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  1. General Talk Thread

    Hey guys I need some help: who are some Boston athletes you can think of who get a bad rep despite playing pretty well in general (ex.: some would say Gostkowski)?
  2. Jake Bailey has been awesome though.
  3. I want Jerod Mayo to be the next head coach

    Little early to make that call but check back in 2-3 years and maybe he's the real deal.
  4. Do you think Chris Godwin is an elite WR?

    Elite is a big declaration. I wouldn't be too quick to give it to the guy.
  5. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Haven't been watching college football much, but Trevor Lawrence's stats don't look quite so good this year (by his lofty standards, obviously). What's going on? Nothing to worry about, right?
  6. I think the Patriots only have like $1M in cap space after the AB saga. On the Gostkowski front, I'm hoping this explains his extra point struggles and he comes back better next year. In the mean time, it won't be pretty for whatever off-the-street kicker they find.
  7. Ominous Josh Allen Comparison

    Coming out of the draft I didn't think progressions and all that were a great strength of Allen's either. Has he shown much to disprove that? I can't say I've watched a lot of Allen, but from the game I did watch against the Pats (admittedly probably not a good "sample" game), he made some dreadful decisions (see his 3 picks, two of which were into triple-coverage I believe). Plus, completion percentage and interceptions have a lot to do with decision-making, and neither is a great number right now for Allen (60.3%, 6 INTs in 4 games - on pace for 24). Just my two cents.
  8. I'm putting the offensive woes this game mostly on the offensive line. Sure, I'd like to have seen McDaniels trust Brady to throw further than a yard from the line of scrimmage to get him out of his funk, but the offensive line never got in rhythm, and as a result, neither did Brady. The running game is becoming a real problem though. Without Develin, Sony might not be creative enough to make things happen back there, so we could be in trouble on that front. Hopefully Brady can get something going next week and they can shred Washington to bits.
  9. DMac still on pace for 16 picks!
  10. Week 2 GDT

    And the Saints get screwed again
  11. That’s what you get for trying to mess with the shutout lol
  12. Okay starting to get a little worried about Gostkowski.
  13. I believe Bolden is out. My two cents: the Patriots look insanely good and Josh Rosen can throw a nice deep ball.
  14. NFL Week 2 picks

    Here's my picks, after a less-than-stellar 8-6-1 performance in Week 1: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins Who could pick the Dolphins with a -18.5 NE line, even with the "Brady sucks in Miami" stuff? San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals The '9ers didn't look totally ready to roll in Week 1, and the Bengals kinda did. Los Angeles Chargers @ Detroit Lions Matt Patricia might be heading out the door if he can't turn things around. My bet is this isn't the week it happens. Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers They won't do it with another 10-throw outing from Cousins, but I think Minnesota pulls this one out. Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans Titans mania starts to sweep the media, and they start to fall off next week. Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants Josh Allen and the Bills turned the ball over 4 times last week. If that continues, their luck might run out. Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers looked like they just wanted to go home in Week 1, surrendering multiple deep passes from Brady. Lockett and Wilson are a top-notch deep ball combination, which might be a recipe for an 0-2 start for the Steelers. Dallas Cowboys @ Washington With Keenum still starting, the 'Skins probably don't have the firepower to force Dallas to back off its run game. Arizona Cardinals @ Baltimore Ravens My big upset pick: the Ravens try to play the Cards' game, and Kyler makes just one more big throw than Jackson, with the help of Larry. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans I'm not ready to hop on the Minshew train yet. Texans for me. Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders Mahomes Magic carries through Week 2 for the Chiefs, and probably longer. Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos Mitch Trubisky played like a rookie on the NFL's Opening Night. If that continues, Vic Fangio's defense will eat him alive. New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams I don't know, I'm just not really inspired by LA's (or Goff's) start to the year. Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons Falcons fall to 0-2. Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets Can Trevor Siemian beat the Browns and refuel the fires of hell in Cleveland? I don't think so. I think Mayfield was right - Week 1 was a wake-up call that the NFL isn't just preseason hype and that you still have to play the game, and I think the Browns tool on the Jets on Monday night.
  15. Is It Unethical To Retroactively Change The Rules?

    I'm not sure I remember. That was a long while ago. Sorry.