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  1. Popping back in here for the first time in a while to say that if they could barely tread water against Brian Hoyer for the first three quarters (with a sizeable aid from the refs), the Chiefs might be in trouble come playoff time and the return of Cam.
  2. Lots of people on Twitter seem to think Jarrett Stidham is the plan.
  3. Today is a sad day for New England, but I’ve found my new favorite NFC team at least. Go Bucs!
  4. While #TankForTua went by the wayside with his injury and Joe Burrow's meteoric rise, Tagovailoa is still almost sure to be a Top-16 pick this April, and many think he's a Top-5 pick. What says FF? Reminder: Questions are multiple choice.
  5. Let's see what people really think of the No. 1 overall pick this coming April. Reminder: Questions are multiple choice.
  6. So polls can only have 3 questions apparently. Should I keep the formatting the same? Kind of scratching my head here.
  7. Should I format the questions as above average / average / below average again, or as excellent / average / poor as @Kiwibrown suggested a while back? Or both (if polls can have 5 ?s)
  8. So I just wanted to bump this up to see if anybody thought it would be a good thing to do for some players this year, particularly the QBs, probably starting with Joe Burrow. Just going to @ some people who are pretty active in the draft forum so hopefully this gets seen: @Ragnarok @Danger @goldfishwars @VanS @CalhounLambeau @SmittyBacall @Counselor @jrry32 @Ozzy @HoboRocket @BleedTheClock
  9. ESPN's Total QBR, despite being kind of a joke of a statistic, has been a decent predictor of NFL success. Based on the data I collected from quarterbacks drafted from 2006 to 2016 in the first three rounds: Share of NFL ANY/A+ Predicted Statistic R-Squared Draft Position 15.53% Total QBR 14.20% Passer Rating 4.36% No other college passing statistic had an r-squared of greater than 9.66% (Total TDs), so I think Total QBR is at least worth taking a look at for college players (if you
  10. Final projections for this year: There's a new red variable here that's the probability that each quarterback matches the average from the 2006-2016 Rounds 1-3 sample that I used to create the model, which was around 89 rather than 100. Burrow's championship game performance boosted him above Newton and Mayfield to 3rd since 2006 (Murray, Mariota). Hopefully I'll get some time to do some tape study with these guys to get some complete grades (probably weighting it half-and-half). And the raw point estimate for ANY/A+ (can be interpreted as a rough 0-100 grade):
  11. I split the data in my model to test it against out-of-sample data, and made some changes based on that (correlation is 0.50). With just one game left in the college season, my model's rankings stand at: Model adjustment bumps Burrow down to 5th since 2006 (Newton) Model adjustment flips Stanley and Eason
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