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  1. Training Camp Battle - Corner

    I would put Jonathan Jones in there. He's performed well in his limited defensive playing time and has the speed to stick to guys like that better than Rowe or McCourty.
  2. Patriots Release WR Malcolm Mitchell

    Good short FanPost article on PatsPulpit: https://www.patspulpit.com/2018/8/10/17674118/malcolm-mitchell-what-could-have-been Good work by Dave Latham on that one.
  3. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    But they lost - they're only on pace to win 113 games now! What a terrible, terrible team they are!
  4. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    Thanks. It really sucks to miss the first Pats game in six months, preseason or not. I'm excited to see how Sony Michel plays next week - the backfield is looking pretty good.
  5. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    Can't watch the game because I'm in New York
  6. Rank the Divisions

    Focusing on right now: Tier I: Loaded Divisional Battles 1. AFC South: Everybody in this division could be in the playoffs without a huge stretch. 2. NFC South: The NFC South has two real Super Bowl candidates (NO, ATL) and another team that could make a playoff run (CAR). Tier II: Everybody Has A Chance 3. NFC North: Minnesota and Green Bay should be headed for the playoffs, while Chicago or Detroit could surprise. 4. NFC East: Philadelphia is obviously the reigning champ, but I'm not confident in Dallas or Washington. 5. NFC West: The Rams should be looked at as a Super Bowl candidate while San Francisco or Arizona could make a playoff push. Tier III: The Rest of the AFC 6. AFC North: Pittsburgh is pretty good, and Baltimore or Cleveland or Cincinnati could make some sort of a run. 7. AFC West: The West has three teams that could be very good or very bad, and one probable playoff team in LA. 8. AFC East: The AFC East features the best team of the last two decades and... Ryan Tannehill.
  7. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    I voted for Cordarrelle because Christian Sam, who I would vote for, isn't on the poll. I'm excited to see Patterson's great kickoff return skills in action for the Pats.
  8. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    Izzo? I've heard nothing about Izzo other than that he's a likely cut. I'd say J.C. Jackson. He's an UDFA who's already making plays in camp.
  9. Football's Future Top 100 -- #14

    Julio is still on the second choice poll.
  10. Can't say I disagree with their assessment of Brady
  11. Patriots Release WR Malcolm Mitchell

    I would be shocked if he was healthy. There is no way in my mind that Kenny Britt & co. are worth keeping over Mitchell.
  12. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    Too bad Mitchell's injuries were too drastic to stick around. Now I have to get a new favorite Patriots player.
  13. I'd get rid of Garrett because Prescott has a chance to be something. Garrett's showed us what he can and can't do, and I'd move on from him. I'm not a huge Prescott fan myself though.
  14. Patriots release WR Malcolm Mitchell

    Crap. I was rooting for the guy but I guess his injuries are too much at this point.