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  1. Your Projection For Training Camp Surprises

    Training camp is coming up soon and I was thinking about what are some surprises that could come out of training camp: 1. Mike Ford makes a big jump--He has solid size but playing as a rookie out of SE Missouri St went about like you would expect. He was solid in a limited role but exposed later on. He might make more noise than some people expect 2. Two and three TE sets become a staple of our offense: This is pretty easy to project. I suspect Logan Thomas could play a bigger role than is generally expected. With TJ Hockenson, Jesse James and Logan Thomas we have a potentially dominant group of TEs that could cause problems for defenses aligned to defending WR-heavy offenses. 3. Marvin Jones gets traded: He didn't mesh so well with the coaching staff last year and he isn't getting any younger. It will probably be a player-for-player trade. If one of the younger WRs starts to shine I could see this happening. 4. Teez Tabor doesn't flames out quickly: I think once he starts playing against NFL starters he is going to be exposed again. My projection: he is released half-way through camp. 5. Romeo Okwara becomes more than a "try-hard" player: He had a solid year but most of his sacks were effort/coverage sacks. I think having a guy like Trey Flowers will help him develop into something more. Also, having a full off-season to focus on learning Patricia's defense and just being a better DE rather than fighting for a roster spot should make a big difference in his development. 6. Beau Benschawel is makes the roster rather than going on the practice squad: Wisconsin lineman do really well in the NFL. I think be becomes a back-up at both guard positions as a rookie and develops into a starter in Year 2. Thoughts?
  2. Should We Make A Run At Chris Jones?

    Chris Jones is 25 years old. Damon Harris on 30 years old. If I had to make a long-term investment in a d-lineman, going with the 25 year-old who is really good makes a lot of sense. If we need cap space, Theo Riddick could be cut loose. He counts for $4.65 million against our cap and he did not look anywhere nearly as elusive in the open field as he was in previous years. I think we would save about $3.7 million if we cut him loose. Salary cap information on Theo Riddick. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/theo-riddick-12481/
  3. Should We Make A Run At Chris Jones?

    Damon Harrison was a fantastic addition to our defense last year but he is 30 years old and holding out. Don't get me wrong, I think he deserves a "contract adjustment" similar to what happened with Chris Harris. However, if things go completely sideways, should we consider making a run at DT Chris Jones? His contract situation is going nowhere: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/15/report-no-change-on-contract-front-for-chris-jones-chiefs/ Here are his stats: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/J/JoneCh09.htm I don't think he will replicate 15 sacks but he is 25 years old and might be the most disruptive DT other than Aaron Donald. We have $22 million in cap space to work with. The Chiefs are switching defenses so he might not be as disruptive in a the new scheme. It is a long shot but do you think we could make it happen?
  4. Glover Quin has retired after 10 years

    There is a difference between quitting and retiring. Glover Quin was a great player and a class-act for the Lions. I am normally not critical of posts but try to show respect for a man who played 10 years in the NFL.
  5. What Position Should We Consider Shoring Up

    Now that the draft and free agency is done what position do you think we should still be looking for help? I think Corey Liguet would be a solid addition if we need DL depth. He would be an improvement over Ricky-Jean Francois if he is healthy. I know I would be more comfortable if we could add a solid veteran guard because Kenny Wiggins isn't a world-beater by any stretch of the imagination. Or, do we consider a trade? If so, who would you target?
  6. Lions Kicking The Tires on Domato Peko

    Here is the link: https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/19/free-agent-dt-domata-peko-met-with-lions/
  7. Lions Kicking The Tires on Domato Peko

    I don't have the link but the Lions had Domato Peko in for a visit and apparently have some interest in signing him. Maybe this is a way to get Damon Harrison back to working with the team. He may be up there in age but he is very durable and brings good size at 325 lbs. I would love to have Harrison back but he might have burned some bridges with the Lions by asking for a new contract. Thoughts?
  8. Veterans From Other Teams Who Could Help The Lions

    The Jets fired their GM and made Adam Gase their interim GM. He already shipped out Darron Lee to the Chiefs for a 6th round pick. They have lot of depth on the D-Line. Do you think we could pick up a quality player from their roster?
  9. The draft is in the books and most rookies are signing their contracts. What veteran players are in danger of being cut that could help the Lions? Janoris Jenkins could nail down our #2 CB position. This draft was deep with interior lineman so I would be willing to be a quality veteran who would upgrade our RG position will become available. Thoughts?
  10. Let's try to get Suh back home

    If we were one player away from a Superbowl, maybe. He isn't quite the game-wrecker he used to be but he is still not the greatest locker room addition either.
  11. Solomon Thomas--Trade Target?

    Trey Flowers is list at 265lbs and Okwara is listed at 274. If they move him around the way Trey Flowers moved around in NE, he has the potential to be a solid contributor.
  12. Solomon Thomas--Trade Target?

    I just read this about Solomon Thomas: After making a huge step as a pass-rusher in his final season at Stanford sliding up and down the line of scrimmage, with the 49ers Thomas has predominantly aligned on the edge, with disappointing results from the No. 3 overall pick in 2017 Draft. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-2019-here-are-12-veteran-players-who-could-be-on-the-chopping-block-after-the-draft/ Should we make a trade for him? I am pretty sure we won't have to give up too much and we might just get a player who fits Patricia's system really well. Thoughts?
  13. RG

    Here is the link: https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2019/4/28/18521678/detroit-lions-beau-benzschawel-wisconsin-badgers and the quote: Benzschawel should fit in well with the Lions offense — which projects to be run heavy under new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell — as he was named by Pro Football Focus to be the best run blocker in college football last season
  14. RG

    Here is a link: https://www.buckys5thquarter.com/2019/4/28/18512440/nfl-draft-2019-detroit-lions-beau-benzschawel-wisconsin-football Check out the background on him: According to Wisconsin, Benzschawel started 49 consecutive career games at UW with the final 43 as an anchor at the right guard spot. During the past two seasons, he claimed consensus first-team All-Big Ten honors, along with adding quite a few All-America nods to his resumé as well. After the 2017 season, Sports Illustrated listed Benzschawel as a first-team All-America. He followed up that performance with consensus first-team All-America accolades in 2018, as seven publications gave him that distinction. I thin this is a great UDFA signing. He may need to get stronger but he could very well end up being a solid starter sooner rather than later.
  15. RG

    He was rated as a 4th or 5th rounder before the draft. He may be a pure G but he has more upside than any potential RG on our roster