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  1. Packers 2018 Schedule due soon ....

    What was the weather like in Green Bay last year in December?
  2. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    This is true....although I'd wager the amount of beer consumption exceeds that of a public/community pool. Just a guess.
  3. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    A bunch of beer drinkers jumping around in a pool. Hmmmmmm......let me think what else is in that pool?
  4. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Dont know any of the particulars, but in Florida its not such a stupid idea. If you can "board" and leave your dog with someone for the time during the game - for a fee of course - it could promote more "family gatherings" to come. Tailgate as a crew - (what kids wouldnt enjoy the experience more with the family dog along?) - drop the dog(s) off before the game - pick em up after and wouldnt take up a whole bunch of acreage to establish. In and of itself, it wont be a huge cash machine - but it has ancillary profit streams that combined would make it a worthwhile venture - read: attract more fans - make money off them while promoting a "family" atmosphere.
  5. Mock Draft Question

    Understood - but in a way the name of the guy does matter (although this is all hypothetical) as the top named guys will be gone by time we come around @ 14. Or so the word goes..... AZ is in the hunt for a QB - this is true - and they might do what NE is proposed to do here and move up to get a shot at a top guy. I wonder the interest and proposed career path of the "second-tiered" QB talents. The guys nobody's talking about. By time the feeding frenzy is over for the top guys - these "2nd tiered" guys will all be there for the taking.
  6. Mock Draft Question

    I dont see this hypothetical becoming reality. What QB would they be targeting at 14? Arent all the perceived top rung guys supposed to be gone by then? Two #1's for Lamaar Jackson @ 14? (I'm pretty sure he'd still be there - but isnt that kinda hefty for him?) I'd think they'd want to get into the top 10 somewhere - the lower the better. Guess it depends who they're after.
  7. Mike Pettine Defense

    Beat me to it
  8. So Many Picks.....What Positions ??

    The "Thumbs Up" emoticon (if it existed) would go here.
  9. All avenues MOCK

    Btw @squire12 I like Oliver as well. Tall, fast (enough) and smooth as silk. How he ranks versus the other CBs (?) I'm burned out considering at this point. Lets draft some of these playmakers and get this roster rebuild going!
  10. All avenues MOCK

    "There is no "known value" in any draft pick. It is maximizing likelihood of success" This is true....and "there's no such thing as a sure thing".....but some things are "surerer" than others Not a problem or hassle. Was just thinking aloud.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    Indeed it was. I should write a book about my experiences some time