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  1. I just read that the Chiefs have a whopping $177 in cap space. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/30/chiefs-have-177-00-in-cap-space/ The have some easy outs like cutting Sammy Watkins that would save $14 million. They already have Frank Clark signed to a Massive deal and they still still have to sign Patrick Mahomes to an extension. If the Lions made a bold move for Chris Jones what do you think it would look like? For reference, Frank Clark was traded for a 2d round pick. One OK scenario: The Lions get: Chris Jones, #28 The Chiefs get: #3 Pick overall What do you think a trade should look like?
  2. Monday Mock

  3. Confused After Free Agency Mock-No Trades

    I am still trying to figure out some of the moves the Lions made if free agency. As things stand we have two picks in the third and fifth rounds. I suspect Bob Quin will try to make a trade to add additional picks but its tough to say what happens. Miami has a ton of draft picks early but they may not want to give up a second rounder to move up. Other teams such as Baltimore who have a lot of draft capital are too far back to consider a trade. All of that being said, here is my updated mock: Rd 1-Derrick Brown DT: He missed zero tackles, had 11.5 TFL, 4 sacks while dealing with constant double teams. He and Trey Flowers will wreck offensive game plans. A trade back that would give us Javon Kinlaw who might be even more disruptive would be awesome but I can't see a path to make that happen right now. Rd 2--Bryce Hall CB: Desmond Trufant is signed to a two year deal so he is not a long-term solution. He is very athletic and is pushed lower due to a broken ankle early last season. Rd 3--John Simpson G;: 6'4" 323 lbs, 11 inch hands, 34 inch arm length and started 29 games for Clemson. He also put up 34 reps in the Bench Press. We have Joe Dahl and Kenny Wiggins as our starting guards. Enough said. Rd 3--Khalid Kareem DE: 6'4", 268" with 34 inch arms and hands just under 11 inches. He and Austin Bryant could form a solid rotation. Rd 4--James Proche WR: He is a productive WR who could be able to play in the slot and outside. He will need time to develop but should contribute on special teams early. Rd 5--Braden Mann P--He is the best punter in the draft and we are letting Sam Martin test free agency. He is talented enough to go this early. Rd 5---Logan Wilson LB--A very productive LB who will be a solid special team player and back-up from day 1. Thoughts?
  4. Thoughts On Free Agency

    The Lions have signed a number of players in free agency. Here is how I see each move: 1. Desmond Trufant--A solid CB at a good price. This should facilitate a move with Darius Slay. Bob Quin wasn't going to make move that would leave a huge void at CB. 2. Halapoulivaati Vaitai--He isn't an all-pro but he is an upgrade over Rick Wagner and signed to a team-friendly deal. It makes you wonder what plans they have for Tyrell Crosby. 3. Jamie Collins--A solid signing and probably brings a better all-around game than Devon Kenard. He seems to play his best football around Matt Patricia 4. Danny Shelton--He may not be Damon Harrison but he is tough to move out of the middle. He and John Atkins should be able to replace Harrison. 5. Nick Williams--He had a pretty good year last year and will probably carve out a niche as a pass-rushing DT. He is also an insurance policy for Deshawn Hand. 6. Chase Daniel--The Lions know that they need a good back-up QB because Jeff Driskell and David Blough aren't getting it done 7. Duron Harmon--He is a solid player who can really help out Will Harris and Tracy Walker. Tavon Wilson is a goner. My concerns at this point: 1. Who is going to cover RBs and TEs? 2. Who is going to provide pressure off the edge? 3. We still need one more starting caliber DT. I see a lot of projections for Derrick Brown but Javon Kinlaw might be a better fit. What does everyone else think so far?
  5. Lions sign Desmond trufant

    That is a pretty solid signing. If we could only get help at LG or RG.
  6. Devon Kennard being released

    It could be that they are setting themselves up for a bigger move. Yannick Ngakoue clearly doesn't want to be in Jacksonville and we need a speedy edge-rusher in the worst way.
  7. Lions sign OL Halapoulivaati Vaitai (5 year, $50 M)

    I might be a bit of an optimist but considering Carson Wentz doesn't seem like the easiest guy to block for. Hopefully he will be a solid RT. Either the Lions think Tyrell Crosby is strictly a backup or they think he is better suited to play LT and would be an upgrade over Taylor Decker. Interesting move.
  8. Players On The Roster Who Could Make A Big Jump

    One guy who is a real wild-card is Beau Benzschawel. They kept him on the roster and he didn't see a lot of snaps even though there was a lot of uncertainty at guard late in the season. They must have kept him on the roster rather than the practice squad for a reason. At the very least, he should have added enough weight and strength to be a solid back-up. I never really heard a lot of buzz about his performance but maybe they planned to "red-shirt" him with the goal of him stepping into a starting role this year.
  9. With so much talk about free agency and the draft I wanted to change it up and talk about players on the roster who could step into a bigger role in 2020. Personally, I thought last year's coaching staff was too reluctant to give younger players a shot. This was especially true on defense with Paul Pasqualoni and Jeff Davidson. Here are some players that I think will flourish with the coaching staff changes. That said: 1. Tyrell Crosby OL--He played pretty well subbing for Taylor Decker and Rick Wagner. He was a lot better the Rick Wagner when he played RT. Maybe they think he can slide over to one of the guard positions. I am not sure what the problem was but I think he could be a solid upgrade at one of our o-line positions, most likely RT. 2. John Atkins DT--During the second half of the season he was generating consistent pressure on the pocket. He seemed pretty tough to move off the ball on running plays. Considering how bad the interior of our D-line was last year, I couldn't figure out why he wasn't getting more snaps. Assuming he stays healthy, he could be a big difference-maker for the Lions next season. 3. Ty Johnson RB--His speed was evident when he had a decent hole in the running game but his contact balance could use improvement. I thought he was under-used in the passing game though. A player with his speed could cause some pretty big mismatches with LBs. I could see him carving out a bigger role as a part-time slot WR. 4. Marvin Hall WR--He isn't the biggest WR but he has a amazing speed. Assuming he can stay healthy and he learns to run a more diverse route tree, he should be able to carve out a bigger role this year and possible start taking some snaps from Marvin Jones. 5. Amani Oruwariye CB--During the second half of the season he really started to play well but still saw limited snaps. That was a real head-scratcher. He has solid speed and great length. He might be the player that needs to have a break-out season the most for the Lions. If he can lock down our #2 CB position that would be a huge boost for the Lions. 6. Austin Bryant DE--Him not playing was another head-scratcher because he seemed to play well in his limited snaps. He has good size and length. He seems like taller version of Trey Flowers. I suspect he will play a bigger role this year. Personally, I think he got over-looked because he played on a line with Clellin Farrell and Dexter Lawrence. Just like Amani Oruwariye the Lions really need him to make a big jump in year 2, especially if he can add some juice to our pass-rush. Thoughts?
  10. Should/ Shouldn't

    Should, Work a trade with the Chiefs after they assign the franchise tag to Chris Jones. Darius slay plus whatever else it takes in future picks to land him. The Chiefs have already signed Frank Clark to a massive deal and they have to extend Patrick Mahomes. Chris Jones is a great player but I don't see how then can afford to keep him. Slay would probably take a little less money to play for a winner.
  11. Should/ Shouldn't

    That would be a great move but Jacksonville seems to loading up on draft picks.
  12. Saturday Mock

    If they are going to sign a DT it should be Javon Hargrave. He might cost more but he gets it done in the running game and passing game. Not a big fan of Bradley Roby. He has crazy physical skills but has never played to his potential. I like the Kwaitoski signing but would rather have another LB who can cover TEs and RB because as things stand, we have ZERO LBs who can cover. I don't think Epenesa falls past the late first round. The one thing that would be problematic if our off-season when like this is that we get no O-line help in free agency and don't pick an offensive lineman until #71. Rick Wagner has been terrible for two years but Tyrell Crosby played well at LT and RT. He should be able to step into a starting RT role. Our situation at guard is another story. Joe Dahl is our starting LG. He is a decent player but is probably a really good back-up rather than being a really good starter. The Lions are letting Graham Glasgow test the free agent market. Bottom line: we have gaping holes at our starting guard positions. At least one of them has to be filled by a veteran free agent.
  13. Lions will go after Byron Jones

    I have seen some people mention getting a first-round pick for Slay. If we get a first round pick, it will be a late first-round pick from a team that is trying to put itself over the top. Baltimore might be interested given their situation with Jimmy Smith. Tennessee might consider a deal with Logan Ryan being a free agent. Otherwise, Slay would probably get us a second round pick. Here is how I see this playing out in a best-case scenario: 1. We trade Darius Slay for a late first or mid-second round pick (Frank Clark was traded for a second-round). 2. We sign DE Emmanuel Ogbah. He was under-rated in Cleveland and was playing well for the Chiefs when he tor his pectoral muscle (5.5 sacks in 10 games) to help take pressure off of our DBs. Assuming he is healthy, he should give us 7-9 sacks and not break the bank. 3. We sign LB Cory Littleton because our LBs can't cover TEs and RBs. That should help CB Justin Coleman perform better. He won't be too expensive. 4. We sign NT Javon Hargrave. He is somewhat under-rated and should flourish next to Trey Flowers. 5. We sign Joe Thuney to lock down our LG position. Joe Dahl was our starting LG. Enough said. 6. We draft Darius Slay's replacement; CB Jeff Okudah or CB CJ Henderson in the first round. I am predicting a couple of things with players on our roster: 1. Tyrell Crosby steps in a starting role--He played pretty well when given the chance and was better than Rick Wagner. 2. Amani Oruwariye steps in to a starting role--He played well down the stretch and has the tools to be a solid #2CB That is about as well as I could hope things go for the Lions. Thoughts?
  14. Post Combine Thoughts

    After reading about the combine results, a number of things have stood out to me: 1. Isaiah Simmons might just be worth a top 5 pick. He might be the closest thing to Brian Urlacher since, well, Brian Urlacher. He could be an eraser covering TEs and RBs. He is a solid blitzer, a good tackler and could even drop back into the secondary. I don't know where he will end up but he could be scary good. 2. There are some really good OL in this draft. Becton and Wirfs had monster workouts and have great tape. Ezra Cleveland is a solid prospect also. Andrew Thomas looks like an instant starter at RT. 3. For all of the talk about the depth at WR and OT, there also seems to be a lot of good CBs and S prospects. 4. Some people were put off by the combine numbers for Derrick Brown. Put in the tape. That guy is a beast. 5. That said, Javon Kinlaw isn't far behind Derrick Brown. 6. The depth at WR will really help the Lions. Amendola is 35 and Marvin Jones is 30. Hockenson and Golladay have a great future but we need another young WR. 7. It might turn out to be a good thing we drafted Hockenson last year. This group of TEs has some solid prospects but not a lot of high-end talent. 8. If we want a quality DT, we better get someone in Rounds 1 or 2. There seems to be a drop-off after that. Thoughts?
  15. Pre-Combine Mock

    This is some pretty creative work. Given how crazy teams can get over a QB, it may not be too far-fetched. Derrick Brown is an awesome player but I am starting to think that that difference between him and Javon Kinlaw isn't that much. I would be happy with either one in the middle of our defense. You picked up good talent pretty much where they are projected to go right now. Great job!