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  1. Tom Pelissero - The Vikings are finalizing a multi-year contract extension with general manager Rick Spielman.
  2. Adam Schefter - Eagles’ HC Doug Pederson has tested positive for the coronavirus. Pederson convened a previously unscheduled team meeting Sunday night to share the news with his players. He did this after receiving a second positive test.
  3. Jon Heyman - Speculation around the league is that Yoenis Cespedes may be opting out, which would explain his absence today. Jon Heyman - Cespedes is indeed opting out.
  4. Ian Rapoport - Another starting QB to the COVID-19 reserve list: Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew. Yesterday, it was Lions QB Matthew Stafford.
  5. Around The NFL - New Lions WR Geronimo Allison opts out of 2020 campaign.
  6. Brian Gutekunst - “I think around here, we’ve always put the reliability, the dependability factor as a major part of our evaluation process, and this year more so than any. For us to accomplish the things we want to accomplish this season, guys are going to have to make the right choices when they leave the building. There’s no doubt about it. I’ve always believed football is the ultimate team game, and this year more so than ever. It’s going to be dependent on how each one of us, not just the players but everybody in our building, makes goo choices when they leave the building. “At the same time, we’re going to have positive tests. This virus that we’re dealing with, we’re going to have that, and it’s not going to always be, just because someone gets it, be their fault. So the dependability, the availability of players, the teams that do that and overcome that and rise to the challenge are going to be the ones who are left standing.”
  7. Ian Rapoport - Jets LB CJ Mosley is opting out of the 2020 season. A big blow to their defense.
  8. ESPN - Wide receiver Marquise Lee has decided to opt out of the 2020 season, becoming the seventh New England Patriots player to do so - which is more than any other team.
  9. ESPN - Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky delivered a message to his critics Friday. "I'm just trying to prove everybody wrong and prove my teammates right," he said on a video call with Chicago media. Trubisky, 25, is set to compete in training camp with veteran Nick Foles for the Bears' starting job. The second overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft had been Chicago's unquestioned starter for most of the past three seasons, but his play regressed last year. Trubisky finished 28th in total QBR (39.4), tied for 27th in touchdown passes (17), 21st in passing yards (3,138), 32nd in yards gained per pass attempt (6.1) and 28th in traditional quarterback rating (83.0) as the Bears went 8-8 and missed the playoffs. In 2018, Matt Nagy's first season as coach, the Bears went 12-4 as Trubisky passed for 3,223 yards, 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions and rushed for 421 yards and three touchdowns.
  10. NY Post - One veteran player agent told The Post, “I believe we need stricter regulation to prevent the 10 percent of the players and teams, such as the entire Marlins organization, from taking baseball down. I think they should suspend the Marlins from 2020 and go with 29 teams. Most of the players and staff, and their families, are making big sacrifices to make this work. The ones that are not should sit out and let the more dedicated ones play. They don’t have the mental discipline for this. If playing golf and going out to eat is more important, then opt out. If wearing a mask is such an infringement of their rights, then opt out. If your political leanings are more important than your job, then opt out.”
  11. Joe Burrow - I don't plan on spending any contract money. I'll live off my marketing money. I'll let the contract money accrue in the bank
  12. Tom Pelissero - Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown is being suspended eight games.
  13. Field Yates - FB John Lovett, claimed by the Packers, was also on the 49ers’ radar as they attempted to claim the former Chief.
  14. Andrew Krammer - By my count, the Vikings 8 players on the COVID list are the most among NFL teams through today, followed by the Lions (7), Jaguars (6) and Bills (5). A quarter of the league, eight teams, have no players in quarantine at this point.
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