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  1. If the season ended today, the LAL would play DEN (4th seed) then UTAH (1st seed).
  2. Tom Silverstein - Packers avoid no-show risk by making first two weeks of offseason program virtual.
  3. Then done deal. The GB medical staff surely knows what you know and he wont be drafted by GB.
  4. So....who do you know? You need a referral letter let me know
  5. Field Yates - Mitch Trubisky will be wearing number 8 for the Buffalo Bills. /// It's a slow news day
  6. Andrew Brandt - Heard from a Packer player today (not Aaron Rodgers): "So I hear you're the one responsible for us all having big workout bonuses?" Guilty. We could never get guys to stay in the offseason, knew I had to break off salary/other bonus money into workout bonuses to get them to stay.
  7. No, no....sorry Forge but its time SF experience a decline in overall talent levels....to coincide with an increase in CAP cost. You had your shot. The window is closing now
  8. Good effort by the LAL tonight. With what seemed like half the roster sitting it out - the rest of the team picked up the intensity/effort and brought it home. Drummond's giving us exactly what we've been lacking in the middle. No complaints there at all.
  9. ESPN - At the beginning of March, the conversation surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson was about whether the Houston Texans would grant his wish to be traded. It was a rocky start to the 2021 offseason, during which Watson reportedly was upset with the way the team had handled the search for its next general manager and refused to return calls to Houston's front office. Watson still has not directly informed the Texans why he wants to be traded. /// I wonder if some of Watson's motivation was to get outta Dodge while his market value was strong and before whats hit him went p
  10. Zach Kruse - What's your favorite (and realistic) combination of CB-OT-DL (in any order) for the #Packers in the first three rounds? Replies: In order of priority... 1st round: Caleb Farley, Asante Samuel Jr. or Greg Newsome. 2nd round: Daviyon Nixon, Alim McNeill or Levi Onwuzurike. 3rd round: Dillon Radunz, Walker Little or Jackson Carman Zaven Collins, Creed Humphrey, Marvin Wilson <Reply: Collins is a LB. Still wouldn't hate it though> Samuel - nfl blue blood Carman - 4 yr starter at LT Shelvin - Brick wall Newsome, Christensen, Odighizuwa <Rep
  11. Okay. Thanks for that. I'm not watching much of anything this year. Just selectively picking the brains of others and will just take it as it comes. My viewing will be post draft on those we select. I have some positional preferences but thats about all.
  12. Sooooo....you's pass on Bardmore @29 - figuring he'd be gone by our second pick?
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