see things: Offense QB-We may have terrible receivers but Jared Goff is nothing more than a serviceable starter/game manager at this point. Blough might have some potential but looks more like a solid back-up QB. RB-D'Andre Swift is really starting to flash and has a bright future if he stays healthy. Jamal WIlliams is a good
  2. One thing to consider: Malik WIllis was recurited by Auburn and played there for two years. He may have moved to get playing time.
  3. If the character if a school was a concern, a lot of programs wouldn't have players drafted (Baylor, Florida, State, ect)
  4. For reference, the link to Josh Allen's college stats and Malik Willis's college stats. Food for thought. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/josh-allen-7.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/malik-willis-1.html
  5. I have had a chance to watch Malik Willis a couple of times. He may play at Liberty (transferred from Auburn) He is definitely tough. Syracuse threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. He didn't get rattled, took pretty good care of the football and delivered strikes when he had the chance. He shows good mobility and escapability. He has good arm strength and accuracy. He is a bit short at 6'1" but checks in at the 220-225 Lb range. I don't think he has the same raw physical talent of someone like Trey Lance but he seems like a genuinely talented prospect. I see him as needing a y
  6. Apparently we are carrying about $54 million in dead cap charges this year. I think most of that will come off the books for 2022 though. https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/lions-lead-nfl-in-dead-cap-salary-costs
  7. It would be nice to get something other than a draft pick. A young developing player that could fill an immediate need but we might only be able to get a draft pick which is better than releasing him for nothing. Trey Flowers could net something significant also but his recent healthy issues could be problematic. Still most teams need a guy like him in the locker room and he defends the run pretty well so might be better off keeping him for now.
  8. Looks like other people had the same thought: https://dolphinswire.usatoday.com/2021/09/24/is-detroit-ot-taylor-decker-a-realistic-trade-target-for-dolphins/ I doubt it will happen but who knows.
  9. I keep reading this $24-million cap hit. He has $24 millioin in guaranteed money. According to the link below. This might actually work. Select Post June 1st trade. https://overthecap.com/player/taylor-decker/4729/
  10. Godwin Igwebuike had a really good return. Credit to him and the coaching staff for his progress.
  11. Xavien Howard may not be the right player but the Dolphins might be willing to put together a ridiculous package of picks. The more I watch Tua Tagovaiola get killed by his O-Line, the greater the chance something like this could happen. He got blasted today.
  12. He could still make the switch to Safety. He might actually be a better fit for that.
  13. I actually agree with you but since this is going to be a long season I figured it might fun to do a "what-if". Trying to avoid way-to-early draft talk.
  14. This probably sounds crazy given that it is week 1. However, if you were the Lions would you consider trading Taylor Decker to the Dolphins for some sort of package of draft picks? Would you consider making a trade involving Xavien Howard? They have a ton of draft picks to play with and Xavien Howard isn't that happy there. The Dolphins are closer to a Win-Now mode than they have been in a while. Are there legitimate trade scenarios worth exploring? Thoughts?
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