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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    This'll tell ya that I dont watch any college football........ GB's not in the QB market so I havent been paying any attention to the QBs coming out other than to read the headlines about them. So I just picked up that Dwayne Haskins chucked 50 TDs and 8 INTs in 14 games last year........... And I'm wondering how this kid isnt being considered the second coming and why all the buzz is about the pint sized guy that threw 42 TDs and 7 INTs. What am I missing here? Murray is more exciting? He can scramble really well??? The guy three 50 TDs in 14 games.
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    LOL Nobody actually said that - but - it would have been better than your whining when half the team's on IL at the same time. "They 100% deserve it" Another LOL....and you're a fan? Half the team is on IL and they're only 3.5 games out of first with a lot of games to play. No need to go jumping off any tall structures just yet.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Could be but since I dont remember DJ Williams, I cant comp the two.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Well.....I'm not an Irv fan.
  5. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I dont think there is one. So - if you head down to the laundry room and find the creepy guy that lives below you removing your clothes from the washing machine, you say: "Oh, hey....thanks but let me help yu with that....." - get your clothes in the dryer and say "Have a good day/night..." to the creepy guy that lives below you. No need to be creeped out by him - or let on you find him creepy. Just get the task done and leave him to his life of creepiness. Possibility is you never see him again Important points here are: A - he's creepy (and) B - he lives just below you (and) C - theres no need to piss off creepy people who live near you and can do all sort of creepy things other than simply touching your clothes.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Okay. I'm not a fan of trading down. Nor am I a fan of Irv Smith Junior. I'm sure I'm probably wrong about this, but I look at him and I see RR. Bad comp I'm sure...just a personal thing. Nor am I a fan of Winovich. I'm sure I'm probably wrong about this as well, but he looks like a "type" to me and I dont think he's strong enough. Others have pointed out on here his good qualities......so, since mine are impressions only, if we draft him, I'll ride with them and hope for the best.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Havent you been talking about something similar? I dont think Bush will last that long.....but I probably have a skewed perspective that a lot of players wont last as long as they do.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Okay....without killing it dead.....what stands out to you? The players selected? The positions?
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    CHTV Mock Draft: Round 1 Pick 12: Trade!!! The Packers trade the 12th pick overall to Oakland for the 24th and 35th picks. Round 1 Pick 24: Devin Bush LB, Michigan Round 1 Pick 30: Trade!!! The Packers trade the 30th overall pick to Indianapolis for the 34th, 135th, and 164th picks. Round 2 Pick 34 (From Indy): Juan Thornhill S, Virginia Round 2 Pick 35: (From Oakland): Kaleb McGary OT, Washington Round 2 Pick 44: Irv Smith Jr. TE, Alabama Round 3 Pick 75: Chase Winovich Edge, Michigan Round 4 Pick 114: Trade!!! The Packers trade picks 114, 150, and 185 to Washington for the 96th overall pick. Round 3 Pick 96: Oshane Ximines Edge, Old Dominion Round 4 Pick 118: David Long CB, Michigan Round 4 Pick 135 (From Indy): Ryquell Armstead RB, Temple Round 5 Pick 164 (From Indy): Armon Watts DT, Arkansas Round 6 Pick 194: Stanley Morgan WR, Nebraska Round 7 Pick 226: Derwin Gray OT, Maryland Trades: 1. Pick 12 to Oakland for picks 24 and 35. 2. Pick 30 to Indianapolis for Picks 34, 135, and 164. 3. Picks 114, 150, and 185 for Pick 96.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yeah. Saw that yesterday. Fant is #30
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    You know.....though I appreciate the thought, I really dont need additions to my finely tuned drafting strategy LOL I got this thing beat HA!
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I've spent zero time reading or looking at him in so much as he's always been slated to go top 10.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think this is accurate....but suddenly hearing stuff about Josh Allen and how he may drop. Who knows what to believe at this stage.
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    "DE Sweat to watch draft with family in Georgia......." He doesnt think his heart could handle the excitement (Thats a joke....just kidding around.....)
  15. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    This whole Perry discussion....... The guy was in the GP Pro Shop to see if he could pick up some of his jerseys on discount....for birthdays, Christmas gifts and stuff - and here we get in to a detailed rat-atat-tat about bringing him back