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  1. Sell Me On The Guys I'm Not High On

    I agree with most of these players but I personally like Luke Falk. I know he placed in a spread offense, but it's not like we've NEVER seen a decent quarterback come out of a spread system. He takes a lot of hits but to me he looks like the kind of guy that'll just keep getting up. He's been commended for his work ethic, etc. He has pretty good accuracy that could work out in a variety of NFL systems. He makes his reads pretty quickly, he can maneuver in the pocket well, etc. He's been decent with being a quick-release guy, as he can get the ball out fast but also holds onto it sometimes. I think that's correctable with time in the NFL, as are most of the guy's problems. His arm is decent and he can definitely improve it to a decent NFL standard in a few seasons. He's not fast but still has the guts to run the ball when he has to, and he has pretty good pocket poise to me. I like him because he's pretty accurate, and he's capable of being a quick-release QB with a good ability to read the field in time. I'd love for him to land in New England to be mentored by McDaniels and QB coach Jerry Schuplinski. If they made Garoppolo into the highest-paid player in the league and made Brissett into a decent quarterback in one season, I'd love to see what they could do with Falk.
  2. The Baker Mayfield Condurum

    Is the title supposed to say "conundrum?"
  3. Overall if the Pats took Rudolph, Miller, and Gallup with their first three picks I’d be VERY upset
  4. 1 Round Mock Before Draft

    What’s the point in AZ trading up over Green Bay for a QB?
  5. Tom Brady’s pretty good obviously but will the Patriots really wait until Round 7 to take a QB??
  6. Predict your team's week one opponent

    Nailed it
  7. Predict your team's week one opponent

    Well then...
  8. Week 1 Betting Lines

    No. NE won 33-30 I believe.
  9. Almost Draft Day

    Trading up for Rudolph is not worth it IMO but I’m not high on him at all, so take it as you will.
  10. The point still stands. At least one of them would probably still be there, as would other players who are probably going to be better in the NFL than Ragnow. Ragnow isn't at much of a position of need and in general I'd say there are several better interior linemen than him (Nelson, Hernandez, Wynn and maybe Daniels and Price) who wouldn't all be gone either given that IOL isn't overly prioritized in the NFL.
  11. 2018 Patriots Mock Draft

    No way in heck would Hernandez be around by 43.
  12. Why draft Ragnow with Evans/Landry/McGlinchey still there? All fill much bigger needs than interior offensive line IMO, and I wouldn't use a first-round pick on Ragnow.
  13. Catch phrase

    Undersized. This class won't produce many huge bulldozer RBs, X receivers, big No. 1 CBs, or middle linebackers, as a few examples, but it has a ton of smaller backs and receivers, probable slot cornerbacks, and guys who project to weakside linebacker.
  14. Boston Sports Thread

    The last game of the regular season before it would count is July 15 because it’s July 17 to the end of the year. Let’s just watch them pitch a no hitter on July 15.
  15. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    Lamar Jackson and Marcus Davenport? Sounds great.