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  1. We may have been winning games but we were never dominant. Sometimes we were just plain soft. Injuries played a big part of our problem last year. The other one as Paul Pasqulaoni. Paul Pasqualoni did a horrible job of developing his young talent. There was no excuse for the lack of pressure from our D-Line. Every O-Line looked like a Super Bowl caliber O-line last year.
  2. One word: Contract That being said, he needs to play a position that allows him to attack the football without having to worry about calling the defense. Getting everyone lined up is just not his thing. Personally, if he can even become slightly above average in coverage he will be a really solid LB. He might be better suited as an ILB for a 3-4 scheme though.
  3. Looking at this year's schedule, there are some rookies that are probably going to be tough to play against. The ones that make me cringe the most in no particular order: 1. AJ Dillion, Packers - 6'0", 247lbs and runs a sub 4.6 40 and plays behind a decent o-line. Yikes. 2. Justin Jefferson, Vikings - Watch his tape. Enough said. 3. Chase Young, Redskins - Chase Young and that entire D-Line are going to give OCs fits. 4. Jonathan Taylor, Colts - Personally, I liked him more than DeAndre Swift. He will be tough to defend 5. Derrick Brown Panthers - I wouldn't have been disappointed if he was selected by the Lions. Potential game-wrecker. The one guy who is going to be an absolute beast but we are lucky enough not to have to face: Javon Kinlaw. Dude is 6'5." 324 lbs with 34 inch arms and 10.5 inch hands. He is also slightly more explosive than Derrick Brown and only played one year of high school football. Definetly a guy I would love to have seen play next to Trey Flowers and see them wreck game plans together. Thoughts?
  4. If they didn't make a trade during the draft, the price probably went down a little bit. Their cap situation will help drive the price down also.
  5. The Lions are still sitting on about $30 million in cap space even if they don't do anything else to clear any space. The must do: 1. Sign Kenny Golladay to an extension. He is a really good but not necessarily elite WR and won't be cheap. The wildcards: 1. An extension for Taylor Decker. He is an above average LT but even above average LTs aren't cheap (see Laremy Tunsil) 2. Chris Jones is still sitting out there and there is no way the Chiefs can afford to sign him to extension with Frank Clark getting paid so much and and extension for Patrick Mahomes coming due. I don't think its impossible that we make a play for Chris Jones because we really need someone to take some pressure off of Trey Flowers. At this point, I don't think its likely. It is more likely we extend Taylor Decker assuming the price makes sense. How do you see us using our remaining cap space? Thoughts?
  6. After having had a chance to think about it, this pick makes a lot of sense. DeAndre Swift and Kerryon Johnson are at the top of the depth chart but KJ has trouble staying healthy. Bo Scarborough is staying with the team because he is a big back with somewhat surprising speed. Ty Johnson has good straight-line speed without a lot of elusiveness but showed that he can break some tackles. Someone will be inactive each week but we should be able to match up against a lot of different defenses.
  7. He should definitely have a role returning punts and kick-offs. He seems to have good speed and is pretty strong for his size. I could see him catching a screen passes and getting time at slot WR. I suspect that Ty Johnson might be a better slot WR but he he was kind of raw last year. More speed is always better in today's NFL.
  8. He seems like a good player but I would have preferred they stayed put and drafted John Simpson.
  9. The Lions have done a nice job of adding players who should have an immediate impact for them next season. We have picked potential starters at CB, RB and G. We have a solid developmental DE in Julian Okwara. We still have an immediate need at P. We also need to add WR and maybe a tackle. You could make the argument that we still need a young DT but I am not so sure that is an immediate need. Where do you think we go in the remaining rounds? Thoughts?
  10. If you can transfer to Ohio State and earn a spot as a starter, you are doing a lot of things right. Personally, I have been hoping they would pick up John Simpson but this could work out pretty well.
  11. Kinlaw might not be as polished as Derrick Brown but he is more athletic, has better length and has a super-high ceiling. Assuming he stays healthy, he will be wrecking blocking schemes for a long time. That being said, I think folks are nitpicking with Derrick Brown. He played multiple techniques at Auburn and could coached up to improve as a pass-rusher. I would be happy with either Derrick Brown or Javan Kinlaw in the first round.
  12. I think we should draft him because we have zero LBs who can cover TEs and RBs. That said, he could be an absolute terror in our defense.
  13. I don't think we need to do a trade at a position that we are pretty good at. Tracy Walker, Will Harris and Duron Harmon should hold up fairly well. If we give up a draft pick, it needs to be for a good player at a position of need. We still need another LB. Austin Bryant is our de facto starting DE. I think he will step up but there are no guarantees. We need a veteran starting guard becase Joe Dahl and Kenny Wiggins are our starting guards at this point. My trade target: Desmond King.
  14. I read that the Lions are still sitting on about $30 million in salary cap space. Granted, they still have to work an extension for Kenny Golladay. That is still a lot of cap space. New England is nowhere close to getting a contract done with Joe Thuney and I don't think they really want to make the deal. I think if the Lions get a trade-back that gets them at least one extra 2d or 3rd round pick, they will flip some picks to the Patriots for Joe Thuney. It would make sense for both sides. We get a durable, highly skilled LG (please don't say Joe Dahl is the answer) with enough draft capital to help other areas. New England gets additional second day picks which they covet. A rough trade framework: The Lions move back far enough to get an additional second round pick. They send that pick to New England in exchange for Joe Thuney and a sixth round pick. Thoughts??
  15. I read that Jamal Adams seems to be cooling on staying with the jets. If the Jets offered Jamal Adams as a part of a deal to move up from #11 to #3 what else would it for the deal to make sense for the Lions. Le'Veon Bell is a non-starter unless he re-works his contract. Thoughts?
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