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  1. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    I may be in the minority on this but I will throw it out there anyway: Patrick Peterson is a very good CB but given his freakish physical talent he should a better football player, especially with having Larry Fitzgerald to work with/against. Just my opinion.
  2. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    Given the amount of money we have tied up with Darius Slay and Stafford, I would prefer to do everything we can to start developing our internal talent. Bob Quin may not be perfect but he has put together some pretty solid drafts. Other than Teez Tabor, he hasn't had any major whiffs and has managed to add some quality players from the later rounds (Golladay, Crosby, Glasgow and Hand). If we have another good draft class along some quality performances by our free agents, it may finally give us one or more deep playoff runs.
  3. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    I think the only free agents that would be valuable to us right now are Isaiah Crowell and Darius Philon. We need a #2RB and Crowell is solid. Ricky-Jean Francois played well but he is 32 years old. Darius Philon would provide quality depth and an insurance policy just in case A'Shawn Robinson disappears the way he did at the beginning of last season. Philon has been a really under-appreciated DL for the Chargers and he is only 25 years old which fits the type of young and ascending talent that the Lions have been trying to sign as free agents.
  4. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    Unless they think Justin Hunter can play in the slot and on the outside, why bring in Denard? Claiborne never lived up to the hype and doesn't seem to offer much.
  5. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    He had a down year last year but so did the entire O-line for the Titans. Before that he played really well. Definitely worth a look.
  6. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    We need a #2/complimentary back. Even in college Kerryon Johnson was nicked up quite a bit. I think he is going to be a really good RB but right now, he shouldn't be counted on as a "bell cow" RB
  7. Polarizing Prospects

    Some people criticize Clellin Farrel for lack of bend and I don't think that holds water for him either. I get the evaluation process but having perfect triangle numbers doesn't make you a good football player. For example, nobody describes Andrew Whitworth as having elite athleticism but he played LT at a high level for a long time. Derrick Johnson had one of the best LB evaluations ever. He was a good LB but probably not at the level of Derrick Brooks. Being an awesome athlete isn't the whole picture when it comes to being a football player. It gives you some extra tools but football IQ counts for a lot. Check with Dee Ford on the value of football IQ.
  8. Isaiah Crowell Released--- Worth A Look?

    Isaiah Crowell is being released by the Jets. I think he would be a strong #2RB for us. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/14/jets-release-running-back-isaiah-crowell/ Thoughts?
  9. Polarizing Prospects

    Every year there are some prospects who generate wildly different assessments. The prospects that seem the most polarizing to me right now are" 1. Jonah Williams--He is a awesome technician but at 6'4 305Lbs and 33 inch arms he seems to be a positional tweener between G and T. He doesn't have ideal height or arm length (Joe Thomas had 33 inch arms also) but his game performances are great. Personally, I think he adds some weight and becomes an awesome guard. 2. DK Metcalf--His measurables are off the charts with the exception of his agility, which was terrible. He also lacks significant college production. Personally, I don't see how he warrants first-round consideration. Even in the Round 2, he is, in my opinion, a prospect with high bust potential. 3. Brian Burns--He had great numbers at Florida State. He weighed in at 250lbs which answered a lot of questions. The long-term question is if he can continue to put on weight allowing him to be a full-time D-Line/Edge player or if he stays at his current weight and transitions to LB similar to Anthony Bar. He is pretty young but I a transition to LB might be his best path to success. 4. Marquise Brown--He is absolutely electric and would be a nightmare in the slot but at 168lbs I don't see how he warrants first-round consideration. At his size, I don't see him being able to handle the punishment that goes with being a full-time WR/RB. This may sound harsh, but I think he is more of a Round 3 prospect at best. Thoughts?
  10. trey flowers signs with the lions

    Do you think this opens up the possibility of an OL at #8? Some mocks have Jawaan Taylor going that high. Andre Dillard is already really good at pass pro.
  11. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    He is a solid #3RB and special teams player. I am pretty sure they are not counting on him to be the #2 RB.
  12. trey flowers signs with the lions

    I think he deserves credit for signing younger free agents and not over-paying for older players. He brought in Devon Kenard and Romeo Okwara last year. Rick Wagner and TJ Lang were pretty impactful (at least for one year). They may not be superstars but we would have been much worse off without them. As I recall, he also signed Marvin Jones when Calvin Johsnon retired. I think his preference is to build through the draft but he and Patricia are "on-the-clock". If we can take a big step forward this year, he will probably get more "draft-focused".

    If they stay at #8 I think Devin White is the pick. We need an outside CB but I don't think Greedy Williams quite that valuable. Personally, I think the best scenario for the Lions is a trade-back that gets them an extra second and/or 3rd round pick. Getting an extra second and third would be ideal.
  14. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    Maybe we can land Preston Smith. If they are paying out big dollars to Landon Collins they may not be able to re-sign him.
  15. trey flowers signs with the lions

    This draft class has too many good edge rushers to not add another. Romeo Okwara is a solid "effort guy" but is he really the game-wrecker we need?