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  1. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    He seems like a good coach and is probably "safe" hire. I was hoping for Marcus Brady from the Colts. He has a winning background. I am not horrified by this but not super excited either.
  2. new OC

    Kubiak is going to the Vikings as an Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Advisor: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/vikes-add-kubiak-assistant-head-coach-offensive-adviser-025033458--nfl.html
  3. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    Gary Kubiak has taken a job as an Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Advisor with the Vikings. I am only luke warm with him but I wish he didn't sign with the Vikings. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/vikes-add-kubiak-assistant-head-coach-offensive-adviser-025033458--nfl.html
  4. I watched the the Rams, Chiefs and Patriots leverage effective running games to propel them to the conference championship game. The Cowboys couldn't run the ball and got bounced from the playoffs. I may be wrong but Patricia's goal (as I understand it) of having an offense that could be balanced enough to win by running or passing rather than being focused on the passing game seems like a good plan for post-season success. Even more to the point, all of teams that progressed to the conference played really good defense; even the Chiefs. In the second half of the season, the Lions had an effective running game and played really good defense. They did this despite getting very little production from d-line edge rushers and marginal production from their #2 CB position. The Lions have no dynamic edge-rushing threat on the roster and seem to have a bunch of guys that are better slot CBs then boundary CBs. I hate to sound like I am drinking the kool-aid for next year but targeted improvements to our secondary and edge rushing could make our defense really stout. Targeted improvements to the tight end and deep passing (scheme and play-calling) could make our offense really tough to defend. We have a decent amount of cap space and draft resources to take a big step forward in my opinion. The way I see it our success next year comes down to three things: 1. Improve our points production on offense 2. Get better QB pressure from our D-Line without any drop-off in LB QB pressure 3. Get better production from our #2/Boundary CB position They have the cap space and the draft resources to be aggressive in the off-season. This may sound like I am over-simplifying things but if they successfully address these problems they could take a big step forward. Thoughts?
  5. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    For what its worth, it looks like they are putting together a pretty good staff in Cleveland (on paper anyway). Seeing as their fans have been suffering with losing teams just like we have in Detroit, I hope they get something good going for such loyal fans.
  6. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    It looks like Todd Monken is off the market: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/13/report-browns-hire-todd-monken-as-offensive-coordinator/
  7. new OC

    This is a really good point. I posted an article that said Jeff Davidson was sitting in on all of the OC interviews. Obviously, they want their new OC to be able to work with Davidson's blocking schemes/philosophies.
  8. new OC

    That might be an interesting potential hire. Still, with his previous health issues, he is kind of a risky hire in terms of commitment.
  9. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    If Gary Kubiak didn't take the job in Denver, I think he might be done with football.
  10. new OC

    From what I have read, he seems to be done with football. He decided not to take the Denver Broncos OC job so that speaks volumes. I have posted another sleeper candidate in another post who I think could turn out to be a great fit: Indianapolis Colts Assistant Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Brady.
  11. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    Todd Monken, former OC of the Buccaneers is in the mix now: https://www.mlive.com/lions/2019/01/lions-will-interview-todd-monken-for-oc-plus-other-staff-reports.html
  12. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    I am hoping for a guy that isn't generating a lot of buzz in the press but seems like a good fit: Indianapolis Colts Assistant QB Coach Marcus Brady. His bio makes him seem like a good fit because of his balanced attacks. Working with Frank Reich for a year seems like a plus as well. A link to his bio is below: https://www.colts.com/team/coaches-roster/marcus-brady
  13. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    I saw this a little while ago: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/10/report-steve-sarkisian-nathaniel-hackett-in-the-mix-for-lions-offensive-coordinator/ I might be OK with Nathaniel Hackett. Trying to build an offense around Blake Bortles and a mediocre set of WRs would be tough for anyone. I am definitely not jazzed about Steve Sarkasian. The Atlanta offense took a step back under his guidance. I am not expecting an offense like the Saints or Rams but it would be nice to have something close to that.

    I think Tyrell Crosby is being groomed as a long-term solution at RT. He played LT at Oregon and like Wagner, he was a fifth round pick. He played well in extended duty. I would rather find a quality back-up for that position rather than bring in Ju'Wuan James. Kenny Wiggins settled down after a rough start and is worth keeping as a back-up. Trey Flowers is a good player but I think Romeo Okwara is at the same level. I would rather solve that with a player who is already here. I like Uzomah and think he is kind of underrated. Nelson is a good signing. Christian Jones is unspectacular but solid and worth keeping . I like the idea of adding Devin White if we can legitimately solve our edge issues in free agency. Risner and Brown will be off the board well ahead of where you have them slotted. Doing picks for all seven rounds takes a lot of effort. Overall, this is pretty solid.
  15. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    Adam Gase is off the table. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/09/jets-land-adam-gase/