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  1. NFL News & Notes

    They're dropping like flies....... WRs Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffreys, Mike Evans, DL Marcus Davenport & Sheldon Rankin....all out for the season.
  2. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    Yeah....recent mega deals not withstanding, teams need to keep priming the pump with younger prospects. The Cole signing has put the NYY right at the max luxury tax limit. It's going to result in them losing draft picks and international money and those draft picks they retain will drop down a few slots. I keep hearing that cost is no option for the NYY - and well yeah, if you consider their gross revenues only - its not - but if your goal is to run a top notch / functional / successful operation - there are costs and hurdles to overcome. We let our starting SS walk - primarily IMO - as a salary dump because he would have been cheap. Probably wont be able to resign a top reliever that was out all last year due to injury (Betances) and our CF might have to take a discount to return. Two of our four proposed 2020 starters are UFA in 2021. We'll probably lose one of them for certain.....unless of course the organization chooses to pay luxury taxes up the gazoo....which they wont.
  3. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Jeff Passan - Right-hander Blake Treinen is in agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers on a one-year, $10 million deal, sources tell ESPN. Treinen had multiple offers in that range and chose the Dodgers.
  4. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Ken Rosenthal - Dodgers pessimistic on chances of landing free-agent third baseman Anthony Rendon, sources tell The Athletic. Rangers remain heavily involved. Angels also interested, too. Nationals a long shot; Rendon balked at deferrals in their initial seven-year, $210M-$215M offer.
  5. Gerrit Cole Signs with Yankees (9/324)

    Sounds like a garbage can getting beat.
  6. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    Not all too familiar with the Brewers.....but they have been a team on the cusp recently. You talking about a retrenching / restocking here or a semi-rebuild?
  7. Week 15 GDT: Packers vs Chicago Bears

    Matt Schneidman - Aaron Rodgers has a career passer rating of 110.7 in regular season home games in December and January. That's No. 1 in NFL history (min. 200 pass attempts). Forecast calls for a high of 15 degrees on Sunday at Lambeau.
  8. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Matt Schneidman - This is a different type of cold in Green Bay today good lord. Andrew Brandt - Two seasons: winter and really winter.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Ben Fennell - All different shapes/sizes/styles in this LB group heading to the Senior Bowl: Akeem Davis-Gaither Davion Taylor Evan Weaver Francis Bernard Malik Harrison Jordyn Brooks Kamal Martin Logan Wilson Troy Dye
  10. NFL News & Notes

    Saints signing DE Noah Spence. A nice reversal of fortune for Mr. Spence. From WA to NOLA and Playoff contention.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    My work is done here. I've provided you the data and thru subsequent discussion a means and method it could be done. I've also said multiple times I dont know if thats actually how its being done...just the most likely method. You're "arguement" isnt with me. If you truly feel PFF (a fairly large and reputable stat platform) is putting out bogus analytical data to the industry....thats fine. I'll not try to convince you otherwise. Outside of declaring the data (and organization) bogus, you can however contact them directly to ask. Thats your choice. I just provided the info for consideration.
  12. Random Packer News & Notes

    They have electronic digital stopwatches that carry out two decimal places. The person simply needs to hit "start" - "stop" - and look at the data. Is that possible? Yes. I see no reason it couldnt be done and be representative of how quickly a given QB is releasing the ball on a pass play.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    Fine. If you're actually interested to know, I suggest you contact either PFF or NextGen on Twitter and ask them. It's very likely they'll tell you. I've provided a simple (and possible/probable) method it could be done. If thats what they're doing - dont know - but its a simple procedure that doesnt require some elaborate design, lasers or alike. Just a stopwatch, two fingers, good eyesight, quick reflexes and a pad to make note of the data. It could be done during the game live - or leisurely with an All 22 film that can be stopped, started, rewound and such. Done.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    It seems apparent somebody is actually doing it no? Unless (again) you feel these stat platforms (PFF / NextGen) are putting out bogus data. Technically its possible. It can be determined with an electronic digital stopwatch. With human assistance, the data CAN be captured electronically. Might be the most boring job in the world - but it actually wouldnt be that difficult. In the course of a normal game, there are what (?) two snaps per minute - on average (?) and not all of them would be pass plays.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    It's probably easier than pie with an electronic digital stop watch. Snap - click. Pass release - click. Make note of the data and reset to zero. Snap - click. Pass release - click. Make note of the data and reset to zero. Snap - click. Running play? Reset to zero...... Thats how it would be done.