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  1. 2021 Off-Season: DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Joe Barry, not going to go into his history. I am sure everyone on the forum has looked into this. 1) Personnel Moves: I am still the Over the Cap, Cap Calculator for the personnel moves. It is a broad use of numbers but gives a nice outlook. https://overthecap.com/calculator/green-bay-packers/ It has been reported the final salary cap could range from $180mil to $188mil. I will put my off-season setting the cap at $184mil. Current moves: Restructure: David Bakhtiari: Saving $8.3mil on the cap Release: Christian K
  2. Hard loss in the NFCCG. It did show us where we can improve. 2021 Off-Season: DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Jim Leonard. Lefluer brings in the guy that thinks like he does. Is flexible to the talent he has, putting people in the best position to succeed and Leanard maximized the talent that he had while at WI. They were consitantly one of the best in the nation. As a Mike Pettine defensive coaching branch, there should not be too much change in language, but a fresh look at design, film study, and play calling. Jerry Grey is kept as DB Coach, and upgraded to Passing Gam
  3. Until we know where the salary cap is going to be, it is best to think that it may be at $175mil. The front office is most likely planning that way. Of course if it stays at $200mil, I have created enough space to go and get a viable #2 receiver or corner or re-sign Aaron Jones. When we do know where the cap will be, I will adjust my mock off-season accordingly.
  4. CWood21: Just like the big body of Thomas, would be cheap to come in, and he would know that he has one role. Which allows the entire off-season to perfect it...blocking. JBURGE: Though I love Linsley, he is 30, and GB doesn't usually sign player to a 3rd contract outside some exceptions. King is not worth the money. Aaron Jones may cost too much.. Also, we don't know if the salary cap will be stay the same or go down to that $175mil...also, we have Jaire Alexander to re-sign and other player contracts are going to have higher cap hits. May not have money to spend, which is part
  5. Seeing all of the other mocks gave me the itch to do one myself, and pass the time. Remainder of season: -Earn the #1 Seed -Win Super Bowl XV........Beating the Chiefs 42-35 (Thanks to a Jaire Alexander interception). 2021 Off-Season: 1) Personnel Moves: Release: Christian Kirksey: We are better off with Martin and Barnes taking over. Saves ove $6mil in cap space. Rick Wagner: We save $4mil in cap space, and we didn't draft all those interior linemen for nothing. Dean Lowery: We are getting better production from Keke, an
  6. Just a quick off-season during the Combine. Still working with the $13.85mil in Cap Space as my V1 Mock. Team Internal: Cuts- Lane Taylor: Has been a great asset for Green Bay, but his time has passed. Jimmy Graham: Father Time has completly caught up with him, and time to move on. CAP SPACE: $26.06mil Retain- **(Complete) Mason Crosby: (3yr for $12.9mil) $4.3mil average. First year cap hit of $4mil. Bryan Bulaga: (3yr for $32mil) $10.6mil average. First year cap hit of $5.5mil. It is essntially a two year deal, most of
  7. This off-season will hopefully be just as exciting as last off-season! Gutey's third off-season in charge, Lefluer's second as HC, and a more complete understanding of what the team needs to take that next step. I do not believe there will be as big of a splash as last year, Gutey somewhat said that in his 2019 Season End Press Conference. Also, we do not have as much Cap Space as people have been stating in their Mock Off-Seasons. Read: https://cheeseheadtv.com/blog/what-can-the-packers-afford-in-free-agency-615 The article lays out cap issues and who the Packers could afford. With
  8. No other pre-draft FA Signings.... 2019 Draft With Ed Oliver taken early (DET or BUF), GB selects.... 1a) Andre Dillard, OT Washington State: We need to find a replacement for Bulaga. Dillard is smooth, athletic, and fits the offense. GB sees someone falling. We trade the 30th pick, 3rd round and our second 6th round and the Titans pick at 19 and select... 1b) Noah Fant, TE Iowa: Mismatch nightmare, that Rodgers has been missing badly. 2) AJ Brown, WR OleMiss: A run on defense pushes Brown here. Absolute steal, giving Ro
  9. To add to that point, the strong reports that KC is going to release Houston. Trying for a trade partner, but it is not gonna happen. So KC will release him sometime before free agency.
  10. So reports are that Dee Ford could be had for as little as a 2nd Round pick. If this is true, I feel Green Bay should be all over this. I know there could be a bidding war, but maybe 44th and a late round pick? KC knows the depth of this years edge class, so might be the reason for the report. Then turn around and give him a 4yr $65mil deal. He had only one year with Coach Mike Smith, who is now in GB. He absolutely balled out, keep them together. Thoughts?
  11. Just something quick...looking at blue chip players, depth, and a splash. Team Internal: Cut- Nick Perry (Post June 1): No explanation needed. Re-Signed- Bashaud Breeland (3yr for $18.5mil): After he got healthy, helped stabilize back end. Clay Matthews (1yr for $6.5mil): Placed in a rotational/package role, allows growth of younger players. Mercedes Lewis (1yr for $1.5mil): Comes back knowing Lafluer's commitment to the run. All RFA and ERFA are resigned (except Kentrell Brice). Free Agency: Za'darious Smith, OLB: 3yr for
  12. Like most of the draft, but I do not see Gute going after that many high price FAs. Maybe two, at most with a couple of low tier guys. We need money to re-up Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, and maybe David Bak.
  13. jleisher, that's a good point and something I should have clarified. With rookie coaches getting that extra team time early in the off season program will help accelerate the integration. Knowing Rodgers has played in only West Coast Offense his whole career they keep most of the concepts, giving it a make over with movements and formations. I would expect AR to pick it up by Training Camp, and be fully knowledgeable on splits, timing, and in synch with receivers no later then week 3 of the season. (Saying that because pre-season games aren't fully planned)
  14. We are officially out of the playoffs..which sucks. We have some great bright spots (Adams, Clark, Alexander, and so on), but we have a fair talent deficiency that needs to be addressed. Remainder of season.... Jets: AR takes two big hits in the first half (no injury) but Philben sits AR for the remainder of the game and season. Smart move. Packers lose last two games and finish 5-10-1. Giving us the 6th pick in the draft. Offseason: Head Coach: Lincoln Riley. Packers were heavy behind the scenes courting Riley, seeing what he would do for Green Bay, ho
  15. Clowney may go for more, but I was considering an injury history and the surrounding talent on defense. I believe we need a long term answer at OG. No more stop gaps. Look at the Colts OL after Quinten Nelson. He elevated the rest of the line. I know the OG talent this year isn't on his level, but at the end of the 1st Round, it is worth conserdering.
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