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  1. Matt Schneidman - I have some news: Packers PR has alerted us that Robert Tonyan’s last name is pronounced “Tunyan,” as in rhyming with “Funion.” Apparently he just didn’t feel like correcting anybody the last two years.
  2. We need the Vikings to start winning some damn games! I dont think they're in "tank mode" but the results are consistent with it.
  3. ESPN - With the Las Vegas Raiders preparing to place right tackle Trent Brown on the reserve/COVID-19 list, the team sent home all five of its starting offensive linemen on Wednesday due to contact tracing, coach Jon Gruden said. "I guess they were around Trent," Gruden said in a video call with reporters. "I can't get into things any more than that. But hopefully we'll get some players back tomorrow, or for Sunday."
  4. Green Bay over Houston (H) - But of course. Philadelphia (H) over New York Giants - Could go the other way, but picking Philly for now. Detroit over Atlanta (H) - Which ATL team will show up? Cincinnati (H) over Cleveland - CLE should take this and if Baker & The Boys are healthy, I might switch this. Tennessee (H) over Pittsburgh - Interesting battle of unbeatens. Carolina over New Orleans (H) - Not sure why I'm picking CAR....but NOLA has been so erratic. Buffalo over New York Jets (H) - Should be a no brainer. Washington (H) over Dallas - Can the WA DL overpower the DAL OL? Arizona (H) over Seattle - AZ seems ready for this game. Kansas City over Denver (H) - KC's got this one. San Francisco over New England (H) - Not sure about San Fran.... Los Angeles Chargers (H) over Jacksonville - Herbert will lead the way. Tampa Bay over Las Vegas (H) - Would like to see a LV win....just dont see it. Los Angeles Rams (H) over Chicago - Maybe the CHI D can shut down Goff....but hope not. Bye Weeks: Indianapolis, Miami, Minnesota, Baltimore
  5. MIA tried to ****** Snacks. Interesting that he also turned down TB: Tom Pelissero - The Dolphins recently tried to sign DT Damon "Snacks" Harrison off the Seahawks practice squad, per source -- but he declined, just as he did with the Bucs. Still ramping up towards joining Seattle's active roster.
  6. Ben Fennell - Packers QB Pressures per PFF: 2019 1st 5 Games: 128 5 players with double-digit pressures 2020 1st 5 Games: 53 1 player with double-digit pressures
  7. LOL Did I say I liked it? Funny but I dont see those words.
  8. I'm not so sure. Hope so....but not sure. Saw a video clip on Twitter of the stunts TB was running with their LBs to get at AR....up the middle or off the edge.....and I'm not sure having Ervin running from one side of the field to the other would affect these stunts....in so much as I dont see a LB following along with him. My guess is most DCs have a DB of some sort moving with Ervin. We'll see. Not everybody has a quick and aggressive pair of LBs like TB to begin with.....so there's that.
  9. Let me guess its the secondary guys that are getting torched talking Harris down....... Just spit-ballin here.
  10. I think it's too early to determine he made an error hiring MM.
  11. Word was out on the Dallas D already......but it appears their OL is in tatters. Certainly looked like it last night. AZ was crawling all over the Dallas backfield.
  12. Interesting....dueling....headlines : Jerry Jones points to personnel limitations, not staff after Cowboys' blowout loss. Cowboys players express discontent with coaches after 2-4 start.
  13. Hey @PackGymRat - why dont you update the thread title to reflect their current record?
  14. (4:53) (Shotgun) K.Murray pass deep right to C.Kirk for 80 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Z.Gonzalez extra point is GOOD, Center-A.Brewer, Holder-A.Lee 21 zip AZ Does Dalton have a "Dak-like" comeback in him?
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