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  1. Lions vs Cowboys Takeaways

    I don't understand why Austin Bryant isn't suiting up and playing. Our run defense is solid enough but we desperately need some pressure off the edge. Devon Kenard is a situational rusher. Jarrad Davis is a good blitzer also but we need to generate more pressure from our D-Line. We need to do something different and at 3-6-1 we don't have much to lose.
  2. Lions vs Cowboys Takeaways

    The Lions were over-matched going into the game. I think the Dallas O-Line simply wore the defense down. It really showed on the 4th quarter. Still, they showed real moxie by staying in this game until the end. That said: 1. Our pass rush is still not great. Mike Daniels, John Atkins and Trey Flowers were solid. Romeo Okwara is invisible. I have no idea if it can be fixed at this point. 2. Our secondary is playing really well. If we had any kind of pass rush they would be lights out. 3. Darius Slay had a tough assignment being matched up against Amari Cooper and played better than he has in a few weeks. He really had a great game. You can see his frustration. 4. John Atkins is starting to play really well. If lost weight and was a little quicker he would be a beast. He is definitely earning more playing time. 5. We need more speed at LB but I don’t see that getting fixed during the season. 6. Will Harris look like a solid draft pick by Bob Quin. 7. Even If Paul Pasqualoni makes it through the season I don’t see how he is our Defensive Coordinator going forward. 8. I was very critical of Darrell Bevell early in the year but putting up 27 points without Matthew Stafford and Kerryon Johnson against a good Cowboys defense awesome. He called a great game. 9. Jeff Driskell is playing better than anyone ever expected. As previously stated, he is definitely a good #2QB. He moves really well and is really tough to tackle in the open field. He might be a solid starter with more reps. This was a very astute pick-up by Bob Quin. 10. Bob Quin has made some really astounding under-the-radar signings: Jeff Driskell, JD McKissick, and Marvin Hall Jr have been making consistent contributions. Now Bo Scarborough. He has done pretty well with free agent signings even considering Jesse James. 11. I think the Lions need to make Tyrell Crosby a starter. He is simply better than Rick Wagner at this point. Demarcus Lawrence is a beast but Tyrell Crosby did a pretty good job with him until our last series. 12. I am still waiting for Marvin Hall to become a bigger part of the offense. I would love to see him run some post routes or skinny post routes. 13. The Lions running would be better if they ran some counters. That may be old-school but it fits their RB talent. 14. Overall, the Lions have a lot of work to do on their O-Line and pass rush in the off season. Thoughts?
  3. Lions VS Bears Takeaways

    This was a tough game to watch. I think Matt Patricia has to be willing to make a hard decision with Paul Pasquloni. He just isn't cutting as a defensive play caller. That said: 1. Jeff Driskell has good foot speed and arm strength. He might be a solid #2QB. You could tell he just didn’t have the reps to make this offense work well. 2. I can’t figure out why Tyrell Crosby isn’t starting in place of Rick Wagner. 3. Taylor Decker is committing too many penalties. He is not the long-term answer at LT for the Lions. 4. Speaking of OL issues, Joe Dahl wasn’t exactly stellar today either. 5. We got next to nothing from our TEs 6. We got some good pass rush late in the game. Our pass rush seems to be improving a little bit at a time. 7. Galloday is a good player but he really needs to be more consistent with his hands. That late drop was a killer. 8. Our LBs are still having problems covering RBs. No real improvement there. 9. Jahlani Tavai is playing well. Bob Quin got that pick right. 10. Darius Slay hasn’t been playing as well as expected. His play has dropped off a bit. 11. I have said it before: Paul Pasqualoni is should not continue to be our Defensive Coordinator. What is happening here is what happened when he coached for the Cowboys. 12. If I had to pick one element that we need more of on offense and defense: Speed!
  4. Lions vs Raiders Takeaways

    I just finished watching the Lions vs Raiders. Great game but it sucks that we lost. Props to the raiders for their improvement from last year. A lot of it has to do with having a draft class for the ages. Than said: 1. Our pass rush is a little better but we are still not where we need to be. 2. After playing so much man coverage early the Lions are mixing up their coverages and having success. 3. Jarrad Davis is still not very good in pass coverage. He is solid blitzer and good against the run but he is a liability against the pass. 4. I keep picking on Jarrad Davis but none of our other LBs are very good in coverage either 5. Jahlani Tavai is turning into a really solid player. The play when the ball hit him in the back was pretty smart. It would have been nice to see him get the INT but he showed real savvy on that play. 6. I don’t know what is going on with the defense but they really need to get better at getting stops early in the game. 7. Darrel Bevell is finally starting to find his groove as a play caller. He is calling some really good plays and being very unpredictable. 8. Rick Wagner’s pass protection is horrible. He should not be our starting RT next year. If Tyrell Crosby should get a shot. 9. Taylor Decker is a solid LT but that’s about it. It will be tough to upgrade both OT positions but the only reason we shouldn’t be looking at an upgrade is because we will need a RT much worse than LT. 10. The running game was pretty effective today. Bevell schemed some good plays and the O-Line did a solid job of run-blocking. 11. Our WRs are playing really well. If we have this group together with a better o-line the offense could be scary-good. 12. Jesse James finally caught a pass. He and Hockenson need to be much more consistent. Especially in the red-zone. 13. Speaking of red-zone, it was great to see us scoring TDs instead of FGs. 14. Matthew Stafford made a couple of mistakes but he is still playing at a really high level. He is showing more fire than I have seen in a while.
  5. Lions Vs Giants Takeaways

    I just finished watching the Giants game. It was kind of frustrating. I keep waiting for them to show a real dominant, killer instinct but never really materializes. That said, here is what I noticed: 1. Our D-Line was a little better but they are still not getting sacks or getting enough pressure on the QB early in the game. Our secondary is under too much pressure. We made Daniel Jones look like Aaron Rodgers. 2. Ty Johnson could be a real weapon in the passing game if he and Stafford can get their timing down. 3. Why doesn’t Marvin Hall Jr get more targets? We need to see his speed more often. Seriously 4. TJ Hockenson has been super quiet. We need him to be more involved to open up our WRs. 5. We started off running the football pretty well but that didn’t last too long. We may need to make a move at RB. Maybe at RT also. (Juwaun James would be perfect). 6. Jarrad Davis had a really good day rushing the passer. I still think he is better off as an OLB. 7. I know Patricia likes bigger LBs but we could use more speed and athleticism at OLB. 8. That trick play in the fourth quarter was awesome. We should have one or two of those every game. 9. Will Harris played fairly well. It kind of validates the Quandre Diggs trade. At least for one game. 10. Good things happen when John Atkins is in the game. He needs to see more snaps. 11. This team has a tough time finishing games and seems to lack a killer instinct. Especially on offense. 12. Bob Quin has made some very good moves this year. Justin Coleman is playing really well. Marvin Hall Jr has been a difference maker. JD McKissick has been solid. TJ Hockenson, Jahlani Tavai and Ty Johnson are making good contributions as rookies. No GM is perfect but he is really starting to come into his own. It was a solid effort but it shows we should try to make an addition to help our running game and/or pass-rush if we can. Thoughts.
  6. Lions trade S Quandre Diggs & 2021 7th to Seahawks for 2020 5th

    I hate to say this but one of the things that has always held the Lions back is players that are inmature and just not mentally tough. Darius Slay is a great player but for him to say that tells me he is letting his emotions get the best of him. Darius Slay has one INT in 2019. I want to see him here long-term but he needs to grow up.
  7. Trade deadline

    That could be a great pick-up. I hadn't thought of that. I was zeroed in on Juwaan James or Yannick Ngakoue.
  8. Trade deadline

    Juwaun James would be a great addtion to our team. He is the #10 RT on PFF and has allowed zero sacks with no penalties. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/jawuan-james/8654
  9. Lions trade S Quandre Diggs & 2021 7th to Seahawks for 2020 5th

    This is a pretty good read on their reasons and its not necessarily wrong: https://www.mlive.com/lions/2019/10/why-the-detroit-lions-traded-quandre-diggs.html He was a great story. However, if we are going to stop being the Lions we have to be a little ruthless when it comes to the players we keep. The status quo doesn't cut when you are in last place.
  10. Lions place RB Kerryon Johnson on IR

    There were concerns about his ability to stay healthy when he was drafted. Maybe this is just bad luck but it doesn't bode well for his long-term career prospects: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/22/kerryon-johnson-had-knee-procedure-heading-to-ir/ Ty Johnson needs to be ready to step up. He may be a sixth round pick and a rookie but his time is now.
  11. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I think Quin and Patricia should get a third year. There are some things that I think could pay immediate dividends though: 1. Move Jarrad Davis to OLB and and put Tavai inside as a starter. Davis would be a terror at OLB and better than Christian Jones. Tavai has flashed and should be on the field more. 2. Replace Paul Pasqualoni as defensive coordinator. We are just not getting it done. 3. Get Marvin Hall on the field more often. His speed will create more space. Skinny posts, standard post routes, whatever. 4. Simplify our offensive blocking schemes. There are way too many problems and guys look like they are thinking too much. 5. Make a trade that will improve out RT position or our pass rush. Or both.
  12. Trade deadline

    I really like Yannick Ngakoue and think they should make a play for him. I think he would be an absolute beast in our defense and provide some much needed pass-rushing skills.
  13. Lions VS Vikings Takeaways

    I am watching the end of this game and here is what I noticed: 1. The Lions offense put up a lot of points but never really seem to have a good rhythm. Marvin Jones erupted but Golladay was completely erased. Hockenson continues to be quiet. They still don't have an identity this far into the season. The Vikings have a good defense but something's not right. Darrel Bevell hasn't figured out how to use his players yet. 2. Matthew Stafford is playing some great football. He is making great decisions and has taking good care of the football. 3. Why doesn't Marvin Hall get more snaps? I would love to see him run a skinny post or a deep crossing route. 4. We need better production from our TEs. As mentioned above, Hockenson continues to be be quiet. Jesse James is invisible. Logan Thomas, for all of his physical gifts, is producing like a #3TE 5. We have absolutely zero pass-rush. We have no chance unless we can put the QB on his back. There is no excuse for our lack of QB pressure and sacks 6. Every time John Atkins is in the game good things happen. Why doesn't he get more snaps? Same goes for Kevin Strong. 7. Devon Kenard is solid but Christian Jones hasn't been playing well the last couple of games. We need better performance from our OLBs 9. I think they need to move Jarrad Davis OLB and let Tavai play more at ILB. 10. The Lions Defense can't get off the field on third down. You can't win like that. 11. One of the bright spots in defense is Tracy Walker. He has been playing really well. 12. Paul Pasqualoni needs to be replaced. He may have a ton of experience but our defense just isn't getting it done. 13. This team needs shake-up. Whether it is a coordinator change or a trade, it doesn't matter. Thoughts?
  14. Trade deadline

    I think part of it has been the schemes they have been using. IT always looks like a prevent defense. I think Patricia and Pasqualoni are over-thinking things. Its good to have assignment-sound players but we need to start getting more QB hits and more QB sacks.
  15. Trade deadline

    Blocking is definitely an issue. RIck Wagner isn't cutting it at all at RT. I could see us making a move on a RT if the right player was available at the right price.