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  1. Rank The Top 6 QB's by Traits

    I’d argue Luke Falk is better than Rudolph.
  2. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    Just finished my offensive player grades (like 10 players per position). I'll start defense later today, but first...
  3. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    I think we need DL more. It seems like every Super Bowl we play, we can't sack the QB. The DL class is pretty good, though, so we might look elsewhere. I'd also like to add an off-the-ball linebacker. Hightower is at his best blitzing and getting a WLB lets him do that. Guys like Roberts and Van Noy are decent, but they struggle in coverage (see Week 14 vs. Miami). In the Super Bowl, the Eagles tore us up through the middle. We could address that with trades though, and the class is pretty good at the top I think. I don't know if O'Neill will be a Day 1 pick, but we'll see. As for quarterbacks, I think the best scheme fit for us is Luke Falk from Washington State. Yeah, he's not very mobile and stands in the pocket too long, but there's no better QB to pick up how to read a defense from than Tom Brady. He's got great accuracy and good mechanics, and has a decent feel for pressure in the pocket. I hope he'd be available at 63. A lot of other guys I think seem to like Oklahoma State's Mason Rudolph, but I personally would hate to draft him. His accuracy and mechanics aren't great and he had receivers running wide open all the time.
  4. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    After getting Le'Veon I doubt RB. The tight end class is pretty deep so I think we could get a decent guy in the 3rd if we wanted to.
  5. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    Yeah I have Cappa highly-rated but I don't know if he'll end up proving me right... O'Neill I think has some technical issues but I think Scar could fix them up. I would not reach on O'Neill at 31, as I don't think OT is a big enough need, especially with the players who will probably be avaliable defensively. We could probably land O'Neill at 2.40 or 2.42 or whatever it ends up being if we really want to. As a side note - what's everyone thinking about drafting the successor to Brady?
  6. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    I took a look at some OTs and my rankings were: 1. Connor Williams, Texas - good combination of technique and athleticism 2. Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame - Great technique but lacking power 3. Orlando Brown, Oklahoma - Huge and powerful but has some technical questions 4. Kolton Miller, UCLA - Good athlete 5. Alex Cappa, Humboldt State - Good athlete but watch out for small-school guys 6. Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan - Athletic and strong 7. Jamarco Jones, Ohio State - Solid athlete with some technical issues 8. Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T - Another athletic small-school tackle 9. Desmond Harrison, West Georgia - Harrison is a phenomenal athlete but a huge off-field question mark 10. Tyrell Crosby, Oregon - Very strong but kind of stiff athletically. That's what I've got so far. I think Martinas Rankin might have to kick inside to guard. These aren't really by "fit" but rather just my grades on them in general.
  7. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    I think we're set for starters at C, RG, RT, and Thuney has done a good enough job. I'd assess our biggest immediate needs as DL, ILB, QB, OT, and CB. By the way, I didn't see - what happened with Solder?
  8. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    Okay, great! I think I could probably try to take a look at players from all positions, if need be.
  9. TCMD - Patriots War Room

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could contribute anything to the TCMD. I could do some scouting work, and I've already graded out about 75 players at OT, QB, RB, WR, and TE. I don't know how much I could do but I'd be willing to take some kind of role.
  10. Offseason Trade Targets

    I hope ILB Jatavis Brown
  11. I haven't scouted either player yet, but I get the sense that they are the two top ILBs in this year's draft. There are a lot of people who prefer Edmunds, and a lot who prefer Smith. Who do you think is the better prospect, and why?
  12. Around the NFL

    This is kind of random, but I just remembered watching the pregame show on NFL Network to the AFC Championship and somebody in the crowd was holding up a sign that said Blake Bortles eats tide pods.
  13. No I just mean the players who went elsewhere were random.
  14. RB Kareem Hunt Accused of... Pushing & Shoving

    Or with his eyes tied behind his back.