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  1. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    @VanS Why do you tend to think so highly of so many Tennessee players?
  2. Tom Brady is Not the Problem

    To me, the problems are the offensive line and McDaniels. You can say the running game too, but those two are what I credit for its failure so far. The offensive line gives Brady a millisecond to throw every pass, and McDaniels is so predictable that he runs the same two trick plays when he needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Tom still has the same arm and the same accuracy.
  3. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    There is zero evidence linking this to Brady (or Belichick really).
  4. Here we go again

    And here comes the “ban Belichick for life, invalidate their Super Bowls, take away every first round pick for the next five years” BS.
  5. Week 14 GDT

    If N’Keal gets ruled in (like he was), they’re down by 3 and don’t have to go for 4th to end the game rather than giving Folk a chip-shot field goal.
  6. Week 14 GDT

    Kelce fumbled and Gilmore had it going back the other way, got whistled down.
  7. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    N’Keal is special, guys. He got robbed today.
  8. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    I think this bs lights the fire under the team. It’s time for them to get very angry and beat the daylights out of everyone left to play.
  9. The NFL isn’t rigged but some Refs are corrupt

    People who think NE gets wins from the refs have some explaining to do.
  10. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    Refs are blind tbh.
  11. NFL 100 team

    LaDainian Tomlinson should be on there IMO. And the fact that Barry Sanders wasn’t a unanimous choice is crazy to me.
  12. Fix the Browns

    Side note: this guy’s stuff is great. 100% worth your time.
  13. Most Disappointing Units

    The Patriots wide receivers went from looking like the best unit in the league (Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman) to being one of the worst. Julian Edelman is the only man that stands between them and being the worst group in the league at the minute, even with the acquisition of Sanu. There's some potential there with Harry and Meyers, but right now it's not there.
  14. Week 13 - Patriots at Longhorns

    I'm still confident (for now). My statistical model gives the Patriots a good chance this week: Kansas City 37.45% New England 62.55% And my model expects the Patriots to win 13.10 games, according to this distribution: Patriots Wins Projection Wins Probability 10 0.10% 11 2.90% 12 18.50% 13 44.10% 14 34.40% The defense is still very good, so if the offense gets anything going, they'll be alright.
  15. 2019 Draft - Statistical Big Board / Draft Review

    You're right, I'm not quite sure how that's the case. I think it probably has a little to do with the fact that first-round draft picks have a high bar to clear, and with the conservative nature of my projections, but I'm definitely going to have to check this out more.