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  1. The Lions Release CJ Anderson

    Maybe they are projecting as a possible PR/KR Jamal Agnew continues to struggle. CJ Anderson wasn't doing much on special teams.
  2. The Lions Release CJ Anderson

    I saw this a few minutes ago: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/17/lions-release-c-j-anderson-after-claiming-paul-perkins/ I know Ty Johnson has been pretty good but our RB group is pretty young. Thoughts?
  3. Chris Jones held out for a new contract but reported without an extension. I don't think he will duplicate his 15.5 sack season last year but there is no doubt this guy is a dominant DT. Do you think we make a play for him given our depth at DT. Maybe we offer A'Shawn Robinson and some draft capital. Thoughts?
  4. Taco Charlton

    A change of scenery might help him but he hasn't done much in Dallas and I thought he was over drafted anyway. He might be a good fit for our defense but unless he was packaged with a reliable KR/PR or an O-line upgrade, I think we pass.
  5. Week 2 Takeaways

    He isn't great in coverage so PR/KR is his main job. He is not a rookie, he is a 3rd year player. The Lions need to find someone they can trust to handle punts quickly. Tremon Smith is a DB who returned punts for the Chiefs last year. Give that guy a shot.
  6. Week 2 Takeaways

    I just finished watching the game against the Chargers. My thoughts on the game: 1. Jamal Agnew muffed another punt deep in his own territory. He is pretty much done. As mentioned in a different post, sign Tremon Smith. 2. Tyrell Crosby had a pretty solid game. I am not sure if he is a long-term solution but considering he was matched up with Joey Bosa a lot, he did pretty good. 3. Stafford may have forced a couple of deep balls but his 31-yard TD throw to Golladay was a great throw. I think this offense needs to show it can burn you deep to really start clicking 4. Where or where is the pass rush? I know they got a win but they need to get more pressure on the QB from inside, outside and anywhere in between if they are going to be compete for a playoff spot. 5. Our special teams just aren't cutting it. As mentioned above, Jamal Agnew should be gone. The penalties need to be cleaned up also. 6. Paul Pasqualoni may have a ton of experience but this defense should be better than it has shown so far. Our pass rush is anemic. We don't do enough to disrupt the short/rhythm passing game. I could see them making a change during the bye week. 7. It was good to see Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones make key contributions this week. I think they need to be more aggressive when they are going after contested balls but other than that they played pretty well. 8. We have enough talent at TE, WR and RB to be a difficult offense to defend. That being said, Darrel Bevell needs to figure out how to get this offense into a rhythm early and keep it there. Getting into a rhythm early will help make them more effective in the fourth quarter. 9. Two players we need to see more of: Jesse James and Ty Johnson. Jesse James may not be a world-beater but he knows how to get open and make crucial first downs. Guys like him help keep drives alive and offenses in rhythm. I would love to see Ty Johnson get some time at slot WR and other routes that get him in space against LBs. 10. The block by Frank Ragnow to spring Kerryon Johnson was awesome. He is quickly becoming the best player on our O-line. 11. One guy who is playing pretty well but flying under the radar is Christian Jones. He is just solid in all phases of the game. Thoughts?
  7. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    There is no way we should give up a first round pick. He would have to already be playing at a starter level and he hasn't shown that consistently. Dangling A'Shawn Robinson in a trade is a good idea if they want a really good NT who occupies blockers. The thing with A'Shawn Robinson is that in spite of the fact that he as the physical tools to provide a decent pass rush, he very rarely gets a sack or collapses the pocket. However, to a team that want a true NT he would be pretty valuable.
  8. Tremon Smith Released--I hope We Sign Him

    I just read that Tremon Smith from the Chiefs was released" https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/14/chiefs-elevate-byron-pringle-to-the-active-roster-waive-tremon-smith/ Given the backslide by Jamal Agnew, we should be taking a hard look at this player.
  9. Week 1 Take Aways

    After having had a chance to process the game here are some observations: 1. Our vaunted D-Line didn't get to the QB at all. Not sure if that was by design but we need some sacks from Flowers, Okwara and our DTs 2. TJ Hockenson is not Eric Ebron. Jahvani Tavhai wasn't dominant but didn't make any glaring mistakes; solid 3. Our coaching staff got way too conservative too early on offense and defense and it blew up in their face 4. Why is Darrel Bevell calling time outs? Thanks for that by the way. 5. I wasn't sure about Paul Pasualoni when they hired him and I am less sure now. If Patricia is too loyal to his mentor it could cost him his job. 6. Where were the WRs for most of the game? I know spreading the ball around is good but Kenny Gollday is 6'4" and 213lbs. He needs to see the ball more. Marvin Jones had a nice catch also. 7. We need more speed on offense. Please get Ty Johnson the ball on screens and wheel routes. 8. Kevin Strong quietly had a solid game. I hope the UDFA keeps it up. 9. Tracy Walker had a very up and down game. He could have been flagged for a stupid late hit that looked a lot like the one from pre-season and got burned late by Larry Fitsgerald. When I watched that play over again it looked like he played Fitzgerald way too loose and gave him no respect. Tracy Walker has some talent but he needs to grow up in a hurry. 10. Taylor Decker does not look like a long-term solution at LT. Maybe at G or RT but not LT 11. Jamal Agnew made a horrible mistake when he muffed that punt. That shouldn't happen to a third-year player. He is not looking like a long-term solution either. Thoughts?
  10. Christian Kirk--Trade Target?

    Why use your #2 WR as a PR/KR?
  11. Christian Kirk--Trade Target?

    I read that Christian Kirk is returning punts for the Arizona Cardinals. Check out his rookie stats: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KirkCh01.htm He had 43 receptions and averaged over 13 yards per reception last year. This year, he is a punt returner but is listed as basically a starting #2WR: https://www.azcardinals.com/team/depth-chart I think this is classic case of a guy who is a quality player who doesn't fit a new system. Danny Amendola is still solid but he isn't a long-term solution. Marvin Jones isn't getting any younger. Christian Kirk could be definitely fill a long-term role on our team. I could see us moving A'Shawn Robinson or maybe even Marvin Jones in a potential deal. Thoughts?
  12. NFL Cuts--Who Do We Go After?

    Romeo Okwara seemed to work out fairly well.
  13. NFL Cuts--Who Do We Go After?

    Tyree Jackson would be great. He has a ton of potential but needs the right situation. Not sure how long it would be before someone poaches him off of our practice squad though.
  14. NFL Cuts--Who Do We Go After?

    It seems like there was a lot more player movement prior to the NFL roster cutdown deadline. There were two reclamation projects that I think could be worth looking at: 1. Joshua Garnett G--He was over-drafted but has some talent. He could be one of those guys needs a change of scenery to blosson. 2. Jachai Poilite LB--He bombed the combine because he was too heavy and came off as in mature. People describe him as an edge player but when I watched him I saw an attacking, off-the ball LB who was really good at making plays behind the line of scrimmage and being disruptive but not necessarily a true pass-rusher. He was listed at 245 but if he gets down to about 235-240lbs and moves to an OLB position he might see some success. Who do you think we should take a look at or consider signing?
  15. Left Guard--Do We Make A Move For A Legit Starter

    I have a conspiracy theory: The Patriots have traded for two different guards today. They have two really awesome guards in Shag Mason and Joe Thuney. Shaq Mason is already signed to a long-term contract and is one of the better guards in the NFL. Joe Thuney is turning into a really good Guard but is still on his rookie contract. Bob Quin might make a play for Joe Thuney to fill the LG spot. Not sure what the compensation will be but he would be a great addition to our o-line. Thoughts?