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  1. True, but we don't have any Master carpenters.
  2. So let's see what has been the WFT's problems the last say 20 years. A troublesome incompetent owner, a constant influxes of revolving door HCs and schemes, unforgiving trades, worthless free agents and inadequate drafts. Anyone else can think why we have been constant losers except for the occasional playoff spot then immediately losing the first playoff game?Why we haven't even gotten a glimpse of the NFC championship games and don't even imagine a super bowl? Why our team and it's fans have lived in football hell since 1992? When was the last time we were 11-5 or better? Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to disband the team and get an expansion team. This team will never and in paraphrasing the owner, "Never, I said never!" be a Superbowl contending team till the owner sells the team. With all the harassment charges facing this team, how come he hasn't been forced to sell the team like the previous owner of the Panthers? The NFL needs to force him to sell! Would you want your mother, wife, sister or daughter working for this team? If not, then why support the owner. Spend no more money on this team. Force him to sell NFL! He's give you a really bad reputation. I guess greed is good!
  3. The problem of not drafting descent linemen has really hurt this team.
  4. About free agents. Only one out of ten does as well with his new team as he did with his old team. Only one in about 50 exceed and does better with his new team. Free agents are all products of the schemes they were originally in with their first teams. Trying to have a player in a different scheme or in the same scheme but different players around him usually doesn't provide a great substitute. Drafting well is the best way to go. Look at the Steelers and Ravens whom use the draft approach and have managed to be consistent playoff contenders.
  5. So if we lose this game. can we forget about taking the division and hope the Jet win two and Jax wins 1. I want the QB from Clemson.We need a franchise QB. Even Riveria said if the Bengals hadn't selected Burrows he would have picked him. Haskins is the owner's mistake. Haskins is not a franchise QB. He will eventually hang around the league as a back-up QB. We need a franchise QB and outside of Lawrence, I wouldn't waste one of the top three picks in the draft on one of them.
  6. I thought that the way this team plays we were tanking. If they are playing to win, I don't see it!
  7. I found a name that fits the team like a glove, The Chokers!
  8. This is the sad thing about the team. I know it's not happening, but say we ended up with the 1st overall pick in the draft. The QB from Clemson would turn us down and stay another year just so he wouldn't be on our team! How long have the Jets, Jaxs and WFT been considered loser teams? Who in their right frame of mind would want to play for them? Free Agents only sign cause of the money. Players drafted can't wait to leave these teams. When we have had a descent QB, Kirk Cousins wanted to run like hell out of here cause the way he was treated. Brad Johnson left after our owner pushed for George and he ended up winning a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay. The problem isn't with the coaching or players selected. It's with a owner who can't seem to keep his hands off the team.
  9. I hated the trade for Smith from day one. First, it's a Snyder deal which means it's stupid and will hurt the team. Second, you traded an up and coming CB for which we ended up signing back as a free agent and a 2nd round pick. Why? Why do we keep trading for has been QBs? We need to get a real GM to draft the QB and the HC to develop him. Snyder needs to keep his non football knowledge and experience out of picking players. Heck, his son recommended Haskins cause they went to the same freaking school together! It proves my point that Snyder is the main reason we have been a joke of a team since he took over. He has had how many different HCs, QBs, GMs, DCs and schemes here and they all have manage to go down the drain. Sell the team! If you truly love the team, sell it. You could easily get four times what you paid for it. All the negative news you have brought to the table to this team has kept us in the threshold of fandom hell! Sell the team!
  10. I would be honest, I would be amazed if we win another game. If we don't win next week, we need to let our former #1 QB pick play out the rest of the year to see what we have in him. If we don't win anymore games, hopefully the Jets could win 2 games (I know, it's a pipe dream) and the Jax win another (that's possible) we could earn the first overall #1 pick and grab the dram from Clemson. That would make this entire year worth the misery.
  11. Only occasionally. I am just so tired of the same mistakes year after year, decade after decade. The only two common denominators are Snyder and the losing. We keep losing due to the same mistakes. We keep losing no matter who is the QB or the HC. Just think, the last time we actually had a franchise QB was Sonny! I was a little kid back then. Gibbs performed miracles with this team in the 80's but since then we have sucked drafting QBs, only recently have we done a good job drafting WRs. And except for the Pro Bowl Lts we have drafted, Samuels and Williams, this team has not drafted a bonafide All Pro! How is that even possible? How do we manage not to have a 11-5 record since 1992! That's 29 years of heartaches. I don't want to start with another team, but I can't waste anymore time watching the WFT. It's not worth it.
  12. Hail to the Chokers! 3rd worst team in the league! Turn over Champions! Lose for old DC!
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