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  1. Final 2019 Mock

    No other pre-draft FA Signings.... 2019 Draft With Ed Oliver taken early (DET or BUF), GB selects.... 1a) Andre Dillard, OT Washington State: We need to find a replacement for Bulaga. Dillard is smooth, athletic, and fits the offense. GB sees someone falling. We trade the 30th pick, 3rd round and our second 6th round and the Titans pick at 19 and select... 1b) Noah Fant, TE Iowa: Mismatch nightmare, that Rodgers has been missing badly. 2) AJ Brown, WR OleMiss: A run on defense pushes Brown here. Absolute steal, giving Rodgers a big threat in the slot. 4a) D'andre Walker, OLB Georgia: Depth and development. Can provide good reps while giving the Smith's a break. 4b) Michael Deiter, OL Wisconsin: OG depth for both sides and solid insurance if Billy Turner doesn't pan out. 5) Anthony Nelson, DE Iowa: Perfect 5 technique, just needs to add a little muscle. 6) Mike Edwards, S Kentucky: Under the radar player, with good skills. 7) James Williams, Washington State: Made for a more fast paced offense and great on 3rd down. 2019 Starting Line Up Prediction: QB: Rodgers, Kizer, Boyle RB: Jones, Williams, Williams(R), Vitale WR: Adams, EQS, Brown(R), MVS, Moore, Allison TE: Graham, Fant(R), Lewis, Toynan OT: Bak, Bulaga, Dillard, Spriggs OG: Taylor, Turner, Deiter(R), Patrick C: Linsley DT: Clark, Adams DE: Daniels, Lowery, Brown, Nelson ILB: Martinez, Burks, Crawford OLB: Smith, Smith, Fackrell, Gilbert, Walker(R), Donnerson CB: Alexander, King, Jackson, Williams, Brown S: Amos, Jones, Edwards(R), Greene Special: Crosby, Scott, Bradley 2019 Record Prediction: 10-6, Wild Card Birth Go Pack Go!!
  2. Dee Ford

    To add to that point, the strong reports that KC is going to release Houston. Trying for a trade partner, but it is not gonna happen. So KC will release him sometime before free agency.
  3. Dee Ford

    So reports are that Dee Ford could be had for as little as a 2nd Round pick. If this is true, I feel Green Bay should be all over this. I know there could be a bidding war, but maybe 44th and a late round pick? KC knows the depth of this years edge class, so might be the reason for the report. Then turn around and give him a 4yr $65mil deal. He had only one year with Coach Mike Smith, who is now in GB. He absolutely balled out, keep them together. Thoughts?
  4. Mock Off-Season V3

    Just something quick...looking at blue chip players, depth, and a splash. Team Internal: Cut- Nick Perry (Post June 1): No explanation needed. Re-Signed- Bashaud Breeland (3yr for $18.5mil): After he got healthy, helped stabilize back end. Clay Matthews (1yr for $6.5mil): Placed in a rotational/package role, allows growth of younger players. Mercedes Lewis (1yr for $1.5mil): Comes back knowing Lafluer's commitment to the run. All RFA and ERFA are resigned (except Kentrell Brice). Free Agency: Za'darious Smith, OLB: 3yr for $33.5mil: Our big fish, everyone else is tagged or re-signed. Brandon Graham, DE/OLB:1yr for $5.5mil: Additional depth and experience. AJ Cann, G: 2yr for $7.25mil: Vastly improved since being drafted, we give him an opportunity. We may sign more but I feel this would allow Gute a ton of flexibility in the draft. THE DRAFT: 1a) TRADE- WAS gives their 1st and 3rd to jump Miami for Kyler Murray. 1a) Brian Burns, OLB Florida: More I study, the more I like. Technique, speed, played standing up, and can put NFL weight on. 1b) Noah Fant, TE Iowa: We give Rodgers a WR weapon at TE. He does block, just needs to improve at it. Seam spliter! 2) Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S Florida: Corner cover skills, blitzes, fast. Can replace T-Will by mid-seson. 3a) Michael Dieter, G Wisconsin: Add insurance for AJ Cann and quality backup. 3b) Elijah Holyfield, RB Georgia: Another strong back for the stable. 4a) Anthony Nelson, DE Iowa: We get another Iowa man 4b) Kaleb McGary, OT Washington: Better against the run right now but after a little development could take over for Bulaga. 5) Chase Hansen, S/ILB/DB Utah: Seek and destroy defender. Back up Martinez and Burks, as well as additional DB. 6a) Shariff Miller, OLB Penn State: A little under the radar guy. Adds depth. 6b) Penny Hart, WR Georgia State: Speed demon with excellent route running and separation skills. 7) Tommy Sweeney, TE Boston College: A good blocking TE, can still contribute in the passing game. No depth chart this time. If something close to this were to happen, I believe we make the playoffs this year.
  5. Post Superb Owl Mock .... Hoot Hoot

    Like most of the draft, but I do not see Gute going after that many high price FAs. Maybe two, at most with a couple of low tier guys. We need money to re-up Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels, and maybe David Bak.
  6. 2nd Mock Offseason

    jleisher, that's a good point and something I should have clarified. With rookie coaches getting that extra team time early in the off season program will help accelerate the integration. Knowing Rodgers has played in only West Coast Offense his whole career they keep most of the concepts, giving it a make over with movements and formations. I would expect AR to pick it up by Training Camp, and be fully knowledgeable on splits, timing, and in synch with receivers no later then week 3 of the season. (Saying that because pre-season games aren't fully planned)
  7. 2nd Mock Offseason

    We are officially out of the playoffs..which sucks. We have some great bright spots (Adams, Clark, Alexander, and so on), but we have a fair talent deficiency that needs to be addressed. Remainder of season.... Jets: AR takes two big hits in the first half (no injury) but Philben sits AR for the remainder of the game and season. Smart move. Packers lose last two games and finish 5-10-1. Giving us the 6th pick in the draft. Offseason: Head Coach: Lincoln Riley. Packers were heavy behind the scenes courting Riley, seeing what he would do for Green Bay, how he would work with/handle AR, and coaches he would bring in. OC: Zac Taylor. Talyor and Riley revamp the whole offense, energizing AR and the whole offense. DC: Mike Pettine. He is kept in place to build off of 2018. Resigned: Breeland: 1yr prove it deal, with a lot of incentives. Matthews: 2yr deal, average of $6-$7 mil. Situational pass rusher. All RFA and ERFA Not Resigned: Cobb: Cannot stay healthy. Wilkerson: Can be replaced in draft. Free Agency: Earl Thomas (FS): 3yr for $33mil. Comes in as leader on the back end, wants to be one of missing pieces for a contender. Cameron Wake (DE/OLB): 1yr for 6mil. Rotational pass rush, depth. Draft: Josh Allen get picked by the Raiders just before our pick. 1(a): Ed Oliver (DT/DE) Houston. Completes our d-line, giving us another in-line rush presence. TRADE: Our 2nd first round pick and a fourth round pick to move up and select: 1(b): Noah Fant (TE) Iowa: Gives AR a seam stretching TE, and allows us to part with Jimmy Graham after 2019. 2: Oshane Ximines (OLB) Old Dominion: Influx of talent, can learn and grow behind Matthews and Perry. 3: Max Scharping (OG) Nothern Illinois: Great grab for the 3rd round. We slide him right into the RG spot. 4: Isaiah Prince (OT) Ohio State: More OL depth. 5: Andy Isabella (WR) UMASS: Gives us another slot WR, with good route running skills, short area quickness. 6: Daelin Hayes (OLB) Notre Dame: Speed rusher, great developmental, and depth. 7: Khalil Hodge (ILB) Buffalo: Tackling Machine. Depth Chart: QB: Rodgers, Kiser RB: Jones, William's, Bibbs TE: Graham, Fant, Tonyan WR: Adams, MVS, St. Brown, Moore, Allison, Isabella OT: Bak, Bulaga, Spriggs, Prince OG: Taylor, Scharping, McCray, Patrick C: Linsley DT: Clark, Lancaster DE: Daniels, Oliver, Lowery, Adams, Wake OLB: Matthews, Perry, Ximines, Fackrel, Gilbert, Hayes, Donnerson ILB: Martinez, Burks, Morrison, Hodge CB: King, Alexander, Breeland, Jackson, Williams, Brown FS: Thomas, Greene SS: Jones, Brice Special Teams: Crosby, Scott, Bradley After going through my last mock offseason, I realized that no elite pass rushers will hit market. So I stuck with Wake. I know this doesnt include a ton of FA spending but don't forget that we have to re-up Kenny Clark soon and Bak, etc. I feel like this could boost our talent and depth as a roster and with Riley and Taylor, the team will be completely re-energized.
  8. My First ever Mock Offseason

    Clowney may go for more, but I was considering an injury history and the surrounding talent on defense. I believe we need a long term answer at OG. No more stop gaps. Look at the Colts OL after Quinten Nelson. He elevated the rest of the line. I know the OG talent this year isn't on his level, but at the end of the 1st Round, it is worth conserdering.
  9. My First ever Mock Offseason

    I have been reading this Packers board for ten years. I joined a year ago and this is my first post and now Mock Offseason. Remainder of Season: The packers finish the season 6-9-1. Winning 2 out of 3 of their remaining home games. A hard way to end the season, losing the final three games; at Chicago, at New York, and home against Detroit. Coaching Change: Mike McCarthy is fired. He was a good coach but his message the last few years grew stale, unable to make offensive adjustments (a big factor in our 2018 limited offense), and I feel he lost his connection with AR. So the Packers hire: Peter Carmichael, the Saint's offensive coordinator. Been in that position since 2009. We all know what that offense has been able to do (I know Payton calls the plays though). He brings an innovative offense and is able to challenge AR like he hasn't been in years. Which re-energizes AR like we haven't seen! Pettine and the defensive staff remains intact. Team Changes- Cuts/Unsigned: Randall Cobb: Another injured season, loss of speed and agility. Mercedes Lewis: Never used properly. Muhammad Wilkerson: Replace with a draft pick. Jake Ryan: We have Martinez and Burks Byron Bell: played well in spurts, replaced with draft pick and Cole Madison return. Davon House: We have plenty of young talent. Resigned: Clay Matthews: 2yrs for total of $12.5mil. Brought back as a rotational player. Lance Kendricks: 1yr for $1.5mil. Depth. Bashaud Breeland: 1yr for $1.5 mil. Depth/prove it deal. Ibraham Campbell: 1yr for $1mil. Depth and knows the system. All RFA and ERFA are resigned. All Practice Squad members resigned. Restructures: Bryan Bulaga: knows now his injury history has caught up to him. He agrees to a contract restructure, adding a year to his deal. Saving the Packers $2.5mil this year. Nick Perry: Feels the heat of that Post July cut. Agrees to a pay cut. Saving the Packers $4mil this season and $3mil next year. Free Agency- Jadeveon Clowney: 5yr for $85mil. This is our big fish and we just unleash him. Cameron Wake: 1yr for $5mil. Experience to teach younger players and good rotation. Of course there may be one or two lower FA to bring in depending on other moves. The Draft: 1(A): Josh Allen OLB, Kentucky. 1(B): Cody Ford OG , Oklahoma 2: Marquise Brown WR, Oklahoma 3: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S, Florida 4(A): Alize Mack TE, Notre Dame 4(B): Jaylon Ferguson DE/OLB, Louisiana Tech 5: Mitch Hyatt OT, Clemson 6: Corbin Kaufusi, DE, BYU 7: Rodney Anderson RB, Oklahoma 2019 Green Bay Packers Roster: QB: Rodgers, Kiser RB: Jones, William's, Anderson WR: Adams, MVS, St. Brown, Brown, Allison, Moore TE: Graham, Kendricks, Mack, Tonyan OT: Bak, Bulaga, Spriggs, Hyatt OG: Taylor, Ford, Madison, McCray, Patrick C: Linsley DE: Wake, Lowry, Adams, Kaufusi DT: Daniels, Clark, Lancaster ILB: Martinez, Burks OLB: Clowney, Matthews, Perry, Fackrell, Allen, Ferguson CB: Alexander, King, Jackson, Breeland, Brown S: Williams, Gardner-Johnson, Jones, Brice, Campbell, Greene