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  1. Andrew Brandt - I worked in the Packers front office for ten years. I am glad I don't work there anymore. #drama /// I'll add one: #socialmedia
  2. It's not hard to understand. Nobody other than you is saying its hard to understand. That said CW does have a grasp on the cap regulations in a number of leagues. You could listen to worse.
  3. Andrew Brandt - Of course Aaron does not want to retire. He would "retire" to try to cause enough angst in the Packers front office to move him off of their Reserve/Retired list. The Packers, I have always believed, want one more year before turning to Love. Will he upset that plan? We'll see.
  4. The Packers placed Isaiah McDuffie on the NFI list on Friday. What's the NFI list? Cancel this. Google to the rescue
  5. Adam Schefter - There are now only three unsigned first-round picks: Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Rashawn Slater.
  6. Understood by all. NFL FO's have more insider knowledge and expertise. Everybody (including CW) agrees with you. So.......is this horse dead enough yet?
  7. ProFootballTalk - Bruce Arians: Buccaneers will fine unvaccinated players $14,000 for every protocol breach.
  8. CW's not claimed to be an expert but he does have a good understanding of the cap.
  9. This ^ I dont have many expectations when it comes to the names of teams and I didnt know anything of the connection between the Guardian name and the city....but learning that, it works for me. Why not? It certainly isnt offensive in any way and ultimately people will come to love (or hate) it based on the teams performance.
  10. Trevor Bauer’s hearing pushed to August; attorneys say they have advised him not to testify.....
  11. Bill Huber / SI - Las Vegas sportsbooks are preparing for Aaron Rodgers to retire and not return to the Green Bay Packers. Because of the importance of the reigning NFL MVP, Westgate SuperBook recently closed all its NFC North markets, including projected wins, playoff odds, divisional odds and weekly lines for the four division teams, one oddsmaker at the sportsbook said via a Twitter direct message. Two other sportsbooks contacted after that initial message said the expectation is Rodgers is going to announce his retirement sometime before the first practice on Wednesday. In respo
  12. That's fine. On the legal matter, we disagree....which is also fine. The FDA approval thing is a non-factor (IMO) as the primary drugs being administered to COVID sick people showing up at hospitals is also being applied on an emergency basis. So, if its good enough to take when you have to go to the hospital and are on the outs - it should be good enough to take as a means of preventing that trip to the hospital - but clearly that logic doesnt work for everybody.
  13. Za'Darius Smith - Are you guys crazy the Market is up! I’m just trying to find a new house.
  14. Jason_OTC - I think thats nothing more than a fun troll job by Smith. GB already paid almost all his salary this year. Next year however...... Ken Ingalls - Packers Cap - Agreed - by max restructuring his current deal in March to get under the 2021 salary cap it all but ended the possibility of the Packers extending Za’Darius Smith this year. Next year, however, the team will be forced to extend, trade, or cut his deal.
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