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  1. CARLOS MONARREZ of the Free Press out to get Patrica

    I think the Carlos Monarrez has got used to watching Lions teams that are just not tough enough to win consistently let alone make a deep playoff run. I think he is setting the tone early that this team is going to be mentally and physically tough. The Lions have struggled with this for a while. Especially the mental part. I know this is the slowest part of the sports calendar but this looks like manufacturing a story where there isn't one.
  2. Offseason trades and signings

    I read that we released Tion Green. He flashed when he was given a chance. I am kind of disappointed. I would rather that they released Dwayne Washington.
  3. Draft Day 3

    I have been man-crushing on Fatukasi since February. He could be a day-three steal. Personally, I think the Lions could be be willing to trade a one of their current players to get back into the fourth round to get Fatukasi or Duke Ejiofor. That would have to happen before the draft starts though. Conspiracy theory: Bob Quinn trades Jake Ruddock and drafts another young QB to mold. It might take more than Ruddock to get an early 4th rd pick Flipping Ruddock for a DT or DE that we really need could work out well for us.
  4. Tre Boston--Should We Pursue Him?

    Maybe Killibrew may turn out to be like Thomas Davis who started as a safety but settled in and excelled as a linebacker. He is a good tackler. He has the size and speed to cover TE's so it might be a good fit
  5. Tre Boston--Should We Pursue Him?

    I read this article about Tre Boston: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/30/tre-boston-learning-theres-no-safety-in-being-a-free-agent/ He is a young player with talent who has put up pretty good numbers. Should we go after him? If we signed him I think that would mean Miles Killibrew was no longer in our long-term plans. Thoughts?
  6. Post Free Agency Mock-No Trades

    I am starting to believe that the Lions would be better off with multiple picks in the second and third rounds rather than drafting at 20 but I can't think of a realistic scenario where that happens. Here is my latest stab at a mock draft: Rd 1--Harold Landry DE/OLB: This draft doesn't have a lot of good edge rushers. He can play with is hand down or standing up. Rd 2--Royce Freeman RB: A big back with deceptive speed. Rd 3--BJ Hill DT: We signed Sylvester WIlliams and Ricky-Jean Francois to improve our DT roation. Should add some nastiness to our D-line Rd 4--Troy Fumagalli TE: We need a realistic option for our #3 TE Rd 5--Van Smith FS: Glover Quinn can't play forever Rd 7--Josh Adams RB:/WR I am projecting him to be a WR in the NFL. He is 6'2, 215 lbs, ran a sub 4.5 forty and a 6.75 3-cone drill at his pro day. He drops to round 7 because he may need foot surgery. Thoughts?
  7. Joe Dahl played pretty well down the stretch last year at LG. We didn't bring in any serious competition via free agency. Graham Glasgow seems to be penciled in as our starting C. Do you think they consider Joe Dahl our starting LG? Are they considering using a first or second round pick for Will Hernandez, Isiah Wynn or Braden Smith? Personally, I think they are going to give Joe Dahl a shot at the starting job and add a 4th or 5th rounder to develop. Thoughts?
  8. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    Holy cow! Everyone is so angry right now. I already commented on this signing. Decent depth. That about all we can expect. As far as Ebron vs Fells goes, for the first half of the year, Fells did his job as a blocker pretty well. Ebron couldn't catch a cold. So, in a sense, Fells was our best TE for the first half of the year. Jarrad Davis had some ups and downs at MLB. That is why he was a two-down LB for a while and Teez Tabor was blitzing.
  9. Lions sign free agent DT Sylvester Williams:

    If the Lions have signed Sylvester Williams, I think they are committed to getting their next DT through the draft. That makes sense because this draft has a bunch or really good DT. If they don't take one in round one, I am hoping Harrison Phillips is still available or we take BJ Jones.
  10. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    Bob Quinn stated up-front that he was not looking to spend big in free agency. Teams that are good for a lot of years are teams that build through the draft. Mayhew left a lot of holes for Quinn to fill. Considering how much our talent has improved in the last two drafts I think Quinn has earned some trust on how to build the Lions.
  11. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    This is a solid depth signing. We don't have any proven DT's other than A'Shawn Robinson. I think Jeremiah Ledbetter was decent in his limited role as a rookie. He played DE in college so he had a pretty big adjustment. He needed to get stronger also. He should have an expanded role but will still be a rotation DT.
  12. Who's left

    Both of the players mentioned in this article: http://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2018/03/can_lions_seal_a_deal_with_hom.html#incart_river_index Jonathan Hankins and/or Luke Willson
  13. Who's left

    Cornelius Carradine. I think that if he could be a real value signing. The 49ers had him playing too heavy until the second half of last season and he played really well. He was a solid prospect coming out of college.
  14. Lions sign CB DeShawn Shead

    This is another under-the-radar signing that will give us versatility and high-quality depth. Good signing.
  15. Lions sign LB Devon Kennard

    I am OK with this signing. Lets be honest, we only have Jarrad Davis and Jalen Reeves-Maybin as a part of our long-term plans at LB. Whitehead was solid against the run but not so great in coverage. Worrilu was barely serviceable. I could see us drafting another LB prospect in the 3rd, 4th or 5th round this year also.