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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    Packers waiving TE Michael Roberts with failed physical
  2. I wouldnt know. Dont know any. Is banter like this what passes time for you?
  3. Let me help you again. I've not been following you.
  4. Let me help you then. I'm not.
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    12-1 NYY on 6 hits.
  6. It's a quality called humility. Read up on it. Learn about it.
  7. LOL but you know what you're talking about eh? l'll listen to Broussard if you dont mind.
  8. Chris_Broussard: "The only max superstar I would go after [if I were the Lakers] is Kawhi Leonard. They're going to be so good defensively with Kawhi and AD, I would want LeBron James to play point guard. ... I would not use a max spot on Kyrie, Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walker."
  9. You saying they cant fill out their roster? I disagree. It's simply a matter of where (and on whom) they invest their cash.
  10. I presume that means you dont like Broussard. Oh well. I do.
  11. There ya go That Boston Strong balloon is going flat real fast.
  12. Agree. Magic was the wrong hire for the position. He's never shown the depth of knowledge and effort necessary to run the entire organization - which is what Jeannie was relying on him to do. Wasnt gonna happen. I cant say Pelinka's better yet - he gets an "I" at this point - but he's making some moves. Lets see how they play out.
  13. The media guy I listen to is Broussard. If the TVs on mute, I'll turn the volume on when he's talking. Level headed insights.
  14. Nobody's issued any guarantees that I can see. They have to go for it now because of LBs age - I got that - but a well rounded / talented roster can be just a competitive as a roster with top heavy talent. Again. We'll see. Hey listen - I'm not gonna complain if they clear enough space to get Kawhi (or maybe even but to a lesser degree Kyrie.....) - thats a nice collection of talent (including Kuzma.....) but I wonder how deep they'd be able to fill out the roster and somebody's gotta eat those minutes up.
  15. I've never bought in to the "ring or failure" concept. ADs 26. He's the foundation of the team now IMO - meaning - the building block for the future because he'll outlast LB. Agree. I'm not sold on him just because he's in the LAL front office. We'll see how it goes. Again - I'd rather they fill out the roster with talent as opposed to a 3rd MAX guy and the janitorial staff for depth.