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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Herman: For those asking, I’m 100% on the Brown to GB train. Brown would be a deep threat & playmaker for Rodgers & would create space underneath for Adams/Graham. He’s great after the catch & he doesn’t come with any baggage or headaches. We’re all taking about John Brown, right?!
  2. JMoore, ESB, MVS. Future outlook.

    Is that the CHI WR drafted with a first round pick? If so, didnt he lose almost two seasons full seasons to knee injuries?
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    For the first time since 2009, the Packers were not awarded a compensatory draft pick.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I bet lots of people are Googling Dave Chappelle today.
  5. NFL News & Notes

    Schefter: NFL awarded compensatory draft picks today - Patriots and Rams each received two third-round picks. I think NE started the day with 12 picks. Now they have 14? Is so, they're gonna be wheeling and dealing this offseason.
  6. NFL News & Notes

    Correct - although there's rumors the prostitute had offered a copy of the NY Jets playbook as part of the deal
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Collusion? Not so much. Nationals owner Mark Lerner told NBC Sports on Friday that the team had moved on from the star who spent the first seven years of his career in Washington after it made him the first overall pick in 2010. “Nothing’s certainly changed on our end,” Lerner said. “We’ve moved on. As I said back then and we had to. There was no way we could wait around. Bryce, I’m sure will make his decision hopefully in the next few days, but we’ve filled out our roster and like I said, we wish him nothing but the best.” The Nationals made Harper a 10-year, 300 million offer prior to the end of the regular season, but Harper and agent Scott Boras rejected it. The proposed deal included the same numbers that Harper’s fellow free agent, Manny Machado, signed for his week with San Diego. Machado was introduced during a press conference with the Padres on Friday in Scottsdale, Ariz. and San Diego general manager A.J. Preller was asked if the team still had room for Harper after the addition of Machado and he didn’t say no. Harper has drawn interest from the Phillies, White Sox, Giants and Machado’s Padres, with Philadelphia being seen as the favorite for much of the offseason.
  8. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Yes - and all the profit from those hat purchases is already going to the NYY organization - without outlay of 30M a year to either Harper or Machado.
  9. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Not sure of the "100 is a nice number" comment, but no matter. The rest of your comment I agree with - to an extent. Lets talk JD Martinez. I would have LOVED for the NYY to have snagged him last year - and in the "gross revenues" context - it was more than doable. Good player. Good contract. Position of need (IMO moreso than some other fans.....) - would have made for a real nice lineup and look at his production. MVP levels. But the NYY didnt value the talent enough to pick up the tab on (what I considered at least.....) an under market contract cost - as they wanted to reset their luxury tax penalty - so it paid off big for BOS. If JD were on the market this year........the asking price would be considerably higher. The NYY have paid thru the nose on luxury taxes since the beginning and last year they wanted to cut the % on future overages. Smart move. Especially when you factor in that all those overages weren't resulting in championships. In 2017 - the NYY and BOS spent the same amount of money. BOS won 93 games and the east by two games. Lost in the playoffs. NYY won 91 games - went further in the playoffs - but lost in the ALCS. In 2018 - BOS upped its expenditure - outspent NYY by 47M - and won 108 games (to NYY 100) and the WS. Was it just the cash? Or the mix of talent? As said numerous times - and its not a point of arguement between us - the highest payroll has failed to win the championship enough times for people to recognize its not just the cash outlay - IMO at least. I was "in" on the NYY going for Harper. Not at 30M a year in (cause I just dont think he's worth it......) but because (IMO) his talents fit their roster needs moreso than Machado - even though Machado is by most measures the more complete player. It might be close - but I think Machado gets the nod. The NYY upped their expenditures for this year - but in different players and positions. Oh well. Should they have just ponied up for Harper and thrown him on the pile? Overall cost be damned? Well, in the "gross revenues is all that counts world" - yes. Based on that criteria they could have but would it have been smart business? Not so much. They're already very profitable. They're already a TOP attendance draw. They already get as much (if not more) national coverage than other teams. The "marketability" factor does not fit into the equation. They're already there. Fans would have been happy. Not much question about that - until of course ticket prices and costs go up and (when/if) we fail to win a championship - which history has shown us is actually more probable than not.
  10. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I know. I get it. I should be in favor of the rich (my team) buying everybody up and winning championships. Why? Because they can afford to of course! It's an easy equation. Nothing complicated about it. Unfortunately - as history (not me) - has indicated (time and time again) - the highest payroll does not always win the championship. They're working within a system. When and if that system changes - they'll work within that one. If they happen to be successfully working within that system (monetarily speaking) - good for them - and us. Who wants to root for a loser organization (?) and even in "George's days" - he lost (on the field) plenty of times.
  11. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I love how fascinated everybody is with how much the NYY spend - or dont. Last year was the first time they spent below 200M in some time - in order to reset their luxury tax penalty %. They won 100 games. Didnt get to the WS. Years previous they'd spent well over 200M - and had less on the field success. Clearly, total payroll doesnt guarantee winning. That said - it wasnt long ago - when the NYY were the "only" free or highest spending organization - the #1 ***** was they were buying their wins / championships. Seems folks want it both ways. Gross revenues arent the barometer by which team spending should be gauged. The NYY are operating with all other teams under current cap/luxury tax system. They come up with a different system - I'm sure the team will play by those rules as well - but they've got to come up with that different system first.
  12. Random Packer News & Notes

    Just saw this. I've never been a proponent of the WR as RB concept. As applied to Cobb - I never saw RB greatness in him. Average at best - if that. Also - he was far too slight for my liking. Thought his greater contribution was at WR and giving him token attempts at RB was just courting injury. As it turned out, his body couldnt withstand the rigors of WR - not a fault of his - just an observation of mine. We want to run the ball? Give the rock to a RB. One that can double up and be a receiving threat (?) be used to dictate (or identify) defensive schemes? Fine with me. I wouldnt mind if we used our RBs more - and it would extend the warranty on ARs career.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Agree. We need playmakers.
  14. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    From what I recall, the DH in the NL idea is supposed to be 4 years off (if that) - but (far as you're concerned.....) no matter - the organization can afford to spend stupidly. It's that gross revenues concept again. Doesnt matter if its bad business so long as it doesnt put you in the poor house to run a bad business. Besides - I thought you were concerned the DH coming to there NL was a bad idea cause it was gonna put so many players on the unemployment line. Now you can see a role for it? I guess theres exceptions to every rule.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    From the early reading of MLFs game plan - thats not a far fetched possibility. The running game seems to be a focus of his and as much as I like Jones - his injury situation is concerning. We'd need more horses to carry the rock.